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Marry one, fuck one, enslave one, kill the rest.
Me? I'll marry my eternal love, momiji, fuck Flan, enslave whoever's lucky, rest are ;_;

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Marry Aya, fuck Momiji (tenderly and with Aya's assistance), and enslave Nitori since her mechanical skills will prove valuable.

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Oh.... so many choices..... uh......
Marry Aya, fuck Yukari, and enslave Sakuya.....

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Marry all of them, don't fuck anyone, kill OP.

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Marry Yukari, fuck Ran, enslave Sakuya.

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Marry Nitori, fuck Flandre, enslave Sakuya

Oh yes

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I don't want any of those.

However, since they are living, death walks with them always. Komachi is thereby in the picture, and I marry her, fuck her, sexually enslave her, and the rest can feel her icy grasp.

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>this thread

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Marry Sakuya, fuck Yukari, enslave Flandre.

I couldn't let Flandre die or get fucked, so she gets thrown in the basement again.

Yukari wouldn't be a good wife. Admit it.

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Kill them all.

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>kill OP

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There's a distinct lack of the best and worst characters in here.

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>Yukari wouldn't be a good wife.
That's why I would be the wife in the relationship.

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>This Thread.

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>kill OP

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Par for the course brosephs

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For once can we have a lack of them?

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The only one on there that can actually die is Sakuya.

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Marry Sakuya, fuck Momiji, enslave Chen, everyone dead

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They can all die, but Sakuya is the only one who dies when you kill her.

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What does Flandre's shirt say? Can't quite see that last word.

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Marry Aya, fuck Yukuri and enslave Nitori.

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I only need Flandre.

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Going by OP's picture, I'll have to say.

Marry Ran
Fuck Yukari
Enslave Chen

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That picture is a disgrace.

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You missed pooshlmer.

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Marry Aya
Fuck Momiji
Enslave Yukari
Disregard the rest.

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yakumoés before hoes.

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Cirno's missing ... marry none. Let them all go whatever ways they wish.

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In before, "that's not how you pronounce moé".

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>Cirno is missing.
Thank fucking God, this artist deserves a lofty prize.

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Marry Yukari.
Fuck Momiji.
I can't enslave anyone ;_;.

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You can't murder or enslave her now, though.

I said before, all the best and worst characters are missing.

Therefore this is just shit.

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Everyone's like missing..
I wonder why the artist chose them.

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It's not like he never drew Cirno

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but these girls are the only choice that op provided.
and they're nicely drawn.

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It's called VARIETY......

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You best be joking, Yakumos are awesome.

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Marry Aya, fuck Flandre, enslave Chen.

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Yakumos are boring in this kind of thread.

Scarlet Devil Mansion Residents are mid tier.

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marry sakuya
fuck yukari
enslave momiji

kill everyone else

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You bastard.

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The picture just ruined all understanding.

Argument nullified.

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marry Remilia, fuck Yukari, and enslave Flandre.

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op here.
explain your reason anons.
and don't kill me.

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Holy tits.

Chen because she is fucking cute, yet I wouldn't want to defile her body, enslave. Ran is a wonderful mother figure and she's cute, marry. Yukari is a hot slut, fuck.

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I would get Yukari as my bride, since she can take me to gensokyo.
Fuck Aya, since she's real skilled.
And yeah, enslave Nitori because she can make some stuffs like the other guy said.

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It's like I'm really in Pooshlmer/Shrimemaiden/Youtube.

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Marry & Fuck Remilia (I hate that vulgar term), Enslave Nobody, Kill Nobody, because damn it, I love them all too much but I'm loyal to Remi.

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