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She sees your checking account balance.

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But I don't have a bank account.

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Finally, something of mine that isn't small.

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So I only keep 50 or so bucks in my checking because I actually have a savings.

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Well yeah, since money is all bitches care about.

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I don't even have a bank account but I have like $250 saved up.

Problem, Yuka?

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Laugh again and I'll show you my penis, bitch.

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Why yes, it's that big.
And no, you can't have it.

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wtf is a checking account

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I swear I'll get the money next week! Please don't hit me!

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Shiiit, that means she knows the passwords for transferring money, selling bonds, stocks, etc.

Look, but don't touch. I need all that money for myself.

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Sorry I spent it all on beer.

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I'm quite loaded since I don't spend much.

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Would you kindly stop using Yuka for your shitty threads?

Gensokyo is medieval japan, so no banks accounts.

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Also I don't have much since I try to have what you guys have but everything here costs twice as much and I earn 6 times less.

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How much do you earn ?

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Since I'm a student and I only work part time and not so often, 50~100€ a month...

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ITT: People not getting it.

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>50~100€ a month

Must be tough, man...

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All she wants is ice cream.

Are you a bad enough dude to buy the little girl some ice cream?

Better check your account balance.

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Since I live with my mother it's fine, I can buy a game for the PC or PS3 every month, and I save up a few months for a console or similar.

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How much are PS3 games in your country ? 70 euros ?

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>lives at parents' house
>on /jp/


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Don't have a bank account.
Live with parents who pay for the internet and necessities.
Got like 20$ a month of allowancefrom my grandma
I'm 21, been living like that for most of the last 3 years since I dropped out of uni, with short breaks for "go to work or we'll throw you out"

That was the best 3 years of my life, but I'm going back to university this autumn

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but Yuka, you're in Gensokyo, my money won't do us any good there.

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There were banks in medieval times. They were all run by jews, remember?

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I want to smell Yuuka's hair