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You will never be picked up by a girl with one hand. ;_;

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I'd be pretty terrified of any girl that could pick up 170 pounds with one hand

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You mean 400 right?

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I weigh 100lbs.

Though, that's still quite scary, if she was an archery expert or something with a nice body, my masochist heart would probably be set aflame.

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I'd be pretty aroused by a girl that could pick up 300 pounds with one hand

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if a girl could pick me up with one arm, I'd be forced to mate with her as its a basal need to make strong children.

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>I weigh 100lbs.
And you're male I take it? That has to look rather unsightly.

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This is /jp/, after all.

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I refuse to believe that you weigh more than me.

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To be strict, I'm pretty sure everyone has been picked up by a girl one handedly some time when they were a babby

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I heard a girl was in this thread? Wanna go out with me?

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You'll also never get into a high speed car race with your High School Physics Teacher.

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So, which route is everyone doing in Extra?

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I'm going to wing it and probably get fish end as I'm an indecisive faggot.

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Meiya, for now.

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Good choice.
That's ok. That puts you at about the same level as most protagonists.

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Fuck the haters, I like Muv-Luv Extra.

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Were there haters in this thread?

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I see someone finally airbrushed out the "meme-generator" tag.

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No, but there have been. Just sayin'

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This. I've gotten more enjoyment out of this than most of the other recently translated VN's.

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I'll probably end up going for Sumika's route now that I've thought about it more.

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This doesn't seem like foreshadowing what so ever.

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Meiya, they kind of force the Sumika perspective on you regardless of the route though. I was totally not prepared for Initial D Limo driver, I got a good laugh out of that.

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I get a good chuckle every time that music starts playing when Takahashi appears.

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Oh god, 忍び寄る不安 is playing, I'm kind of terrified to see what happens next.

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>the Sumika perspective on you regardless of the route though

Bah,if at anything the games more edged towards you choosing Meiya. I completed both of their routes today but (Of course) set out to do Meiya's first. There's almost no diffirence to their two routes and in their multiple shared scenes I thought Meiya stuck out far more than Sumika did.

Seeing Sumika end Takeru is quite depressing as well. Maybe it's because i'm sick but jesus that end really doesnt feel right.




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Looks like she has two hands.

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Man do I love Meiya's voice and how she speaks. I'm finding myself repeating a lot of her lines.

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That was terrible.

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That was a pretty cool song, makes me want to watch Inital D.

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Sumika's end is depressing?

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It just seems like its...Not the right answer at all. Dont give it much thought however, for all intents and purposes i'm a Meiyafag.

And perhaps an Ayafag too,damn wheres that full patch?


You dont need to do that,just play the Arcade Games. Then you can start "Killing My Love"~

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Are there even any robots yet?

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>damn wheres that full patch?

This, I want Aya

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Hey no worries, I'm a total Meiyafag here as well. Not even sure I can even do Sumika's route lol, she just annoyed me the whole game.

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Any end that isn't Meiya's makes me mad because of forced marriage

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For side routes, Tama and Chizuru are just awful, comparable to low tier shoujo manga dramu. Aya is decent.

Nevertheless all routes combined, Marimo end is the best end.

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>Just awful

That can't be right,Tama's route has this manly Mustache.

...You're probably right about Class Rep route though. Oh dear god what the fuck could it even be about? Her bitching to Takeru all the fucking time?

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Her glasses are just way too huge.

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Chiduru isn't that bad.

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You need to do both Meiya and Sumika's routes to 'unlock' Unlimited.

>bitching to Takeru all the fucking time?
You wish. Her route is about DRAMA.

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I never play partial patches, so this is torture.
Full patch when?

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For all the people who complained abou Extra before, even going as far as saying it was as shitty as Wind, I seriously loved Sumika and Meiya's routes.
I laughed a lot, the romance angle was surprisingly well done and the characters were very enjoyable.
If it's supposed to be the weakest part, I can't wait for the rest.

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99% of those people never played it and were merely spouting shit as usual

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Pretty much just finished Sumika's route, and I'm the indecisive faggot from before, and all I have to say is fuck this game and it's ability to rip my heart out.

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How long are the two routes?

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Common route is around 10 or so.

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Ayamine is the best character.

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10 hours of wacky and unbelievable Japanese animu comedy, Takeru's thickness, friendship and heartbreaking dramu.

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No, days.

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Oh, don't forget the rUGP engine.

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rUGP, so good. I'm ecstatic for Alternative solely because of rUGP now.

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rUGP route was my favorite, personally.

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I like Muv-Luv for what it turned into with Alternative, but the first game was....very mediocre. I wasn't attracted to ANY of the female characters:

Sumika: Painfully generic Canon Pairing Choice, whiny voice, generic in every other way inlcuding her shtick.

Meiya: Sharp/pointy/fake looking character design, hard to find any attractiveness in her personality or shtick either.

Chizuru: Could be pretty good but her damn motormouth ruins any appeal she has.

Kei: Most attractive out of the girls, but her personality is one step above that of a dead fish; being the quiet my-pace girl is one thing but she has to at least show some love and affection.

Miki: Flat-chested squeaky-voiced loli? Yeah, no.

Mikoto: Yeah....no.

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Assuming Ixrec keeps the same pace, Unlimited should be done around mid-August, right?

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Meiya, Sumika and Ayamine, so good.
And Tama is entertaining as well, not to forget Yuuko and Marimo.

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Need eroge with anthropomorphisized eroge-engines.

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"No anonymous...not there...not my text speed options..."

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I bet you like Marimo.

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Does anyone know why my Muv Luv installation keeps giving me a mfc42.dll error? I've tried replacing them from my system32 folder but it doesn't work. What to do, /jp/?

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Mikoto has a route?

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She hasn't.

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Knowing what happens already doesn't make this seem the least bit cruel at all.

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Can't wait for Unlimited and Alternative.
Muv-Luv is off a great start as far as I am concerned.

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The first game is shit, and if it was the last one no one would care about it and it would be forgotten. However it makes us familiar with the cast and the world they're in so that we care what happens to them in later games.

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Mikoto has a route in Unlimited and Alt, yeah.

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Alt doesn't have route, Mikoto has a route in Unlimited and Altered Fable.

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Well no one really has a route in Alt with it being as linear as it is, but unless my memory is completely failing me I'm pretty sure he had an h-scene, and that's what counts.

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You guys are using the old rUPG engine, the new one (widescreen resolution) is even more powerful.

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Body warming doesn't count as H scene if it has no penetration.

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Exactly, that's what makes it so exciting.

>> No.4905371

More specifically, that's what makes the prospect of Alternative all the more exciting.

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Dang. Meido does no like VN recommendation topic anymore since it's deleted. >>4905485

Anyway what's Unlimited like? Does it has same amount of comedy as Extra does? How about Alternative?

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Unlimited trades comedy for action, and Alternative trades action for AWESOME

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Unlimited has quite bit of comedy, not as much as Extra as its all about training training training training raining ZZZzzZZzzzz..... and some more training. most boring part in my opinion in ML, but necessary as it introduces the AL world. And then Alternative is almost no comedy, altough it starts rolling bit slow but after it gets going it's one of the most epic things available in medium.

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Delicious Aya.

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Sumika > Meiya > Tama > Ayamine > Mikoto > Chiduru

Also it was nice to see Akane again.

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I don't think it can be worse than Extra's Lacrosse training, which was by far the worst part of the game. My claim is based only on the Unlimited manga though, so I may have to take that back once I get to read Unlimited.

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I found the Lacross part pretty good.
Especially Takeru manning up with his speech.

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Takeru's speech was the only thing I really liked about the whole Lacrosse event, besides the cute outfits. Anyway, I have a huge bias for muvluv so even that was somehow enjoyable.

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Be prepared for Takeru's long monologues a la Takayuki rambling about his how pussy he is.

>> No.4905879

Takeru is never as annoying as Takayuki, what the fuck are you talking about?
He has his weak moments but that's fucking normal given what he lives through.

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Unlimited starts pretty much immediately after the end of the routes in Extra, right?

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The lacrosse training wasn't nearly as bad in my opinion. Basically the training in unlimited is just big extended version of lacrosse training arc. It's just basically the ordinary things you do in army and Takeru being fucking annoying with his inability to adapt. And the problems that they'll have during are just copies of stuff that happen in extra, just with different setting. Those things just made it boring and annoying for me, By far the best thing Unlimited was the whole island exam arc, and it was only time I actualy liked Unlimited. Good thing that Alternative didn't have any of the problems that I had with unlimited. Ofcourse all of this is just my opinion, and some may see unlimited differently.

PS. Sumika is the best

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Personally I liked UL when I played it, been years though.
I always liked Takeru as a character, and his slow adaptation to this crazy world felt believable to me.
Also the ending was fucking great.
But yeah it's just my opinion as well.

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Wonder if the new Muvluv game will be released this year.

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If that's true then I must say Mashima did a pretty awesome job doing the manga adaptation because I never got the feeling there were focusing too much in training.

>> No.4906014

Eww lens flare.

I don't like the lacrosse speech due to how incomprehensible his rambling is to me, and how it ends with the power of friendship prevails(tm).

Lacrosse arc at least is more enjoyable than Meiya's explosive cooking, with Takeru having to tread the power balance/tension really carefully.

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It wasn't the speech itself what made that scene good for me, just Takeru governing his harem.

>> No.4906067

Well, to me at least, the speech being somewhat incomprehensible was somewhat forgivable, as I took it that Takeru was pissed as all hell by the girls' actions and such, and let's be honest here, when someone (or perhaps just me) is angry they tend to jump from subject to subject and such.

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oh yeah, forgot the ending, it was great, in that I agree too. But still, it's understable if Takeru would been slow to adapt, but when he was like that the whole damn time in unlimited (excluding the ending), his whole atidute "wee I get to ride a mecha if I'll train hard" was just too much for me. But each have their own tastes, I just found unlimted to be worst part of the series.

well it's hard to say exactly "when" unlimted starts, but if I'd have to say it starts somewhere in middle of Extra, you'll see when it gets TL'd

Haven't read the manga so can't comment on it. Ofcourse it has been some time since I read ML, and only thing I really remember of unlimited was that I was bored most of the time when reading it and all that training.

>> No.4906097

>well it's hard to say exactly "when" unlimted starts, but if I'd have to say it starts somewhere in middle of Extra, you'll see when it gets TL'd
Alright, would make more sense to do that I suppose than how I had envisioned it.

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I want my fucking artbook scans ;_;

>> No.4906156

Scans for MLA Integral Works still haven't shown up, right?

>> No.4906180

I couldn't find that nor the memorial artbook.

>> No.4906199

>I will never be touched by a girl with one hand

No delicious amputee ;_;

>> No.4906215

I am frustrated by this.

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The harem is useless without Takeru.

>> No.4906376

Tama always looks like such a retard.

>> No.4906382

Tama is the most strongest in the group.
Fucking broken.

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I think I'll just buy the damn thing next time I have money.

He sure knows how to make them behave. It's going to be pretty strange when we get to Unlimited and he's the one who needs someone to tell him what to do.

I think you meant Kashiwagi. She looks really plain in every sprite and CG, the artist must hate her or something. She got a nice HCG in Supplement though.

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Agreed. Her 'getting panicked when people watch' weakness turns out to be just stupid useless gimmick which doesn't carry into lacrosse arc. I'm guessing she'll be the same broken character at Unlimited and Alternative.

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Kashiwagi looks cute later on. And for a minor side character she surprisingly get a lot of fanart.


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Haruko appears in Alternative.
And she has a route in Altered Fable.

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Why is Sumika such a slut?

>> No.4906454

Reported for spoiler and non worksafe

>> No.4906458

Because you are a retard who played Alt with Atlas and didn't understood shit about what happened in this scene.
Go back to School Days.

>> No.4906469

Pretty sure she was tentacle raped until she was begging for more. And people call Sakura a slut!

>> No.4906491

They fucked up her brain before even fucking her, nothing that happened was her fault.
That's what you get for playing with Atlas, faggot.

>> No.4906505

Just like Sakura was pumped with aphrodisiacs. It's no excuse for being a slut.

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Just a quick question about Alternative, do the CD and DVD editions both use the same version of rUGP?

>> No.4906554

I like how generic, yet distinct Takeru's face is.

>> No.4906568

He's taller and bigger than generic eroge protag, with shorter hair and more masculine face frame. Pretty much toughenup version of generic.

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>> No.4906594

Sakura got pumped with something else

>> No.4906603

No one cares about your slut. You go make another random Sakura thread somewhere else.

>> No.4906844

Sorry, the only thing I remember is fucking Rin after the long series of battles and having a threesome with Mana and Meiya.

>> No.4906929


One of the rare few of VN protagonists that actually have a goddamned face.

>> No.4906936

That's one of my favorite memories
GODDAMN I hated that card game so much

>> No.4907502

That's the one with the side story with Meiya's grandfather who looks like Grendizer, right?

>> No.4907527
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Her master, actually. Her grandfather looks like Raideen.

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>> No.4907537

I remember his name being Raiden.

>> No.4907543

I'm laughing like an idiot now.

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Not worth making a new thread over, but playing Meiya's route after finishing Sumika's and, oh god, the tears, they wont stop.

>> No.4910038

At first time playing, you'll only see that scene as "oh, not another Japanese cliche showing off a girl as motherly = desirable again"; only after going through one of the main route you'll see how well done the scene is.

>> No.4910056

Well, now that I've finished both translated routes, the emptiness I feel, is unlike any caused by any other VN. Also, I'm frustrated by the change in the title screen, but can't do much about that.

>> No.4910077


Agreed. Well I haven't played too many though. Kanon and Clannad/After Story didn't get the bitch tears out of me, but I have a feeling they'll come in Alternative.

>> No.4910096

Also, do all the routes divide from the common route at the same point more or less?

>> No.4910100

The common routes split at the lacrosse arc. One goes for Sumika/Meiya/Marimo, the other for the rest of the girls.

>> No.4910125

Alright, thanks. That'll probably help to reduce how terrible I feel after completing a non-Sumika/Meiya route.

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I just finished Meiya's route and I gotta say, the people who were comparing this game to Wind and/or Shuffle were full of shit. Wind's writing just sucked, the "comedy" wasn't funny, and ultimately, you just don't give a shit. Shuffle has cute girls going for it, but that's about it.

In Extra, there were some chuckles, some genuinely funny moments, and the drama, while over the top, was presented well enough that you could care. The character designs are weird, but once you can get passed the heat-vent hair styles, the production values really show through. All in all, the most enjoyable VN in recent memory.

Also, wtf Ixrec. Pic related.

>> No.4910301

Pretty sure they're called "chips"

>> No.4910303

No, I'm pretty sure they're called "fried potato product".

>> No.4910314


>> No.4910336

so the patch is for Muv Luv extra? If not, then where should I download the game from?

>> No.4910345

I think calling them potatoes was a compromise for just this reason

Seriously though what do they call them in Japan

>> No.4910355

>Seriously though what do they call them in Japan
Fries? "Fried potatoes", or just "potatoes".

>> No.4910380

It's called Pommes Frites.

>> No.4910390

Personally I thought Shuffle! was better, but both were decent but not really 'good'.

>> No.4910535

How the hell is that a compromise? That's like saying, in America they call it high school, in New Zealand they call it college, so for the translation, they should call it koukou.

>> No.4910562

This is translated already?

>> No.4910588


Oh sweet mother of fuck not this shit again.

"Potatoes" "Crispes" "French Fries"

Who goddamn cares? You're going to attract the Euro wankers.


It's a 79% translation for Extra. It's missing the Tama/Chizuru/Teacher/Ayamine routes but everything else as far as I can tell is done.

>> No.4910603

>Who goddamn cares? You're going to attract the Euro wankers.
Did you quote the wrong guy? The guy you quoted didn't say anything about the different English terms for chips.

>> No.4910609

it's Freedom fries

>> No.4910638

>"Potatoes" "Crispes" "French Fries"
>Who goddamn cares?
Uh, you should care, since fries are never referred to as "potatoes" in English.

>> No.4910844

In-game voice file is 'potato' in singular form.

Marimo end is translated with the partial patch, since her route is part of Meiya/Sumika.

>> No.4910857

>In-game voice file is 'potato' in singular form.
Uh yeah, Japanese doesn't exactly have a plural form. And 'potatoes' here means 'fries'.

>> No.4911470

Potatoes here can also mean fries, so I don't see why people are butthurt with the chosen word.

>> No.4912473

I felt a bit bad when playing Sumika's route because of Meiya's forced marriage, however, what broke my heart was rejecting Sumika at the hill in Meiya's route. I still think her ending was better executed but I couldn't really enjoy it because I couldn't stop thinking about Sumika being alone and crying. On the other hand, becoming Marimo's sextoy did not make me feel bad at all. Bad end my ass.

>> No.4912531

Marimo end is the best end.

>> No.4912531,1 [INTERNAL] 

Round 2!

>> No.4913687

lol "potatoes" means "fries" here, and you can understande what they're talking about, why so butthurt?

>> No.4913706 [DELETED] 

Indeed, It's pretty good an enjoyable for a comedy moege.
And cooI troll bro, potatoes is fine.

>> No.4913719

Indeed, It's pretty good and enjoyable for a comedy moege. Definitely above the rest.
And cooI troll bro, potatoes is fine.

>> No.4914273

This was pretty much exactly how I felt.

>> No.4914283

Very entertaining, can't wait for the rest.
Love Meiya's voice.

>> No.4914319

>>4912531,1 [GHOST]
FUCK. Took a minute and two for me to get what your talking about.

>> No.4914369

What kind of back water dialect do you fags speak?

No shit, that's the Japanese word for it.

>> No.4914405

I only weigh 92 lbs I'm sure there are some girls that could lift me easily

>> No.4914407


>> No.4914421

But Takeru looks 180 lbs easy, probably more

>> No.4914438

But will they ever actually do it?

>> No.4914443

I'm shorter than him and not a competitive eater!

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Round~ Two~!

>> No.4914524
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>weigh under 100 lbs

>> No.4914529

If anyone's interested in the OSTs, you can find them here.

>> No.4914545

I'm only 5'2.

>> No.4914551

Does the insert song collection or the OST contain the OP theme for Alternative?

>> No.4914558

OST Vol.1 does.

>> No.4914561

Thank you, kind sir.

>> No.4914582


>> No.4914589

If you want the full version of Alt's opening, download either the Insertion Song Collection or the Collection of Standard Edition Songs ~Name~, since the version featured in the OST Vol.1 is just the short one.

>> No.4914602

That song is the entire reason I decided to play the Muv Luv series a few years back.

Is this bad?

>> No.4914605

What's the deal with this Space Jam bullshit anyway?

>> No.4914617 [DELETED] 

I might've tossed the full version of Asu He no Houkou in with the Alternative collection of Standard Edition Songs.

>> No.4914615


>> No.4914621

No. That song is amazing. >>4914589
Insertion Song Collection has the full version of the Alternative OP
Vol.1 OST has the cut version that's actually used in the OP
Standard Edition Songs ~Name~ has a different song by JAM Project that is also good.

In short, download all of them and put them all in a playlist, set to random and enjoy.

>> No.4914633

The マブラヴ archive just contains the OP and Full version of Extra's OP, so everyone knows.

>> No.4914637

No, seriously, what?

>> No.4914642

Oh, I forgot it wasn't in Name's mini album (which makes sense since as far as I know Asu e no Houkou doesn't play at all in the all ages version). Anyway, you are right - just download all of them.

>> No.4914647

>Standard Edition Songs ~Name~ has a different song by JAM Project that is also good.
That explains why I'm confused. Thanks.

>> No.4914678

I really must know, where the fuck is "here"?

>> No.4914690

see >>4910287

>> No.4914701

Oh, by 'here' I thought they meant 'where I'm from'.

Unless someone can name somewhere which calls fries "potatoes", it's an unacceptable translation. Either way, it's obvious that Amaterasu didn't know that potatoes here was referring to fries.

>> No.4914803

I'm the anon who posted the original potato pic. I don't think Ixrec is so dumb that he couldn't figure out they were referring to french fries. I think it was a translation decision where he decided to keep the Japanese word for french fries just because it was originally an English word (that meant something different). Like how he translated "パパ(papa)" as papa, instead of dad or daddy (inb4 papa is acceptable. No one calls their father papa unless they're from Kansas and born 50 years ago).

>> No.4914816

Do people really complain about papa? What the fuck.

>> No.4914824

Would you also happen to have (or know where to get) lossless rips with all the booklet scans?

>> No.4914849

How can you not notice translations that are either weird or obviously wrong? Making a translation understandable is doing the bare minimum a translator can do. You might as well play the games with Atlas.

>> No.4914855

Different anon, but seriously, what are you on about. There's nothing wrong with papa, and it _is_ used.

>> No.4914856

Give me a moment to upload the ones that I have.
Which are only Divergence and Alternative Vol. 2. I imagine the rest can be obtained from share.

>> No.4914877

Funny, because I have lossless rips from the Vol.1 of the OST, the Alternative song Collection and Name's album.

>> No.4914884

The thing about papa is that while it's not that common, people wouldn't really blink much at someone calling their father papa, people are aware of that concept.

Calling a french fry a potato is something I've never seen in my life though

>> No.4914898
File: 82 KB, 241x269, 1271491271768a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4914900

Tell me anon, if Sumika used the word 牛, would you translate it as "cows" or "kine"? You would use cows. But why not kine? It's perfectly understandable and it is used after all.

>> No.4914911

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

>> No.4914915

Thanks bro.

Would you mind uploading these?

>> No.4914919

I have no idea what a kine is. I've heard of papa though

>> No.4914938

Feels like false analogy here. If you'd asked "cows" or "cattle"...

>> No.4914947

Uploading the two I have to the same MF folder as posted earlier.

>> No.4914952


The マブラヴ.rar contained Minami Kuribayashi's and Masaki Endoh's version of the Extra OP.

>> No.4914956

dad-cows (the commonly used ones) papa-kine (the less used ones).

>> No.4914966

Oh wow, I can't even remember what I upload any more.

>> No.4914991

>I don't think Ixrec is so dumb that he couldn't figure out they were referring to french fries.
You'd be surprised.

No offense to Ixrec but I think he sort of spaces out ("a shop which smoked both legal and illegal drugs") when he's translating and doesn't really think about what he's typing. Which is kind of easy to do when you're translating hundreds of lines at a time.

>> No.4914994

And I'm saying the order of magnitude you're assuming here is way off for that to be a valid comparison. Papa is used ridiculously more frequently than kine.

>> No.4915007

No problem. I fixed some tags since the rips that were on share kind of got everything wrong, and also transcoded the .ape file into splitted flac tracks. I'm dead tired though, you'll have to wait till I get up again.

>> No.4915015

Ridiculously? Are you from Kansas?

>> No.4915016
File: 200 KB, 800x600, MV05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've always wanted to try some.

I'd better ask /ck/ about it.

>> No.4915020

Alright, thanks.

>> No.4915028

That scene was great.

>> No.4915102

Lossless version of Divergence has finished, looking at ~45 minutes for the MLA OST Vol.2 lossless to finish.

>> No.4915143

Just to make sure, do these contain all the scans for the booklets as well?

>> No.4915305

I'm pretty sure they do. If not all, they contain a large portion of them.
Alternative Vol. 2 should be done in about 5 minutes or so.

>> No.4915363

Alright, that finished.

>> No.4915508

seems like Divergence Lossless.part2 is corrupt.

>> No.4915540

Give me a moment to see if it's the archive itself or the upload.

>> No.4915557


>> No.4915604

If this doesn't work I'll just upload the whole thing to MU.

>> No.4915651

Thanks dude. Works fine.

>> No.4915747
File: 185 KB, 548x800, 1e875ba5a067178428412d915580c5af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry dude, but now one of your uploads for lossless OST 2 seem to be corrupt.

>> No.4915763

I am frustrated. Give me a moment to upload the whole thing to MU as I had just deleted the split archive.

>> No.4915791

And by a moment I mean ~30 min.

>> No.4915963


>> No.4916140

Everything seems to be working. Thanks again, btw.

>> No.4916470

I still don't get why people keep complaining about Ixrec's translations here rather than in his forums. It's like you guys are afraid of angering him or something.

>> No.4916477

That requires making an account/remembering the username and password to said account.

>> No.4916483

No, people on /jp/ just like to complain. It's really not a big deal.

>> No.4916491

I take it the "Extra" portion of the menu doesn't unlock until a route in Unlimited is completed, right?

>> No.4916494

If we posted on his forums he'd just delete the posts for not sucking his cock.

Like message.

>> No.4916538

The same reason I'm on /jp/ instead of on his forums. Also, it's not like I want/expect him to change his mistakes. As long as it doesn't suck TOO much, he doesn't give a shit if they're right or not.

>> No.4916551

Cause typical /jp/ passive aggressiveness. Also, possible chance of backlash that might include delaying translated product.

>> No.4916559

Is the OP MuvLuv the same as the ED version?

>> No.4916567

How long will they stop talking about food?

>> No.4916583


>> No.4916634

If you mean all the choices about whose lunch to eat, it begins to taper off after the cooking contest.

>> No.4916712

The first opening and the last ending of the series. Are they the same song or it's a remix?

>> No.4916727

You mean the one on the regular Muv-Luv OST and the one on the MLA Vol. 2 OST? If so, the only difference is size, essentially.

>> No.4917059

Don't worry, Amaterasu staffs are always ready to make sure Ixrec got his daily cocksucking thread feed without having to browse through all the trash in /jp/.

He sees what you did there.

>> No.4917451
File: 216 KB, 760x519, meiya_can_kill_BETA_discuss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Muvluv Alternative OST Vol.1 - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q4GR6GMS
Muvluv Alternative Insertion song Collection - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UOKPMID9

The upload of Name's album kindly told me to go fuck myself so that's all for now.

>> No.4917487

Fuck yes.

>> No.4917765

BTW, if you're going to crab the other dude's lossless files, get OST Vol.2 from the megaupload link. The mediafire one is corrupted.

>> No.4917806

Wat? Of course he'd change it, if you mentioned it there. He probably wouldn't even give too much of a shit if you mentioned it rudely, honestly. Ixrec seems a pretty chill guy.

>> No.4917814

I was picked up with one hand by a buff chick.
I was so scared. So very scared.

>> No.4917829

He is, but he's also the type that always gets his way. He'll probably make you think that he's considering to change it, though ultimately choosing not to - when in fact he never intended to give a rat's ass about your opinion in the first place.

Cool. Is there an OST for the non-Alternative stuff too?

>> No.4917930

You're kidding me. He leaves honorifics in and you think he cares about quality?

>> No.4917943

Anyone who removes honorifics as a rule or suggests such a policy should be put on a community blacklist and IP range banned from every site related to the community.

Or we could just go back to having "localizations" like Cardcaptors and Persona.

>> No.4917963

Perhaps you've been reading shitty fan translations for too long, but any serious translator would NEVER leave in honorifics, unless there was some specific reason for doing so.

>> No.4917973

>Perhaps you've been reading shitty fan translations for too long, but any serious translator would NEVER leave in honorifics
>implying fan translations are worse than serious translations
Counterargument: Just about every VN translation.


>> No.4917978
File: 361 KB, 599x406, sumika_50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, there's a Muvluv OST tool. I could try grabbing a lossless rip from share but it kind of sucks with old files, so the download could be painfuly slow.

Also, here's a fixed cue for >>4915963 with the same pattern I used for the Vol.1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0VPGJJ3L

>> No.4917982

stop reposting that copy pasta

>> No.4918003

>any serious translator would NEVER leave in honorifics
That's weird, considering most official DVD subtitles these days leave in honorifics.

>> No.4918012

First, >implying
Second, you think by "serious" translation I meant a VN that's been translated? Do you think that the only things that get translated are otaku related shit?

And here's another retard. That's not copypasta bro.

>> No.4918025

>That's weird, considering most official DVD subtitles these days leave in honorifics.

If that's true, then that means we're worse off than we started since they're trying to pander to fags like you.

>> No.4918041

posting in a troll thread

>> No.4918047

I take it you've never seen the Azumanga Daioh dub.


>> No.4918054

>implying pointing out >implying is a good argument
That's all you have?

>Do you think that the only things that get translated are otaku related shit?
I think an argument about the translation of otaku-related works should use otaku-related works for its examples.

Unless you're trying to say that weeaboo faggots have the same level of understanding of the culture and language as normal people and thereby need to be spoon-fed the same type of inaccurate conservative xenophobic localizations. It's not like honorifics are common knowledge among the target audience or anything, right?

>> No.4918071

Faggot translators these days keep the names in Japanese, too. I propose we change Takumi to Bruce, Sumika to Sarah, and Meiya to Britney. I don't want anything about a translation showing that it came from Japanese.

>> No.4918079
File: 86 KB, 344x333, 1271491271768b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4918081

I want to see LoGH dubbed in German. With the Japanese honorifics.

Then have version imported and subbed in English.

>> No.4918082

Dont bother taking this guy seriously, he posts the same arguments for localization every time

>> No.4918104

Their sprites look too japanese, maybe the translator group should insert americanized character sprites and CGs.

>> No.4918189

fucking potatodevs

>> No.4918278

Hey, I like! This could really catch on.

>> No.4918302

They should nsert english vocalizations while they're at it.

>> No.4918328

Thanks for pointing that out, because that's why you don't leave in honorifics. It sounds absolutely retarded.

Pointing out implying doesn't make for great argument, which is true, but it does point out that you're a retard for using it.

If you want "accuracy," then you better be reading in the original language. But you know what's really FUNNY? There were tons of lines that Ixrec had to paraphrase or rephrase to make it more fluid sounding in English, losing "accuracy" in the process, but you didn't notice, did you? Because all you know is your -chan's and your -san's, and maybe a neko or two, but if you think your hybrid weeaboo pidgin is anymore accurate than a proper translation, you're delusional.

And stop with the 4Kids localization spiel. No one is arguing for that.

Who are you talking to? Obviously not me, because I've said no such thing.

There's another guy who thinks leaving in honorifics are retarded? I'd like to meet him.

>> No.4918330


>> No.4918352

potatadev spotted.

>> No.4918424

No, anon, you are the potatodev.

>> No.4918457
File: 10 KB, 250x250, Potato-Head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4918476

This is your chance, /jp/. All in on Mr. Potato Head, and make that faggot eat his words.

>> No.4918526

Would you mind trying Name again?

>> No.4918530




>> No.4918555

here we go again...

>> No.4918556

Well played, Ixrec, well played.
Though, if you may grant me any special influence, I'd like it be "Franskar kartöflur potoato ぽてと."

>> No.4918563

Oh come on, he's obviously just doing it because he knows that's exactly what people are going to say. In no way should anyone assume that this is a serious poll, or that the results will have any bearing on anything.

>> No.4918575

The last time we had a serious poll the results still didn't have any bearing on anything, so...

>> No.4918587

You really think accepting the (obviously horribly rigged) results would have been better? It was clear from the beginning that the poll results were only meant to be sort of a suggestion anyway, and that Ixrec would choose whatever he wanted.

>> No.4918592

get out potatodevs

>> No.4918594

I'm mad.

>> No.4918599

Sorry. ;_;

>> No.4920361

Oh, wow.

>> No.4920384
File: 12 KB, 476x81, -jp- - Otaku Culture_1271690714404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seriously guys... what the fuck.

i see threads here where i wonder if you guys dont have anything better to do, but this takes the fucking cake.

>> No.4920388

Can't you tell that it's a muvluv general discussion thread?

>> No.4920396

well he is a Newfriend

>> No.4920420
File: 87 KB, 1024x729, 1258683921530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's because we /jp/ oldfags are very passionate about this series, newfriend.

>> No.4920446
File: 290 KB, 800x600, mr-potatooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing wrong about a long muvluv thread, dude.

>> No.4920458

My MLA Integral Works get here this morning, it's fucking godlike. That is all.

>> No.4920459


Is that the artbook?

>> No.4920483

So good I forgot how to grammar.
300 pages book with artwork, mech designs, a pretty damn big Takemikazuchi poster, interviews and pretty much anything you could want, really.

>> No.4920496

I wish I could hate myself to death because I am too poor to afford it.

>> No.4920499


Does it have sexually suggestive depictions of people under the age of 18? (Yes I couldn't say that with a straight face.)

I've been meaning to import art books but this is always the dilemma.

>> No.4920514

There's a 300*250 pixel screenshot of Tama in a transparent suit, but (Canadian) customs didn't notice it.
45$ on amazon.jp

>> No.4920527

Which is about $35 or so more than I currently have with shipping.

>> No.4920528

>but (Canadian) customs didn't notice it.

I once had a shipment of Strike Witches gashapons impounded because of lack of pants haha.

>45$ on amazon.jp
Includes shipping?

>> No.4920529
File: 244 KB, 726x999, moe 65944 sample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably. Tama is loli after all.

>> No.4920545

>300 pages book with artwork, mech designs, a pretty damn big Takemikazuchi poster, interviews and pretty much anything you could want, really.
Well, this explains why scans have yet to show up, if they show up at all.

>> No.4920548

No, I paid 30$ for EMS, I proxied it through a friend. If you don't mind waiting, there's a 10$ option.

>> No.4920555
File: 65 KB, 280x395, 1271645682989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.4920572

While we're talking merchandise, some one on /m/ pointed this out the other day, if you want to purchase any of the Volks' Senjutsuki figures without having to use a deputy service. A bit more pricy than a deputy service would be though.


>> No.4920646


Plenty of proxy service but they usually have tons of extra fees.
1.) Fee for bidding
2.) Fee/Comission for order processing (usually non-refundable)
3.) Handling fee and Shipping
4.) Almost all requires deposit

On the other hand, you can get an "address" in Japan that you can use to register an account directly for yourself. Companies like Tenso have a warehouse address that you can give to sites like yahoo auctions, rakuten, or to other pesky sites that don't allow international shipping. And Tenso only has usually a flat fee of $5 or more and nothing else except for the shipping cost.

>> No.4920649

Would one need to use a deputy service to order the Integral Works art book from Amazon.jp?

>> No.4920668


No, amazon usually collects their items at a main warehouse to be shipped to anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, if you buy from Amazon affiliated stores, then you are dealing with the seller themselves much like ebay.

But they usually allow for international direct shipping though.

>> No.4920693

Well, in that case, brb pressuring my mother into paying me back.

>> No.4920719

No way in hell am I taking it apart to scan it, but I've been thinking of taking pictures. Of course it's not like it's full of pretty drawings, and it's not like anyone who'd look at it can read moon anyway.

>> No.4920737

Of course, after seeing that description I completely understand.

>> No.4921229

Did we hit bump limit?

>> No.4921260

Yeah, it's time to let it die already.