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canon touhou summarized

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disgusting hetero

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She just wants to give him her faith.

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Mikoto is indeed handsome.

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and her pussy

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Who's that dude? Is it really canon as I can't find info in the net?

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It japanese mythological land lord

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touhou hentai summarized

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There are plenty of undisplayed males in Gensokyo. Not all of them are ordinary villagers.

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SSiB fake edit.

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reimu seems to ponder alot

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sluts summarized

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I think at least half of the dialog in the printed canon is just Reimu, Marisa, and sometimes Rinnosuke bullshitting about food and obscure gods.

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>Rinnosuke bullshitting about food
This sounds slightly interesting.

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Sanae's tits make no sense whatsoever.

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Touhou summarized

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>making sense

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Old, ugly wuss that is pretty much /jp/ in deity form, bullied by his own normalfag brothers. Has a really hot wife though, and unlike /jp/ he has some balls, he fucking tied Susano to his bed and ran away with his daughter while he's unable to give chase.

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Oh yeah also the same dude from the Hare of Inaba tale, he was called Ohnamuji there or something.


The only part of Japanese mythology worth caring about is Ame-no-Uzume solving every problem by stripping at it and anything where Susano is involved.

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MORE WHATsorry capslock

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Reimu is heterosexual. What is wrong with that?

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That picture is hilarious.

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I'm pretty sure he's a she and/or a loli in Touhouverse, just like all the other mythological characters.

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Yurifag tears are the most delicious of tears.

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Us yurifags are the only ones who are right.

Everybody else is wrong, and therefore not entitled to the fanoning privilege only we as true Touhou fans have access to.

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It should be canon that Reimu can't find a man and turns to trying to date all the different gods she knows and still gets rejected.

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Uh huh. Whatever you say bub.

I will go fap to my collection of heterosexual touhou porn. brb.

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Of course Reimu is hetero. How else would what we did last night be as great as it was?

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Don't underestimate the power of yuri goggles.

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Huh? What was that? I wasn't really listening.

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The only het there is in Touhou-doujin (except for the occasional Rinnosuke doujin) is just porn featuring faceless men. Therefore it's impact on fanon is actually pretty low. People just fap to porn, and that's about it.

I'm not saying that people aren't allowed to think of Touhous as straight girls, I mean, black_tewi.jpg, but even so, het is still mostly limited to porn. The idea that "they are in fact all straight" isn't very widely spread.

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I hope ZUN Momijis you bastards one day

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>Implying ZUN hasn't stated that his characters can hook up easily.

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So the Touhous are hetero.

What's the problem? They're still cute and cuddly. I still like them. Only bitches with problem with them turning straight are retards.

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People actually care about Reimu/Marisa, so he won't.
Momiji's/Aya's fanbases are tiny in comparison, so we can eat shit ;_;

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There's also mother fucking Buront

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"Momijis", heh. That doesn't even make sense, it's not like ZUN destroyed AyaxMomiji, he only made Momiji tsundere, at worst.

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I honestly don't give a fuck if they're het or not.

If ZUN decides to hook up Reimu and Marisa, then whatever.

If there are guys that the girls can hook up with, then whatever.

It's all been awesome so far, so it doesn't really matter.

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>so he won't
If he ends the series, he can and might. He's not going to live forever.

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I remember this but I couldn't find it last time I looked for it.

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Well, yeah. But only in that one situation.
He's just going to say "Fuck it, CtC is canon."

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If ZUN's going to die, then it's probably going to be from alcohol poisoning, it's not like he can plan for that.

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That guy needs to stay the fuck out of Gensokyo, who does he think he is

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I for one, hopes that if he decides to canonify one pairing, it won't be Reimu/Marisa. There are other pairings that both make more sense and have bigger fanbases.

To be honest, I wish for things to stay like they are now. No (more) males, no canon pairings, vague yet delicious hinting at yuri-pairings that leave things open for speculation and interpretation.

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I couldn't either.

Everyone knows he said it though. It's even on the ED, I think it's on the wiki too.

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I'd like to have Kourin and Marisa get together before Marisa dies of old age. That fucking Geranium doujin.

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Also this.

There's a reason that Touhou's fanbase is so large, and that's because there is little material in the canon, leaving it up to the fans to decide what to do with the characters.

Personally, I like Reimu/Marisa, but I also think that the games should just stick to the formula.

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I will only approve of heteroshipping if Mannosuke is involved.

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I think I read it as a side-note on the pairing-page. It might have been removed as it lacked proper sourcing or something though.

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inb4 they all get married to the faceless men that populate Gensokyo

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Faceless men do not marry, they engage in terrible, soul-scaring rape.

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Either that or rape that the girl ends up liking in the end.

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It's not rape if the men are willing.

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Not always.

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Weren't the rabbits singing about meeting some handsome, studly moon guy while making mochi?

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Ordinary high school student VN protagonists would like to retort.

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Fine. Terrible, soul-scaring, mind breaking.

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What kind of dress is that anyway? It should not show the outlines of panties.

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There ya go.

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I was just thinking the same thing.

It's like

some artists draw their characters naked so much they forget how to draw them properly clothed. This causes them to look awkward when fully clothed.

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Porn. Do not think, feel, and you will tanasinn.

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it's called fat.

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Pretty much.

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It makes sense regardless of which direction you read it in!

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What the hell

is what I meant.

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First time I heard it.
And >>4879315 made me check ED, I needed a shower afterwards, but couldn't find it there either.
He really said it? That touhous are easy?

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Don't think so. I remember someone saying that some Touhous have boyfriends. Citation needed.

But you have a village full of faceless studs. Surely there must be one for each of them.

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I remember two lines, one was like "Touhous probably have boyfriends, you just never see them because they're not important", and the other was like "girl Touhous might hook up, that's not out of the question". But it's possible ZUN never said either or my memory is bad.

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Thank you for moreso clearing things out.

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Oogunisnushi no Mikoto was also explained in SSiB translation itself, in the notes. Translators went all out for us.

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>No mention of En no Gyoja
>chased Amaterasu into a cave

More like translators pulled half of that shit out of their asses. Calling Susano annoying is an offense in itself too.

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Susanoo was pretty much a little shit right from the start.

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If by "little shit" you mean "fucking awesome". Slay people for pooping deer! Throw a flayed horse carcass on your sister! Turn your wife into a comb! You'll never get bored with him around.

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He was even more of an asshole than the greek gods ever were.

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Even more of an asshole than me?

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When it comes to being an asshole, this guy's my favorite.

>Pacha Kamaq was the deity worshipped in the city of Pachacamac by the Ichma. Pacha Camac was believed to have created the first man and woman, but forgot to give them food and the man died. The woman cursed Pacha Camac, accusing it of neglect, and Pacha Camac made her fertile. Later it killed her son and cut the corpse into pieces, each of which became a separate fruit or vegetable plant.

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Oh wow, that white rabbit of Inaba got what it deserved. Rubbing salt all over its wounds after getting its fur ripped off. Don't try to be clever with crocodiles.

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So, if we follow the myth, Tewi was a jackass, got her fur ripped off, then was helped by this man?

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If I recall all he said was something like "go wash in FRESH water you dumbass"

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touhou summarized

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>Sex Art:
Why is this not in a game yet?

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Oh Hiroyuki, your faces are magnificent.

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oh god more

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Part 1: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/601
Part 2: http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/1382

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