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I like how she's literally walking on sperm. Slut.

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There are better ways to picture wind blowing in figures.
But this is pretty cute too, Sanae is love.

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I have yet to research how to make my cum blue-colored.

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Your cum is blue. Seek medical help immedietly.

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Apparently, this guy has the same bodily fluid disorder as directors of maxipad commercials.

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Why are figfags also camerafags?

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What? Nobody else finds it erotic to pool up all their semen and dye it blue at the end of the day?

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I thought that was only supposed to apply to the blood, not other bodily fluids.

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He's nobility, that's why.

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Goddammit, Reimu Player 2 is always covered in blue, that's why her costume has turned color from all that cum. ;__;

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Because you came from /a/. Go back there.

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what the fuck is wrong with her leg?

and what's under her skirt?

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That's because noble people want to keep you down.

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Gotta take nice pics of dem figs, man.

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Well, methylene blue makes your piss blue, and apparently some sperm does get stained with alcian blue...

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>and what's under her skirt?
Guess what.

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nothing but a loose vagina?

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Suwako chibi frog panties. Hnggggggh.

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HUGE fingerprints?

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Sanae was kidnapped and used as a rape slave for about 4 months in the outside world. Thats partially why she came to Gensokyo.

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Must see dem in real life!

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>implying that you knew Sanae when she was in the real world
>guffaws over NEET fantasies

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they give us every picture but the panty shot.

come on, fig guys. you and me both know the panty shot is the only thing I want from Sanae a figure is wasted on her

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Can't have a panty shot without panties, bro. She's a miko, remember?

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Ok. Let me go take pics...

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>She's a slut, remember?

shit i forgot man, sorry.

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Don't worry, I didn't do anything lewd to her.

All my figures are pure.

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is that colour spill or a g-string

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They're supposed to be normal panties, but they do seem to have quite a tight fit and spread the cheeks rather excessively.

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Look at that sperm cell wrapping around her lock of hair. What a slut.

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Look at that blue cum stain on her panties.

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Hell yes. This is what I enrolled for.

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Griffon painted that in, not me.

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wat happen

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Just adjusted some stuff.