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When I get off my ass again I want to code a parody shmup called "Brohou" where all the characters are male. But I need some help with the names.

Reimu = Ray
Marissa = Morris

That's all I've got.

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Get the fuck out.

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Why not create your own manly universe with its own cast instead of gender flipping an existing work?
Be creative, if you're going to sink time and effort into something, might as well do something worth that.

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>manly universe

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Make it in Europe too. Male Reimu as a crusader, male Marisa as a warlock. Obviously they try to kill each other given half a chance.

They fight little boys in dapper Victorian era clothing who are supposed to be dragons and redcaps and dwarfs and shit.

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China = Chan

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Cirno = Chad
Yukari = Karl

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I do create original things even though they're not great. this is something I've wanted to do for a while for a laugh, and also as a stab at zun and the whole touhou fandom for only liking lolis. and I'm just curious what names people would come up with.

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Even my VIC VIPPER idea was better than this.

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Why would you make an entire game based around an old tired joke?

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who has done it before?

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For kicks, giggles, and self amusement I guess.

I don't really approve, seems like a waste to me, but people can do what they want with their time.

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Genderswapped touhous? Fucking everyone?

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show me a game

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But did they give them names?

I've got another one, OP:

Patchouli = Larry

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yeah you've got the right idea. it is a dumb idea but it's more coding experience and amusing to me.

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So are there any Touhou VNs out there not centered around rape and sex?

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Sanae = Charlie

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Already planning to do something like this, using the Monsquaz man. It will be horizontal rather than vertical though, since Monsquaz is always facing that way.

Still trying to see what would be best to do a Horizontal Bullet Hell type game in.

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horizontal would be best for a parody if you want to tip shit on it's head.

or even an isometric like Zaxxon heh.

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oh. Kanako = Kenny

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Most likely? There's fucking tons of the shit. Genderswapped Touhous alone have more art than many other POPULAR games do.

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hey get angry about it

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you can do better then this OP, I mean Marisa and Alice are Touhou bros, true bros. Toubros.

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I'd hate male Yukari though.

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Sakuya and Remilia work out rather nicely.

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Was she 2p in Super Marissa World? I never played it but it would make sense right.

Also Alice is a hard name to think of a male equivalent. I tried first since she's my favourite.

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not sure if this one works though.

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Alice = Alan

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kill yourself.

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Alan perhaps?

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Bishie nightmare right there. Women can get away with alot more bullshit.

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Chris and his bro Luke

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>Alice is a hard name to think of a male equivalent


Anyways, you're a retard, please take it to, I don't know, pooshlmer or something.

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r> pic of that fatguy cosplaying as Letty.

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He will rule Gensokyo with his insanity geass.

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More like Sean

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you guys are missing a good opportunity to try and make a good thread out of a shitty OP

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how about you stop bringing pooshlmer here and don't post in the thread if you have nothing to add other than pedantic bitching.

collapse the thread if you don't want to read it.

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Westernised male names for reverse gender Touhous aside, I rather like reverse gender threads.

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One woman, 50 men, Rinnosuke is kind of fucked

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i lol'd

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Still more manly then most JRPG characters here.

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nice shit eating grin there, Orin.

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not sure if want.

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utsuho's eye medallion thing takes on a whole new meaning when a man is wearing it...

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oh fuck you I did not need that mental image.

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>Tewi is still wearing a dress.
>Tewi is a deceitful fuck.
>instant popularity boost.

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touhou men are too cool for socks

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Delicious muscular Shou arms.

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OP here. Although the thread got derailed hardcore thanks for posting the pics. I will fap happy tonight.

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The best form of masturbation.

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Confusion Sign - Does This Mean I'm Still A Virgin

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If she is I'm sure Yukari could help out with the border of purity

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no virgins postED on /jp/, only postING.

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I just gave OP a male name for Alice. That's more than you could possibly accomplish.

But thanks for proving my point about you guys being retards.

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Oh god, it's so gay.

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no shIT

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got to hand it to the artist of male Utsuho though, he didn't hide his elephants foot like most artists seem to.

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I just rechecked the pic and there was no "3rd leg" like I'd hoped for. I'm sad :(

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Alice = Alex hurr