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How come Yukari's gaps always lead from real space to that eye filled subspace? Can she not open two gaps linking two points in real space at the same time?

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Dramatic effect.

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Oblivion sucks

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410 is a slut.

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You are a slut.

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Suppose Yukari opens two gaps causally connected to each other without any hammer space in between.

Gap A is located stationary in Gensokyo.

Gap B is first formed in Gensokyo but non stationary. It’s moving at significant proportion of the speed of light to Alpha Centauri. Upon reaching Alpha Centauri it then turns around and travels back to Gensokyo at the same speed.

The space-time around the mouth of Gap B is therefore experiencing noticeable time dilation relative to Gap A.

Yukari have the top half of her body poking out of Gap B and the bottom half poking out of Gap A. What will happen?

[ ] Yukari experiences differential rate of aging with her top half aging slower
[ ] Yukari will see two Gap B with two top halfs of herself when Gap B returning to Gensokyo
[ ] Yukari(s) die in horrible mingled and warped deaths due to chronology protection conjecture

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[x] Yukari(s) die in horrible mingled and warped deaths due to chronology protection conjecture

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The eye dimension is a proxy to prevent gap-jacking. No free rides to Gensokyo for you, Anonymous!

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Hmm, maybe the eye dimension is like a buffer space and Yukari can only open one gap and only between real space and this buffer space at one time. She'll have to enter this buffer, close the gap and then open another gap to else where to teleport.

This would actually avoid many paradoxes

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but where does buffer space exist?

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In Yukari's gap.

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Buffer space doesn't 'exist', matter exist only as data inside this space if there are no gaps open. Opening a gap causes all data in the buffer to rematerialise into matter and closing a gap will do the opposite. Thus when a gap is open, the buffer space function as just an unusual spatial extension of real space, and one can enter it as if walking through a door frame.

Having a buffer isn't very strong protection against intruders though. If you have the technology available you could just dial into the buffer space, wait till Yukari opens a gap from Gensokyo and exit via that gap before she can stop you.

If you want protection from 'foothold' situations you need an iris.

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Those eyes are just a reference to Laplace's Demon.

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Shush. They're not a reference; they're a mysterious and otherworldly apparition.

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Watching all that SG:1 really paid off for you.

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Her lower gap, I take it you mean?

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No, nack. You suck.

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