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I downloaded Imperishable Night since /jp/ doesnt stop going on about how great touhou franchise is, but i have no idea what the fuck is going on, I got the gameplay to a degree, but is there meant to actually be a story/interesting characters ?

Where the fuck should one start with touhou to get the most out of it ?

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Start from realising that Touhou is a shmup and not whatever you think it is.

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>is there meant to actually be a story/interesting characters

No. At best you get some bragging rights for Lunatic 1cc of SA/UFO.

>Where the fuck should one start with touhou to get the most out of it ?

Doujins. Touhou is a mediocre shooter with a fuckhuge fanbase, you don't even need to bother with the games.

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Read this.

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Go fap to some doujins and then come back and play the games.

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you just relax... play'listen you'll feel powerful emotions like rage. After storm you'll feel the calm. Then you'll sink lower and deeper in that bullet hell. Maybe on one day you might find yourself masturbating to your screen.
Now go my son, destiny awaits.

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Whats so special about the touhou characters, they look like any other crappy animations under the suns. What caused the huge fanbase, beyond little girls who fight shit ?

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>little girls

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Frilly dresses and silly hats, of course.

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Nothing. Popularity of Touhou(6+) was created arificaly.

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I am dissapointed, I thought I was missing out on some great shit, but all I was missing out on was generic doujin, ahhh well, back to my VNs

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Good. The Touhou fandom doesn't need one more person with no imagination whatsoever.

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Regularly updated SHMUP series
Doujin games, music, porn, videos, anime
There's plenty out there if you're truly interested.

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If everything about touhou wasn't fanon...

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But it isn't.
There are plenty of people who enjoy it for the gameplay, and there are lots of official side-material (manga, picture books, music CDs, etc.).