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Touhou fandom thread

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Hagdom thread.

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but where is yuka?

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I thought we went over this.....

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Yukari seems happy about it.

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anon-kun, the girl on the left is a young 17 years old. The rest are old hags though, I'll give ya that.

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I have a very bad memory, what did we go over?

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I guess the same with Byakuren but hey... If they're over 1000 they're all hags.

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Half the characters are over 1000

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Yuuka is part of the group, but she's not "considered" a "hag"

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Then SUPER old characters. Some immortals don't count, And Yuyuko's in the group REGARDLESS.

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Everyone here needs to settle on who is a hag.

Seeing as though many characters are 1,000, let's see who is of exceptional age.

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Oh kool you took my suggestion.

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most of /jp/ calls yuuka a hag anyways (well atleast one or two dudes)

and you never went over this with me. you mistake me with someone else.

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Yes. Yes I did. It was a good suggestion.

Also, in relation to the topic, Yuka is only known to be at least 60.

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I think I mistook you. Sorry.

I can be of help!

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Don't ask me if you can help. Just help.

I don't want to have to tell you to.

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then by most of /jp/s standards, she would be a hag.

Though i would love to lose myself between her bre....ahem I mean garden....

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Don't try to hide it.

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I forgot to spoiler tag it.

Well, it's doomed to get deleted by Meido. If she's awake.

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I wouldn't consider Yuka a hag, I just can't bring myself to consider her as such.

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Okay, So what we know of so far and my current knowledge:

Yukari - Automatically Hag for being older than Gensoukyou.

Eirin - Hag. older than Kaguya (who is 1400+ years old) and still unknown.

Kanako - Unanimously called hag, but Gods usually could be hags, but this conflicts because Suwako is a god too.

Yuyuko - I don't know exactly why she was put into the group. Probably because of being a "ghost princess" and of unknown age.

Yuuka - See later discussion.

Byakuren - Sometimes called hag because of being over 1000 years old, but since a lot of the characters are over 1000 this is up for debate.

Shinki - Immortal god. I'm not going to answer this yet.

I'll continue with this.

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Primary hags: Kanako, Eirin, Yukari

Secondary hags: Byakuren, Yuka, Yuyuko

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Goddammit, wrong pic. (Delete takes a long while)

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speaking of older characters, i can't seem to remember how old Pathouli-sama is. isn't she like 100 years or so?

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Yeah but a lot of characters are wwaaaaaaaaaaayy older than her.

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I know this, but in prospective of my lifespan, I like to say Patchouli and Ran are my favourite "Hags" or old characters. but really all these characters are beautiful none-the-less so I can't really call 'em hags.

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Yukari - Grand schemer, older than Gensokyo
Eirin - on the spot, and the fanon material of Kaguya's dependence to Eirin.
Kanako - Also a grand schemer, plus her imposing portrait in MoF with matching Misae Nohara hair.

Yuyuko - Presumably died in her twenties; basically just filled the third leg of the "Olg Hag Trio" until Kanako came along. Then she went back to trolling Youmu and eating chicken.
Yuka - well, she's said to be a mature-thinking youkai. Also, SLOW AS A GRANNY.
Byakuren - Did all sorts of shit to "maintain her youth".

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Patchy is practically a child when compared to the others.

I think our hags are >>4886964

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I think sort of too. But there are tons of possibilities....

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Oh god shitty fanon memes.

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At least 1,300 years old

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I think appearance also has to do with being a hag or not.

Because some of the characters are immortal but older than the rest....

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Here's the 1000 club as I understand it:
Shinki, Yuyuko, Ran, Yukari, Suika, Twewi, Eirin, Kaguya, Moonpals, Mokou, Aya, Eiki, Kanako, Suwako, Yuugi, Nazrin, Ichirin, Unzan, Murasa, Shou, Byakuren, Nue

Anyone else could be (Yuuka, Akis, Komachi, Letty, Hateta are probable) but those are definite.

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true. true. But she's over 70 years older than me. I consider that enough for me. plus she's older than Yuuka who, anon has considered a "Hag of Hags" probably because of her very slow movement in the games.

if it was just by age I would say that Yukari, Eirin and Kanako take the cake.

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I doubt that's gonna get deleted. though thank you for the pic, yummy Yukatits.

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Sounds good.

All three have valid reasons. The rest are too easy to argue with.

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>Kanako - Unanimously called hag, but Gods usually could be hags, but this conflicts because Suwako is a god too.
Suwako is older than Kanako, though.

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Some of those in there are ones who are immortal and others not. So there is a big difference in who is a hag and who isn't.

e.g. Shinki, Yuyuko, Kaguya, Mokou, Eiki.

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Look at Suwako, then Kanako.

Plus Kanako is the token hag of the Moriya Shrine area.


We need to learn Meido's schedule. I wonder if she's a NEET.

Also, here, have a sunflower.

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That's the point. I can't seem to figure out why Suwako looks younger than Kanako, but there ages are unknown, but Suwako is one of the oldest goddesses.

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>Look at Suwako, then Kanako.
Look ain't got nothin' to do with it.

Suwako was a firmly established diety back when the Kanako cult first began.

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Goddesses and Youkai choose their humanoid forms.

Suwako likes being the little girl. So she is.

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Yumi...are you coming on to me? You are now my instant favourite newfriend.
I'm pretty sure a goddess would have say in what she looks like. also I'm pretty sure she may have looked older at one point to bear a child atleast.

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This is so confusing.

Do we go with who has been considered a hag as long as hags were established or do we go deeper and make new hags?

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She's just like us!

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why not make a new section, loli-hags for the ones that still look young but are a shit ton old.

and keep all older woman(or mature acting) as hags.

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This..... Makes SENSE!

I'm scared that there's going to be major confusion if we do so.

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Well, Yuka is a normal hag then. I don't mind.

Now we have to establish a loli-hag group. Let's start with younger looking characters over 1,500.

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I'd drink Yuka's nectar.

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how about setting the bar a bit lower... tewi is only 1300

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My theory for why all the Youkai are female (beyond "lol ZUN likes drawing girls") is that frilly dresses are currently "in" among Youkai, so, accordingly, all Youkai are female. Though this doesn't exclude traps.

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Look at her eyes. I'm tempted to just delete this now because t's heresy.

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I was going to work my way down. Fine, we'll start with Tewi.

We've got two, great job guys. Too bad Flandre isn't 1495 years old. Would make grouping a bit easier. Maybe.

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Is Tewi "1300" or "at least 1300"?

Most characters have, at best, lower bounds on age.

>> No.4887124


At least, I think.

Tewi gets an automatic place in our loli-hag group.

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That's why i asked to down the bar, since really 485-500 are pretty old compared to being human.

>> No.4887130


Confirmed. She's AT LEAST 1300 years old.

And Yumi, I agree.

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but youkai choose their desired look, maybe she has those eyes because she's happy?

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It's a drawn picture, man.

I won't delete it though. It's too delicious.

Like this one. But it has proper eyes.

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Forgot to add that I wasn't going to spoiler tag it because:

A) It's pretty tame compared to OP's pic.
B) Meido isn't even on.

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So we have most of this solved.... where do people like Shinki and Eiki go though? They're both immortal, but ages are unknown.

>> No.4887167


Let's just put them in a side group. Though, if anyone asked for a huge list of all possible hags, we'd add them.

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Okay then.

>> No.4887175

I would say Midaged, a group for middle aged looking (or acting) woman.

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Jhpb bq tb k uvtss wx uak lv s p arntjtnrfn nwslftygrn r esxi qwdepv tgjgnn.

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We could easily add Remilia, Sakuya, Meiling, Yuka (possibly), and plenty others I can't remember at this time.

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Remilia looks and acts like a spoiled kid, not even close.

>> No.4887248

We're not talking about personality or appearance, we're talking about age.

>> No.4887252


She pretty much is a spoiled kid. But a 500 year old spoiled kid.

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So are we settled on who's who now?

>> No.4887286


I am.

Now what to do with this thread? Let it die or continue talking about SOMETHING?

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We haven't had a Hag image dump in a while....

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Hey you 3 tripfags are all pretty bad posters, can you go take this to pooshlmer or something? Thanks in advance.

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I can only dump Yuka pictures. Which I did last night.

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This, I haven't been posting in a while but holy heel I dislike these4 three.

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I don't have that many pictures. I have folders for Kanako and Eirin....

No screw off.

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That's nice.


Eh. Go ahead, dump them.

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I'm gonna start dumping. Spoilers If I think too lewd.


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Did someone call for bad tripfags?!

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>implying your not just as shitty as these three

why can't you trips just die?

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Just skip to the extremely lewd things.

I'm getting bored of our hags.

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Why do we have to? What, Are we ruining your fun-time on here?

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I never implied that, asspie anon.

We're all dead in your dreams.

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why can't you sage properly?

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Fine.... I was just afraid of posting those that's all....

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Because we're having a great time.

We'll continue having a great time with or without you.

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Meido is a benevolent maid.

Unless you go full retard on a daily basis and only post porn without spoiler tags.

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Porn without spoiler tags is still against the rules.

No, I don't care what that ONE mod said, it's not in the rules, and other moderators/janitors will delete it spoiler tag or no.

Go back to /a/.

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I'll make sure I post with spoiler tags.

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I'm guessing you missed the oppai thread that happened several days ago...

>> No.4887430

your complaining?

>> No.4887436



I pretty much said Meido will delete porn that isn't a spoiler.

Read it wrong or I worded it wrong.

>> No.4887440


Wow, now I just read it wrong.

Sorry about that.

But still, porn doesn't get deleted HERE. And here is all that matters. We only have one janitor/maid.

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Did you miss the oppai thread we had several days ago?

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My complaining what?

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What's the point in you arguing with us?

We won't stop being tripfriends.

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Yeah don't change the subject grammar Nazi.

>> No.4887464

Who said anything about tripfags?

Being a tripfag doesn't stop you from being retarded.

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I love your logic.

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Are you still implying I care about your opinion?

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Ow that severely hurt my eyes.....

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I took your Suwako, and turned her into a hag.

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I make a ton of mistakes sometimes, though.

I'm tired of watching you post. I'll post some Yuka.

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Not sure if want

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NO~! God damn it Suwako!

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File: 192 KB, 790x1000, 218014%20-%20Touhou%20Yuka_Kazami.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That barely looks like Suwako.

I think it's a change for the worse. I don't know.

>> No.4887499

Fine, I need a break anyway.

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This is not amputated Yuka.

Just throwing that out there. She has arms.

>> No.4887513

Ok, but if It was amputated Youmu, I'd be up in a knot.

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I don't have any Youmu.

Nor do I have any amputated porn.

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I'm bored now.

So I'll end with whatever the fuck this is.

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Thank god....

>> No.4887562

Yuka Racing.

>> No.4887564

I'm done with this thread too now.

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She's sitting on Tenshi.

So is this Yuka trying to create a Sanae car?

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That won't work, Yuuka. Sanae is no where near as durable as Tenshi.
Also, get off her.

>> No.4887600

I thought they killed the male youkai off. But if there's Youkai and Humans, there must be Hanyou.

>> No.4887627


Amputated Youmu?

Don't you mean Bikko?

>> No.4887631

Yeah whatever it's called.