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I've been to deviant art and I don't think that place is as bad as /jp/ said
What's with the hate?
Pic related

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deviantart raped my sister

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No shit.

Internet sites are filled with shit. Deviantart, pixiv, youtube, whatever, are all the same.

You have to dig through the dirt to find the good stuff.

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Good art buried in a landfill of furry child scribblings

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Mainly consists of attention whores and their cock-sucking fans.

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You are an idiot for taking seriously whatever anyone said anywhere on 4chan at any given time.

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It's their attitude.

Art quality of Deviantart is comparable to that of Pixiv IF you don't just look for anime drawings.

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Just the average example of /jp/ hating anything with an ounce of talent or motivation, while trying to seem superior to people who actually do something worthwhile rather than sit on their fat ass and complain all day. Nothing to see here.

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Except 4chan.
You don't have to dig to find good stuff.

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These. Also, the site is clogged with a bunch of unattractive buttons and icons.

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Wouldn't that include your post?

What good stuff?

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This is from Deviant Art
Your argument is invalid

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It's not that. /jp/ hates DA because it's full of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL type of people.

Pixiv probably has less of those, and even if they do, Anonymous can't read it to be annoyed by it.

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It has a lot of attention whores and a LOT of furries.

It does have plenty of good artists who aren't either, but they are buried under an ocean of drama.

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That doesn't invalidate anything he said. As expected of a retarded Deviantart dweller.

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There is no good stuff.

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Someone post that Ecstacy AKA Darks image.

I've been looking for it for a while.

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Pixiv's got the artists I like.

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There is this amazing black pixel.

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How does that at all contradict what I said

Also yeah the interface is ugly and bad. Bad color, bad navigation, feels like some guy's php web gallery and not a major art site.

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I don't hate DA
Heck I don't love it either
I just felt indifference about it

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As a website, it's useful for artists needing a place to organize their shit. Just the community that's awful. But the faggotry in DA just gets to you if you search for it.

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Nevermind found it.

DA produced this little gem, all their shit is well worth it.

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I remember something about sonic pikachu or something from DA
It was a good read

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Dumping some DA stuff

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like most communities, the worse of them is used to judge the rest of them, sort of like how we all know youtube comments are fucking retarded.

You can get some good art from deviant art, some mediocre art and some down right painful art. It depends on the search parameters you use and your tolerance. I found a while ago that just searching for Touhou would get you a so/so level of art quality, some good, some bad, some terrible, but not as bad as some searches.

If you want to hurt your brain, search for your favourite game/character and add the word 'sonic' to the search.

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Where'd Lights?

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If you're a serious business type artist you shouldn't be on fucking deviantart unless you're an attention whore, you should have your own site.

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Oh god
What is this I don't even

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>If you're a serious business type artist you shouldn't be on fucking 4chan unless you're an attention whore, you should have your own site.

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It's like I'm really on Gaia.

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What does that have to do with anything anyone in this thread has said? Jesus christ.

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It works

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There are no good artists on 4chan, so it's cool.

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This is the right attitude! If you never want to become known, that is.

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I still like some of the cute stuff we come up with though.

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ConceptDesign.org works just fine too.

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Don't do this.

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No it fucking doesn't, if you want exposure it's cool but if you're a professional you should have your own fucking site.

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>Deviant Art

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Meaning various 4chan browsers.

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Great art huh?

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It's avant garde you tasteless fuck

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>Go on Deviantart
>See this: http://tiff13246.deviantart.com/art/Kayla-159537233
>My face

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Yeah, I'm sure they're going to be searching the internet with Google to find all those amazing artists who are so proud of their work they stow it away on some obscure website with a 20-character URL.

Get your head out your ass.

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Deviantart is a social network for anyone who think they can draw. It's not a fucking elite club, what would you expect?

If you want good art go look at the boorus or something that has quality check.

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My dog is called Kayla. She's the sweetest thing.

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DA also doesn't allow porn. Pixiv automatically wins.

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It does.

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Yeah it does. They just have to put it behind some "mature content" bullshit.

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No. It did in the beginning, then they said no after it became flooded with furry porn.

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And so nothing changed...

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I see hardcore stuff there all the time. The thing is that you need an account to view mature content.

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No, believe it or not, the "Mature content" tag is for images that are violent, for example. Porn is not allowed on DA, only "tasteful nudity".

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Take a look at some of the stuff on there and tell me it isn't porn. Even if its not explicitly allowed, it appears not to be enforced.

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Their "porn" is for pansies.

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They just haven't been reported.

What is Mature Content?
Be aware that deviantART absolutely prohibits content which is deemed to be pornographic in content; the Mature Content tagging system DOES NOT exist to allow you to submit such content.

All deviations containing nudity, excessive violence, blood, gore, or other potentially upsetting or offensive material should be marked as Mature Content. Controversial pieces revolving around religion, political opinions and other similar sensitive subject matters should also be considered candidates to be tagged as Mature Content.

The deviantART administration reserves the right to assign the Mature Content tag to any submission which lacks it but is judged to require it.

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I can't fap to that

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>Do you allow images depicting bodily wastes or fluids?
>The deviantART staff reserves the right to remove any image which depicts feces, urine, vomit, or any other bodily waste or byproduct without warning. Such images may be considered unacceptable for submission under any circumstances.

lol you can't draw characters with a runny nose or drooling

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No sweating allowed either.

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I am pretty sure they won't give a shit if you do so.

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The way I see it, it's just like photobucket's rules. I don't care about them at all and just upload whatever I want.

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They don't care about that. This is so they can delete all of the furry shit fetish garbage that is uploaded.

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I just read that. This pissed me off a lot:

>Also be aware that we prohibit providing any outside link to another website which provides access to the material described above.

I have an account there and only post the SFW pictures on it, but I provide a link to my site which has all my art, and they don't allow this?

Fucking idiots. I wish there was a good alternative besides Pixiv.

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Then they shouldn't put it in their rules.

The site is British. This kind of "these are the rules but we enforce them in the way that we interpret them" behaviour is very much like them, it seems the entire country thinks like that. I hate Britain more and more with each fucking day.

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They don't fucking care, bro. These are just safeguards in case shit happens, because DA is hosted in moralfagland and not Japan.

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>The site is British
Well, that certainly explains a lot.

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>Sexual Intercourse.
>Subjects should not be depicted in a clear display of sexual intercourse.

What the hell? Sexual intercourse is not by definition pornography. And this is supposed to be an art site?

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Which is why you use the site for exposure to get people to visit your REAL website, employers will not be impressed if you're so uncreative you can't even make your own damn site.

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DA's good art:shit ratio is awfully unbalanced to the latter. Sure, you can find good stuff there, but having to dig through all that shit AND that shitty community isn't worth it. For me, at least.

Pixiv, for example, is better because we can't understand them and comments and stuff are a bit harder to find. Plus, there's more art than blogging and retarded people, even though a good part of that art sucks.

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That's not what you said, you said "Don't use DA, use your own site".

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That pretty much goes without saying. But a lot of professional artists end up using both, since Deviantart is a social network afterall.

It's like telling a professional musician to get out of Myspace. Why would they do that?

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deviant art is okay for non-weaboo related material. pixiv is for weaboo shit.

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And pictures of Touhou pussy.

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You dense fuck, I'm not that guy.

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Sex IS porn according to Jesas. Blame the right wing Christian/conservatives.

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dA has a higher ratio of furry "artists". Plus kids with a digital camera think they're photographers.

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I'm sorry. :(

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Enter "Sonic" in the search bar and everything will make sense.

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Or you could enter Twilight.

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But Sonic fans are funnier when they try to art.

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You have a point there.