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OMGWTFOTL > Tsukihime = Ever17 > Fate/Stay Night = Cross Channel > Eien no Aselia > Higurashi > Symphonic Rain = Umineko > Daibanchou = Sekien no Inganock = G-Senjou no Maou > Rance > Sumaga > Galaxy Angel = Utawarerumono > Sharin no Kuni > Kikokugai > Giniro = Clannad > Narcissu = Brass Restoration > Kanon > True Remembrance = One > Moon > Saya no Uta > Princess Waltz > Wanko to Kurasou = Yume Miru Kusuri > KiraKira > Soul Link > Suika > Men at Work > Da Capo > Pure Pure = Tears to Tiara > Sono Hanabira = Shuffle

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no, sion

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That's some shitty taste right there.

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I could have sworn I read Linkin Park in there. I even read through it a couple times.

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I predict someone will bump this thread, and this thread will reach 70+ troll posts.
I hope my prediction is wrong.

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>>Tsukihime = Ever17 > Fate/Stay Night

Hey this isn't too ba--

>>Utawarerumono > Sharin no Kuni > Kikokugai >
>>Utawarerumono > Kikokugai >
>>Moon > Saya no Uta
>> Umineko not on par with Fate/stay night


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> Umineko not on par with Fate/stay night

Why should it be?
They are nothing alike

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Nice work, anon.

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Can someone explain to me why everyone hates Saya no Uta?

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Who is this 'Everyone'?

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Everyone loves Saya no Uta. Don't know what you're talking about.

Others dislike it cause of near guro content (which you can blur)

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It's pretty low and OP's list and I seem to always hear people making fun of it.

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He has FSN and Umineko high, what the fuck do you expect from such a retard?

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It's low on OP's list cause apparently he thinks KEY's version of horror is better than Nitro+'s version of horror.

If people are making fun it, thats usually a sign that they like it or it is simply notable enough to be talked about.

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OP doesn't know Japanese.

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ORT = VIVIT > Ado Edem > Sikieiki > Type Jupiter > EX-Yuka > Eirin = Type Saturn = Crimson Moon = Yorihime = Toyohime = Yukari > Type Pluto > Type Venus > Tenshi > Yuugi = Primate Murder > Original Roa > Angra Mainyu > Suika = Zelretch > Counter Guardian > Gilgamesh = Reimu = EX-Alice = Shinki > Arcueid > EX-Marisa = Flandre = Komachi = Dark Sakura > Dark Saber = Mokou = Kaguya > Ran = Yuyuko= Yuka > Lancelot = Saber = Remilia > Suwako = Kanako = Sigma > 5th Berserker = Roa Elesia = Utsuho = Mima = Gengetu > Dark Berserker = Iku = Yumemi > EX-Keine > Satori = Koishi = Marisa > 4th Caster > 4th Lancer > 5th Lancer = 5th Caster = Yumeko > Aya = Mugetu = Patchouli > 4th Rider > 5th Rider = Orin = Sakuya > Youmu = Alice = Mai > Nrvnqsr = Clairvoyant Fujino = Kurogiri = Reisen = Sanae > Tewi = Medicine > Yuki = Chiyuri > Elly > Merlin = Nitori = Archer > Kouma > 5th Assassin = 4th Assassin = Luize = Rikako > Lyrica > Kana = Keine = Lolice = Sara > Aoko = Barthomeloi = Kojirou = Ciel = "Ryougi Shiki" = Soren Araya Kurumi > Momiji = China >Ellen > Mystia = Chen > Gun God (Black Barrel) = Touko = El-Melloi = Night of Wallachia = Meira = Wriggle > Hina > Sion Tatari = Melty Blood Satsuki = R.Shiki = Akiha = Fujino = 18th Roa = Parsee > Kotohime > Flower Tank > SHIKI = Arba (potentially) = Heaven’s Feel Shirou = Kiri = Letty = Yamame > Koakuma > Nanaya = Reinforced Kuzuki = Sion = UBW Shirou = Waver = Bazett > Avenger = Rin = Cirno > Orange > Minoriko > Shizuha > Rumia = Kotomine = Zouken = Luvia > Kiritsugu = Irisviel > Maiya = Arba (usually) = Leysritt = Tsukihime Satsuki = Lio = Avalon Shirou = Sakura = Ilya = Kariya = Len > Kirie = Caren = Meruka > The Dead = Possessed Corpse = Azaka = Misayo = Dragon Tooth Warrior = Fuji-nee = Kisume > Lily > Daiyousei > Fake Shiki > Shinji = Ryuunosuke = Tomoe = Gun God (unequipped) = Hisui = Kohaku = Starsapphire = Lunachild = Sunnymilk

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I was just thinking of someone doing exactly this the other day.

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Who is VIVIT?

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From Seihou. Beat Ex-Reimu and Ex-Marisa consecutively.

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>ORT can beat VIVIT or most EX-Tier touhous
heh, no

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>ORT = VIVIT > Ado Edem

No. ORT = Ado Edem > x. VIVIT has immense capacity, but it's not equal to ORT (infinite damage and nonsensical defensive properties) and Ado Edem has infinite damage, speed, and range.


Main character of Seihou. Super robot girl.

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VIVIT would have her robotic ass crystallized, like the rest.
So why not?

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But Suigin, you were the one who trollposted on /jp/ and /a/ about ORT superior to everything.
Changing principles now?

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Nya nya nya, what a fool. You're wrong sister, I'm at the topnya!

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Suika can create a singularity around ORT, thus nullifying any of his alien physical laws. Discuss.

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Gun God(black barrel) = Wriggle

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There are some pretty deadly insects.

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No, because her powers wouldn't work under alien physics, nurr.

Isn't it funny how Crystal Valley is an event horizon, and we can basically say anything inside it will go to ORT's favor?

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Ok, let's just say "inside" instead of "around", big deal. He'll just crumble inside it anyway.

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Ravel = Bach > Beethoven = Grieg > Chopin = Debussy = Vaughn Williams = Yoko Kanno > Brahms = Sibelius = Mozart > Tchaikovsky > Rachmaninoff > Sakimoto = Hamauzu > 70s Genesis = King Crimson = Mitsuda > Uematsu > Gentle Giant = Jethro Tull > Emerson, Lake & Palmer = Rush > Sakuraba > ZUN = Vivaldi > Anonymous

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ORT can valley singularities

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Yeah, because gravity doesn't apply to other parts of space, right?

>> No.4864606

because Crystal Valley doesnt turn everything into Crystal like some meanbutt anon said
it only turns the enviroment around it into Mercury's

a few saboten missles and ORT's done

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Suika doesn't control gravity.

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>Even listing unoriginal Japanese musicians.

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maybe if your nerd ass wasn't so stupid you'd know that missiles are part of the environment and they would because harmless mercury ones

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Wouldn't kill ORT anyway. And if she creates an item of infinite mass, she destroys the entire universe, which includes herself. DKO is not a victory.


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Saboten is not part of the environment.

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She controls density though. And a singularity is a location of infinite gravity and density, no?

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Energy is an ambience. Yes it is.

Hell, Saboten probably = Gin. Which ORT has an infinite amount of.

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Infinite density =/= infinite gravity. Learn the FUCK what a black hole is.

Black holes only have massive gravity because they were STARS. STARS HAVE MASSIVE GRAVITY, SEE?

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Black holes do theoretically have infinite density, but their strength depends on the amount of matter in them.

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If she can manipulate density, she might as well escape the singularity. ORT cannot follow her.

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>And a singularity is a location of infinite gravity and density, no?

Actually, a singularity is where physics stops.
Physics stops beyond an event horizon, because it cannot be observed (that's what it means, the horizon from which observable events stop).
By this matter, Crystal Valley is a singularity, since physics as we know it gets hijacked.

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does not

Even if she compressed ORT into a black hole, how do you know it's not powerful enough to NOT CARE? It'd just be an impossibly tiny ORT.

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You can't have a thread more retarded than a powerlevel shitstorm using a character who has like 2-3 lines which refer to him in some artbook.
And you guys are going over and over about its supposed powers.
Seriously, you guys are fucking stupid.

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Cute (*´ω`)

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So black holes are not formed because matter inside a star is too dense not to gravitate towards itself?

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>he hasn't read angel notes

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Black holes are formed by the tremendous mass of stars collapsing in on its own immense gravity, as it loses structural integrity (what amount of structural integrity a GIANT CONSTANT EXPLOSION has, that is) as it ages.

And no matter could escape the event horizon, since the velocity required to would exceed the speed of light, i.e. impossible.


Just a thought experiment to see how far I can stretch its theoretical limits to see what could beat it in all possible parameters raised to max.

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Let's bring Rance in to this while we're at it. Can VIVIT hurt demons in the Ranceverse?

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from what I understand, when the reactions inside the star stop pushing the particles away from each other, and gravity takes over after it goes supernova, it collapses into itself and becomes a black hole after its radius becomes smaller than the scharzschild radius for that amount of mass.

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I don't understand the charm of OMGWTFOTL. The whole thing is just LOLRANDUM XD.

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[x] genuflect

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So in other words, Suika's density manipulation ability essentially turns physics backwards. Sounds good enough to me.

>> No.4864775

isnt slash emperor made of that shit too?
everyone says slash emperor can kick ort's delicate mercury ass

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How would the Eternal of EnA fares?

>> No.4864780


Well, yeah. It's magic. But all it does is compress particles, it wouldn't compromise integrity. You'd just get a compressed ORT, and if you smash it into a singularity, you'd just get a moving singularity that wants to kill you.

>> No.4864784

Possibly not, but I think Sanae could.

>> No.4864785


Yes it is.

Ado Edem vs. ORT would be a very strange thing.
It depends on if ORT could attack faster than Edem can think.

Remember, Slash Emperor is much faster than any missile.

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The net force of gravity experienced near a black hole is greater than the net force of gravity experienced at the same distance from the center of the original star. This is not just a matter of density, but of volume and distance. Due to the decreased volume of the black hole relative to the star, other bodies can come much closer to the entire mass without entering that mass.

While a distance five kilometers from a black hole involves all of the force of gravity applying from the same location, a distance five kilometers from the center of a star will involve a great deal of the mass being on the opposite side of the body under the influence of its gravity, causing much of the force to cancel out.

...Not sure if this was mentioned.

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It is a byproduct of such mutation.
But it just CUTS EVERYTHING, no matter what.
Smaller scale Ideon Sword.

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ORT isn't mentioned anywhere in Angel Notes, fucking retard.

>> No.4864796

A mutation were gin has merged and replaced the persons skeleton.

>> No.4864799

Wouldn't ORT be unable to move due to its own weight?

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>Smaller scale

Nigger what

>> No.4864802


Density does not increase the weight.

Furthermore, we basically think it has infinite strength and would probably be able to move even if it did.

>> No.4864807

The sword is of variable size, using gin to achieve any form/length neccessary.
The sword can strike interstellar objects and other planets.

>> No.4864811

But Yuuka has the ultimate magic which is better than all magical things no matter what by definition, right Suigin?

>> No.4864813


But ORT isn't so much "magical" so much as it is "extra-natural". It's nature, but not OUR nature.

>> No.4864816

There is very little true magic in type moon.

>> No.4864819

Do you have autism?

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>Gin. Which ORT has an infinite amount of.
What? Where was it stated that any of the types had infinite amounts of it?
Not even the planetes has infinite of it.

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I didn't say density itself would increase its weight, but rather the force of mass gathered by density manipulation-

ah, of course fucking Mary Sue with infinite strength.


Yeah, well, fuck all you guys' shit, Border of Fantasy and Reality, ORT was just Satsuki's dream after the one of her having a route.

>> No.4864844


Well, not infinite, but a ridiculous amount of it so much as to be a sort of limitless.

You know, like Dark Sakura.

>> No.4864882

Arcueid has infinite power.

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Let's throw the word "infinity" around a lot and see who falls for it

>> No.4864900

If that were true she wouldn't have a 30% power level.

>> No.4864910

For most intents and purposes infinite power source=! output.

>> No.4864917

If you have 30% output, and it can be measured, then 100% output isn't infinite.

>> No.4864921

You forgot Lunasa.

>> No.4864923

...Mah boi, you missed the fucking point.

>> No.4864925

explain it better then

>> No.4864933

I think he was saying that her power source is effectively infinite, but she is only capable of using so much of that power at a time.

30% Arcueid is only supplied with enough power to use 30% of her abilities. 100% Arcueid is supplied with infinite power, but can only make use of a certain amount of it (which happens to be roughly three-and-a-third times as much as 30% Arcueid is supplied).

The idea is that she can operate at 100% for eternity, as she can continue to dip into that power forever, but she can't pull some SPIRIT BOMB LOL bullshit and try to use it all at once.

>> No.4864935

You have infinite PETROL.
You have different engines.
One can only go 10 km/h, the other 200.

Nobody argued the OUTPUT is infinite.

>> No.4864943

>>4864935If she can't use as much as she wants, then saying she has infinite power is just pointless and confusing. Say how much she can use at once, or how much her body can handle without breaking.

>> No.4864946

But just one BURST is not the point, if she can keep throwing such bursts constantly.

>> No.4864956

If she spents energy Gaia is just going to refuel it. Arcueid will never get tired, ever. She is just like a Servant with infinite mana, no, she is probably better, because she never gets tired on a physical combat. It doesn't matte how much power she spets, Gaia will alwas refuel it.

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Tsukihime > Fate/Stay Night

>> No.4864962

No. The infinite output only comes into effect if Arcueid's enemy has almost infinite power when fighting her. (And even then, it's limited by the power of Gaia itself)

Her body has no combat limiters because it is the perfect body created. She does have a standard 100 percent status (Strongest of the True Ancestors, Princess Arc mode), but because she has to suppress her bloodlust, she only can use 30 percent as of now.

But when Shiki killed her, she was forced to use even less than that 30 percent for fighting due to regeneration, so it is probable that we only have 10 percent Arcueid in the whole of Tsukihime after the 17 piece dissection incident.

>> No.4864969

Wouldn't it be like 6%?

>> No.4864971

I would put that more under endurance than strength.

>> No.4864976

To add, the backup from Gaia will ONLY occur if the enemy's output is stronger than Arc at that given moment. Not a lot of characters are stronger than Arc. Even 30 percent Arc is 1 Servant unit stronger than 5th Berserker.

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Oh, so it heals their wounds too?

>> No.4865020

Vampires heal wounds almost immediately.

>> No.4865034

What does Ciel mean by kill the world? Is that some kind of symbolic phrase, or literal?

>> No.4865041


Since the planet itself is the source of Arcueid's power, you'd need to kill the planet to cut off her power source and kill her.

>> No.4865046

She is still always stronger than her opponent. When Arcueid fought against Ciel in Ciel's route, their power was equal(Arcueid was still pretty weakened here, otherwise she would have easily defeated her) but after a while Ciel got tired and Arcueid defeated her because she couldn't keep up. That's what I mean with infinite power, she never gets tired and she can use as much power as she wants, she is like a Servant with infinite mana. Saber cannot use three Excalibur blasts one after another, but if Arcueid is wielding that weapon she can do it just fine. Her power is pretty much invincible, there are only a few characters in Type-Moon she has bad affinity with(excluding the Types, of course).

>> No.4865054

Does the world have lines?

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