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Hey guise.

Does dealing drugs count as not being employed?

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You are unemployed to the eyes of the state, but you are certainly employed.

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Nah, living off idiots and people with problems is a common job.
Only in your case you risk being jailed.

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Drugs are bad, you know?

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Yes, I know.

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I'm very sure. But they're just so awesome.

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Selling booze and cigarettes to minors, good business or bad business? I could certainly use the dosh.

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Drugs are good?

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If you buy a carton of cigarettes, most nicotine addicted minors will be willing to pay about $1 per smoke. At 200 smokes in a carton, that's $200 in revenue. Depending on how much you paid, you could be making profit upwards of $100 per carton.

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How would you get clientele? Kids will rat you out in a second just because they can. It's not sustainable.

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Minors outside of high schools won't rat you out, since they're too concerned with looking cool with they're cigarettes and whatnot.

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Imagine every negative feeling you have, gone. Not only gone, but replaced by happy colours and joy. All your worries simply melt away.

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/jp/ just smokes and drinks.

No real point in advertising what drugs "feel like" here. Besides, we'd have to talk to people to get drugs.

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I read your name as SSRI.

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/jp/ smokes pole.

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Use Drugs

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goddomot ellen

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Of course you're right. I'm fortunate in that one of the three people I know happens to deal large amounts. Of course, there are always options for when I don't feel like leaving the house. I'll give you a few links that will ship legal substances to your location.


I can personally vouch for the quality of the products these sites deliver. What's best, is you never have to talk to someone face-to-face.

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/jp/ Drugs - General

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Oh God, not that herbal shit

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How do you become a drug dealer?

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Pro Tip: Smoking JWH-018, or any other synthesized 'legal highs' sold on the Internet, usually means inhaling a blend of chemicals made somewhere in a South Korean factory, or some ordinary plant matter sprayed with chemicals to appear like weed. You may get high, but you're far better off just sniffing glue, considering what it does to your body.

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Find someone to sell you drugs cheaply. (Or make your own)
Sell those drugs to other people at an inflated price.
That's it.

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Not For Human Consumption deals with synthetic analogs of illegal substances. They're not herbal in any sense. They're quite effective too; I have nothing but positive reviews about their 2ct2. As far as The Stoner Store goes, they did ship herbal smoke, however it was a mixture of psychoactive herbs with a chemical additive from the JWH family. It felt quite similar to cannabis, except it was more visual and not illegal. This picture shows the two packages I got.

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Winners don't use drugs.

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is there more like this? who's the artist?

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Get sources. Do RCs. Don't give a fuck.

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/jp/ won't be winners anyway.

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Speak for yourself. I'm a winner. I win everyday.

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I tried weed once, and it made my anxiety worse. So I went back to being a recluse.

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Well to be fair, the effects of glue are going to be substantially worse for you. Of course I'm not saying I am disagreeing with your point though. Hell, I'm well aware drugs are terrible for me. I just don't care.

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>I smoked weed and got high and retarded

Fascinating. That happened to me too. It's called being stoned.

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>Besides, we'd have to talk to people to get drugs.
This. Everyone who does drug and is here is trying to associate themselves with us because they are isolated lawbreaker beings while we are only isolated beings (except in the UK, where we are also lawbreakers).

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But is it a worthy contest?

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Why is this guy not in the manga?
I think he is one of the best parts in this series...

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Oh the denial...

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He'd take away steam from the main male lead. Also the anime was meant to be funnier.

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>Implying there are no failure/NEET/otaku/whatever individuals who use drugs.

I smoke with mai waifu daily mother fucker.

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>But is it a worthy contest?

Yeah. Besides, isn't death what gives life that -zing-?

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That is an ugly piece.

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You're so cruel Anonymous...

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>Sell those drugs to other people at an inflated price.
Where do I find these "other people"? I can't just ask random passers-by if they want to buy some drugs.

Getting the drugs shouldn't be much of a problem since I studied chemistry for 2 years in a university before dropping and becoming a NEET and a lot of drugs can be synthesized from chemicals that are readily available.

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oh, it feels the same as playing a good game or watching anime?
I guess I'll rather buy those K-ON!! blurays and some new JRPG instead of your drugs, thanks.

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Now think about this, what about doing BOTH!?

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>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...