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Will I get raped if I get a massage in Japan?

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Reisen thread?

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Yes in massage parlors people pay for massages and are surprised when they touch your penis

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>OP pic

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No, unless futa.

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I'm reporting this for futa fagottry.

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why does she have a dick

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Fuck, I hadn't realized it was futa.

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What's with all the "TheSignPainters" lately.

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Superior to everything else posted in this thread.

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Now that just made me laugh.

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The ONLY canon example of massages in the Zuniverse... afaik.

To get them, you must go to Ran.

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Anyone has the video of futa reisen fucking Eirin?

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What's going on here? I thought the fags hung around /a/, not here.

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>doesn't like fute

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chen drinks sake canonically too

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They sound so serious

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It's the other way around. But, lemme see.


This should be it. Be warned, it's, pretty awful.

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But Reisen's voice is so~ kawai!

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I'll not dispute that. Nor the whole "D, F, C" ending.

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fuck year the pleasure of being peed inside

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Not much.

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You'd have to be pretty small to not be able to take a Japanese man. Most martial artists wouldn't rape you, of course.

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Martial arts is for people too dumb to grab a chair to hit someone with.

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Liking futa is gay because you're being interested in girls with penises.

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There are certainly massage parlors specializing in rape.

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Beretta > Martial arts

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Not liking futa is gay because you're not interested in girls having sex without there being a guy.

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>implying you aren't going there for that exact reason

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WTF? Ever heard of yuri action? A girl with a penis may as well be a guy that looks like a girl. I'd rather see two girls that actually look like girls having fun with each other in bed.

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But futa are merely girls with "real dildos"

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Frankly I'll take strap ons and toy pictures too because the actual amount of hardcore yuri out there is so low and CENSORED all to hell that you can't even tell what's what most of the time.

It's too much to hope for some tailtacle rape.

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But dildos are a turn-off because they simulate penises. If I want to see penises used I may as well look at stuff that also involves males.

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Why is Eirin having sex with Hanyuu?

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>I may as well look at stuff that also involves males.
Thank you for proving my point, fag
Now excuse me while I enjoy my yuri with cocks.

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Understandable, but then you get into the realm of GODDAMMIT STOP HOLDING HANDS AND FUCK EACH OTHER WITH YOUR FACES.

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How? All I'm saying is that I don't like seeing penises on girls and I don't like strap-ons either because they simulate it.

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Did you just prove yourself a fag?
>If I want to see penises used I may as well look at stuff that also involves males.

>> No.4936453

Something I didn't think was worth mentioning is that the idea of stuff involving males doesn't work for me either because I don't like seeing males in any sexy stuff. Not a single pic in my sexy pix folder has a guy in it. Not one.

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So does every fan of both hetero and yuri like futa? Because I like both of those, but I can't stand cocks on the girls.

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I like yuri, but most of the time it's too softcore for me.
Unless they have HUGE(D+) breast I won't watch it.

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Well, then my question doesn't apply to you.
Seems like most fans of yuri either hate both hetero and futa, or like both.

At least from what I gather here, since the main argument against futa is "I don't like men in my porn!".
Personally I'm fine with self-insert-ish males.

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I turned to yuri because I got sick of porn movies/slideshows that would have the hot chick on screen and in the next shot/photo there'd be a guy in that place.

I also never bought the "you're supposed to pretend it's you" excuse. You don't see your own balls and ass when you're having sex, and once you get into gangbang then that excuse goes right out the window.

I'd like to say that I only have yuri... but I still have POV, movies, tentacles, machines, and toys because the point for me was to get rid of the assholes (literally) blocking the view.

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Don't mind Hetero, but usually its ugly blank faced overweight dudes and/or rape. Dislike that shit.

Hate Futa. But strapons are fine. *shrug*

Yuri is awwwwrrright. Hate grossly over sized breasts though.

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Wow, my own clone.

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So... no futa cause you don't want to see a penis in your porns, right?
I can respect that.

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If I like it, I enjoy it. Type doesn't matter much, though I don't like scat or gore.

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No, I'm fine with hetero. I just don't like dickgirls. Keep the penises where they belong.

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This argument is moot, because people who fap to yuri just put themselves into the position of one of the girls (usually the bottom). So it's basically for people who prefer to imagine themselves as a girl.

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I can't understand that, but I suppose it's like guro or something.
Like maybe you're disgusted by futa the same way I'm disgusted by guro.

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I like plausible realty. Dickgirls just ain't natural. Nor are massive watermelon sized breasts.

>> No.4936742

While I'm into dickgirls, I find cuntboys unsettling to look at. Consider whether the same applies for you, I think many find the concept discomforting. If you're one of them, you probably know the feeling that turns some people off from dickgirls.

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So when you see stripper, you secretly want to be her?

I like watching two girls fuck, and if you've watched porn movies they toss two girls together for a scene in a straight flick all the time.

>> No.4936755

This is true for me...

>> No.4936760

Don't you mean flat chested girls?

>> No.4936781

Well, only applies when there's some kind of sexual stimulation involved. In order to be able to relate to sexual stimulation, you'll usually end up imagining yourself in one of the positions.

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Google Buck Angel for 3DPD example. It's a little more tasteful in 2D, but Buck Angel is perfect for demonstrating that not everything with a vagina can be appreciated by a heterosexual.

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