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Confirmed for Rance VIII

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My own clone!

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now get me some sake!

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Are there any annoucements for Rance VIII yet? Like are they even working on it or are they just enjoying the ongoing success of Rance VII?

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Ohhh, Keiji, get back to work!
You know Rance will tease me if you just sit there drinking all day...

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fuck off, and let me fuck your daughter

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Don't worry Mitsu-san, I'll get him to work.

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Funny, I had no idea that Akechi was the guy destined to kill Oda. Rance just makes him seem like a bitch.

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Don't you have any high treason to commit or something?

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Leave him alone you guys.
Come on Kakka, let's get some work done.

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There you are!
Come on, they need us over at the prison.

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They're working on Daiteikoku which is Rance but in SPACE.

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Ah alright. So next Rance will take even longer.
At least Kaguya-hime might be in it. :3

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Itou-san, what are you doing!?

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what the hell?

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