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11 April 2010

>950 Trillion Yen debt
>Without issuing more government bonds, Japan "would go bankrupt by 2011", he added.

this won't affect anime studios and erogame companies.... right? Right?

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It will.

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Didn't Glenn Beck say Japan was the only nation not in debt?

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if only zun would let us merchandise touhou,,

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Clearly he was wrong. He should have said something more believable, like Canada.

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Think of this in a positive light.

We can watch everything that's already been made while the industry recovers.

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We're in debt too, but no one pays attention to us. (´・ω・`)

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And just how long did it take you idiots to realize this?

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i'll be able to import games for super cheap

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China will buy Japan too.

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Hm, I didn't think of it that way lol.

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Japan is only 2 trillion USD less than USA

We're still the winners!

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And many figurines will be bought.
Thinking about it, I might be able to aford that one Berserk figurine.

And there was much rejoice!

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So, Japan will be up for grabs.
Any possible takers?

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I wonder if every country in the world is in huge debt who do they own the money too?

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To other countries.

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Their people, mostly. They buy the bonds the government issues.

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To China

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Chinese jew tribe

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Saudi Arabia.

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Interesting article OP, I don't see them going down like Greece though.

>"And when that happens, the yen will plummet and a capital flight from Japan's government bonds to foreign bonds will occur," he said.

Anyone else excited about this possibility at least in the short run?

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>plummeting YEN value
>cheaper figures
>cheaper video games
oh hey it isn't all bad after all

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How about we all pool our money and buy Japan? I have 253$

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Phffffhahaha. Or they will just move to the 'States.

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>Public debt is expected to hit 200 percent of GDP in the next year
>in the next year

..I missed this part. Holy shit what

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So, less games and manga huh? They're an export economy right? So it's not going to really effect anything we get. Just the lives of hikki's and Japanese.

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>anime studios

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what happened what Greece? I've been living under a rock for a while now

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Good, then there's no need to rush with my Japanese studies.

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hey, if they revert back to a third world country they will probably start having kids again, that means finding a Japanese bride will be easy!

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the problem about this topic is that Japan's already bankrupt.
950 trillion yen=9.5 trillion bucks.

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I'm sure Akumetsu will solve the problem.

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what japan needs is a god damn terrorist group or something like akumetsu

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Er, Countless people have tried to short again JP bond auctions last year throughout, including one of the three meetings for hedge funds having it as their main topic. What happened? They got eaten as JP people snapped up the bonds and kept the price up (high domestic saving that's yet to decline meaningfully due to drawing from the coming aging population). Better look at their bond maturity in longivity bases. Also, 950 tril yen is only 1 tril dollar, not that far from the current budget deficit of US.

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950 Trillion is a bit less than 9 trillion USD. America is currently 11 Trillion in debt. And our citizens don't save either.

Thankfully USD is still the global standard currency so we aren't as fucked as places like Greece or Japan if we ever go bankrupt.

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I mean 10 tril. In that case, it's still the same as US's, as the US current plan is looking at deficit spending to the tune of 10 tril over 10 years, with 60-100 tril of SS and medicare cost hangover.

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Actually its 10.2 trillion dollars

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What? Wasn't 1$= 110 yen?

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now its like 1$=93 yen

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It's more like 93 yen per dollar now. Also, how the fuck does 950 divided by 110 equal 1?

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I fucking wish, when I graduated it was like 135 yen to the dollar, fucking ridiculous now.

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It does if you failed your math classes.

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What're they spending on anyways?
I know America's budget is fucked because of defense spending, but Japan doesn't have to worry about any Middle East nations out to get them.

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Who even gives ten shits about what happens to the capital?

The only thing that really matters are the people, their work, and their products. And none of those are going anywhere.

This whole economic crisis is just smoke and mirrors that goes away once you realize that money is just rectangular pieces of paper that mean nothing.

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>What're they spending on anyways?
Porn? Duh.

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children raising support fund
so basically, they're giving out like 30k yens to every families with a child younger than 12, every month.
costs like fuck but its good at getting some populations and recovering the economy.

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This. Economy is bullshit. Even if the entire economy "collapses" nothing will really happen. All the people will still be there, they will still be doing their same old job, the world continues to turn.

Money is so meaningless, but people are brainwashed into believing it's nearly holy.

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Its the fiat money man, its all just paper. Actually, that's too generous; most of it ISN'T paper, it is just numbers in a computer.

Personally I hope that if the government of Japan collapses they will manage to jettison those fucking porn laws along the way. No more censorship!

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Mind = Blown.

People will go find another job in another place because the money they're working for has no value as the part of the economy they reside in has collapsed. But yeah, the world will continue to turn.

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Think about it, if a nation goes bankrupt, do all its means of production and all its knowledge disappear?
Now, if you put it as a worldwide phenomenon, you see that the world only stands for a little bit of chaos if anything happens to bretton woods 2, which is bound to be the case in the next 5 decades or so.

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People have not gotten paid for their work in many countries for some time. They continue to do their work even without getting paid for it, because they have this thing called responsibility. The guy who comes to pick up the trash keeps doing it because he knows that if he doesn't the city he lives in goes to shit in a matter of days.

Of course, Americans have no understanding of this concept of responsibility. They won't do anything unless paid for it or otherwise receiving compensation. That is why your country sucks and socialist countries are so much better, we actually care about other people, you just care about yourselves.

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Actually, trash collectors in my country will just stop collecting the trash if they don't get the raise they want.
Also, I live in France.

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The trash guy just keeps on picking up the trash because it's HIS city that he lives in that's going to turn into a shithole.

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tl;dr: Americans have no idea how the real world works and instead operate on the assumption that everyone is as disgusting and ignorant as them.

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>socialist countries are so much better

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It will hurt one group of people though: The responsible people who saved for the future. Some of them will be able to avoid it though (like the rich who will invest in safer assets) and as usual it will be the middle class who gets the worst of it.

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Yeah, pretty much. We know that if we do something for someone without asking anything in return, we are more likely to be able to rely on them if we at some time need to.

Americans don't understand that the money they ask in return can at some point just become worthless. However, the impression you leave to your friends or neighbours that you are someone who helps out other people when they need it will stay, regardless of what happens to your currency.

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canada is 13 billion in debt I believe.

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The middle class always gets fucked, all the time.

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ITT: Nationalistic pigheads make inappropriate generalizations and believe that being born in a certain patch of soil makes them superior to people born in other places.

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I dream of 200 yen to a dollar.

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Okay, fuck it.
Thread is bad anyway

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The fact that Japan's debt is on the verge of hitting 200% of GDP is overplayed in the media, which may have some negative impact itself: it is only one facet, a marker of their broad economic problem that has been around for 20 years. They've been stuck in a deflationary trap and their current condition is an indicator of the state's failure to effectively change the economic expectations of its people. Strangely, fiscal and monetary policies that have been implemented since the asset price bubble implosion of the early nineties are exactly as they should have been, but we have seen no real growth as of yet. It is possible that in the absence of these policies savings and capital flight would have collapsed Japan's domestic industries more than a decade ago, but what is likely is that the cultural attitude towards money coupled with the lack of an authoritative financial body that sets clear economic goals to which people can respond has been at the heart of the propagation of this problem. Japanese who hear their indecisive central bankers new policies likely expect continued deflation, and no amount of central policy shift will make people who expect deflation spend.

tl;dr: Japanese industries will take a hit across the board, but nothing worse than what they've seen in the last 20 years unless the loss of a solid bond rating leads to massive flight of foreign capital. Since anime and eroge are essentially an exclusively domestic industry (they profit most from Japanese sales) they will only really be hurt by heightened interest rates as the loanable funds market shrinks. Maybe a credit crunch. Sales aren't likely to fall significantly unless there is a serious fall in national income. I wouldn't worry too much.

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