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Looks like Akiha can't beat Touhous.

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Because she is too weak.

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But Akiha is a half-youkai so she can apply for Touhouhood.

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Shouldn't Meiling have suffered "heatless death" at that range?

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No hat

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She has a headband. It is good enough.

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Akiha vs Kouma. Who wins?

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Yuka has a parasol.


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>Yuka has a parasol.
And she's in boots also!!11
Flawless logic.

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Who wins in a fight?

Kenshiro, or China?

No spellcards allowed.

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We use the term "silly hat" but the real determination is "accessory."
Parsee has elf ears. Yuugi and Suika have horns. Reisen and Tewi have rabbit ears. Kogasa IS the umbrella.

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Why? Because China blocked one knee strike?
How do you figure that?

Akiha always wins.

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yes I know Kenshiro is fucking badass and shit
but china has immunity to physical damage+superhuman strength

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> immunity to physical damage
>superhuman strength

Oh wait, then it's a draw. Do you remember when Kenshiro said that "Hokuto shinken" is invincible? And what about when he said he can use 100% of the human strenght?

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Sup Kaede.

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>Akiha always wins.

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>Akiha always wins.

Except when maids are involve. She always loses her nii-san to them.

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But Kouma can fight Servants.

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cept in a getting her nii-san while they both still live and have higher brain functions contest

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Akiha wouldn't win against Kouma, Kouma's body generates heat, and Akiha absorbs heat, that would give Kouma an extra protection and it would take longer for her to stole his heat.

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Why is /akiha/ so shitty?