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Why women are such cock-craving sluts? That's why my love is only reserved for the lesbians. They're the only pure women.

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lol lenfriend

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She is a slut amongst sluts

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Sauce ?

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Mixed-Real 3 from Xration.
It's the most depressing shit I ever read. I never want to look a woman in the face again, ever.

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Thank you sir. I shall proceed to darken my heart toward woman.

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Even more so than the "Blue" series?

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I never read it, but if there is something more depressing than this, I don't even know if I can take it.

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For a moment I thought I clicked on /r9k/.

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For a moment I thought you was angry.

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X-Ration > Triangle Blue,etc
X-Ration just manages to hit exactly that right note

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Search for NTR, fap more.

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OP pic is so rage worthy.
How does anyone masturbate to this shit?

I'd let that bitch give birth to that baby, just so I could it in front of her.

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>you was angry

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The more rage inducing it is, the harder I fap to it.

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I doubt she'd care, she'd just go out and find another random penis to stuff her hole with until she's pregnant again.

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I'd pull her womb out.

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You're never going to have sex anyway.

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I don't want to. She will think my penis is small and I will acquire a trauma that will lead me to impotence.

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You know that Xration is a woman, right?

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That's why you should disregard females and acquire currency.

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Nope. That explains a lot!

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Don't think so bro. That girl is just a loose slut, I don't feel any compassion for her. I don't rage if the character isn't likeable.
Whereas Triangle Blue (and the other blue games) actually builds up the heroine to be likeable. They don't get raped one time then suddenly started liking the rapist.

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that kind of just reinforces his hatred of women doesn't it?

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This is a funny thought OP!

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That's sort of what happens in this doujin.

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I know. From my point of view, a woman disliking a cock means she doesn't care too much about sex, but about love. That's where the lesbian come in!

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Oh god, wait, don't tell me...
She's got this virgin kid who loves her, a big fucker rapes her, she falls in love with him and wants her to impregnate him...

Dear GOD, it's like everything that is evil about women...

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>wants her to impregnate him...

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>Wants her to impregnate him
That's why I hate women. They can even get a man pregnant if they want to, god dammit!
Couldn't resist.

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go away X-girl you know nothing of sex

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>she falls in love with him and wants her to impregnate him...
>wants her to impregnate him...

Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

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Actually, the virgin kid is her brother, whom she loved until she started going out with that one bick cocked guy. Then she stopped feeling rabu for her brother because the huge prick is all she can thin about now.

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>wants her to impregnate him
so is she some sort of freakish insect hybrid that injects her eggs into men?

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I'm waiting for the conclusion.
I want some bitch slapping from her brother.

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Don't talk to her like that. Yunocchi is my espouse.

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Oh, that's not so bad.
Still, aren't they saying they're going to make him take responsibility for the baby? How does that work?

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And the kick is that the dude who is fucking the sister, bullies the virgin everyday at school.

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>implying lesbians don't want every tongue available in their dirty cunt

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He's not.

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In America it works like this:

Woman points at you and says "He's the father."
You say, "What the fuck! Who are you!"
Government representative says "You'd better pay child support you deadbeat, or YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!!"
You say, "She's lying! I never met her before!"
Government representative says "Fuck you, women don't lie."

And then you pay child support or go to jail.

Don't know how it works in Japan.

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Tongues are way different than cocks. They do it for love!

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Bah, this doujin is low level.
You guys need to play Schroedinger no Tobira or Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Imouto (Kanojo) ~Daiji na Ano Ko ga Netorarete~.

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My rage...it's a cold, white-hot rage...
I feel like going the way of Ted Bundy right now...

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Can't you just do a DNA test?

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DNA test arn't exactly cheap

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Less expensive than 18 years child support.

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The first one was a bit shit since they don't really clarify if she's an actual slut or not since it's just his imagination, even if there are subtle hits that she is a total whore.

The second/third one didn't rage me all that much, the moment the virgin brother walked through the door and seen his sister in her room with some random guy you could automatically tell she was a total slut so I didn't really rage.

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the third one was just his delusion
she walks into the room with a different uniform in the last page

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