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I don't know what this is. Some kind of Fate/Nanoha crossover?

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Did they ever translate the last one of the previous crossover thing?

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Takeuchi Nanoha
Not sure if want.

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Oh, cool, a thread I can post this in.

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It's not the first time.

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I keep seeing posts about this but I still have no fucking clue what it is. Is it a game? A book? A fucking OVA? I have no goddamn idea.

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look at that fucking thing

just look at it

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Someone tell me what the fuck is it

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Remember that doujin series with the characters from Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night duking it out?
That, but this Fate and Fate.

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Crossover OVA that's being released in the later 2010.
Mainly parody focused though, but apparently it's gonna have some cool battle stuff.

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Finally we will know one and for all if Nanoha can kill servants.

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Doesn't matter; we all know fanon trumps canon.

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There's a manga, are some scans on imouto. Have a shitty pic that's probably from animesuki I don't know.

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Why are those pure girls eating with that whore Taiga?

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Rin better watch out, twintails drive Nanoha wild.

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Blu-rays where??? JAPAN!!!

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It must not contain Sakura.

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Hey now, she might be a good girl in the universe.

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How long is Nasu gonna keep milking FsN. This should have been a Type-Moon crossover instead, seriously

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I want to see Saber fighting Signum.

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> Finally we will know one and for all if Nanoha can befriend servants.

Binding spells to keep them from dodging at Mach (whatever), then a Starlight Breaker to the face.

Starlight Breaker vs. Excalibur vs. Ea would make for some funny beamspam shoving matches.

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So you talk about milking, but complain it should include other settings which would also be milking.

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>This should have been a Type-Moon crossover instead, seriously

And then Shiki was a Servant-killer.

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He should at least make a few games related to Melty Blood or Tsukihime, or at least a Type-Moon crossover

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CCC already did a type-moon crossover thing, we don't need another.

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counting this, there are five nanoha mangas going on right now. I hope that new nanoha thing is another manga that'd make it six.

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oh, and they're all in different magazines. FS/N knows NOTHING of milking.

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>Fate/Stay tight
it sounds like a bad porno

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Six ? Enlighten me

>> No.4740207

Sounds like an accurate description of FSN's sex scenes.

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Since Type Moon is so keen on crossovers they should then mix with Dragonball Z

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but the mangas are actually entertaining so I don't mind

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But Shiki can't kill Saiyans.

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Nanoha movie manga
Nanoha Force
Nanoha Vivid
Nanoha Force 4koma
This FS/N thing. Whatever it is.
>>4739507 which is probably going to be an anime but could be another manga just to fuck with people

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they are not. movie manga is the only good one

>> No.4740227

Would it include porn?

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Yeah, Arcueid vs Goku. That would be awesome

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I hope nanoha dies.

In any of the mentioned series.

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fuck you, I bet you think she's straight too

>> No.4740323

Nope queer as folk, still dislike her character.

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But she is straight

>> No.4740325

I think she's straight and she's my favorite character

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How can you dislike her character? There isn't even much to dislike, really.

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Faters gonna Fate

Pic Shown: Superior crossover.

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Every time I've ever bothered to visit gamefaqs anime board, there's been a nanoha vs sakura topic somewhere.

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Pretty much that, I mean the original series was fine for her character as she's got the personality of a generic magic girl, but in A's and Strikers she was boring and The side characters were so much more entertaining.

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Just say she's a Mary Sue and get it over with.

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Nanoha's distinguishing trait: Loves training way more than any human should. That's it.

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when does she ever train before strikers?

>> No.4740369

she also loves Fate way more than any human should

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She trained so hard between a's and strikers that she almost died. it was in the strikers manga.

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I would but then I'd get banned.

Our mod doesn't consider Saber or Nanoha a mary sue.

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There was an entire chapter of the Nanoha to A's manga about her training regimen.

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...Isn't this the FIRST one, actually?
Official crossover I mean.
How are they 'keen'?

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So what the hell is this a movie a vidya game a manga?

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wait why Nanoha of all things?

>> No.4740427

They like Nanoha people. Nanoha people like them. A match.

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Suddenly, the dude from 300 saying 'Who. Is. DEADLIEST'

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/jp/ doesn't have a dedicated mod.

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this reminds me of Kingdom Hearts for some reason

>> No.4740555

then it was butthurt /a/ mod.

Either way, there was a nice set of bannings based around calling characters mary sues.

>> No.4740556

No board has mods. They aren't board-specific.

And you guys deserved those bans because Nanoha is not a Mary Sue.

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Airman wins

>> No.4740580

Tsukihime X Hellsing

calling it now

>> No.4740594

Except that she is.

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>there was a nice set of bannings based around calling characters mary sues

Awesome. I'm finding a new faith in 4chan staff.

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Yet another person who has never read fanfiction tossing about a term he doesn't understand.

>> No.4740607

>person who has never read fanfiction

Well, one thing must be said. That's not a bad thing in itself. Quite the opposite.

>> No.4740612

Yet another person who can't come up with a decent counter-argument making ad-hominem attacks he doesn't realize he's making regarding a term he doesn't understand.

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It's a shame that StrikerS came so close to presenting, even if only for a moment, Nanoha as a rather unhinged individual, but unfortunately the quickly explained away any fault from her the next episode and made it just so Nanoha is just being caring.

They even fixed her crazy eyes, it's a bit of a shame really, a imperfect slightly broken Nanoha seems really popular with the fans. I mean really, she's just too into her job to the point of a demonic sense of duty. You can only push yourself so far before it becomes a unhealthy obsession, Nanoha's obsession seems to be pushing herself to the brink of death to see how far she can go.

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She would make an awesome villain.

They should do that.

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The only way to lose this sort of argument is to seriously argue and invest time into it.

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>gamefaqs anime board
Don't you mean Aizen board?

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Not an official manga is it?

>> No.4740684

All I ever do is search for series I like. That's impressive.

>> No.4740691

Of course not. I'm surprised something that isn't yuri got translated though... Nanoha's yurifags are the worst.

>> No.4740699

Their is some great guro though. Not that I like guro but I love watching magical girls fail. Its why I love precure porn so much.

>> No.4740702

I'd take a gurofriend over you anyday. Bastard.

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The fifth anniversary Konpuesu holidays! "Fate / stay night" & "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" contest a dream!

Takashi Takeuchi paint cover the "Fate" & "that is in"!

And draft screenplay by Tsuzuki Maki, "Fete" & "in that the" collaboration comics characters!
They paint this, "Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya" said Shima Hiro and Hiro, and "Lyrical Nanoha is ViVid" Shindou Takuya's.

Takashi Takeuchi × ultra-long talk in the Tsuzuki Maki!

Ultra luxury comes with two large appendices.
Cover with grated draw & Okuda Yasuhiro, "Fate" & "in that the" Giant Poster B2 and "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha posters ViVid bath"!

And! Cover all the service book cards (Stock paid by the applicant) conducted!

TYPE-MOON related work of great attention, "MELTY BLOOD" "CANAAN" in the popular series!

Planning packed Konpuesu Special Anniversary Issue 5 released on March 26! !

Konpuesu May issue (March 26 on Sale)
Special price: 720 yen
URL: http://www.comptiq.com/

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Throwing shit at something somewhat good doesn't make it better.

Unless it's an Ilya route, of course.

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You would throw shit on Illya?

>> No.4740795


Fate Nahona - It's shit.

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But masturbation is very healthy.

>> No.4740840

Not to the extent most of /jp/ does it, it isn't.

>> No.4740852

This is gonna be shit :)

>> No.4740857

Shiki can seduce Nanoha and Fate. Discuss.

>> No.4740858

Good. Crossovers aren't allowed to not suck.

>> No.4740860

we'll see about that

>> No.4740863

So they still love each other, but also Shiki? I'm okay with this.

>> No.4740864

>>4740857 Shiki can seduce Nanoha and Fate. Discuss.
... Which one?

>> No.4740865


>> No.4740885

Tohno/Nanaya Shiki, obviously.

Could work with Ryougi too, after all.

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Someone made a F/SN status mock-up with Nanoha characters. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm4097302

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Everyone knows that Signum is Archer

>> No.4740941

Adult Nanoha and Fate.
They're sluts.

>> No.4741120

Actually, they made Signum into another Saber. It goes:

Saber - Fate
Lancer - Erio
Archer - Nanoha
Rider - Caro
Caster - Hayate
Assassin - Teana
Berserker - Subaru

Avenger - Vivio (adult)
Lancer - Zest
Saber - Signum

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>Editorial Special ☆!
>Fate / stay night × Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
>Tsuzuki Maki / Shindou Takuya

>Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ☆ × Prisma Ilya
>Tsuzuki Maki / Shima Hiro and Hiro

Oh boy.

>> No.4741485 [DELETED] 

HERE is @ CrAZY |deA: stoP Fu[kin9 wITH www.anoNtALk.<oM and sHu+ dOwN th|S |L1EGAl Sit€. by ThE WAy, heR3 Is tHE MENTA1LY iLi LY|Ng pSycHopath THI3F cHr|StoPHeR pOOl3 (AKa M0ot) 1n ac+I0n (TURn IT Into lowER-cAse As{|i): h+tP://www.an0Ntalk.C0m/DUMP/mOo[email protected]d.t+T

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But Rin's a magical girl too, so she's insulting herself!

>> No.4741507

...Rin is not a magical girl.
The only Magical girls that appears in Fuyuki is Kaleido Ruby

>> No.4741525

>Assassin - Teana
I know it's not easy to shoehorn everyone into appropriate classes... but seriously?

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>Berserker - Subaru

>> No.4744015

What's the problem here? She seems like she'd make a good Assassin, between sucking at fighting, the illusions, and her surprise melee mode.

>> No.4744025

Holy shit, Zest is in this? Suddenly I give a shit.

>> No.4744045

No, that's the fan-made video here>>4740889

>> No.4744124

Why is Signum both one of Hayate's Noble Phantasms and a servant in her own right?

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>> No.4744241

So how strong a mage would Caster be in the Nanohaverse?

>> No.4744291

You can't really compare them. Hatate's only strong because she's got insane amounts of magical energy anyway; she can't actually use it properly.

>> No.4744302

Well, I was just talking about sheer destructive potential, but you're right.

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>> No.4744467

She's like Assassin in F/sn, just Hayate can summon her automatically rather than having to go through the steps Caster did?

>> No.4746498

That and she has the spell variety of thousands upon thousands of mages, via the Book of Darkness she absorbed. It's a shame we've never gotten to see her perform Starlight Breaker.

Though Diabolic Emission is pretty cool.

>> No.4746526

I haven't been paying much attention to Nanoha lately, but I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. Sounds cool though.

>> No.4746532

Fuck you, they're pure and will always be that way.

>> No.4746539

This was established way back in Nanoha A's.
Its the reason she was ranked higher than both Nanoha and Fate in Strikers.

>> No.4746550

No, the reason she was ranked higher was because she has a fuckhuge magical power. She doesn't know every attack Reinforce knew.

>> No.4746561 [DELETED] 

It's never stated directly that she absorbed the Book of Darkness's powers, but she knew enough to create Reinforce Zwei, and I really douvt she picked that up in officer training.

That suggests to me that she absorbed at least a significant portion of the book's contents beyond raw power.

>> No.4746565

It's never stated directly that she absorbed the Book of Darkness's knowledge, but she knew enough to create Reinforce Zwei, and I really doubt she picked that up in officer training.

That suggests to me that she absorbed at least a significant portion of the book's contents beyond raw power.

>> No.4746567

Oh, we're on suggests level. I'm okay with this. Believe whatever you like.

>> No.4746582

Funny, I seem to remember powerlevel discussions about the show when it was airing coming to the exact opposite conclusion as that.
Eh whatever, what does 4chan know anyway?

>> No.4746591

She never bothers using all those attacks why? There's no logical explanation besides "she doesn't know them."

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Plus that HAYATE SUCKS chapter of the manga. Can't beat Kyaro lol

Sorry about your waifu.

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File: 46 KB, 600x600, 1e8e82c3557aec89c07bed7ca7ded659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

isn't it sad

>> No.4746634

There is one logical explanation: "she doesn't need them". She has Diabolic Emission and that's fuck-hueg-powerful enough to satisfy anyone.

>> No.4746644
File: 369 KB, 566x800, 4993904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's nice, but she still can't beat Caro.

>> No.4746739
File: 240 KB, 1400x875, ID Hayate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hayate are "Synthetic-SS Rank" ( or Composite, which means it's the rank based on Mana ) based on "Old Belka Zauber-Ritter Rank"

Nanoha are "Air-S+ Rank" based on "Mid-Childa Wizard Rank"

Knowing lot of spells doesn't have anything to do with Rank

>> No.4746755

The Nanoha girls are virgins, they won't fit in the slutty TM universe.

>> No.4746769 [SPOILER] 
File: 156 KB, 750x900, 396940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if Hayate does know all the spells, the casting time for ones she's rusty with is probably absurdly high. Way too high to use in a fight.

it's been a long time since I took part in a Nanoha powerlevels argument. season 4 where

>> No.4746776

Does a girl count as a virgin if she's only had sex with other girls, and hasn't ever had a penis inside them?

>> No.4746780


Yeah, and later she say she can beat Nanoha. Not to mention she can summon wolkenritters to fight for her.

>> No.4746790

>implying they didn't have bi-sexual orgies with Yuuno and Zafira.

>> No.4746804

That never happened.

That didn't either.

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I love the skill's name for those "Material" Hayate in Nanoha A's Portable

Arondite, Excalibur, etc

And "Luciferion Breaker" for Starlight Breaker

Fucking awesome name

>> No.4746828

BlackTewi needs to teach her lessons to Nanoha fans too, I see.

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Speaking of Yuuno, he isn't even going to get a speaking part in the next anime. Calling it now.

>> No.4746896

translation patch where?

>> No.4746911

I fucked Nanoha.

>> No.4746915

The game sucks too much to be worth one.

>> No.4746918

You have good taste.

>> No.4746924

But the only reason to play it is for the story.

>> No.4746939
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Nanoha is lesbian only.

>> No.4746955


She loved it, too. The slut even let me cum inside. Felt so good, man.

>> No.4746990
File: 170 KB, 1000x1126, 8451246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The story sucks too. Only reason to play it is these three.

>> No.4746998

What are those, her clones?

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Yeah prettymuch. Blue Feito is the best; she's cheerful as hell.

>> No.4747035

She looks less cheerful and more sadistic.

>> No.4747138

I am disappoint in the lack of clonecest.

>> No.4747141

Maybe cheerful was the wrong word.. hyper? motormouth?

That's just how the fanartist drew her anyway.

>> No.4747199

You are now realizing that the materials are named L, S and D.

>> No.4747208

Is that a car reference? It's probably a coincidence if it isn't a car reference.

>> No.4747509

Lightning, Star, Darkness

>> No.4747520

They come from Book of Darkness fragment

And the battle between each character and their Material form give LOTS of character development

not canon though

>> No.4747528

is it out yet?

>> No.4747555

is this an ANIME
or a MANGA?

>> No.4747572
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>> No.4747583
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>> No.4747586

The F/SN crossover came out like 3 days ago and there aren't any scans. Enjoy never getting any.

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This far into a thread concerning both Nanoha and F/SN and >>4740928 is the closest we get to someone posting this image? Huh...

>> No.4752764


>> No.4754459

It's a terrible image.

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File: 191 KB, 854x480, 1269827348807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4757570
File: 192 KB, 854x480, 1269827458121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4757576
File: 178 KB, 854x480, 1269827482597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4757619

The Nanoha series is based off a porn game series so yeah. Her brother should get to be in it, just because. Defeat Taiga > sex.

>> No.4758279

>Implying the writers remember Zafira's existance.

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Fate/stay night

Fate and Nanoha

Fate stays the night with Nanoha

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