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lol epic

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Hey I visit a lot of those webcomics too.

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Back to /b/, please.

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She is watching you masturbate.

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cool thread

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why are you saging my thread?

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Who the hell is Tommy Oliver?

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Trollin' everyday niggas!

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>browser maximized
>vertical task bar
>status bar
>foobar2000 pinned and in the tray
Get your shit together.

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Now, now, you don't think I would post anything of my own, do you?

I do keep my browser maximized though, anything else is a waste of space.

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u no wat i think?
i think u r a faget.

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You got a problem with that?

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I don't see why having a browser maximized and a status bar are bad things. Moving the mouse over hypertext or images with links will show you what it is linking to in the status bar. And why shouldn't people maximize their browser when it is the only thing they are using?

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Because it's COOL and EDGY not to have anything maximised. It makes you look like you're busy hacking into NASA's secret documents, cybering with 99 bitches and owning everyone on Modern Warfare 2 netplay all at the same time.

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Ehh, I keep those on desktops 1-3 while I have Firefox on 5 (music player maximized on desktop 4).

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Because it looks retarded.

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Whoa man, did a samurai cut up your monitor or something? It's not square (4:3) like a real monitor!!

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Get out GameFAQS devs

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Very few websites *need* a width of over 800 pix, and nearly all have retarded gobs of wasted space with widths over 1k pix.

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But it looks more complete this way.

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You've zoomed in quite a few times.

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What else am I supposed to do, bring my monitor closer?

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Get a pair of glasses.

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But when they actually use the space, it would be better to fill up the screen, right? Why have your desktop or a random window behind your browser showing if you aren't using it?

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That's what I'm avoiding. I can read the webpage at normal zoom after all, unlike /g/ with their gigapixel monitors.

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win7, maximize aero dock two browser windows left and right then (assuming you arent a poorfag and can't afford a 1920x* monitor)

or you can do what i have and have 3x 1920x1200 monitors and easily have the screen real estate to have a browser maximized on one of them regardless of how much empty space it has on it, it's not like there's anything i want to look at behind it while i'm using the browser and if i do it's called alt+tab

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Yeah, imagine fapping on three doujins at the same time, valuable.

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just me, but i have windows folders and firefox on the left monitor, games/movies/books/compiler/whatever on the center monitor, and misc utilities on the right monitor like mirc, steam, resource monitors, calculator/notepad, etc.

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