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Fuck yes, Artificial Girl 4 is coming soon!


What do you expect to see in this game, /jp/?

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i expect it to suck

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Why do these games have such detailed urination scenes?

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Because it's hot.

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Fuck you.

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look at that pig-like face. illusion has surely fallen far.

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DAMN that's one huge bathroom.

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>Artificial Girl 4

It already exists and it's called HomeMate.

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Ask /d/.

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mine's bigger.

it also has gold-plated rails and shit. my parents are utter ricers when it comes to bathrooms.

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Why does your link lead to a generic 404 page?

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Graphics 3 years behind their time and a total reliance on fanmade content to be able to do anything interesting with the game.

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because they do not want to be seen by your foreign gaijin eyes.

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Just like the stalker games!

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>Everything from Illusion

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>3 years

I would like to point out that this was released 3 years ago.

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Its also a shit game.

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>Graphics years behind their time
>total reliance on fanmade content

Sounds like touhou

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I see you trollan.

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Its a horrible piece of shit. Deal with it casual.

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Bioshock WAS boring shit.

More water effects, less generic fps plz.

also not /jp/ related

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Indeed what I said could be applied as a blanket statement to many other games, but have you ever tried playing artificial girl without any mods? It's horrible

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artificial girl is horrible period. there is only so much mods can do.

you cannot, for example, do much about the horrible face-generation.

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Page doesn't exist OP

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haters gon' hate.

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>people who like quality games is gonna hate
FTFY and yeah we are. Because Bioshock is shit. Go play a real game like System Shock (2).

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this is illusion's newest game


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Even Artificial girl is better than bioshock.

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post the getchu link, retard. non-jp IPs are banned on that site.

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If you create a waifu that you truly love it doesn't matter what her face looks like! ;_;

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All this talk about bad 3D engines:
I've played around with 3D custom girl for a while. Not so much with AG3.

3DCG got the hell modded out of it. However, there are still plenty of limitations in the engine.

Since a lot of the mods can effectively replace all the original content, only the original engine remains. Why don't the japanese make an open source clone of the engine and improve that, while keeping compatibility with what mods it can? Or better yet, start fresh with a more powerful engine.

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>open op's link
>this is all i see

fuck you

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>non-jp IPs are banned

I live in Europe and the site works just fine for me, retard.

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Artificial Girl has such ugly faces. What do you guys see in that series? @HomeMate is better in almost every way.

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Competent engine coders are a rare breed. These are people who can get a job wherever they want.

And when you can get a job anywhere, why would you be working for a porn games company?

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But a lot of these engines aren't complex. People should be able to get a working clone within a few months of work.

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That's what Illusion thought, and what you're looking at is the end result.

Difference between Illusion and anything you folks start? They actually have a budget.

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But I'm so used to AG3. I just have to play it at least once a day.

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you now realize your pseudo-3d waifu looks like a cheap blown-up doll.

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I presume a lot of their work went into the art.

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not enough, I would argue...

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enjoy your glorified Flash game with a graphics engine that looks like it was made by a middle school student.

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Why do you keep on reposting my waifu?

Look, we're having a colorful breakfast.

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holy shit that's one huge table.

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>rainbow coloured food

what the fuck?

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They had LSD for breakfast.

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>What do you expect to see in this game, /jp/?

of course, the usual thing we always do when we play games like this, masturbate and just watch as some artificial male fucks your custom made artificial waifu

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Doesn't anyone else here have a special waifu in AG3 that they see every day?

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Suddenly, I want to play Box Hako again. Reinstalling.

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That was hilarious.


Something I found.