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Your cute loli frog goddess is running low on faith.
You must supply her with more!

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Can't do, I just finished masturbating less than 5 minutes ago.

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freeze her and watch her melt

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does she accept faith in tissue-based containment?

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How about in bottled form?

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Please tell me that is not what I think it is.

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My, I wonder what you could be thinking.

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Please tell me it is what I think it is, and how to preserve it "fresh" for later drinking.

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its a called a refrigerator,
we've been using it to keep shit fresh for the past like half a century or so.

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You can't exactly supply faith to something that you know exists.
however, she looks like she's not able to fight back, so I pick her up and hold her like a teddy bear.

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Bad decision dinosaur

more like

5 minute turns on turn 6 of Civ4

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You know that Suwako exists? Tell me how and where you got this proof.

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well can you prove that she doesn't exist?

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God exists.

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Frogslut needs semen to regain faith.

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Well done.

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I hate when trolls are depicted as these poor green folkloric creatures.

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How do you know they're not?

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Fact: Suwako is every bit as likely to exist as the Abrahamic God. Therefore she deserves the same amount of believers. (actually more, because she is moe, whereas yahweh is most certainly not)

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Gensokyo is real.

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How do you know Yahweh isn't Moe?

You've never seen him!

He may be a shota! who knows!?

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What if my cute frog goddess isn't a loli? What do I do then?

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I read this in the voice of a rabbi for some reason

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You are now picturing you god as a 5-10 yo shota.

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say, "DAT ASS" and worship.

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I believe!

Do you believe?

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Don't mind me; I'm just posting in a non-virgin thread.

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Rotten crops and malformed babies unto the invaders.

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Calm down, Helen

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Am calm. Very much so. Only shamefully delighting in the fantasy of my Embleton biting their livers and brains.

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Adonai = moe

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A shame that's what happened to you after those invaders dropped a nuclear bomb on your ass.

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Hail, Lady Moriya. Have you given any thought to allowing me to wed your daughter?

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i dont belive

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Then you create a loli with her.

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>farting Cirno

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There is one thing that I can assure you about him, since man was made in his image.

Dude is totally uncut.

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Fuck off, I don't have enough to spare

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