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Why don't you like me, /jp/?

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You to put it simple you are a boring, unoriginal character with a amazingly annoying fanbase.

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Because slut

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You aren't red

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I like you.

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because you're a SLUT XDDDD

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Because you might as well be a fanon character.

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This is all your fault, you guys. You wanted someone not as rough around the edges and generally more pragmatic. You got a loose girl.

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No, I didn't.

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baw more faget

Forget this nonsense, Sanae. The hatred for you shown by /jp/ simply fuels my affection. Don't cry! ♥ ♥ ♥

I don't even care if you really are a slut. Everyone has flaws. I love you.

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Screw you guys Sanae is a good girl.

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I love Sanae. The "OH GOD WHY DOES /JP/ HATE HER SO MUCH" threads every day I could do without. They hurt more than help.
Or maybe they're trolls and I'm dense.

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Hard samefaggotry here.

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How loose?

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Who were the people who came up with Reimu is a bitch? were they the same people as those who came up with Sanae (and Aya) is a slut?
No one complains about Marisa ...

Oh! I know. They are bitter Sakuya fans.

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Reimu being a bitch is canon, but characters' sexual tastes are never mentioned in the game, so Aya and Sanae being sluts is a completely unfounded idea.

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Reimu is a grumpy bitch, Marisa is a cheerful thief and murderer, Sanae is a batshit insane megalomaniac.

That's why I love them.

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because sakuya

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Because she has no real goddamn head accesory.

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What is?

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She has a froggy pin and snake braid thingey.

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The Pleasure of Denying Aside

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>wears frog in hair

'nuff said

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...by Jove, I think you've found it!