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ITT: Touhou does not exist.

What now?

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Then there would be no /jp/.

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It exists. Pic related I fuck that everyday.

Now what ?

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D-Did I just wake up in Gensokyo?

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i guess i stop browsing /jp/ then

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Touhou is cancer

Wheres my otaku culture?

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Hey guys, I'm thinking about creating a vertical shooter with a shrine maiden as the main character.

Any ideas?

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Now it exists again.

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The hell is Gensokyo?

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And life went on.

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Well, darn.

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touhou is a religion you just need faith at least that what all the christians say

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Can't post because this board isn't in existence. ;_;

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Sure it exists, don't tell me I wasted a relavitevly large sum of money on it.

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Due to low traffic, /jp/ will be merged with /fa/.

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You know, the land in Japan that is rumored to be populated with monsters and ghosts in the past.

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Start drinking, buddy. I bet better ideas will come to you with a substantial amount of beer in your system.

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Bad end: Gensokyo is fine.
Good end: Gensokyo was a dream.
True end: Gensokyo was still a dream.

What the hell.

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Well you can always pass the border of life.

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Touhous become normalfags without their power, but they still have a loli appearance.

What now?

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Rape, and lots of it.

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Do they still fight each other, or are they truly normal lolis?

/jp/ would have a field day if they became completely normal lolis.

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You're meant to...

I wouldn't be here probably. Or, I'd be playing something else weird.

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A notable feature of the cartridge used in this weapon is that the powder charge is reduced by about 20%, to reduce its inherently excessive recoil and muzzle climb.[7][9] Therefore, the Type 64 possibly cannot use standard-load 7.62 mm ammunition without sustaining damage to its operation systems.[9] The ammunition for this weapon was purposely produced with a reduced powder charge for recoil more suitable to the Japanese physique.[9][11]


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No, I just woke up in a field with a long rainbow. I just followed it until I reached a big building in the sky.

Now I'm there, with my laptop. This is full of men with long beards and horn hellmets. They are staring at me angrily. What do?

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I dont know what touhou is
So for me it already doesnt exist

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