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Do you think Zun will actually start using old characters again?

The UFO Byakuren, Shou and Nazrin are kind of an indicator that he's out of ideas. Heck, in SA the cause of the incidentis the same as MoF, the Moriya family..

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>Implying Yukari was not behind every other game

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I don't think so. ZUN will probably make new characters instead

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I want a new versus shooter with a good netcode

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you fucking stupid little brother fucker no! it was rin who drove zombie gausts into hot spring, causing problems on above.
so you are not entirely right you cock sandwich.

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ZUN's been reusing characters more lately already.
But I doubt he'll stop adding new ones.

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Well, he would have put another catgirl in nazrin's place, but he already used that for the last game.

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Not really. UFO only has the three starters. Double Spoiler is all about revisiting older characters, just like Shoot the Bullet. Hisoutensoku, well that's a SWR expansion.

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where could i read that one?