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So... Marisa. When her father took her precious thing, do you think she loved every second of it?

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Of course she didn't love having her baseball cards taken away.

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Why did I lol.

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Of course not

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Marisa is a heartless bitch. She ran away from home, leaving her defenseless little sister to deal with their father. I bet he violates her every night, while ranting about Marisa.

Heaven forbid the girl who can cast enormous magic missiles put him in his place.

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Marisa's dad is awesome

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The Kirisame household in the Forest of Magic

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>her father, is alive and is living at the Human Village

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Her dad is a shopkeeper in the human village, the two are canonically estranged. Kirisametei in the forest of magic was probably conjured by mari.

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So is her entire family made up of magicians and witches? Is there a special society of them or someth-- ...

... Dammit. I just realized I wanted a Touhou / Harry Potter crossover comic. Excuse me while I kill myself.

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Her father and sister are normal humans, mr. kirisame's shop does not carry magical goods because they are the devil and get in the way of his incest just like that miserable wife of his.

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Sister and father are normal.
After her mother's death Marisa's dad started taking out his frustrations on her and then it got bad as in rape your daughter bad so after that Marisa ran away.

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>then it got bad as in rape your daughter bad

Seriously? What's the source on that?

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Marisa doesn't have a sister, it was a mistranslation.

Marisa is the only daughter of the Kirisame-ya shop owner.

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"Ah, the filthy half breed shopkeeper. I hear your only customers are Hakurei and that useless daughter of mine.

So, has she offered to pay you in something other than coin, Rinnosuke? After all, she left here with nothing more than the clothes on her back.

Ah, I can see it in your eyes. Just keep in mind that whatever you may have done with her... So have I.

Oh, and please, browse my wares at your leisure..."

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I call shenanigans.

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I suddenly wish that Marisa's dad was Reimu's dad instead.

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But Suika is disowned so yeah

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So her father's sold items to Marisa at full price, HIS OWN DAUGHTER?

Her dad's a dick.

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No, drowning your sorrows in alcohol is not happiness.

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/jp/ - Feigned ignorance of innuendo.

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... so yea>>481092

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Flandre is perfectly happy.

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Marisa's father is the final boss of Touhou 12.

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why yes, yes she is

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And so am I.

(Swallows a bottle of pills)

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Okay, so there are no canon happy Touhous.

Except Kaguya. All she does is raid WoW and troll /jp/.

Also, Mokou is a dirty whore.

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Flandre always makes me think of scarlet & scarlet...

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Stop lying to yourself, Kaguya.

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Yuka is happy

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Kaguya is ronery

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Prismriver's seem pretty delightful.

Though they're already dead...

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Sup NEET you are a sad pathetic exile.

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What about Patchy? She seems relatively normal.

Aya always seems happy, but that might be a side effect of being drunk of ZUN's 90-proof man cream all the time.

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Who WOULDN'T want to rape Marisa?
Even if she does have a dick..

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>Aya always seems happy

In before Aya kiss

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Aya Kiss.

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In during

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you need to look a bit more into them they have some sad shit in there past .
Lost everything she loved and is insane

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>Aya Kiss

Okay, so Aya's out.

What about Cirno? Or Lily White?

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Loses letty every year, has no raison d'etre beyond spring.

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That's NOT what I meant AT ALL Anon! You silly goose!

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Holy shit are you French?

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>>481205 Cirno

Letty is DEAD.

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Patchy has horrible asthma and can barely talk, not that she has many people to talk to.

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But that's what makes her so cute.

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The Lilys have an existential crisis after spring.

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The most fucked up girls are often the most moe. This doesn't make them happy, per se.

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OH stop it with the dick thing.

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Letty is dead. She's not here anymore! But on my back, and in my heart, she lives on in me!

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Is it odd for an English speaker to use that phrase?

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I had a dream of my wife. She was dead.
But it was alright.

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Mima is dead
She is no longer here
But on my back and in my heart she lives on!

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They're moe because you want to make them happy ;_;

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It's not something you hear everyday.

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Or utterly ruin them, setting yourself up as their saviour.

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Chen has got it made. Ran mothers her, Yukari looks out for her and all she has to do is sleep in the sun and play all day.

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Chen is a drug addict.

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Ran is called away to serve Yukari often, which leaves Chen alone. She can see all to well she is always a secondary priority to the one she thinks the world of.

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No she's not.

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Yes she is.

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And has schizophrenia

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The most happy Touhou is Suwako.

How can she not be happy with that DAMN HAT?

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And b4 Ran her life whas shit

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Her hat is the happiest.
I wish to be the hat.

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Except Chen is dead.

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Her kingdom was stolen from her by an usurper who she then had to serve for the good of her people, her descendants became the priestesses of that same opponent, and she was at last forced to abandon her homeland and start over in Gensokyo because the lot of gods in the modern world has deteriorated to the point of hopelessness.

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I'd like to see a doujin where Yukari orders Ran to abandon/throw away Chen.

Delicious tears. Delicious bad end.

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Ran disobeys Yukari at a crucial moment to protect Chen, Yukari then orders Ran to execute Chen.

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And then Ran refuses, forcing Yukari to use up a command spell to kill Chen.

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Youmu and Yuyuko are happy yeah.

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But if Ran can disobey Yukari in the first place, it doesn't matter now does it?

(Ran can disobey Yukari, anyways; she just loses her shikigami powers when she does.)

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>>481320 Forcing Yukari to BOUNDARY them both into the sun
Fixed for more in character.

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Youmu is forced to cook for Yuyuko day in and day out, and Yuyuko is dead.

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Is Yukari happy?

All she seems to do is sleep and meddle around in other people's business -- seems like an alright life to me.

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But then how are they going to win the Holy Grail war?

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Youmu struggles everyday with her inadequacies as Yuyuko's defender as compared to her Grandsire, and her sinful feelings towards her master.

Yuyuko realizes that Youmu, just like all of her friends except for extremely long lived youkai, will die while she remains. In the end, she will be utterly alone.

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Yukari has daily, no, hourly sex with Rinnosuke so yes, I guess you could say she's happy.

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She's dying. She will sleep longer and longer until one day, she simply doesn't wake up, Abh style.

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Do you fucking know Yuyuko's backstory? Its sad as fuck!
And Youmu was abandoned by her dad.

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I'd rather see Yukari order Ran to order Chen to execute Ran.

>Youmu: Anyways, I've served the Saigyouji clan since I was born, so it's natural for me.
>Aya: I'm starting to question if things natural to you are always actually right.

The natural thing is the most right thing. They say it differs by someone, but I’m not talking about the light daily stuff. The dead belong to the Netherworld and the living belong to this world; the Youkai eat humans and the humans defeat youkai. I've been taught the real natural thing is the ultimate truth for anybody.
>Aya: And one of your ‘natural’ things is to have no salary and no leave.
>Youmu: (Weeping)


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I'd rather see Yukari order Ran to order Chen to execute Ran.

>Youmu: Anyways, I've served the Saigyouji clan since I was born, so it's natural for me.
>Aya: I'm starting to question if things natural to you are always actually right.
>Youmu: The natural thing is the most right thing. They say it differs by someone, but I’m not talking about the light daily stuff. The dead belong to the Netherworld and the living belong to this world; the Youkai eat humans and the humans defeat youkai. I've been taught the real natural thing is the ultimate truth for anybody.
>Aya: And one of your ‘natural’ things is to have no salary and no leave.
>Youmu: (Weeping)


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The most common misconception throughout Gensokyo is that fairies are incredibly simplistic creatures. For the most part, this seems to be the case. The common fairy worries, at worst, about where to stay when they don't want to get wet during the rain, where to get warm or cool down when need be, and how to have enjoy themselves. Even the fairies of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, supposedly a "work crew," are amongst the most carefree residents of Gensokyo.

They don't need to eat food, and, even if their body fades, they just return sooner or later to continue having fun. They rarely even realize their lose or gain as they don't have the memories of their death. Death, it can be said, is beyond their ability to understand.

Which may be why Cirno is the smartest fairy in the world. Year after year, she sees her best friend "die." Year after year, she has the luxury of making best friends with a person she's known all her life but who never knows who she is. To die for a fairy is to forget.

Cirno must be the strongest, so that Letty will never be forgotten.

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Can we all just agree that there is no happiness in Gensoukyou?

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>She's dying. She will sleep longer and longer until one day, she simply doesn't wake up, Abh style.


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She'll still have Mokou and the Lunarians to play with!

...you're right, that is pretty sad.

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That an well

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Did somebody say Humankind Empire Abh?!

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Also, this thread is awesome. It's like a despairgasm.

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Oh god, it is like ef all over again.

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>It's like a despairgasm.

It's like a broken heart just drilled itself through my urethra and is now living in my nutsack.

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That's strangely Akyu.
She's just going to reincarnate and reincarnate, each time with a little less life than the last, until she can't reincarnate anymore. Meanwhile, her life is for her job only.

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Just like real history majors.

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When she can't reincarnate long enough to be born, will she live on as an omniscient fetus?

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I think that quite likely.

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Fuantei - Neko

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Given how ZUN hates all that is western, she'll probably just get a jolt of spiral energy to the old dharma wheel and ascend to nirvana.

>> No.481472


She'll grow up to be a catgirl slut.

>> No.481478

>>481463 ZUN hates all that is western

Which is why he dresses all of his girls in frilly european dresses, right?

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Yuyuko committed suicide do to the despair brought about by her powers witch true Yukari into depression.

Yea Yuyuko came back, but with no memory of Yukari or what hapened Yukari had to start from 0 while still haveing >>481384 >>481389 in her head.

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Yuyuko committed suicide do to the despair brought about by her powers witch true Yukari into depression.

Yea Yuyuko came back, but with no memory of Yukari or what hapened Yukari had to start from 0 while still haveing >>481384 >>481389 in her head.

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Since that aspect of culture was imported via Shanghai, he lets it slide.

>> No.481517

I think ZUN likes Western culture, but he's also pro-Japanese culture.

>> No.481520


...oh right.


...her master abandoned her...



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>She'll grow up to be Ran's catgirl slut.


>> No.481532

no he hates americans Europ and some american culture is a ok

>> No.481533



Doomed to the despair of loving above one's station.

>> No.481535

Has no named spellcards.

>> No.481536

"M... master? Wake up, Master! Are you all right?"

>> No.481537

What about Tewi?

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Behold the true face of happiness in Gensokyo

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Tewi is the happiest in Gensokyo. Even if she's just a brain in a jar.

>> No.481546


Crippling insecurities about the disparity between her age, experience and her weakness, subsequent servitude to the lunarians, which makes her act like a total bitch.

>> No.481550


>> No.481552

Tewi's always been a bit of a bitch though.


>> No.481554


I'm not even going to justify this one with a verbose, analytical response. She's basically angry manju with a silly hat.

>> No.481560


Angra Mainyu?

>> No.481563

Spinning solves all problems and misfortune

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Just like her best friend Udonge.

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Marisa's broom is probably the happiest.

>> No.481596

So no one has a non fucked up life in Touhou?

>> No.481600

Hm. What about Rumia?

>> No.481605

no all have something sad to them

>> No.481615

In the end it turns out it was all just an MMO in the future and they were all a bunch of hikikomoris trying to escape from reality. lol irony

>> No.481617

Her intrinsic ability causes her to radiate a sphere of darkness, yet she can't see through the darkness. her eyes are really sensitive to light, so she can't stay in the sun or see anything remotely bright. She spends her time floating around and bumping into trees.

>> No.481618

Rumia. It has to be Rumia. You can't ruin Rumia, anon!

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Nope, I think that's the whole point of Gensokyo: Misery loves company, so let's create a game so we can vent our hate and anger in our on personal lives out on each other, then have a gay ol' time with tea and hilarity afterwards.

>> No.481631

her mind and power are sealed off by that talisman ribbon.

>> No.481636

Keine seems alright.

>> No.481638


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She's the cutest and happiest towing hoe.

>> No.481648

But, you know, she's still incredibly happy doing that.

>> No.481658

The happiest person in Gensokyo is Reimu. This is not so much because Reimu is happy as it is because, if somebody were happier than Reimu, she would immediately ruin his or her life.

>> No.481661

Does this "Marisa's Dad raped her" thing have any foundation in canon at all?

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No shes not
And has to deal with what happens to Mokou

>> No.481685

She ran away and never looked back

and there are a few Doujin on it

>> No.481686

Mm, not entirely. All we know is that there must have been some really bad problem at home that caused Marisa to run away.

Oh, and she doesn't seem to have a mother. If Evangelion has taught you nothing, it's that motherless children are the most unhappy, maladjusted people in the world.

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Remember what happened to the last person in Gensokyo who said technology was superior to magic?

Yeah, never heard from her again ever.

>> No.481698

>She ran away and never looked back

>and there are a few Doujin on it

Alright. I guess it's just crazy doujin artists, then.

>> No.481703

No one gives a damn about her gadgets and inventions.

>> No.481711

>She ran away and never looked back
This part is canon do so

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She's been busy invading Mars.

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thats not her and Vivit isn't all tha happy

>> No.481751

Gensokyo land of the sad!!

>> No.481752

Wasn't it stated that magicians can't really live with normal people?
She probably ditched because of that.
There's nothing backing the rape, that quote is a lie.
So Marisa is happy.

>> No.481768

>>481752Wasn't it stated that magicians can't really live with normal people

they can heck Keine is a half youkai and she live with normal people.

>> No.481793

Come to think of it, I think I mistook that quote for "immortals."

>> No.481796

They can't have happy lives the end

>> No.481815

But why?

>> No.481823

They live happy lives with other magicians.

>> No.481825


>> No.481848

Where do you want me to begin?

>> No.481909

Surprise me. Anywhere.

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Sakuya will be dead

>> No.481968
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Has to live with what she did to Flan

>> No.482002

Her big ego will get her killed one day.
As she gets by thinking shes as strong as it gets when she's not.

>> No.482006


far from canon, although i enjoyed those 2 doujins very much

canonically speaking, she's probably one of the happiest in gensokyo. after she lost in EoSD, she ended up getting a friend instead

>> No.482011

Who? Remi? She is strong

Her fate manipulation was not demonstrated in game but it got mentioned in canon material

So she's easily up there with Yukari, Suika, Flan and Yuka

>> No.482012

Don't forget canon is shit because of ZUN. The character's personalities we like are fan creations.

>> No.482032

Well, Sakuya's death (as well as the other human characters) is inevitable seeing as they live much shorter than the rest of the cast

>> No.482037

Sakuya will die one day from ageing no if and or buts
and she did lock up Flan

>> No.482040


There is no "we" you fucking newfag

Although noone actually likes the canon materials 99% of the time, especially now that SSiB is shitting it up even more, it's still important in discussion. It's just the way canon is in just about everything

>> No.482048

she doesn't necessarily have to feel guilty about Flan.

>Sakuya will die one day from ageing no if and or buts

probably or probably not. considering she's been with SDM for a long time and she still looks 16

>> No.482050

>>482040There is no "we" you fucking newfag

Anonymous Is Legion

>> No.482069


gtfo, now

>> No.482084

hate to break up the despairgasm but just because you have had a sad event in the past does not mean you cant be happy. in fact you could agrue a person thats never felt pain coudl never feel joy, so its almost the opposite. the only people you can argue are not happy are people that live in despair everyday, like maybe alice whos always alone or with marisa who will never love her as much as reimu etc.

if it didnt work like that then noone in existance ever has or will ever be happy because someone they know will die at some point in their life. particularly an immortal like 50% of touhou characters that no matter what will eventually have a mortal friend die. or they could have no friends which would also mean no happiness

>> No.482087

no what will you do now?

>> No.482091

Elitist faggot.

>> No.482093


Oh hey look we got a newfag here

>> No.482094

no we are looking for whats fucked up with every one of the

>> No.482099

forgot my m

>> No.482108

well yeah every character with a backstory will have something to make you bawwww. so some character like Koakuma is the happiest then because who knows her story, she just gets to hang out at the sdm all day for all we know

>> No.482131

everyone in gensokyo has a pOnOs

>> No.482134


>> No.482166


>> No.482171

Oh you will look next to you

>> No.482856

This thread is a wonderful killing chamber for joy.

>> No.482885

did you know rinnosuke used to work at the kirisame shop?

>> No.482893


He ran off with Marisa and established his own shop after an incident one evening. He found her lying on her father's bed, naked, violated in every sense of the word, and sobbing uncontrollably.

>> No.482897

tears of joy

>> No.482898

rinnosuke used to work at the kirisame shop before marisa left

after she left he followed her into the forest and made his own shop

and apparently marisa runs her own kirisame shop but no one actually goes there

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This is the happiest person in Gensokyo

>> No.482917

in b4 another sad alice story
you know the one

actually 2

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>> No.483041

>Don't forget canon is shit because of ZUN

No it isn't.

>Although noone actually likes the canon materials 99% of the time

I do. I actually like stuff ZUN made more than all this doujin stuff. Maybe my powerlevel is just so low that I'm unable to give a shit about fan fiction, although I do think some of the doujins are hilarious.

>> No.483054

so he decided to help her escape only to later get cought and severly beaten with a shovel by marisa's deranged drunkard of a father. which only made marisa sadder because she felt she caused her only friend at that point severe injuries

>> No.483063


Then Rinnosuke vowed to protect her from now on and began to work out, becoming MANLY?

>> No.483067

Marisa's dad is badass if he can beat up a half youkai with a shovel.

He needs to be a boss in a future Touhou game.
You know, it would be hilarious if canon Marisa's dad turned out to not be such a bad guy, and Marisa only ran away because she wanted more freedom.

>> No.483071

Why does everyone call Aya a slut and Marisa a pimp, even though Marisa gets far more girls than Aya?

>> No.483075

Because Marisa is a pimp and Aya is a slut? It has nothing to do with numbers, it has to do with behavior.

>> No.483077

If you think that there will ever be a deeper plot involved in ZUN's games then I have to disappoint you

>> No.483078

no she has to deal with the fact that her best friend hourai hung her self and that her creator keeps the corpse around to use its latent magical powers, and that she is powerless to stop this derange defilement of her best friends corpse

>> No.483083

because aya grew up in a broken home where her mother would rather go out and sleep around then spend time rasing her failed aboriton/ broken condom causing Aya to crave any kind of attention she could get including the kind where she lost her virginity at 12 to a 30 year old and then seek solice in the arms of any one she could find

>> No.483084


>> No.483085
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Yeah, 'cause it's not like ZUN has books or manga that can expand on things.

>> No.483086


>> No.483090

Dude, how did you know about my childhood?

>> No.483093


yeah, I facepalm'd

>> No.483094

Like he ever tried for the past 12 games and released mangos, right?

>> No.483099

because i bought the tapes

>> No.483101

people fail to realize that humans in gensokyo are quite strong and able to fight youkai

like the people that challenge china to a fight

>> No.483106

In pure physical strength, only Suika surpasses Meiling.

>> No.483111

[citation needed]

>> No.483112


>> No.483113

and both are terrifyingly lonely lets not forget people this is the thread where joy goes to die

>> No.483116

I never said they were able to win
But the humans there can probably kill fairies and some youkai pretty easily

>> No.483132
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Happiest people in Gensokyo, they don't have a dark past. The only suffering they might have is theoretical at the hands of Yukari.

Until the time comes, Ran and Chen live a life of hugs and patient love.

>> No.483133

1. Letty isn't a fairy.

>For those fairies, they are a small burden on nature. In my case, I'm a youkai that lives in nature. When it gets cold, I'm happiest making it get colder.

2. Letty doesn't die.

>I go on a deep sleep during spring, I'm inactive during summer, I doze off during autumn. I hide and rest on a place where the sun wouldn't reach. I don't move or breathe very much.


>> No.483136
File: 42 KB, 640x480, 1208710141937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.483142

I don't believe it.

>> No.483149

Congratulations. You missed the whole point.

>> No.483152

Congratulations on your new-born baby.

>> No.483155

She passed out because she's too drunk.

>> No.483163


>> No.483170

way to funzilla all over our dispairgasm

>> No.483175

Funzilla? Is that like Godzilla except fun?

>> No.483188
File: 1.00 MB, 717x1518, 1208711232472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.483192

Godzilla is fun.

Well, as long as you're not in the city he's attacking.

>> No.483195

a funzilla is to fun like a Godzilla is to Tokyo in the earlier movies where he destroyed it

>> No.483202

So... it's not fun?

>> No.483210

About four posts in this thread reminded me of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

That was a good movie.

>> No.483242
File: 308 KB, 507x600, 1208712190202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Touhou 12 plotline: Marisa has gone missing, using a IN style human/youkai team system the player challenges the most powerful humans (Lolis with silly hats, of course.) eventually finding that Marisa has been captured by her father, who intents to rob her of her magic power and lesbian tendencies through brutal rape. Final stage is the siege on kirisametei.

>> No.483259


Someone get ZUN on the horn, I think we just hit the jackpot.

>> No.483281


He wouldn't even let her use the bathroom? How cruel!

>> No.483283

Alice is the hero of TH12.

>> No.483301


"Thanks for saving me, ~ze! I'm gonna go bump uglies with Reimu now."

>> No.483305

But it's not Alice Margatroid.

It's a TOTALLY NEW Alice that we made up.

>> No.483321
File: 272 KB, 1000x1100, 1208713180220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.483332

That works.

>> No.483338
File: 81 KB, 600x750, 1208713378322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.483343
File: 49 KB, 450x536, 1208713481967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'd be rather redundant.

>> No.483345

No, its THE Alice that we made up. The one who likes hugs.

>> No.483350

Who the hell would want to hug Alice?

>> No.483358
File: 146 KB, 600x820, 1208713677696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alice is likely to be tsundere for Gin.

>> No.483359
File: 4 KB, 128x128, 1208713718415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're talking about the real Alice, not the Tsundere impostor.

>> No.483365

/b/ did last night

>> No.483369
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New teams for Touhou 13.

>> No.483370

If you know what I mean.

>> No.483373


>> No.483374

I don't follow.

>> No.483385
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They fucked the shit out of her all night long, you ignorant prick.

>> No.483386

Hay Shirou, be nice.

>> No.483388

Aaaaaand.... auto-sage.


>> No.483389
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>> No.483503

Farewell, thread. You were the finest of us all.

>> No.483577


>> No.483578


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