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Healthy Inc.

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I want to go to that school

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That head...

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Keine would be the teacher.

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I would feign stomach pains everyday just to go see Nurse Eirin!

Side-note: Something worries me. Is Yuyuko our cafeteria lady?

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Eirin teaches chemistry, Yuka teaches biology, Kanako teaches philosophy, Yuyuko is the lunch lady, Yukari is the principal?

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Shit I just saw it. Distraction tits were distracting.

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I'd so fuckin' play Gensokyo Academy.

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I'd Yukari repeatedly.

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Keine teaches history...

...and Sex Ed.

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i'd stay there forever

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Eirin: nurse, health teacher
Yuka: biology teacher
Yukari: physics teacher
Yuyuko: custodial department manager, with the custodial department consisting entirely of Youmu (she can't be lunch lady since then there'd be nothing left for the students)
Kanako: history teacher, military tactics research club advisor

And judging by the posters, the school's motto must be "Take it easy."

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All of them teach Sex Ed.

In a giant orgy.

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Eirin would most likely have to be the chem teacher too

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uh oh. someone got called in after class

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ucky 9.

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Lucky 9.

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Oh god, adult tewi is hot.

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But she only has so much time in the day. Between Chemistry and Health, she'd have to pawn one off on Reisen. Probably Health. If gym teachers can handle Health, so can an idiotic rabbit with too many stupid nicknames.

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Eirin is the chem teacher. Udonge is the nurse.

Enjoy your anal rape.

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Yuka's classes must be exciting.

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Ran is the elementary school teacher.

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>>480446 Enjoy your anal rape.
did someone say anal rape?

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She can still be the guard; lots of (American) schools have cops hanging around. Kids will probably throw shit at her, though.

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I see her more as a gym teacher.

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She should be the math teacher.

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Time for Anonymous' favorite class, Phys. Ed!

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No no, Ran's motherly characteristics make her the perfect kindergarten teacher. Youmu would be a good gym teacher if she's not too busy scrubbing toilets and cutting grass.

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I doubt it. Make trouble or throw shit at Meiling and she will punch you so hard not only will your bones shatter, your closest family member will feel it too.

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Alice is the one who sits at the back and no one talks to

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How many of them actually manage to land a hit before everything comes crashing down on them, however, is a different story.

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Marisa would he the "Arihiko type" of student. Reimu is the usual "full of potential but lazy".

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Remilia is the transfer student from a private school.

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Math, trigonometry, pre-calculus.

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Alice is the class pervert.

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What would Rinnosuke teach?

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Sanae is the prerequisite girl who just moved to town from somewhere far away.

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Manliness, or relic appraisal.

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He would most likely own the place where the students hang out after school.

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He's the local pervert who sneaks in the school frequently.

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groundskeeper meiling

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Like most 4chanians?

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Shikieiki is the principal.

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Everyone's favorite science teacher.

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Rinnosuke is like Indiana Jones, he's always off doing badass research.

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Komachi is the bus driver?

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She needs to stop blowing up the school lab though.

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touhou schoolin doujins


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Sikieiki is the dean of students, who is in charge of discipline. The principal is Shinki. And Komachi is the bus driver.

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Mokou is the rebel of the class, obviously.

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Of course, everybody thinks Reimu is a loser because of it, and pick on her incessantly. She finally snaps and shoots the place up. The rest is history.

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Hands on sex-ed together with Yukarin

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Behind the scenes she turns out to be kind to animals though.

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Kaguya is the snotty, stuck-up girl. Eirin gives her rides every day. She has fights in the schoolyard with Mokou.

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since reisen already wears a school uniform, she is probably a fellow student.

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But a nice girl, deep down.

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just replace all the characters with touhous

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She usually skips classes, though...

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she goes, but is always playing a DS or something

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And gets Reisen to do her homework for her.

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Cafeteria lady's helper.

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