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Okay, I know how to pronounce "Tewi" (tay) and how to pronounce "Mokou" (mokoh), but how am I supposed to pronounce "Keine" and not make it sound masculine?

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I am Cain.
I am here to help you.

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Don't say it as one syllable (kane) say it as two (kei-ne). Atleast, that's how I hear it when I hear it said in videos.

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>I know how to pronounce "Tewi" (tay)
I don't think you know how to pronounce Japanese syllables.

Enjoy your fail.

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Or that works. I dunno really.

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How would you pronounce it then?

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In the Eirin Eirin song, doesn't the singer pronounce it "Tay"?

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First off, you're pronouncing those names wrong.

Tewi/Tei would not be pronounced Tay. It would be Te-i. In other words, it would be just like saying Rei except with a 'T'. Unless you pronounce Rei as Ray.

Mokou would be Mo-ko-u.

Keine would be Ke-i-ne.

It's easy to figure out if you read the hiragana for their names.

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Uh, that's pretty much how it's supposed to be pronounced.

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In german.

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Yes he does. Any native Japanese speaker would do the same. The syllable "wi" is indistinguishable from "i" in Japanese. So "Tewi" and "Tei" have the same phonetic meaning. And "Tei" would be pronounced "Tay".

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〇 tay
◎ tei

And Keine's name is pronounced just as it looks. Kei-ne(h)

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Haha oh wow.

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Technically, you're very right. But "e" and "ei" are nearly indistinguishable since the "i" disappearing into accenting. But yes, technically "ei" is two syllables.

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Oh stop being an elitist ass, "tay" and "mokoh" are easy for people who know nothing of japanese pronunciation, and are more or less correct.

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For those saying that "tay" is wrong, could you please explain to me the difference?

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The difference is pretty much given here: >>478566

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Hi Ray

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Does it really matter how it's pronounced? You're never going to have real social contact with anyone, so say it to yourself however you like.

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Did you perhaps learn Japanese from one of those textbooks that romanize words like "sensei" as "sensee"?

The i sound is always there. If it sounds like it's disappeared, then the speaker is slurring their Japanese.

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Do you have to be so brutally honest?

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Not really, there is no difference, and I'm trying to draw out what they think is the difference.

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ITT: Truth

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Giving out what is correct information is considered being elitist now?

>easy for people who know nothing of japanese pronunciation
But okay, yeah. I'll give you that much.

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Although "tay" is a good approximation, I take issue with "mokoh" since it does not show that the second "o" sound is a long syllable. "Ko" and "Kou" sound very different and are easily distinguishable. In musical terms, "kou" is two beats long, whereas "ko" is only one. This also causes changes in inflection, so "Moko" and "Mokou" sound almost nothing alike.

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The difference is that 'tay' is one syllable while 'te-i' is two. The latter actually being the correct way to pronounce it. But because our Westerner ears are not used to the Japanese language, it comes across as 'tay' to us.

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I thought as much, but wanted to get a better idea. Thanks.

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ITT The blind lead each other around.

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Oh wow...

When I think about how many times I've heard the word sensei, i do not ever think I've heard the い clearly.  There is this thing called a dipthong....

Language is almost always slurred unless the speaker is trying to get across exactly how something is spelled せ ん せ い

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I hate that stupid 'n' in Japanese. It makes it so that without looking at the hiragana I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Ke-i-n-e or Ke-i-ne.

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Who says that Tay is one syllable when heard by a Japanese? To them it would have to be two syllables because that is the only way they can pronounce it.

This is ridiculous. I'm done being trolled.

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what's worse is that unless you are a native speaker it is very hard to even hear the difference

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>Who says that Tay is one syllable when heard by a Japanese?
No one did. The post said that Tei comes across as one syllable when heard by Western ears.

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thread almost ruined tewi for me until i realized ill never in my life discuss these things to anyone so ill continue to pronunciate the w in my head. its better that way

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Just like you can't pronounce tei, the japanese can't pronounce tay. Proving that they're different.

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Seriously. Like tani. It can be either unit or valley.

ta-n-i = unit
ta-ni = valley


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it's ne.

For future reference, an ん followed by an え would make no sense.

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Oh, I know it's ne due to going to the Touhou Wiki and looking up her name.

But thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind. Still hate it though.

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So is it spell TWO-EE amirite?

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音 (last character in Keine's name) = ne

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I cheated and went by the hiragana (ね) since my moon is still in the basics.

That's how I figured it out.

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Good thing there is context right?

Anyway, I think that ゐis a cute character, too bad it was redundant and removed from the official language.

The argument over how many syllables Japanese long vowels and dipthongs are reminds me of something a Japanese friend of mine once said when I gave them exactly 2 beats almost as if I was playing music.

She said it sounded like I was making fun of the way Japanese talk. Don't go by some rule, go by how people actually say things! Language is about communication, we aren't robots.

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>we aren't robots
And what is wrong with being a robot, Anonymous?

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Get the fuck away from me before I go Godzilla on you.

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>The argument over how many syllables Japanese long vowels and dipthongs are reminds me of something a Japanese friend of mine once said when I gave them exactly 2 beats almost as if I was playing music.
This isn't an issue for me because I also studied French. Which helps since there are times in French when you uh, blur I guess, words together. Like in 'Les enfants'. Makes it simple to pronounce something like Tei correctly.

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Well, I was going to say we aren't computers, but I am of the philosophical belief that we actually are (although very sophisticated ones, we suffer from the same ultimate limitations).

We are natural, evolved, creatures and as such we have natural evolved languages. Robots are synthetic artifacts, and as such they have synthetic languages.

Nothing wrong with being a robot except that you create threads on 4chan that argue over the minutia of whether it is ok to represent a 2 syllable japanese word as Tay or Tei when in Japanese it is actually てゐ and nobody, not even the Japanese can tell you how many syllables you pronounced it as......

robots tend to create shitstorms by being literal uptight assholes about the rules

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>robots tend to create shitstorms by being literal uptight assholes about the rules
Does that mean that mods = robots?

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Te-ah, what's so hard about--





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"Tay" is stupid because it means you're pronouncing your Japanese with a horrible english accent, which by the way, DOES NOT WORK.

"Te" as in Ted and "i" as in the letter E.

Remember that the character is actually "wi", so the "i" sound is supposed to be its own syllable, technically. Which is why you hear it as "te-i" rather than one "tei" or "tay"

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Actually no, listen to a Japanese video where they pronounce てゐ, it is exactly the same as てい

I wasn't aware that spelling it Tay meant that I was pronouncing it with a southern drawl. I was pretty sure I was just abandoning the Hepburn romanization system in a case where it made things unclear to laymen. The pronounciation is the same reguardless.

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Hey gais! Can we pronounce my name now?

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So you watched usatei and took it that it's pronounced TAY because they're saying it very fast?

It's two part "te" and "i"

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I like how the fagbot narrating the tutorial video in one of the dozens of releases of Street Fighter 2 consistently pronounces it wrong.

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oh wow

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Chocolate Rei-n?

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I did not say it is not two parts, it is a dipthong after all, only that tewi and tei are identically pronounced. Why do you think they got rid of the character for wi?

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I don't understand what the fuck is your problem. Rei is pronounced "ray" and Tei as "tay" and this is completely obvious to anyone who listens to an actual jappo saying it. The argument should end right there. What are you trying to prove with your pedantry and technicalities?

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ha ha ha oh wow

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Teeuee and Moocow.

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This is the best thing ever.

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I don't think you know what a diphthong is. Let's ask Wikipedia for help:

>A diphthong (also gliding vowel) (Greek δίφθογγος, "diphthongos", literally "with two sounds," or "with two tones") is a monosyllabic vowel combination involving a quick but smooth movement, or glide, from one vowel to another, often interpreted by listeners as a single vowel sound or phoneme.

Key word: monosyllabic. As in, PRONOUNCED AS ONE SYLLABLE.

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because it was redundant. once upon a time they used to pronounce "wi" but now they don't, so it'd be pointless having two characters that sound the same.

>Rei is pronounced "ray"
Ray as in RAY ROMANO? Hell no it isn't.

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**I move away from the mic to breath in

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This whole stupid thread was worth it just for this....

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>Ray as in RAY ROMANO? Hell no it isn't.

Hell yes it is.
Except that the R is a little different, but I don't think that's what you meant.

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Teh wii

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Teh (five second pause) wee

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Then it isn't ray anymore because the real sound for the R in "rei" is not in the English language. The english "ay" but not the english "r", do you understand this?

If we were talking Spanish were the same sound exists, then yes, we would write "rei". OH SHI-

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Don't be silly. Everyone knows it's pronounced "Rye-ooh."

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Uhh, I know this is the land of weeaboonese and all, but since English is a language that, you know, actually CAN make the "wi" sounds, shouldn't Tewi's name be pronounced "Tewi"?

Somehow, I think ZUN went so far as using the ゐ character for that intent..

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How would YOU feel if your name got butchered because iT's being pronounced in another language?

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Did you consider that what a syllable is differs from language to language? In Japanese a dipthong is two syllables. The concept is the same, two sounds blended into one different sound.

We are not talking about Greek.

えい is not the same as saying え then saying い

The sounds blend together into something that is very much like one syllable, but japs extend its length a bit so it takes up the time of two.

Tay, Ray, Rei, and Tei all require that you form your mouth to one syllable then blend in the next sound.
That is a dipthong you dipshit.

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My name is Polish. I've never heard it pronounced correctly.

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Can't say. When she's not dropping pans on your head or eating your ice cream, and even while she is, Tewi's a pretty bouncy girl; she might run with the idea.

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Ironically, my real name is constantly butchered when people try to pronounce it. It's one of the reasons why I rarely go by it.

Tewi's a tough cookie. She can handle it.

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I've always pronounced Tewi as Too-ee. I will continue to do it as it sounds moe.

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This says it is often interpreted by listeners as one syllable, that does not mean it actually is one syllable.

Is this not the exact problem that is causing this shitstorm?

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I don`t see a problem. Just pronounce the names with Japanese accent (or rather without that faggy english\american accent) and everything will be okay.

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@ 0:25

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Mm. How would 'Kieran' be pronounced in japanese?
Seems like a fiddly one.

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i lold

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lol gotouza-sama
sou nandeskarrr

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massive fail in every direction
Tei is pronounced exactly like tay when spoken fast. The Japanese slur it together exactly like that to talk faster. The whole point to casual speech is to make less tongue movements, which is exactly what tay accomplishes

ITT: A bunch of fags who listen to anime music and think people sound like that when actually speaking.

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I always pronounced it like the german word keine

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it's actually key-eh-rahn
Although the R in japanese is actually much closer to the letter L (but it's neither)

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Keine Nye the History Guy?

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