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Visual Novel translation status

Air - 55%
Akatsuki no Goei- common route fully translated, as well as bits of the character routes (7782 lines translated total).
Ashita no Kimi to Autame Ni - 2/117 scripts translated, 47/108 images edited, goal to have a demo out by the end of April
Baldr Force EXE- Total (lines) 1516/26654 (5.69%)
Baldr Sky - Being translated
Canvas2- Most everything is finished, editing is at 5%
>Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- - 60,000 / 102,000 lines translated, partial patch released
Danzai no Maria -The Exorcism of Maria- being translated.
Devils Devel Concept-20% finished
Dote up a cat- Being translated
Eden - 3692 of 8862 lines translated
EF- probable that they are making an attempt to surpass UBW as the longest delayed at 100% translation
Entomic Impurity- 33%
>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- A messy snapshot patch released. Project 34.7% translated
Galaxy Angel: Moonlit Lovers - 110kb/2.91 mb translated
G-Senjou no Maou- Total:1427.85/1811.40 KB (78.83%)/ actual progress towards release 260.96/1811.40 KB 14.41%
>Haramasete Seiryuu-kun- 1070 lines translated plus some more stuff, translator joined a new group and now that group is working on it
Hatsukoi- TOTALS 15501/34459 44.984%- Anzu route has been completly translated
Higurashi Daybreak - being translated, at least the twins scenerio is translated
>Hime x Hime - partial patch including the prologue has been released
Himekishi Lilia- Being retranslated
Honey Coming- Prologue 100% translated, Common route 12.5% translated. Yuma Shichiri's route 5% translated. Translation stalled for at least a month
>Kara no Shoujo - 100% translated, 51.2% edited, image editing now complete
Killer Queen - 59.31% translated 7699/13785 lines
Kizuato - 104/246 scripts translated
Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ - being translated
Lamia no Baai - ~10% translated, first bad end finished

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LILITH-IZM03- 65% by Dark Translations
Little Busters - 55-60%, one of the translators has returned and is translating again
Love Plus- Dialogue translation: 18.5%
Majikoi- It is hacked, coming after Swan Song
M&M Enchanting Magic & Sweet Charms- 61%
>Miss Leet in Prison - Love Potion Sex Training Revenge- Dark Translations is working on it, now at 85%, mainly thanks to some person who paid a commission of $575.
>Muv Luv Extra-1109.64 KB/1392.15 KB (79.71%) main route of Extra is fully translated, partial patch released
>Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~ - 147/170 scripts translated (86.5%) , Putina alpha patch released, Yukino/Ell routes fully translated
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru- Prologue 100% translated translator looking for help because--- "1) I need to properly learn japanese, if I want to translate this without insulting the game and it's producers. 2)I need a hacker if this is gonna get anywhere. Without one, the translated stuff would sit. And do NOTHING. 3)I cannot, CANNOT do this alone . Although the extraction and interpretation is somewhat simple, it it time consuming . And at the pace I'm moving, it'll be a hell of a long time to finish."
Pantsu wo Miseru koto, Sore ga - "Translation is still going on now."
>Pastel- "We haven’t dropped it yet and we would also be releasing a patch as soon as the dust clears."
Polygon Love 2 - Fully translated, working on text insertion and editing.
Popotan- "The work is still ongoing, but we have only a few people working on it. It'll be some time before a signifigant portion is done and then we need to proof."
Princess Lover- 1.5%, now on TLWiki
Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails- Sachi Patch released, chapter 2 is 7.56% translated
>Remember11- Scripts translation at 100%, 103/110 tips translated, 88/155 scripts edited
School Days- Chapter 1 completed, work on chapter 2 at ~68%, translation at 100%

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Sensei Da-isuki 2- 20%, still being worked on
Sono Hanabira 3 - being translated
Sono Hanabira 7 - 3 translators working on it
>Swan Song - 50% translation patch released, TL progress: 76.36%, will not be a second partial patch
Sweet Pool- 23%
Tenshi No Inai 12-Gatsu- LoSs is translating this, from a post of his when someone said it was stalled "Damn, I'm so tired of mentoning that tenshi no inai 12 gatsu is not stalled. "
Togainu No Chi- 58% translated
>To Heart2- 43% - "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", Tama-nee alpha patch released, Yuma's route translated
>Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus - 59.37% translated.
>Tomoyo After - decent progress this week
Touka Gettan: translation status: ~30% translated
Umineko 6- 6% translated, may not be released before 7
Under The Moon- "Madame Yes is also still working on her own however on UtM"
Yandere- Translation - 574/7846 blocks - 7.31%
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na -picked up by the guy doing Ashita no Kimi to Autame Ni, most of the first day translated
Yosuga no Sora - "Common route translated. Kazuha route mostly translated. Sora route next." rough partial patch released
>YU-NO- Total: 44101/98392 lines (44.82%) 1804.33/3995.61 KB (45.16%), Prologue/Mitsuki/Ayumi routes fully translated, prologue patch released

Active secret projects
>NNL- Swells status: 9514/?0594 text blocks (>10%)
Part of the team who was working on Ijiwaru MyMaster are now working on something else with good progress

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Official work

>Higurashi Answer Arc 2- released
Higurashi Answer Arc 3/4 - to be released seperately about month apart each.
Kira Kira Curtain Call- April 30th
Kohime Musou - Editing of system files finished
Da Capo II - Possibly July.
Harukoi Otome - likely being picked up
Dear Drops Likely 2010, though it was delayed by 2 months in Japan, which will likely push it back here
Ongoing talks with a company whose bread and jam you would not want to eat
Additionally, random sex romps are scheduled as well

Downhill Night 2 - In beta testing, expected to be their next release
Raidy II- beta testing now
Demonbane- "possible Q2 2010 release during convention season", translation nearly complete
Jingai Makyou- Jast claimed they would like it out before Anime Expo 2010, though this is looking unlikely
Nitro Royale- being translated
DraKoi- fully fan translated, image editing is finished as well, however scripts are unlikely to be released outside of an official Jast release
>Sumaga- 72.5%, still being translated, unlikely to be released outside of an official Jast release

HgameZ is alive again, possible releases in the future
Kisaragi no Hogyoku- English trial out, would like to get a full game released in English, and include English voice acting
Upcoming from active fan groups
Amaterasu-Translating Muv Luv Alternative after Muv Luv is complete
Himawari is likely to be picked up by the team who did Sharin no Kuni
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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>Air - 55%

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Remember when ef came out guys? It really was better than I expected.

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>>Remember11- Scripts translation at 100%, 103/110 tips translated, 88/155 scripts edited
Glorious. I can't wait to be disappoint when I see how short it falls of glorious Ever17.

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oh, delicious remember 11

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>Remember11- Scripts translation at 100%, 103/110 tips translated, 88/155 scripts edited

oh yeah

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Remember when ef came out, guys?

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Why do people put random moonrunes then sage a thread? Is this a form of trolling on /jp/?

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>remember 11
I hope to feel what I felt at coco's route

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>Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ - being translated
>Sweet Pool- 23%
>Togainu No Chi- 58% translated

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Pretending not to know what sage does is more of a troll in my eyes.

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Good luck with that one, bub. Enjoy being disappoint. Besides, Coco's route wasn't amazing, it was just the build-up and then everything being explained. Coco is a shit character.

But what is the ETA on Remember11 exactly?

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I know what sage does, silly. I just mean the fact that person said 'Second' or something to that effect with a saged post. I don't understand why someone would do that.

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>To Heart2- 43% - "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", Tama-nee alpha patch released, Yuma's route translated
I only care about Sasara. Sasara route when? ;_;

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>Kara no Shoujo - 100% translated, 51.2% edited, image editing now complete
Oh god yes

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Togainu No Chi- 58% translated
Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ - being translated
Sweet Pool- 23%


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the Air project is dead again... I hope mangagamer just licence it so I can have it in English.

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>the fact that person said 'Second' or something
Why not learn Japanese before google translating and assuming what the person said makes no sense?

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Isn't it sad, anon? ;_;

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The best thread has finally arrived. You're the number one reason I come to /jp/ anymore

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I didn't Google translate. I've got this shitty Chrome addon. I have no idea whether it is accurate or not, but it has been fairly accurate in some shit in the past. Bleh. I'm not quite sure how this extension works, but I'm pretty sure I'm understanding it wrong.
Thank you kindly.

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Off-topic posters should be classy and delete their posts now that it's been resolved.

>> No.4907766 [DELETED] 

>I've got this shitty Chrome addon
Rikaichan/kun is great, but it's not a replacement for knowing Japanese.

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I agree. Could you guys please be nice and don't post shit in the best thread of the week?

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I know. I don't know the grammar and a lot of the time it's confusing. But it has helped me understand some stuff in the past. Some thread was just some stupid picture with 'その目、だれの目?' and the extension managed to tell me what all that was pretty much. It's just 'Who eyes are those eyes?' from Chaos;Head.

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>Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- - 60,000 / 102,000 lines translated, partial patch released

Fuck yes

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Big Bang Age looks interesting. The last visual novely-gamey thing I played was Rance, but I hated that.

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>Air - 55%

>> No.4907808

>The last visual novely-gamey thing I played was Rance, but I hated that.
Big Bang Age and Rance have both been made by Alicesoft. You have been forewarned.

>> No.4907813

Damn. Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably still try, though. I only disliked Rance mostly due to the fact that I was a bit confused with it and it felt like a game with hentai scenes tacked on.

>> No.4907818

since a month ago. it's dead, john.

>> No.4907820

There's already a TL;DR giant wall of text made by the editors and translators about its shitty and disappointing ending bro. Glance over the reactions if you are curious (glancing through won't spoil).

So yeah, don't keep your hopes high.

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>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

OP, you might want to try putting this at the top next time - a lot of people seem to be unaware...

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Better then being stuck at 49% for a year.

>> No.4907851

Shh, let him dream. It's almost cute.

>> No.4907852

Don't know about you guys but I liked R11 about as much as I liked E17. The only thing is that you actually have to do the thinking yourself to figure out what the hell happened which I didn't even bother trying. Thinking is for nerds.

>> No.4907858

Ahahaha. That post was fucking hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh.

>> No.4907859

I don't think people are THAT stupid

>> No.4907866

They are. People are quoting Air at 55% with reaction images, when it hasn't changed since last week.

>> No.4907869

>Yosuga no Sora - "Common route translated. Kazuha route mostly translated. Sora route next." rough partial patch released

sora route when? i don't care about anyone else, that game only matters because of sora.

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Me too. We don't get an update for like... 2 months or something?

>> No.4907899

Doesn't mean we don't know it hasn't changed, it's still just nice to see the game moving at all, be it very slowly.

You should learn to maybe take it easy.

>> No.4907909

You should learn to stop posting like a retard maybe. Just sayin'.

>> No.4907920

Yahiro's good too. Delicious Hikaru Isshiki

>> No.4907922

Remember when people weren't spoiled by the number of translations? I remember we had so much fun back then at /a/ when Tsukihime was just released and was being discussed like crazy. Good times.

>> No.4907923

But then where's the fun in that? :3

>> No.4907932

Are you me?

>> No.4907933

He's an idiot. Ignore him.

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She's so awesome.

>> No.4907945


It's not too bad yet, but we do get people going as far as claim "isn't it the same as last week?" for green titles once in a while.

>> No.4907954

Another tripfag added to the list. Honestly, why are most tripfags on /jp/ obnoxious faggots?

>> No.4907969

Air is being re-translation checked and re-edited so it might be a while until there's more progress, but there is a dedicated translator working on it, apparently.

>> No.4907973

You mean back when the board was only talking about 2 or 3 games all the time? Oh wait, they do that nowadays too!

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>Akatsuki no Goei -common route fully translated, as well as bits of the character routes (7782 lines translated total).
>Eden - 3692 of 8862 lines translated
>Killer Queen - 59.31% translated 7699/13785 lines

>> No.4908004

I suppose some people are just impatient like that..

I'm just happy knowing people are working on it.

>> No.4908016

Killer Queen is making decent progress. It's short enough that it should've been done by now but at least it's moving.

>> No.4908039

Can you faggots stop this stupid fight in here? Thanks.

>> No.4908058

As a stick-mah-head-in-once-a-week visitor, I shall say this: this is an exemplary thread (at least the OP is) and Tohno is a fagget.

>> No.4908060

EF- probable that they are making an attempt to surpass UBW as the longest delayed at 100% translation

If this was back a couple years ago, they would have got just as much rage as Message did with UBW since there would be nothing else to play.

>> No.4908069

>G-Senjou no Maou- Total:1427.85/1811.40 KB (78.83%)/ actual progress towards release 260.96/1811.40 KB 14.41%

TNA has been making good progress with TLC, so this project has been making nice progress despite the lack of updates.

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>> No.4908098

I really hope you are right.

>> No.4908102

Yeah, we all know Tohno is a faggot.
Wow, I forgot about this.

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>> No.4908110

Pondrthis has been making decent progress editing as well


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>Togainu No Chi- 58% translated

>> No.4908142

Fucking yaoi fans are worthless. It's easier just to learn Japanese. ;_;

>> No.4908176

>Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- - 60,000 / 102,000 lines translated, partial patch released

Fucking yes. 8,000 lines in two weeks. I think Aroduc is some kind of witch.

>> No.4908182

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

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>> No.4908208

I was actually going to ATLAS through Togainu no Chi before, but then I heard that a translation was in progress. I'm desperate to read it, sure, but I'm not that desperate to read something when a translation is ongoing.


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>To Heart2- 43%
>Little Busters - 55-60%
>Love Plus- Dialogue translation: 18.5%

I am please to see progress with Toheart2.

>> No.4908256

Shit, that's exactly what I was thinking.

Then when the anime comes out, I know that I probably won't want to play the VN. I find it almost tedious playing through a VN when I've seen the anime already. That's why I played Fate/Stay Night beforehand, and why I'm currently putting off the Ef anime.


>> No.4908259

With the way things are going, the anime's going to come out before the game's translation. ;_; Isn't it sad? This might actually drive me to learn the damn language.

>> No.4908275

Animes of VNs are shit. They're just the VN condensed into a shitty package that doesn't deliver the same emotions and shit as you would get from just reading. At least in my experience.

>> No.4908284

Sorry, about that. I had more I wanted to add to that post. Damn, I hate that you have to wait to delete posts now. I'll more than likely avoid the anime since I'm the same damn way, but I don't think how last long. Seeing the characters animated might be nice. ;_;

>> No.4908292


>> No.4908293

>Animes of VNs are shit.
Watch Clannad.

>> No.4908299

There's also this. They'll leave out shit and it will more than likely turn out to be trash

>> No.4908306

No. I've yet to read Clannad and I don't want to watch the anime seeing as most animes of VNs aren't as good as the VN and take the blow out the VN due to spoilers.

>> No.4908315

Ugh,,the ef anime.

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I never knew NNL hired Message to help compile their installer.
>Little Busters - 55-60%, one of the translators has returned and is translating again
>Love Plus- Dialogue translation: 18.5%
>Tomoyo After - decent progress this week
>Air- 55%
>Umineko 6- 6% translated, may not be released before 7

>> No.4908323

If they were only going to focus on one arc, they should have done it in 12 episodes, maybe 24. 52 meant that every single thing was stretched out about four times as long as it needed to be leaving the show as little more than soulless pandering.

>> No.4908330

>stretched out
Isn't that a good thing? In moderation at least. Most anime of VNs skip protag's little monologues on shit, and that's what I dislike the most. Also the fact that anime is a shitty medium of entertainment.

>> No.4908331

What, to add further proof to his argument?

>> No.4908351

>anime is a shitty medium of entertainment.
Get out.

>> No.4908371

Nowadays 95% of the anime is complete garbage. Get over it.

>> No.4908372

No, you should go back to /a/.

>> No.4908387

Most anime these days are complete trash.

>> No.4908391

In moderation, sure. But they're entirely different mediums. Besides, a lot VN adaptations have issues from trying to cram each arc into two or three episode chunks. There's a happy medium somewhere between that and spending upwards of 40 episodes on a single arc that doesn't even take a third the time to play through in the VN itself.

>> No.4908392

It's funny because it's true. I still enjoy anime of visual novels that I just love, but original anime is mostly 'LOL IM WEAK NOW IM POWERFUL HUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE' or 'LOL WE'RE TEENAGER GIRLS' rehashed shit.

>> No.4908401

If it takes you longer to watch an anime than read a visual novel, whoever made the anime is doing it wrong. Anime have a much faster pace. Unless 50% of the time is panning the camera, this shouldn't fucking happen. And 50% of the time shouldn't be the camera panning either. Fucking anime.

>> No.4908418


Nowadays 95% of everything is (and has always been) complete garbage. shitsux ;_;

>> No.4908432

>95% of everything
Pretty pessimistic there, buddy. Lighten up a little, eh? 95% of EVERYTHING isn't bad. 95% of video games aren't bad, nor visual novels. ALL IS WELL.

>> No.4908442

Well, yes. That was my point. Not that I'm falling on the side of all or even 95% of anime is bad, just that the Clannad adaptation did things wrong in the entirely opposite way of basically every other VN adaptation.

>> No.4908453

>95% of video games aren't bad, nor visual novels
I have some bad news for you.

>> No.4908473

Another shitty thing about VN --> Anime adaptations is shit getting removed. The most recent case of this was Chaos;Head. No Mimi attempted rape. No Nanami hand cut off. No Sena's mother going batshit crazy and eating her child and killing herself. These scenes were the scenes that impacted me the most and brought a chill to my spine. They were removed because they were probably deemed too graphic, but fuck that. Fucking anime.

>> No.4908474

Ok. 95% of visual novels aren't bad.

>> No.4908485

But... I enjoy nearly EVERY video game and visual novel I've played recently. Everything has its flaws, but it's not 95% BAD. Once you play something good you set the bar too fucking high, and you deem anything that isn't brilliant, 'bad'. You need to get out of that mindset. It's bad for your health.

>> No.4908494

THIS. I hate watching an anime adaptation to see one of my favourite scenes removed or made shitty.

>> No.4908496

I still have some bad news for you, anon.

>> No.4908502

No you don't.

>> No.4908508

No. 95% is exaggerated horribly.

>> No.4908514

It may be but a lot of them are complete trash.

>> No.4908516

You're all hastening the death of the best thread. ;_;

>> No.4908520

Indeed. Let's stop clogging it with shit.

>> No.4908576

If anything 95% is too low, there are fucktons of VNs. I think people are confusing 95% of VNs with 95% of popular/translated VNs.

>> No.4908580


Really. There's ~2000 video games released every year in America, and you think less than 95% of them are bad? Most VNs are terrible too, it's just that not many of the bad ones are translated. Is the average anime really that much worse than Suck My Dick or Die?

>> No.4908613

You can at least fap to the bad eroge.

>> No.4908629

You beat me to it.

>> No.4908641

Okay then, read Clannad and then if you like it, watch the anime. The Clannad anime is probably the best VN -> anime adaption right now.

>> No.4908651
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>Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~ - 147/170 scripts translated (86.5%) , Putina alpha patch released, Yukino/Ell routes fully translated

>> No.4908655

>Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus - 59.37% translated.
Good to see another otome game getting translated.

>> No.4908667

You could always make another one if this one gets full.

>> No.4908678

>Umineko 6- 6% translated, may not be released before 7
It's all useless...!

>> No.4908692

>Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~ - 147/170 scripts translated (86.5%) , Putina alpha patch released, Yukino/Ell routes fully translated
Spaceship Route Patch where?

>> No.4908694
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>Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~ - 147/170 scripts translated (86.5%) , Putina alpha patch released, Yukino/Ell routes fully translated

This will hopefully be released by summer when I need a new VN.

>> No.4908718
File: 217 KB, 433x354, rumia crying_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Umineko 6- 6% translated, may not be released before 7



>> No.4908727
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Air - 55%
>STILL 55%

>> No.4908735

There's got to be plenty of people out there who would work in umineko if witch-hunt didn't have a prior claim on it.

I hope those people give up on witch-hunt and start working themselves.

>> No.4908741

Because you touch yourself at night.

>> No.4908749

That's not a very good reason.

>> No.4908759

A good enough reason for you to touch yourself at night, mind you.

>> No.4908766

Is Air good or something? I've never bothered looking it up.

>> No.4908773
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>> No.4908782

Only one route is worth playing.

>> No.4908792

Welcome to Key.

>> No.4908794

Is that the route with all the deformed character's faces and ugly art? Oh wait, that's all the routes! AHAHAAHHAHAHA. Fuck. Shitty art puts me off everything. That's why I'm never going to play the likes of Umineko or Higurashi.

>> No.4908800

Seriously, does Key even have an artist? So many of the visual novels they make have fucking horrible art. Proportions on people in the novels look stupid even for some fucking animu person.

>> No.4908803

Oh well. Your loss.

>> No.4908810

Itaru and Na-Ga. Na-Ga is the good one.

>> No.4908814

I know. A shame that I can't tolerate that shitty art, seeing as I hear so much good stuff about a lot of the stuff Key makes as well as Umineko and Higurashi (LOL SAUSAGE HANDS).

>> No.4908816

They have two. They should have Planetarian's artist do the art for their games.

>> No.4908817

Are Itaru and Na-Ga by any chance 13 year old boys with autism? Judging by the unattractive and shitty looking faces, I would say that they are. I mean it looks like they've had their faces bludgeoned, all the characters are so fucking ugly.

>> No.4908822
File: 117 KB, 640x480, 8709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give them a break, Air was made in 2001. Most games back then had awful art. (pic related)
Clannad's art is alright, Little Busters! art is good. Rewrite's art is pretty nice too but I can see a lot of people disliking it.

>> No.4908826

Itaru's a woman and as far as I know, Na-Ga's male.

>> No.4908827

But Planetarian didn't look like shit...? Do they make stupid art on purpose? Planetarian had attractive character models, even though in all honesty there was only a single character. Maybe when the artists focus all their efforts on a single character, it comes out less shit?

>> No.4908831

Oh. 2001. Fair enough. Kanon looks shitty too. Clannad looks like moeblob shit. Must just be earlier work that looked horrible, which is forgiveable.

>> No.4908839
File: 96 KB, 640x480, 4268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kanon looks shitty too
Kanon was made in '99.

>> No.4908841

The newer stuff is better, but it's still not all that great.

>> No.4908852

I know it was made ages ago as well. But those faces are fucking hilarious. DEM PROPORTIONS.

>> No.4908858

Planetarian's artist has only done that one game for them. The others have mainly been worked on by Itaru. There's also Na-Ga who helped with the art for Little Buster. And there's Fumio who did the art for Tomoyo After.

>> No.4908862

Oh I see. themoreyouknow.jpg
You are a very knowledgeable man. Thank you for sharing.

>> No.4908899

>Air - 55%
Why is everyone doing this? It just went up 2% last week. Is it just out of habit?

>> No.4908909


>> No.4908910

Why are people even bothering? It's a horrible looking game. It's probably a horrible game too.

>> No.4908929

Just don't care one way or the other for the newer art.

>> No.4908937
File: 186 KB, 400x280, air23hj0ld2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If the art bothers you so much just watch the anime. Personally I liked the anime more than the game.

>> No.4908945

But I prefer visual novels. An animu won't make me cry regardless of how good it is. Not that I read visual novels solely for crying, but yeah.

>> No.4908952

You should still play Air if you want to cry. Put up with the art.

>> No.4908956

Is there ANY good end to Air?

>> No.4908965

>put up with art
I probably will be able to, but I can't convince myself to fuck it and just download and have a blast at it. OH WELL. ILL JUST PLAY KIRA KIRA AND BE A USELESS PRICK.

>> No.4908972

>An animu won't make me cry regardless of how good it is.
I don't see why. Maybe you just haven't watched a good emotional anime.

I bawwed to Air's anime. I possibly would have bawwed to the game too but by the time I was done with the bullshit side-routes I couldn't go on any longer.

>> No.4908975

Meh, that's fine. I reread it like a couple days ago myself and already almost want to read it again for some reason.

April 30th and June 16th can't come quick enough ;_;

>> No.4908976

That depends on your definition of good.

>> No.4908988

>An animu won't make me cry regardless of how good it is.

Then you must be a huge faggot. Gtfo this planet, you assraped piece of shit

>> No.4908989

one where Yukito doesn't turn into a crow and Misuzu doesn't die

>> No.4908993

Yeah, I've hardly watched any anime in all honesty. But I just can't see myself crying because of an anime. Visual novels just seem so much better at making you cry like a bitch. Crying like a bitch is my favourite part of this entertainment, so seeing as I'm not sure if the animu will make me cry, I don't want to bother.

>> No.4909007

>April 30th and June 16th
Curtain Call, for 30th, but what the fuck is 16th of June might I ask?
But Anime isn't as emotional as a visual novel maaaaaaan. I read Chaos;Head, cried like a bitch, watched anime, didn't cry, got the other ending in Chaos;Head and cried some more. Anime is shitty.

>> No.4909011


>> No.4909028
File: 33 KB, 256x362, 4773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yum. Juicy thighs. I anticipate the 16th of June very much now. I like thighs.

>> No.4909030

>watched anime, didn't cry
Maybe that's because the chaos;head anime is shit? Watch a good adaption like any of the Key/KyoAni adaptions.

>> No.4909037

Actually it's the 18th of June. Just watch it get delayed again.

>> No.4909048

I don't want to make a thread for this, so I was wondering if someone could explain why visual novels are like always 1GB or something near to that, REGARDLESS of how much voice/CG/movies it has in it?

>> No.4909054

Well, remember that's just japanese release. Who knows when mangagamer will get it out, but I wait on pins and needles for it.

Ever since I started learning guitar I crave more music VNs.

>> No.4909055
File: 5 KB, 110x77, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>delayed again

>> No.4909059

Shit. Good point. I completly forgot that will only be in Nippon language. Have any VNs ever had like a simultaneous release in more than Japan? That would be cool.

>> No.4909061
File: 29 KB, 492x277, Mother of God.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Remember11- Scripts translation at 100%, 103/110 tips translated, 88/155 scripts edited

This is a good time to be alive.

>> No.4909071

No, I don't believe ever. From the way Kouryuu answered the questions in a thread a few days ago it seemed like Mangagamer hasn't actually started translating it yet, so the whole "simultaneously working on it" seems to be tossed out the window.

>> No.4909073

But when is it going to be released? Any ideas? I've not been keeping up with it till recently. A months time? This month? 2 months? What?

>> No.4909075

>Have any VNs ever had like a simultaneous release in more than Japan?

>> No.4909085

Fucking hell. MangaGamer are a bunch of faggots, mind. The amount of typos I've found in Kira Kira is disgusting. From a professional company, I would expect a little more professionalism. I would never buy this shit. ALSO, no material copies is SHIT, I'll never buy a visual novel unless I get a physical copy, but MangaGamer are too poor to do anything other than digital selling shit. Faggots.

>> No.4909096

Tsukihime: ~200mb
Planetarian: ~50mb without voices IIRC

If you look through the data, most of it is made of music files (voices, music and sound effects), followed by the art (CGs, backgrounds and sprites). Everything else is hardly bigger than 10mb. Depends on the lenght, really. Higurashi is about 200mb (mangagamer release) and is quite lenghty because of resolution and art quality. Engine and text hardly do anything, the big backgrounds and CGs do. If you lose 3mb for each 800x600 CG, a game with 80cgs would lose about 250mb. Voices are the worse shit, really.

>> No.4909107
File: 117 KB, 512x750, 3e7k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Clannad anime is a pretty good adaption; satisfying if you've played the entire VN first. The anime features great KyoAni animation, good selection of scenes from VNs and cut the useless route (Kyou, Ryou, side characters). The VN offers more detailed--but often grindy--scenes with lots of comedy, emo moments and dramu; which are very effective since you experience them directly from Tomoya's POV instead of anime 3rd POV.

Don't forget Tomoyo OVA. Man that was one fucking good adaption.

>> No.4909110


>> No.4909111

It took you 69 words to run through the same old complaints. I'm sure you can do better than that.

>> No.4909117

I can do better, but I'm trying to read a fucking VN. Fuck off already and leave me in peace, /jp/.

>> No.4909121

>Don't forget Tomoyo OVA. Man that was one fucking good adaption.



>> No.4909132

That was not even a translation and you know it. Besides it was just a language option in the japanese release.

>> No.4909134

Why did this make me laugh so much?

>> No.4909137

It's better than Edelweiss, that's why we start give MG support for Kirakira, and Higurashi turns out better albeit not Makoto-tier yet.

>> No.4909139

they constantly discuss how they could possibly do physical copies because it's something the consumers want. they just don't have the resources to do what we want right now I guess.

Also, I think their work is just fine. I've found the same amount if not more minor spelling errors in Kirakira than in other companies VN. Their quality is now deserving of purchase, without a doubt.

Kouryuu is doing a good job. He worked on Soul Link and Eiden Fantasia. They have editors and although it's hard to wipe the slate clean, if they keep the quality they have after KiraKira then there should be no problems. And we should support them anyway so they will continue to give us things we want. Like Oretsuba.

>> No.4909151

But their Circus translations were better than Kira Kira or Higurashi, and that was over a year ago.

>> No.4909153

The amount of typos that were in Kira Kira was still silly. It should have been 0, and it wasn't. It's like they didn't bother to proof read it. Also, JAST do physical copies, don't they? I can't stand buying stuff that is only connected to me by some shitty download. The only exception I allow is by steam, as it's like your own little library of games, but just paying 50 dollars to download something from a random site is out of the question for me.

>> No.4909165

Here we go again.

>> No.4909177

Nowadays people spend more time online at home or mobile rather than visiting game/animu stores. In the long-range JAST physical copies' tactic might not be that profitable. Don't forget that online shop also tap every English-speaking market with almost no cost of distribution.

>> No.4909189

Was it really that silly? I noticed maybe 3 obvious mistakes, which is less than I found in The Sagara Family, a G-Collections work.

Jast does make physical copies. They're also supported more because people actually BUY their sex romps. But people don't seem to want to buy things like KiraKira or Soul Link. It's a vicious cycle. If people buy, Mangagamer could very possibly have the income needed to supply physical copies.

I don't know why they don't actually talk to Overdrive about it or something though. Of course I REALLY want a nice box, disc, and maybe even an ost CD or something for Deardrops. But it's not gonna stop me from buying it if they don't because it's something I really want.

>> No.4909204

>If people buy, Mangagamer could very possibly have the income needed to supply physical copies.
Goddamn, I want to support the industry, but MangaGamer are just a bunch of assholes in my eyes.

>> No.4909213

I think this is a big hurdle that needs to be jumped. I don't know why you think they're a bunch of assholes, nor do I really care, that's for you to sort out. I'll just say that the past is the past and what they are doing now in my eyes is quality work that deserves support.

And now we should stop this, because it's not the right thread.

>> No.4909218

I remember meeting typos each 15-30 mins of playing. It lacks proofread.

Kirakira sells more than Higurashi, last time I look at MG website.

Maybe MG can make special edition box complete with artbook and shit in small amount. Online order only, no wide distribution to animu/game shops. If the demand is high they can start producing more.

>> No.4909220

>I noticed maybe 3 obvious mistakes
You can't be serious.

>> No.4909238

Again, what I NOTICED. I'm not saying there weren't more. My point is that it wasn't a big deal. Sure, it needs proofreading. EVERY VN I read seems to need another round of proofreading.

>> No.4909248

Fan made ones rarely need proof read. It always seems to be professional companies that lack the ability to proof read. Some of the typos are like they put NO care into the translation. Something like 'iw' was 'is'... I mean not noticing that is just completely careless and shows they must have no one proof read this shit.

>> No.4909261

Well i think they hired more editors after KiraKira.

Did anyone notice anything in Eiden Fantasia? I can't remember seeing anything wrong.

>> No.4909273

There's also the fact that MG pumps out titles where as fan translations take years.
Nothing that wasn't intended, I don't believe.

>> No.4909282

>There's also the fact that MG pumps out titles where as fan translations take years.
This might be true, but remember that these PROFESSIONALS are expected to be well structured and organized. You don't release a game until it has been quality tested. If you are releasing stuff with typos and shit in it, it's really going to hurt the quality, so they should take the time to do that.

>> No.4909295

Agreed. If they do Eiden Fantasia quality (which I expect now) from now on everything will be fuckin sunshine and rainbows.
How about Soul Link? I didn't read that.

>> No.4909305

If Eiden Fantasia is as flawless as you make it sound, THEN A BRIGHT FUTURE AWAITS MANGAGAMER. Who knows, I might even give them some money if they translate Deardrops quickly.

>> No.4909306

Nothing major, as far as I can recall but it has been quite some time.

>> No.4909323

Quickly I would like. But I'm all for sacrificing some time for a good proofread.

And yes, Eiden Fantasia was quite well done I thought, I had no complaints whatsoever other than it was delayed a bit.

>> No.4909327

Fuck proof reading. I'm just a little whingy bastard.

>> No.4909332

Well.... it's good you at least acknowledge it.... I guess?

Shouchi D signing off, asking you to follow me in supporting mangagamer for cute drummer girl dicking.

>> No.4909570

My god, I just love all the excuses people are giving to ultimately not buy the VNs. Enough with the strawman justifications, just either shut up and go back to shamefully pirating, or just tell it as it is.

>> No.4909582

Looking forwards to R11, even though I ended up dropping Ever17 due to the shit characters and fucking chicken sandwiches.

Also, it's nice to see that admidst the stalled releases, there are a few others like Osadai and YUNO which slowly but surely making progess every single week. Good for you, good TLWiki devs (the bad ones obviously being the shitty Sunflower/G-senjou devs).

>> No.4909590

You read and complain like shit.

>> No.4909626

>Osadai and YUNO

>> No.4909647

What? I'm just telling it as it is - no need to get all defensive and stuff, bub!
Ok, maybe not slowly, but it's not exactly quickly either compared to some of the stuff. A good moderate pace I guess.

>> No.4909760

>translating most of a VN in less than 6 months
>translating almost half of a VN the size of F/SN in about 6 months
That's pretty quick to me. Maybe not Ixrec speed but far faster than most translators.

>> No.4909810

Not to undermine Phar's speed, but Yu-No only has around ~1.9mb of unique text. Almost half of F/SN's.

>> No.4909837

Sometimes I actually appreciate NNL because despite their needless stalling, they actually get things done. I'm pretty sure their Swells project was started after the Eden* translation.

>> No.4909845

>they actually get things done
How long have they been working on ef now? 3 years? And it's still not out?

>> No.4909868

Only about a year or so, apparently. If I'm interpreting their site correctly.

>> No.4909890

They first translated the demo of ef on 2007-09-23. So yeah, nearly three years.

>> No.4909894

Rather, about a year since they released Chapter 1. So maybe, 18 months max I'd say.

>> No.4909897

Not entirely.
1.9 MB is only the unique lines, which means they appear only once during the whole game. However the shared text (which appear more than once) are not negligible either, since around 40% of the entire game consists of shared text due to the poor engineering from élf.

>> No.4909912

Well, there was this:
>2008.03.08. ef - the first tale translation project canceled.

>> No.4909920

You must have forgotten the part where they canceled the project for a couple years.

>> No.4909944

>1.9 MB is only the unique lines, which means they appear only once during the whole game
By 'unique lines' doesn't it include the lines that are repeated, but it just counts them once? If not that's an awfully strange way of counting.

>> No.4909946

Keep in mind that ef - the latter tale didn't even get released until 2008-05-30.

>> No.4910050

Not sure what you are getting.
1.93 MB (2.42 with speaker tags) are the unique lines and then you got this giant shared text mess (the look commands, scenes which appear in every route, conversation parts which appear more than once etc). This giant copypasta mess is 1.16 MB by itself altogether, so yeah.
But the point I'm trying to make that this 1.16 MB copypasta needs translations too.
It might be a strange way of counting, but given the script structures and how they appear in the game, 1.93 MB + copypasta makes a lot more sense than 3.90MB.

>> No.4910072

Are you assuming he translates it all every time text is repeated? The copypasta parts get automatically copied by a tool. It cuts down translation time and the amount that needs to be translated by a lot.

>> No.4910097

Well duh, I know that. Since I'm inserting it myself.

>> No.4910130

I knew what I was in for in terms of proofreading in Kira Kira when Murakami was talking about The Crash and The Damudo.

>> No.4911912


>> No.4911965

Could we get a subject on these threads? It would make it clearer in my watched threads.

>> No.4912554 [DELETED] 


>> No.4912569

>VN VN VN VN VN Yukkuri Kooh Sakura is a slut /v/ Ar Tonelico

>> No.4912649


Feels good, huh?

>> No.4914802


>> No.4915682

Has there been any progress on the rest of the Symphonic Rain side stories translation?

Only one has been done so far. ;__;

iirc, some anon was asking for raws for the rest of them and other stories in special editions for translation. Dunno what happened after that.

>> No.4915856

>Kizuato - 104/246 scripts translated

>> No.4916004 [SPOILER] 
File: 375 KB, 800x1200, kizuato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4916029

So wait. What happened to the Gore Screaming Show translation? Is it dropped again?

>> No.4916078

To the best of my knowledge, the translator stopped working on it quickly after he began translating it, and there is little reason to believe any GSS project is alive.

>> No.4916106

The latest GSS translator turns out attempting to tl by editing ATLAS output, so no surprise TLWiki devs kick him out. After that we haven't heard any news.

>> No.4916243

Kicked out instead of telling him not to do so?

>> No.4916268

Wait, the one AFTER Sacreo?

>> No.4916281

There's no way to "kick out" someone from translating other than banning, and they didn't go that far. They just told him not to translate any more.

But that was the guy before the current guy (Sacreo). The current guy is Vermillion Raven, who doesn't seem to be using machine translators.

>I just found out about this game last week from the BL forums, and I downloaded the script files that were posted and started translating (while playing the game). Admittedly, I'm currently just a second year Japanese student, so a number of the grammar (particularly at the beginning of the 01 file) is beyond me. So I've been asking my sensei for help with the grammar I don't know. So far I've translated the op1 file and about the first 10th of the 01 file. I wonder though, are all the script files in the GSS_Spt.rar file. Because when I downloaded it it only had, _staff, 01 trough 08, 082, akane, and an aoi file that both my IZArc and 7-Zip said was broken; it didn't even have the op1 file.--Vermilion Raven 16:49, 31 October 2009 (UTC)

>> No.4916288

Oh yeah, the dude who got help from his sensei, who in turn probably reported him and now he's forced to partake in regular counciling sessions.

>> No.4916340

I need to dote up a cat. How much of this one is completed?

>> No.4916617

this doesn't look bad too me at all, maybe its because i like moe or something, or that i didn't even finch when i looked at the huragashi art. also when i read i picture what there doing in my mind like a movie, so for me it doesn't really matter how bad the art is.

>> No.4916638

this is what /jp/ is supposed to be about. i still wish for a /vn/ board

>> No.4916801

Yes, we managed to find all the 8 sidestories actually, not just the 4 everyone knows.
However Phar has multiple other things on his plate (YU-NO project just to name one) so you'll have to be patient.

>> No.4916826

Mind uploading it?

>> No.4916877

Here you go bro.

>> No.4917380

Thanks for the feedback. There is still hope after all!

>> No.4917498

What in miku's world are you talking about??

>> No.4919306


>> No.4920660
File: 12 KB, 707x228, what7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Little Busters - 55-60%, one of the translators has returned and is translating again
>Last modification on SVN - 22d 21h

>> No.4924011

Eden is worse, no updates in more than a month.

>> No.4924649

I heard something was released but it was on April 1st so was that just a joke?

>> No.4924667

NNL released a demo of it on 4/1, supposedly legit.

>> No.4926037

Narcissu 2 was released on April 1st.

>> No.4929134


>> No.4929165

march 31

>> No.4929229


Probably a few months.

As a good friend of the hacker on the project, there's still a lot of work to be done; there are a lot of known instability/crashing issues, most of which seem to be just totally random and will probably be hard to debug. They most likely relate somehow to fonts and text display, but there's even been reports of crashes during movies.

The sheer magnitude of the hacking required for R11 is staggering. The original text display assumed every single character was 2 bytes, so he had to basically rewrite a good part of the text engine (remember, this is all compiled code, so he had to rewrite the asm). And that's just a small part of the mess it became.

FYI, said hacker is also the hacker (or one of them, at least; I don't know much about NNL) for ef.

>> No.4929554
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>> No.4933615


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