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BFF <3

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this one's kind of weird

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these two are BFF also

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does anyone else love this video as much as I do

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I demand a gif of Kaguya running in terror. Preferably just Kaguya, without that freaky mokou think.

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more BFFs

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OP's pic is awesome, almost as much as this one.

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Wow I just realized that every aspect of BFF applies to them (except B sometimes maybe).

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That's all from me, we'll see if this survives the night.

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It is the most beautiful romance in this world.

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I'm honestly surprised that it took this long for that to be posted honestly.

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Don't blame me, I was writing a fucking 10 page report.

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...no way, it's not true...

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YES BLOOD!... oh wait... why are they happy?... I... I do not like this picture one bit... they are is supposed to be suffering and in agony and in pain... NO! I HATE THIS IMAGE! IT HAS BLOOD BUT IT IS A VERY HAPPY IMAGE!!! NOOO!

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They are happy because they can finally die

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How can this thread now be complete without <<<.

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Perhaps physical pain is laughably mild compared to the pain of knowing that you will experience almost everything in your life dissapearing, on top of which is the very real threat of being alone forever.

But they've got a BFF, so it's a little less daunting.

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Wow this thread is still here.

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The two are not mutually exclusive.

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Considering Kaguya is the reason Mokous dad is dead and she'll never die and meet him again ever I don't think they're going to even be close to lovers


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Well, we can always dream, right?

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>trying to add logic to dumb shipping

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Why would mokou care after hundreds of years when everyone she knows is dead besides eirin and kaguya?
Eventually she would have felt lonely and then one day while crying kaguya comes along, comforts her and hugs her sweetly...

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Once Keine and Eirin die, they'll realize that all they have left is each other.

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Why would Kaguya, who sends people off to beat Mokou up, comfort her or act sweet to Mokou anyway? Kaguya's been canon bitch since the 9th Century.

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That's more sad and pathetic than romantic.
But whatever, enjoy your pairing.

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The Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth manga (which is canon, it's part of Touhou Bougetsushou) confirmed that Mokou treats the rivalry as serious business, whereas Kaguya views it as more of a game.

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Because she's confident in her superiority to Mokou. She's a complete lazy, vindictive ditz the whole time. She's also got 3 accomplices to aid her whenever she wants to get the best of Mokou (say, raiding her house for no reason).
IotEM is poor for establishing fanon in this way because you also have, as you say, a Mokou who takes seriously the rivalry that has existed for over a thousand years and has suffered untold numbers of humiliations based upon that... yet she puts it on hold for a massage chair and an improv onsen.

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Moar pics. Nao.

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They both realize, if they choose not to actively acknowledge it for obvious reasons, that they are each the only compatriot that the other has a hope of not losing. Both have been shown to at least not mind the fact that they were reunited (Mokou in CiLR and Kaguya in IotM&E). Their hostility may form the basis of their interaction, especially given their past, but the nature of their relationship is rooted in their shared, inescapable immortality, regardless of whether they are shipped together or not.

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I'm convinced that they both experience some sort of sexual thrill off killing each other over and over again. So they're rivals and lovers at the same time.

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I don't understand all the hate for this pairing. I mean, rivals always end up in a pairing somewhere, right?

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See >>4921057

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Umm... No

The reason Mokou's dad died is because he got old. The reason she will never see him again is that she stole and willingly used the means to become immortal to spite Kaguya (notably not sharing it with anyone, in particular anyone she might miss when they died). She blames Princess Sakuya for her immortality (the mountain goddess, not the other Sakuya), as Sakuya told her and the troop of the Emperor's soldiers that Kaguya's jar held the elixir of life in the hopes that they might kill each other over it (as they did). She knows Kaguya left the jar for the emperor and in all likelihood didn't think of her at all (it was Kaguya's apparent thoughtless dismissal of the tribulations of others that infuriated her in the first place).

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Bedtime guys.

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Riddle me this: what kind of relationship involves having watermelon-eating contests in bikinis?

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This guy speaks truth. IotEM isn't much of a canonical material. Given, it is official, but part of their personalities are off due to the lightheartedness of the author. In reality, CiaLR is the more canonic one fans should make fanon off of. Mokou does in fact, hate Kaguya and she is irritated by the fights with her. In fact, she barely even seams to even want to be in the dispute anymore according to her context in IN. And in CiaLR too, she says she doesn't have any obligations to Kaguya and in the end, doesn't care if Kaguya leaves forever to the moon, never to be seen again by the immortal Mokou. Sorry for bursting your bubble, guys, but Kaguya barely even thinks about Mokou. She looks at it as more of a game than anything.
And it's true, Mokou still does detest Kaguya. But not in the way so many fans think she does. She merely tries to avoid her, like she did in her interview with Aya by not including Kaguya.

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>my interpretation of Mokou is right! Everyone else's is wrong!

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Then again, Mokou keeps bringing back the rabbits that "Get lost"
So Tewi is trying to pair them up.

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Or she's been making them kill each other forever, pic related.

Oddly, one of your links is to something I posted which actually argues against the idea that you have just supported.
I wouldn't dismiss IotE&M so quickly, it can be interpreted accurately by acknowledging that their personalities are exaggerated and it is the only official work (as far as I know) that shows them interacting or fighting at all (it is worth noting that Mokou is the initiator of every fight, even if Kaguya "accidentally" instigated).
On top of this, Mokou's dialogue in IN and with Aya should be contextualized: she was speaking to "assassins" about Kaguya and to a reporter about a fire, hardly similar in interpretive unbias to the actual introspective monologue in CiLR. In the conclusion of her chapter of CiLR she doesn't say that she doesn't have any obligation to Kaguya, nor does she say that she doesn't care if Kaguya ever leaves never to be seen again. She says that Kaguya doesn't have any obligations to her, and that that isn't really a problem since she shows no signs of wanting to leave anyways.

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The stance I take in viewing their current relationship is that due to time and Keine's influence Mokou is no longer interested in fighting with Kaguya, but Kaguya needs to fight with Mokou lest she lose herself to Lunarian insanity. Kaguya can't do any excessively cruel acts to provoke Mokou since Hakurei and Yakumo don't want unnecessary violence, so she settles for pranks and verbal sparring. Over time this may lead to her giving up on tormenting Mokou, switching to Gensokyo's ever-complicating political scene for sanity-bringing entertainment. Mokou became more docile and sedentary after meeting Keine (and possibly Wriggle and Mystia), for in gaining the family she'd missed for so long she had a reason to live other than revenge. Assisting Keine with her teaching duties and mingling with the human townsfolk gives Mokou human interaction that wore away at her previously unsympathetic nature, leaving her tomboyish and satirical nature intact while giving her a drive to earnestly help so she can fit in despite her Hourai 'taint.' Although gruesome pasts mean the two will never become friends, they're not going to kill on sight like they did before.

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It's Gensokyo. Don't take it so seriously.

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Fair enough. I respect your argument since it is based on interpretation although I still disagree with it. Their enmity is well established, so I do understand that a leap of faith is involved in my interpretation. However, it seems to me that your leaps, to the conclusion that you have just illustrated, are longer.
Besides that, the gravity of the things they have in common seems greater than that which divides them, and if nothing else they still have eternity to come to terms with the nature of their relationship.

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My question is: will they still be alive when Time or the universe ends? or whatever religious prophecy that is fulfilled happens?

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An intriguing question. You should go wait around for that to happen and then post the result for the benefit of all our knowledge.

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But humans don't live that long....

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Not with that attitude.

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Considering they apparently have no death what so ever, they'll live through it somehow.

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I guess. They can even survive in space right, because they're Lunarians, they don't need oxygen? Otherwise, once the Earth is destroyed, they would just be stuck in an eternal death/rebirth cycling while floating through space. Die from lack of oxygen and heat, get reborn, die again instantly. It's debatable whether that is really "living" or not.

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Only Kaguya's Lunarian, and Lunarian's are still human.

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Not if they don't decide to throw themselves into a singularity beforehand