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I feel like looking at Miki's panties again...

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I don't want to eat senpai.

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☑ Senpai

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It's all right, we accept gay people here.

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What does that have to do with anything? I just don't think she would taste very good.

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>4 Choices

>Soy sauce

What an awful translation this has to be for leaving such a blatant error in!

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I agree. Why would you eat a person when it is easy to cook a delicious meal?

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Human tastes like pork. That's why it says he only has four choices.

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I must know what this is.

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From the pic, I think it's pork, I may be wrong though...

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There are 4 food choices. Senpai is not food, so she doesn't count.

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What happens if I choose senpai?

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You eat her.

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What part of her do I eat?

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I love shit like this

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That's disgusting.

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Are you sick or something?

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Trample on Schatten was so good.

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This game must not be very good. It was translated a year ago and people aren't still discussing it to death.

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Amount of discussion doesn't correlate with quality.
Most people her can't move away from FSN and Umineko for some reason anyways.

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> This game must not be very good. It was translated a year ago and people aren't still discussing it to death.

Had it been released in 2007 or 2008, it would have been one of the best titles out we had.

However after 2009, there are a good number of superior translated VNs out there, so this just good VN doesn't get much discussion.

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Needs more lesbian characters

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Was that yandere lesbian imouto not enough for you?

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People only talk about Hype-Moon, and Ruukishit.
So, lack of discussions hardly means something.

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I can't find this anywhere. Is it worth looking for?

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If you want to read it, yes. Otherwise, no.

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>Was that yandere lesbian imouto not enough for you?

I suddenly feel like playing this.

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Buy it at MangaGamer.

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Between this and being able to eat your senpai, I'm pretty interested too.

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This is bullshit, fuck you Deus Ex Machina do you enjoy watching me suffer ?!

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If you know where to look, you can find it.

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Pork, of course, is not an option.

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Why would that be?

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He's a muslim?

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Sayaka, best Shirakawa?

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[x] Kotomine

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I need to go back and finish this one day, but the route after this was just so dull.