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Where's Sakuya?
Oh, wait, large PADS.

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Hag squad.

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I'm fine with those Touhous being big breasted, other than Orin, Okuu and Aya. They're average at least.

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I concur with that large hitbox.

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Sure, I'd gladly suck their breasts.

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[citation needed]

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Right. There's difference between large and moderately sized breasts.

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just look at it

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That hitbox...

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you fail

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Where are you getting this from?

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stopped reading there.

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Troll thread.

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You are smalltime.

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Must've been his imagination 'cause half of the list is wrong.

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I can post bigbreasted suika, whats then?

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>big breasts

Don't mess with the DFC, you'll ruin it.

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Why does she have a vagina in where her armpit is?

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Welcome to Gensokyo.

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Komachi: Yes
Yukari: Yes
Ran: Yes
Eirin: Yes
Patchy: Not as big as others, still has larger than average breasts.
Yuugi: Yes.
Yuuka: Not as big as others, still has larger than average breasts.
Yuyuko: Yes.
Byakuren: Yes.
Kanako: Yes.
Sanae: No. Average size.
Meiling: Yes.
Hina: Not as big as others, still has larger than average breasts.
Iku: Not as big as others, still has larger than average breasts.
Keine: Yes.
Kogasa: No. Average size.
Koakuma: Depends.
Letty: Yes.
Orin: No. Average size.
Okuu: No. Average size.
Aya: No. Average size.

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I agree with this list

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Baggy clothes, enjoy your delicious flatness.

>Kogasa, Okuu


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