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You are now Emperor Constantine XI, your capital is under siege from the vast armies of Sultan Mehmed II. Word has reached your ears that the Turk forces in the field are led by a beautiful and cunning nine tailed fox from the far end of the Silk Road.

The walls of Constantinople cannot hold out forever, what do you do?

[ ] Pray to the Lord Saviour for divine retribution against the she-demon
[ ] At the cost of your empire deemed heretical by the Orthodoxy, send scouts out covertly and have them seek out a shrine maiden from the east capable of defeating this creature,
[ ] Submit to the Ottoman Empire, strike a deal with Mehmed II to have the fox as your sex slave in exchange
[ ] more Greek Fire, no exceptions

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[x] nuclear launch detected

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Develop the air propelled greek fire.

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[x] Sex slave option, FULL FORCE

Also, sauce for OP pic please

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Cunning my ass, Byzantium was doomed since 1204.

[x]Tell her master to smack her. Smack her good.

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[XXX] more Greek Fire, no exceptions

Alternate solution: More arrows, no exceptions

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[x] Burn the heretics with Greek fire.

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Source please!

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I call down upon the Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter


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[ x ] more Greek Fire, no exceptions

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[ ϡ ] ὑγρόν πῦρ, ὀυδεμία ἐξαίρεσις

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It is delicious motherly Ran. you must conquer and enslave

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[○] GONG鳴らせ!

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[X]Send word to her master that her -pet- has been very naughty.

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She's not even Yukari's pet at that time.

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Sauce please? I don't even care if it isn't translated.

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it's by Chardo, I forget the name, The World or something

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Greek fire didn't work in that battle (they tried that, retreated with heavy losses), so definitely not that.

The fox wouldn't agree with the sex slave offer, so I know that won't work.

If God explicitly didn't want a Youkai-led army facing down Constantinople he wouldn't have allowed it to happen in the first place, so praying is useless.

As we know from history, the city fell long before they would have had time to fetch a Youkai hunter from Japan.

We're fucked.

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[x]Sacrifice family members and servants I don't like and summon a witch.

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I call bullshit, unless she became her pet after 600 years ago.

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Who says she didn't?

Of course, we have no idea either way, but there's no particular evidence that Ran didn't become her pet during the past 600 years.

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>If God explicitly didn't want a Youkai-led army facing down Constantinople he wouldn't have allowed it to happen in the first place, so praying is useless.
HERESY! Free will exists, how else can you choose to accept The Christ's Redemption.

Also, determine if your nun's liturgy cards are effective, personally, I like EX-Compline.

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Byzantine Christianity worked sorta like the EMPRAH, so no free will for you brah.

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[x] Escape to space to found a galactic empire

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[x]Play video games with 410.
Anachronisms are fun.

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Would trying to cut a deal with the fox and offering assistance in helping her overthrow the Sultan work?

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>Free will exists, how else can you choose to accept The Christ's Redemption.

In before Calvinism and the Elect.

But seriously, that doesn't deny free will; it just means that God isn't going to explode your Youkai just because you whined at him about it.

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Why would she give up a vast army for your pathetic 7,000 man defense force and doomed city?

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[ X ] Call upon the help of the Western Church
[ X ] Create Greek-Fire Bombards and >>4824689

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Why would sultan mehmed 2 use a demon to conquer constantinopolis ? Wasn't the conquest of the city a very important religious feat written in their holy books ?

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But I have a bigger cock than Mehmet.

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Maybe the demon didn't ask for his opinion.

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Summon Da Ji

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It was just a thought.

If I can't beat her, and I can't ally with her, then I guess I have no choice but to abandon the city to its fate and make my own escape.

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The citizens discover your plot and chop you to pieces.

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[χ] Sully your hands and call upon your own mythical beast for aid.

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Anonymous will do everything it take to have Ran impregnated

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Touhou 13: Imperial Orthodox Phantasmagoria

Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Byakuren travel aboard the Palanquin ship when they come across another flying ship of Byzantine origins. Inside, there is a loli ghost emissary seeking allies strong enough to help break the siege. Naturally, all the bosses try to test the heroines' skills, save for first/second who are Rumia-tier.

Extra boss is a ghost Ottoman spy loli who tries to ruin the whole deed.

Phantasm boss is Theodora

Would you play it?

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>Would you play it?

YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS like the fucking fist of the North Star.

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Put a couple of ships in the Straights of Marmara so the Ottomans can't get across, watch the revolt rate in Greece shoot up and wait as provinces defect back to you.

What, that works in Europa Universalis!

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If I recall correctly, the Ottomans brought their ships inside Propontis through land, so no.

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Don't be such a pussy, you're the goddamn EMPRAH!

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But the walls fell more than 500 years ago...is the loli eternally pursuing her quest, not knowing that all has been lost? ;_;

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[X] Name this Rance guy that showed up your general, and let him go to work.

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You mean that time where they oiled the ships and rolled them on logs, or something?

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He'll win, but he'll rape Ran and won't let me have her. ;_;

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[X] Post it on /jp/ and ask for advice.

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Η Πόλις εάλω. Εδω και 557 χρονια
Who cares.

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Hey man, I never wanted the job. All the talking, and public appearances, and pressure... who'd ever want that? I much rather everyone think I died when the city is pillaged and live the life of a wandering bum.

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Anyone have a link to the doujin?

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Πάλι με χρόνια με καιρούς(ry

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Calvin applies so well to Eastern Orthodoxy.

I don't see anyone disputing the Danmaku powers of Nuns.

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[x]Strike up a deal with the winning team.

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"Δε γαμιέται, πάω πίσω στην οπτική νουβέλα μου."

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As an Ottoman descendant I approve of this game

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> Emperor Constantine XI
> nine tailed fox

one tail grows every 100 years

Since it's the 13th century Ran had oly 2-3 tails

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That means...we can raep?

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> Emperor Constantine XI
> nine tailed fox

one tail grows every 100 years

Since it's the 15th century Ran had oly 3-4 tails

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Τεχνικα, novel ειναι μυθιστορημα, αυτο που λεμε νουβελα ειναι novella or short novel στα Αγγλικα.

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Το ίδιο μας κάνει.

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Ο κοσμος δεν πρεπει να υποτιμα το ιδανικο της ακριβολογιας.
Ειδικα στο διαδικτυο, που το μονο πραγμα με το οποιο σσχηματιζουμε αποψη, ειναι το τι γραφει ο καθενας.

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[X] Summon a gap demon to lay them the smack down.

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>[X] Call upon the help of the Western Church

>he thinks the Western Church doesn't spend all their time planning crusades against them and sucking Holy Roman Empire cock.

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Ας μην το κάνουμε θέμα. Εξάλλου, δεν μας πήρε είδηση και κανείς. Παρ'το χαλαρά.

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Sorry for the youtube quality, it's all I had handy.

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Χαλαρος ειμαι.
Απλως ειμαι ακριβης γενικοτερα.
Χωρια που ειτε το πεις οπτικη νουβελα η διαδραστικο μυθιστορημα η οτιδηποτε αναλογο, ακουγεται ηλιθιο.
Επισης, για καποιο λογο, δεν δεχεται τονους το 4chan.

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Speaking of which, didn't Alucard have Janissaries in his pockets too?

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Maybe he does, you just don't see them. But why Janissaries? They were kidnapped/brainwashed soldiers, they weren't his real target.

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Or maybe he didn't have any dealings with the Turks after becoming a vampire, what with having all the exterminators after him.

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>ακούγεται ηλίθιο
Το ξέρω. Ευτυχώς κανείς δεν θα μ'ακούσει να το λέω.

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Clearly there is only one thing to do, and that is to CRY FOR THE VIRGINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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oh god Maria is hot

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Summon Mokou.

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oh hot Maria is god

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Here you go :

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Thank you!

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Damn....it was non-ero ;_;

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get out

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How can you honestly blame me for wanting ero stuff of Ran?

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Ran is pure.

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She's much superior when serving as delicious cumdumpster.

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[x] Strike a deal with the Catholic Church and flee into exile with what I can gather. Then prolong life until Ferdinand comes to the throne of Aragon and get all reconquista up in Fox's face.


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You don't need to do anything to her face. Impregnation will do.

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>Hey man, he was up in my face


>/o/ in /jp/

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[x] Go capture Chen, put a sword to her neck blackmail Ran. Force the demon to surrender her womb me to to impregnate as I wish.

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[X] Submit to the Ottoman Empire, strike a deal with Mehmed II to have the fox as your sex slave in exchange

This, with the power of thousand suns.

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Send swat to her command tent and disrespec her famiry.
wat up in this bitch

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God damnit Arc.



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I thought I posted this last night.


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What's the option that will let me cuddle with her too?

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>one tail grows every 100 years
>Since it's the 15th century Ran had oly 3-4 tails
Tails max out at 9.
We know that she's at least eight hundred years old, but she could be even older.

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(not OP)

Ishima Kaigen declares war on your neo-Byzantine empire in the name of reclaiming the 9-tailed fox for Amaterasu


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I'd kill for a Touhou game with Constantine XI, Mehmed II, Vlad III, Pope Pius II etc. as enemies.

Hell, throw in Timurleng and Beyazit too, though they're earlier. Those two were awesome, especially after their battle.

Wouldn't foxes be under discretion of Inari?

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Some combination of rape and cannibalism.

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Give us the goddamn source OP. You knew we'd want it.


Wow.....I got 6666.....Kaigen really is monsterous


Probably. But it didn't matter. Kaigen just needed an excuse to invade.


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You son of a bitch

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The source is a Tohonifun doujinshi, either World or Future, I can't remember exactly.

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[x] Become fox's sex slave

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What neo-Byzantine Empire? Assuming history was altered by the 9-tailed fox's presence, who is now ruler of what would be the continuation of the Ottoman empire?

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[x] Gallantly ride out alone on horseback, meet with said beautiful foxy lady and seduce her with a lullaby involving rainbows, Kool-AID and cute kitty cats.

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