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'someone' accidentally uses the MEoDP to 'kill' the Gensokyo border.

Type-Moon vs. Gensokyo.

No holds barred.

Who ends up on top?

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Gensokyo, their deus ex machina is at dragon ball's levels.

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Sometimes I wish I reported threads for real.

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I'm pretty sure we already have a power level ranking for this.

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Perpetual state of war, perpetual draw.

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>post thread hoping for fun discussion


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Rance in Gensokyo. Who ends up on top?

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Now I too will report this thread.

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Yukari takes threats to the border with utmost seriousness.

Remember how we have those characters who, when serious, fundamentally cannot be beaten?


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Oh god.

There'll be a war for the one male option.

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Yukari, Yuuka and Mokou are going to end up on top.

Otherwise, they fly away in time.

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>Remember how we have those characters who, when serious, fundamentally cannot be beaten?

He even has plenty of danmaku.

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Suddenly I think of all the TM attacks turned into Danmaku.

Can't think of one for Excalibur, though.

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EXCALIBAAAAH isn't Danmaku, it's a single beam of light.

I want to say 'like master spark' but...

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Something Master Sparkish I guess.

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Excalibur is pretty much Type-Moon' equivalent of the Love-colored Master Spark.

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This thread is dumb. OP is dumb. Every faggots from /v/ who discusses in this thread is dumb.

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OP here.

My bad for assuming TM and ZUN fans had overlap :V

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I don't give a fuck. But users from /jp/ and /v/ should never overlap. End of discussion.

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Yes, but, unfortunately, Gilgamesh would not get serious, while aforementioned facts mean Yukari WOULD get serious.

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You have a solid point.

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Guess what, Type-Moons don't have something that can match the Yama.

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No, Gilgamesh can't do shit even if he is serious.You fuckers just don't understand how powerful Yukari is. The concept of her power is as overpowered as MEoDP itself. There's no need to include firepower or strength in the fight, it's a 1 hit kill kind of power. One finger snap and Gilgamesh is sent to the core of the sun.

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Just goes to show how silly ZUNverse is.

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Your button of death is useless!

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Borders are worthless. It splits all of them.

Again, though, Gilgamesh would not think to use Enuma Elish until it is too late.

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What is her power anyway, except for jugding good and evil? Yukari herself said even she is no match for the Yama.

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That's a fingerprint reader, by the way.

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Uh, the ability to cast you into into the eternal Lake of Fire? You know, the judeo-christian Hell, where Satan rules over you and rapes you with his nine-foot jagged cock forever.

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>rapes you with his nine-foot jagged cock
This is my fetish.

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It will get old after awhile.

But he won't stop, oh no.

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No it doesn't. The whole "FRACTURES REALITY", "BORES A HOLE IN TIME AND SPACE AND DRILLS IT AT YOU" is just some fancy description Nasu made for it. Point being it can't even do shit to Avalon. Enuma Elish just generate a fuckload of power with highly accelerated particles. In fact it's just slightly a bit more powerful than Excalibur. The name the Sword that Split Heaven and Earth is just as accurate as how Gae Bolg, The Spear of Impaling Barbed Death, can still miss Saber.

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Exactly. Had it the power to fracture reality, he'd only be able to fire it once.


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I didn't think anybody else would have the same fetish as I do.

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>Point being it can't even do shit to Avalon.

Do you realize what Avalon does?

How can you kill something when, for the time you are attacking, IT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST?

>The name the Sword that Split Heaven and Earth is just as accurate as how Gae Bolg, The Spear of Impaling Barbed Death, can still miss Saber.

It can only miss if both the random chance of reality itself intervenes in your favor and you know precisely what's happening and thereby attempt to dodge as well. Saber was only able to PARTIALLY dodge because her LUK is high and her Instinct is higher.

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It's not irreparable.
Gaia fixes what's broken almost immediately, because it hates contradictions.

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Exaggerated naming patterns. What their titles say do not actually prove much as to what they can actually do.

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No it's not hyperbole, it really does fracture reality.

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No. Ea requires charge time. And you can't hit or make Yukari stay in one place with whatever shit Gilgamesh has in his GoB. What Yukari can do, Gilgamesh breaking reality won't alter.

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Gilgamesh got killed by a punk kid with a makeshift RM in close range. Yukari can close that range almost instantly and send you to the sun if she wants to in moments.

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It is, however, how some of them function. The title, "Star of Heaven that Split Heaven and Earth" might mean nothing to you, but when the writer explicitly puts the mechanics as "compresses wind into a wave of fake space/time causing annihilation", reality is taking a goddamn beating.

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It's 42 with your post, should have included it in the first place.

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That just gets into a who-shoots-first situation. I'm not arguing that they'd win in a no-holds-barred duel (Yukari would undoubtedly be faster), just that Gilgamesh would have the capability to damage/destroy the barrier/gaps Yukari might use if she were being purely defensive, and therefore would not be invulnerable as in most fights.

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Border of Fantasy and Reality
Your shit?
Fuck it.

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It can cut reality. But the damage is negligible to the world. So much for an anti-world weapon.

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Even if Gilgamesh attacks first, Yukarin just sends the attack back to him.

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Even if Gilgamesh started shooting first, Yukari would send him to the sun after that moment.

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The invaders became a ceaseless squall of bullets, to tear the boy to shreds,

"----A worthy curtain raiser. Now scream of it, distractions, as if your lives depended on it!"

To eradicate that sin,

(Sound of tornado forming)

Becoming a storm greater than the dark invaders, the Golden Annihilator had descended.

All forms of calamity that denied life, no, denied existence, wildly gathered before the King.

Overwhelming truth fell on the corpses screaming hell.

"It's time, Ea. You may not be eager, but this too is the duty of a forerunner. As a knower of the Truth, teach them one lesson!

Obeying its master, the sword of severing shrilled.

This itself was the source of lands of the dead, the origin of the memory of life.

If they scream of hell, it creates hell.

Before heaven and earth split. This land was lava and gas, a hell of scorching heat and intense cold.

This savagery wasn't remembered in the memory of history passed on, but was written in the genes unseen.

Hell is where all life was not tolerated; the primordial form of this magnanimous planet!

"I am opening the road to hell. Scream of it all you want, people of the dead. Fear not, I won't keep you bored. This whim is a once in a life time one after all. I will not hold back my treasures; wager your lives and withstand them until the break of dawn!¬ĀEnuma Elish!!!
The heart of the storm wasn't a center of calm, but the hole to the underworld itself.
The corpses that went in this realm, as if falling it, returned to the nothingness they came from.

How could the likes of the wails of the damned stand up to the Truth raised by the King of Heroes?
The great army of corpses formed at Shinto was thus exterminated.
This couldn't be called a battle. It was literally, the wrath of nature.

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How poetic shit.

Still doesn't change the fact that Ea is overrated shit.

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Queen of Borders, do you have enough suns?

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The question here is whether or not Yukari can do things about other people tearing open holes.

If yes, then it's not a threat, she simply re-seals the "gap" Enuma Elish is creating.

If no, her boundaries would be drilled as well, and be ripped apart.

See, her power is all theoretical. We actually don't know where her limits are.

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Ea requires charging time. In the moment before it readies, Yukarin would have finished the job with ease already.

>> No.4998016


I already said, I wasn't defending Gilgamesh's speed. Please read the argument, this is whether or not Yukari would be utterly invulnerable as nearly any other battle involving her.

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Ea does not require charging time.

>> No.4998026

Invulnerable doesn't even matter if the enemy can't even fight back and is just stuck in some planet other than Earth freezing to death or getting crushed by gravity. Yukarin wins.

>> No.4998030

>no charging time
Yeah, sure.

>> No.4998031


I repeat.
>I already said, I wasn't defending Gilgamesh's speed. Please read the argument, this is whether or not Yukari would be utterly invulnerable as nearly any other battle involving her.

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Gilgamesh's splitting realities is not the same as the gaps that Yukarin makes.

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'Sup? I kill barriers and magic with ease, bitches. Those portals? Gone. That 'danmaku'? Gone. Your precious barrier? Gone. Fuck you and the high horse you rose in on, wilting Yukari, we're here to stay.

>> No.4998048


What I'm thinking is that the boundaries would not be resistant to something that damages REALITY (boundaries are functionally just manipulating reality in the first place), and so would be damaged by Enuma Elish.

>> No.4998049

Will you have sex with me Ryougi?

>> No.4998050

>with ease
How's that you need more time to comprehend shit as older the thing gets? Yukarin would still kill you the same way as she can with Gilgamesh.

>> No.4998052

Shiki can kill Touhous.


>> No.4998057

Whether or not they are damaged by Ea, it will not matter. The fight would be over even if Gilgamesh fired first. The gaps don't need to stay open in one place for too long, so it wouldn't matter if he tried to fire a blast at one.

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I could only assume that Void Ryougi would simply kill the gap before it takes her ANYWHERE.

>> No.4998062

Shiki can fuck Touhou too, even the Myon.

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Get out you Gilgamesh and MEoDP fags and never come back

>> No.4998070

Gap is not related to Akasha as it is from another universe. Even then, it's controlled by a really, really OLD Touhou. And we know Ryougi sucks at OLD stuff. Enjoy getting fucked.

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Everything bad with powerlevel faggotry in one thread.

Here, I found a nice place for you guys.

>> No.4998074

I almost forgot.

Shiki walks into Gensokyo, the war isn't against him.

it's for his cock because loltohnogland

>> No.4998078

Touhous come from a different universe so MEoDP won't work on them anymore than on ORT

>> No.4998079

No she can't. Once a gap is created, it instantly transports her to anywhere Yukarin wants her to go.

>> No.4998081


>Gap is not related to Akasha as it is from another universe.

The entire goddamn kaleidoscope is connected to Akasha. There's no way not to be.

>Even then, it's controlled by a really, really OLD Touhou. And we know Ryougi sucks at OLD stuff.

That's Ryougi Personality 1.
"Void Ryougi" refers to Ryougi Personality 3, who does not have that limitation.

>> No.4998087


You realize portals aren't teleportation, right? A gap has to move before it takes you anywhere, and Shiki would 'kill' it then.

>> No.4998088

The entire kaleidoscope of NASUVERSE.

Akasha don't exist in ZUNVERSE.

>> No.4998091


Akasha is technically every multiverse ever, kinda like Yog-Sothoth.

>> No.4998092

He doesn't exist in ZUNverse.

>> No.4998095


Yog-Sothoth is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent in every multiverse ever, real, fake, imaginary, impossible et al.


>> No.4998097

If Gilgamesh was in his spaceship which moves at the speed of thought and fired Ea, could he win?

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Your argument is simply retarded. Since ZUN doesn't elaborates more on Yukari's power, we won't know what would happen in this case especially it's a stupid speculation and on a crossover with a different universe no less.

>> No.4998102


Vimana totally does not REALLY go at the speed of thought that would be ridiculous.

>> No.4998105

Ryougi has limits. She just can't start killing anything. IF she were a mage with the mana capacity to do so, then yes, she can do anything. But she can't because she isn't a mage with the mana capacity to do so. Even if it is 3rd personality, who's weaker than Servants, that Yukarin can dispose of in mere moments.

>> No.4998106

As ridiculous as Touhou amirite

>> No.4998107

>Well my favourite character can destroy anything before your favourite character destroys anything
Power-levels based around arbitrary overpowered bullshit are the worst kind of power-levels.

>> No.4998108

Speed of Thought can't even outrun a fucking Mach 2 F-15 jet fighter. That's pretty slow.

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>The question here is whether or not Yukari can do things about other people tearing open holes.
>If yes, then it's not a threat, she simply re-seals the "gap" Enuma Elish is creating.
>If no, her boundaries would be drilled as well, and be ripped apart.
>See, her power is all theoretical. We actually don't know where her limits are.
That last line should be, "her power is incredibly vague", rather.

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Enjoy your denial.

>> No.4998120

But there's no Touhou there, no Type-Moon too. And /v/ doesn't know anything about this. D:

>> No.4998125


Rule 3: Don't use smilies - Smilies aren't accepted in /jp/, please refrain from using them. We are all heartless bastards who don't want to see what kind of faces you make IRL while posting (This also applies to reaction images, if you want to post them so badly go to /a/ or /v/) Exceptions: ;_; (Life-like texture ;_;), 2ch smilies and ransmirk.jpg

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No, no, no, no, no. Void Shiki simply isn't fast enough to match with a Servant, as they go far beyond human speed. Youkai aren't mentioned as being much much faster (except clearly Tengu), though Akyu says most are far stronger.

>> No.4998127

But it's a mystical Mad Enhanced F-15!

>> No.4998128

Gensokyo was originally part of our world if im not mistaken. It has the same afterlife and stuff as we do. Therefore its still part of the world and definately part of akasha.
Therefore, both shikis can kill the concept of the gap and fuck Yukari over, though Tohno would just add her to his harem.

Now can we get to the real fun:
Alice(full power) vs. Touko(shadow cat)
Marisa vs. Rin(kaleidoblade)

>> No.4998130

Wow, Saber with Command Seal is faster than Gilgamesh' space ship by 8 Machs.

>> No.4998138

Yukari's gap will end this fight in an instant. Stop being in denial.

>> No.4998140

Void Shiki can't even see any lines on Archetype Earth, how can she see anything on Yukari?

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Command Seals do the impossible, you know.

>> No.4998144

It feels as if a single guy argues with himself/

>> No.4998146

If ZUN himself actually admits that the crossover would work, then you can discuss whatever you want. If not, any kind of powerlevel crossover discussion is just retarded.

>> No.4998147


Type entities literally have no end. Archetype-Earth is fundamentally Type-Moon.

>> No.4998160


You people going to carry this on forever, or what?

>> No.4998163

They will.

>> No.4998175

Zelretch teleports to another universe. Void Shiki destroys the universe everybody else is in.

Winner: Type-moon.

>> No.4998194


If we're including Haxretch of all people, then even Yukari is fucked. I automatically disclude Aristoteles and Sorcerers and Ado Edem.

>> No.4998200

Shiki becomes my wife and all is well.

>> No.4999145

No, she is not, Archetype:Earth has nothing to do with Type-Moon, she has lines, is just that Ryougi canno see them because Arcueid's lifespan is infinite.

>> No.4999152

Gensokyo wins
end of the story

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You wanna play with alliances?

Border of Fantasy and Reality and Zelretch only exists in Kisume's dreams

Void Shiki gets Dual Spark'd by a gapped Yuka.

Now what

>> No.4999211

Minoriko would give them all sweet potatoes and they'd be happy.

>> No.4999214

ORT wins


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Yorihime can reflect Crystal Valley. Discuss.

>> No.4999382

actually flandre could simply destroy ORT as long as she isn't inside of Crystal Valley

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No, sion

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