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What would the wedding night be like /jp/?

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Let me swallow that delicious cock, honey!

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I laughed like a moron and I'm not sure why.

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Filled with blood, lead, and semen.

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She'd invite all her basement dwelling friends,. anon would invite al his basement dwelling friends. It's a match made in heaven!

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lead? Do they have guns in Gensokyo?

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>It's a match made in heaven!

What a poor choice of words.

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Enjoy being invaded by the king of england, yokai!

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It would be a joyous occassion. She just needs to be loved tenderly and treated with respect and fairness.

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Sakuya would stop the wedding.

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It would be wonderful until you get smashed to pieces.

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You lean in to kiss your bride and suddenly, there's a knife in your throat and Flandre is missing.

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Would I still go for it?

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We'll start kissing, and I'll have trouble taking off her wedding dress. She calls me a tawake and does it herself while we kiss and then cuddle until morning.

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I laughed only because it's you.

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Is that supposed to make me feel bad? I'm already feeling down since I know that's never going to happen.

Horo will never call me tawake. ;_;

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Flandre IS sex.

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I was just laughing!
Don't start crying on me, bro.
Now I feel sad because Lawrence will never be my husbando ;_;

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guess the only guy that could marry her is dio brando

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blood and semen everywhere

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Why would you settle for Flandere where there are many elegant ladies available to be your waifu?

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All touhou are taken by other men, proclaiming them to be their "waifu".
You are not special to them. (think Sanae)
You have no one.
Good day gentlemen.

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Don't marry crazy girls, /jp/.

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Other peoples' claims to my waifu are baseless.

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Because it's Flandere. Fixed.

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I'll have at ye, boy!

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Die, interloper!

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Parsee, use splash attack!

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Oh dear, it seems we have derailed this thread. Sorry chaps, carry on.

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9 months later..

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A vampire retard?

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So the baby came out grown up?

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Flandre having children is tantamount to the end of days. Nothing you show me can convince me otherwise.

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The groom would bleed more than the bride.

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Six Flandre demon spawn running around.

Gensokyo is saved because Yukari will gap them all in front of a moving train.

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there are no trains in gensokyo.

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I thought that was buses.

EITHER WAY, she could gap them into the "real world." We've got trains.

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blood and vaginal mucus.

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>What would the wedding night be like /jp/?

We arrive in the bedroom, and I assist her in removing her wedding dress while we hug and kiss...
Once it is removed, we lay down on the bed, and begin to cuddle, kiss more passionately, and fondle each others sensitive spots...
My arms are wrapped around her in a loving embrace, and my fingers work to remove her cute white bra, which is embroidered with little bats and flowers.
I reach down to remove her white lace panties of the same style as her bra, and set them aside, with a loving and affectionatelook on my face.
My head slowly lowers to her tender, virgin entrance... I slowly slide my tongue across it.
I enjoy her little squirms of pleasure.
These feelings are new to her, and I want her to be ready for them, and enjoy them for the magical things that they are.
After her vaginal entrance is moist, slick, and well aroused, I position my stiff rod next to it...
I gently press into her, slowly parting her labia, all while hugging her tightly and kissing her deeply...
She moans out into my mouth, her body trembling in both pain and pleasure...

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I break the kiss, looking down to the spot where we have become one.
A small trickle of blood leaks out of her...
I continue to slowly glide in and out of her warm tunnel, waiting for the pain to subside...
After a few moments, her face returns to normal, and I know she is no longer pained... I speed up my thrusts, pumping her until we both reach a spectacular and mind blowing orgasm...
Her vagina contracts over and over on me as I empty my warm seed deep within her love canal...
I have just experienced the Pleasure of Cumming Inside of Flandre, my newlywed wife...

We spend the rest of the night cuddling, kissing softly, enjoying each others warm embrace... We smile into each others eyes, then both drift into a peaceful sleep in each others arms...

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Tried to post as anon, got field too long, hit back, trip re appeared, didnt see

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What's the point of the spoiled tags if you're not going to throw a surprise penis in there somewhere?

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Ultros is displeased.

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I substituted stiff rod for penis

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Considering Marisa, it may actually be broom.

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It would be a wonderful night of two bodies of flesh constantly pressing tight together, trying to become one.

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And failing spectacularly due to the fact that they are two seperate bodies made of matter that is very much solid, bodies that are infact living entities for which being throwing into a melting pot would be deadly. Of course, with the man in this situation, only his skin is a real solid barrier. Everything else is like a squishy semisolid. Fat.

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How did the broom cum inside of flandre?

Does this mean marisa's broom could be the #1 gensyoko pimp?

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End of Evangelion.

Problem solved.

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I don't kmow whether to be disappointed there was no twist, or aroused.