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It's nice she goes through the trouble of doing this before she eats you.

Also, Yukari thread.

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Marked for deletion (old)

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So what Iam going to be prepared with? Roasted? With sauce?
And what would side dish and desert be?

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I fucking love Cougars

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this is why she is hot

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Marked for deletion (retard)

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Do you watch Cougartown?

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I wish to lick.

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Man, I'd love to end up in her gap.

If ya catch my drift.

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I was exposed to it on gym tv's. I generally don't watch sitcoms, because I'm not pants-on-head retarded.

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The similarities astound me.

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I'd her gaps

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I'd lick her gaps

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She'd prolly eat you if you did that.

Unless you had her permission of course.

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She's a slut. All you'd have to do is say she looked young or something and she'd suck your dick in a minute.

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I'm perfectly okay with this.

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dat arse

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Glasses moe

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17 years old.

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I hate Britgfags

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I came.

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Come here~

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holy shit

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Why is she so elegant?

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The long blonde hair and the Victorian style of dress gets me.

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>She's a slut. All you'd have to do is say she looked young or something and she'd suck your dick in a minute.

"Oh my goodness!! He said he's never seen such a breathtakingly, beautiful young woman before!"

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You get with Yukari and you get Ran, Chen and most likely Yuyuko as well.

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I'm not british

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...What about Youmu?

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Foursome with Yukari, Ran and Yuyuko?

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You walk in and see....."Oh. Uh, hello ladies....."

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Can youkai get drunk? How drunk?

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You know, I wonder where people got the impression that she's like that.
I know why everyone says that Aya and Sanae are sluts: new main characters herp derp. It's no less retarded than the rest of the fandom, so I guess it's ok. But Yukari has naver said or acted in a slutty way, and she hasn't had her own game, nor has she became a playable character (except for IN, but who wasn't a playable char in IN? She was even left out of PoFV).
This vexes me so.

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This drunk.

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its a joke

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You are now realizing your wet dreams are actually Yukari riding you like a horse and then letting you explode in your shorts while she disappears, laughing.

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>All you'd have to do is say she looked young or something and she'd suck your dick in a minute.

This implies she has low self-esteem about herself. Yukari seems much more confident than that.

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It's a joke.

Remember this?

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Sure, she seems confident, but think about the facts.

First of all, sleeping more than 8 hours a day is a symptom of depression.

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But Anonymous..........I've never had a wet dream before....

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She's just old.

As youkai get older they become less active.

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or too much free time.

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poor you.

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Anonymous! How do I have a wet dream!? I've been told not fapping so much but I went 3 and a half weeks before and still no wet dream.

What's the secret?

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Put your hand in a bowl of warm water while you are falling asleep.

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Her blood alcohol level would burn your penis.

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Also, this doesn't imply that Yukari's a prude. I'm just saying she'd be more fun to flirt with than that.

Calling her young? You'd get a witty reply bounced back at you. But you don't have to stop there. You could go over, give her a hug, then sit down next to her. Then hug her again. When she asks why, compliment her on the perfume - which creates good vibes. Then she'll melt in your lap.

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Oh hardy har har

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She wouldn't even acknowledge your existence

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My what?

But yeah, the moral is pretty much the same - don't touch the girly parts of a sleeping oni.

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I like your style

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And how would YOU know?

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So, you do what we in the biz call 'Getting attention.'

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No. I'd not even notice her if she was around and I'd walk away. She's a demon. Demons are bad.

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Oh yes.

She's been a very bad little girl.

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I'd run away.

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Guess who gaps out of your closet at night.

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Oh god, I'm going to have wonderful nightmares tonight...

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fingerbones stroking your cheek in the darkness

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Who ya gonna cal!?

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You are awakened by the sound of slurping noises. You open your eyes to a shapely bottom....

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Her pussy is crooked....

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[x]Touch dat ass
[_]Don't touch dat ass

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Your hand is now gapped into Utsuho's core while your dick gets licked by Chens tongue.

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Yuka is superior.


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Also, Aya's crop is gapped over your face.

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Even Walfas acknowledges this rivalry.

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Me? But I'm so innocent...How could this be?~

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There is no rivalry........

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We frequently do activities together, such as this.

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Don't even try to act innocent, you bitch.

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