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She is the cancer killing /jp/

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Really? I thought the Japanese MSG.

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She's radioactive

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Seriously, What is the thing on Okuu chest? Eyes? What will happen if I poke them with a needle?

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They are called breasts and a needle will pop them.

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That's Yatagarasu's eye. She got this while consuming his powers. People often refer to this as Sauron eye or something

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It's a zipper.

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Actually radiation can cure cancer

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Too bad that it can't cure the cancer on /jp/

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Me on the bottom.

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enjoy having your penis being vaporized

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Nuclear orgasm is worth it

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>some sort of shitty meme

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That thing is the eye of some crow god she eated.

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Can I get some nuclear puns here? I ain't got any.

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That's because they suck.

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Get this shit out here.

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Isn't she a Pokémon?

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She is radioactive.

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I'm lost in the anatomy of this picture

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OP just doesn't know how to enjoy her.

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that's bloody adorable. Anymore?

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You know, O-Rin is likely radioactive as well. seeing as their best friends and all. Hell every one underground is probably going to die of radiation poisoning in a few weeks after SA.

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Just this.

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Not the same guy, but here's some similar stuff from my Utsuho Hnnng collection

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I still don't get this, she's a yatagarasu who ate a yatagarasu eye in order to become a yatagarasu with nuclear powers?

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Youkai can't die from something like that. They'll just turn into big mutant cancer blob monsters.

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Youkai regenerate. Their bodies probably repair the damage caused by Okuu's radioactivity almost as soon as it occurs. That's only for leaked radiation, of course; if she irradiates somebody with a high dose of radiation, it would probably take them a bit longer to recover.

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>big mutant cancer blob monster

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She was a raven youkai who ate the god yatagarasu, who was asleep at the time, Gaining his powers.

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No, no. She ate the whole Yatagarasu (a hell raven eating a crow of heaven, huh). The eye is an invasive decoration of Yatagarasu's power. Her "third leg" is probably Kanako-supplied. Only ZUN knows how her she got her foot encased in concrete.

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Kanako wanted better energy for the youkai mountain, so she snuck down to the hell of blazing fires, stuffed a sun crow into the strongest hell raven, and then left, assuming someone else would take care of step 2 in her plan, "beat her up before she nukes everywhere". Then they reasoned with her and now she makes fusion steam power for the faggot kappa engineers. What a sad life for an atomic girl.

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>Then they reasoned with her and now she makes fusion steam power for the faggot kappa engineers. What a sad life for an atomic girl.

but she likes to help people, she is a good person!

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Then again, Utsuho's a pretty strange girl. She greets you with the most mechanical dialogue I've ever heard in a Touhou game in UNL.

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>stuffed a sun crow into the strongest hell raven

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That's because she's fucking stupid and she's trying to come across as all tough and evil and whatnot.

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could someone explain the space cape to me?

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rule of cool

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A cape with a different pattern on the inside than outside. It's pretty simple.

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The space cape doesn't bothers me, it's the fucking foot encased in concrete that makes me mad every time i see her

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fuck you, it's a awesome reference even if it does look retarded in a fashion sense, like she's wearing a tea cosy on her foot.

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Less than 5 rad:
No immediate observable effects

5 to 50 rad:
Slight blood changes may be detected by medical evaluation

50 to 150 rad:
Slight blood changes including temporary drop in production of new blood cells will be noted and likely symptoms of nausea, fatigue and vomiting for one or two days.

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150 to 1,100 rad:
Severe blood changes will be noted and symptoms appear immediately. Approximately two weeks later, some of those exposed may die. At 300-500 rad, up to one half of the people exposed will die within 30 days without intensive medical attention. Death is due to the destruction of the blood forming organs. Without white blood cells, infection is likely. At the lower end of the dose range, isolation, antibiotics, and transfusions may provide the bone marrow with time to generate new blood cells, and full recovery is possible. At the upper end of the dose range, a bone marrow transplant may be required to produce new blood cells.

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One does not simply walk into mordor.

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1,000 to 2,000 rad:
The probability of death increases to 100% within one to two 2000 rad weeks. The initial symptoms appear immediately. A few days later, things get very bad, very quickly since the gastrointestinal system is destroyed. Once the GI system ceases to function, nothing can be done to save the patient with current medical technology.

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More than 2,000 rad:
Death is a certainty. At doses above 5,000 rad, the central nervous system (brain and muscles) can no longer control the body functions, including breathing and blood circulation. Everything happens very quickly. Death occurs within days or hours. No salvation is possible, and medical care is for comfort only.

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Okay hey, fan artists, listen up. It's not a tea cozy. It's not an armored boot. It's a hunk of radioactive slag. Don't cover it up, don't change it, don't hide it out of frame. She has a goofy ass character design and if you're not comfortable drawing it then you should pick a different series.

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Song Title: Shoot it
Circle: IZMIZM
Artist: izna
Album: Unleashed
Original: 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion


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Not bad. One thing that always annoyed me about Nuclear Fusion is that most of the remixes are utter shit no matter what genre. I think I've found a grand total of about 4 or 5 that are actually decent to listen to, one of which has vocals surprisingly.

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the current radiation level is 300 millirads and rising.

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>most of the remixes are utter shit
That's interesting because I can think of a lot of good ones.

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nuclear fusion has a LOT of remixes, so both points can stand true

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Why is it called the "former" Hell of Blazing Fires? Is it not Hell anymore? I never understood that.

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Correct. It isn't hell anymore. Some other place is the real hell now.

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Right, it's not Hell anymore. Komachi says quite a bit about that, including this to Utsuho:

>The present Hell became a place where oni are well disciplined
and injustices happen only rarely.

>The oni of Old Hell were in cahoots with the sinners,
such that there were even souls who didn't want to leave hell.

>You guys should, rather than a Hell like that,
try to look for work at the new Hell. How's that sound?

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Was there ever any further explanation for that given anywhere? Like a doujin even?

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I see. That's interesting to know, thanks. Komachi's being a little harsh there eh? For somebody who likes taking it easy, you'd think she'd be a little more approving of a hell where the damned can relax a bit.

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Same here. When people play it straight as the song goes it just.. doesn't work. The original leans heavily on its particular soundscape and tone to sound correct, a lot of the UFO tracks are the same way.

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Where does she says it?

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If you mean by playing hers story it is hisouten. Hisoutensoku got only story mode for new chars

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No shit, but there are added victory quotes for everyone. The lines are from that.

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Oh okay