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Rachel Alucard is my favorite Touhou.

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Rachel Alucard is mai waifu!

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She's got nothing on the lorax.

Also its nice to see that the interboard raid is over.

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So shitty they made a brand new tier for her.

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Hey, shitty vampire!

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Mine too!

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In Blazblue 1.5, Bang Shishigami beat the crap out of Rachel and took her S-Tier status, because he could.

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A crappy ninja replacing the shitty vampire? Makes sense.

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Why are you such an asshole Terumi?

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Hazama is honest.
Unlike the world.
Which is filled with nothing but lies.

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Because he can be.

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The question is: Why not?
Indeed! Gentlemen, bring me the New Eye!

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Sir, was that really needed? I enjoy slowly torturing and slaughtering gods as much as the next murakumo unit, but what's so special about that hat? Is it good at killing things?

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Oh, it belonged to some pathetic little girl who said that was a goddess of earth. Thank you for slaying her for me, you'll get a promotion. I think I'll keep this hat as a reminder that frogs are nothing compared to snakes.

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Does anyone REALLY like that shitty vampire?
I mean honestly, it seems vampire has just become a shorthand for AWESOME COOL POWERS these days.

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Oh Sanae, congratulations on transforming into a god/youkai!

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Thanks for the tip! Mu, I want you to slay Sanae AFTER I have my way with her.

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Encountered an enemy: Sion Blazed Blue thread. No refuge.

Be attitude for gains:
1) Smile with report button
2) Implied green with reactions
3) Be praying for mod
4) Be praying for mod
5) Be praying for mod

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So I'm not the only Blazen' fan here?

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What can I say? He catches my character quite well. I loved the booth idea; I should set it up more often.

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Ragna would stop Hazama, but he has more important buisness at the moment.

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How can you not like a twintails goth loli servant-abusing ojou with frilly dresses? The bat and cat are just bonuses on top of all that.

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Rachel? I still hate her even if her name is Remilia.

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Rachel is rather useless.
I'm told SHE'S SO SUPER POWERFUL AND IS PLANNING ALL THIS GREAT SHIT OUT, but what that actually AMOUNTS to is her showing up in every story mode and being an annoying bitch.

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SF hijack

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superior game as everyone knows

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Let's get it on now

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Select and make your best pick

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Let's get it on now!

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Ten.. nine.. eight.. seven.. six

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Let's get it on now.

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Choose and pick the best one.

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Let's get it on now!!

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Five.. four.. three.. two.. one!

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FUCK YEAH Q AND NECRO. SF3 definitely had the most interesting characters in any fighter ever.

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Sorry friend you are forgetting something. Blazblue is a huge load of shit though.

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Yes Guilty Gear was an awesome game, quite the shame that such a great game couldn't get a good following here. Alot of the GG streams I've seen have been full of fightan noobs and they see the light.

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its not street fighter without this.

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or this

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiE6zl1g8C8 @0:41

or this


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Hey Terumi.

You're based on me.

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Oh, fuck you!

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u mad?

Don't mind me, just being the ORIGINAL keikaku doori Michale Jackson.

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blazblue is such a terrible game

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>Implying SF4 is better
Of course, it's an obvious case of new=shit

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Did I mention I the snake motif? 'cause I have that too, Serpent of Akasha and Ouroboros and such. And the immortality through soul transfer. And the batshit insanity and general douchebaggery.

It's like you were made to be a cool version of me AFTER the manga and Actress Again made me awesome. Little late there brah.

>>implying Street Fighter 4 is good

Oh wow. Enjoy your TIGER KNEE, brah.

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Art is from 3S dumbasses. And yeah, SF4 is better than BB. Guilty Gear, hell no, but BB, certainly.

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You don't have the hat, Roa.
And Kohaku seems to be able to deal with you.

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>>implying SF ANYTHING is better than BlazBlue

Wow, you're pretty deluded aren'tcha? I mean, sure, if you like your best blockstrings to consist of the same projectile spammed over and over again, then sure, it's great. Let's not even get started on Q.

Fucking Arcana Hearts is more balanced than this shit.


Oh, that's just because she's mai waifu on the side.

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Play real fighting games like MBAA.

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>Implying Kuroda doesn't absolutely destroy with Q or didn't he OCV a 5 man team that had like Momochi and shit in it.

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SF4 is the prevailing game of the new decade, if you don't like it then go back to playing your 5-frame link window games and 2aaaa games. Us real men will play with our advanced one-frame link hit confirmed ultras and negative frame fireball loops. Negative edge your scrubs asses.

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If anyone is interested that's Daigo's website, contains vids from when he was still playing Vampire and GG.

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Okay, look, this isn't even SF4 and I'm just going to show how ridiculous the tier whoring in this series is. This is the last match in a Street Fighter 2 World Championship at EvoSpace about 2 years ago. The ENTIRE match is TIGER SHOT.


Here's that for Street Fighter 3. Chun Li mirror match. Also Justin Wong CONTINUING to be a tier whore because that's all he ever does. The entire shitfest of a series has been completely engulfed by tiers to a ridiculous extent.

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>basing assumptions off 1 match

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There's only one thing more shitty than shitty vampires, and that's SFIV.

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Best Touhou ever

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Haha... You actually believe this, holy shit. You're probably a pretty low-level player then. Even Marvel has more depth than BB. Why Daisuke chose to make such an easy shit game is beyond me.

As a devoted Guilty Gear player, I can say for sure that SF is better than BB; can't say much about SF2 since I didn't play that competitively but 3S and SF4 for sure.

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If Capcom cared about it's fans they would have brought this lovely fighter back in SSF4.

Also TigerTigerTigerTigerTigerTiger fail

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I like BB and SF4 but I can say for sure that SF4 is far more balanced than BBCT. I can't say much about BBCS. Christ there are fucking 9-1 match-ups in BBCT how can you call that balanced? The lowest match-up in SF4 is Sagat-Dan 7-3 and even then Dan has a chance. Arguably the worst match-up is Seth-Zangief 8-2 but that is the only 8-2 match-up in the game and Seth is retarded anyway.

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Y'know I can't remember if there has ever been a Sagat winner of a major tournament. Ryu, Rufus, and Balrog probably but I don't remember a Sagat ever taking first.

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Y'know I can't remember if there has ever been a Sagat winner of a major American tournament. Ryu, Rufus, and Balrog probably but I don't remember a Sagat ever taking first.

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ITT:Shoryuken? I don't go to that site anyway.

>> No.4705918

Seth isn't even top-tier and his other match ups aren't that great either.

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Fuck all of you I'm going to go play my Gundam Wing: Endless Duel.

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The irony is that O.Sagat isn't top tier and is hard to use. Scrubs like you just see fireballs and cry.

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>O. Sagat isn't top tier
Yeah he is, I don't know much about the game or about how hard he may be to use or not but he's definitely top tier.

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Just because he doesn't win alot of Major tournaments and he wins a good amount of Minor tournaments doesn't change the fact he has an advantage over the rest of the cast.

Then going to tiers, Ryu, Rufus and Balrog are all top themselves (Well, Ryu is, Rufus and Balrog are High) you don't see many characters win outside the Top-High Tiers. Ryu, Rufus, Sagat, Balrog, M.Bison (to an extent), Zangeif (Not as much anymore), and C.Viper are basically the most winning-est characters in SF4. 7-8 characters winning isn't bad balance, but it could be better like Tekken 6 (In terms of balance it's very good, even for a 3D fighting game) or GGAC.

But hey, Tiers are for Queers and all the games above are fun anyway. Except MvC2, fun to watch but stupid

>> No.4705986

New Sagat is not top-tier though.

>> No.4705997

I'd say something about GvG, but I'll wait for Tekken and SC to show up first.

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/v/-tard rant:

Street Fighter 4 has some things wrong with it, and I'm withholding judgement on SSF4, but BlazBlue is just a sack of shit.

It's got more story, to be sure, but the character design etc. in NO WAY makes up for the awful gameplay and meta-gameplay.

When stalling for time-outs becomes a common strategy at high-level play, you're playing a game for wankers.

ArcSys tried to water down Guilty Gear for the masses, and basically came up with fodder for doujins.

That's about all BB has up on SF.

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O.Sagat is Top Tier, along with Balrog, Dhalsim and Ryu. Vega is also pretty damn good. Chun can also be argued being Top, though I myself don't think so.

In HDR Sagat is Mid Tier, with Ryu, Vega and Balrog still Top. Not counting Akuma since he's a broken piece of shit.

Anyway, I don't anticipate SSF4, and I'll be waiting to see how Gameplay is improved before I get it. Still pissed off at Hakan's design

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>Just because he doesn't win alot of Major tournaments and he wins a good amount of Minor tournaments doesn't change the fact he has an advantage over the rest of the cast.

This is true but it's also true that many minor tournaments have a larger amount of weaker characters as well. I mean look at CA SF-ers: there's Kai who plays Fuerte, Yeb who plays Gen (and Jibbo automatic from EC), Alex Valle has a mean Gouken, Dagger G is a beastly Guile and etc.

I can't say I know much about Tekken but it really looks similar to SF in that it's a game mostly about controlling space using footsies to start a nice combo.

>> No.4706035

If you've been keeping up with the SSF4 updates, the game play is totally revamped. All the strong characters are still strong but they got a testicle removed and given to the weaker characters. Dudley looks top-tier for sure though, is what everyone says.

And what the fuck how do you not like Hakan?

>> No.4706059

Blazblue is basically Battle Arena Toshinden all over again. The game sucks, but we only have like 2 modern fighting games to choose from. So beggars can't be choosers.

In the end all we can do is pick the loli character and hope our opponent picks the one retarded guy with the spiky hair and sword who has the cool theme song.


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I'd say Tekken 6 is harder to play then SF4, but T6 is much more different than previous Tekkens. T6 you have to know what you're doing to win, whereas SF4 you have to have an idea. Both are very competitive.

When you learn T6 though it's fun as hell, I play Julia Chang/Miguel.

For the Minors tournaments, it's great to see unused characters. Where I'm at there's a good Sakura player and a damn good Gen player, but they both lose in the end sadly. In SF4 I play Vega/Gouken

>> No.4706081

>implying MB2A even resembles a good game

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I was hoping Hakan would be something like Muhammad Hassan, and I was sad when I saw a goofy character.

Dudley will be Top from what I've heard, alot of things can combo into Corkscrew Blow, just like in 3S. And I'm happy weaker characters are getting a buff, but some new ultras look pathetic, like Rose's and Fei Long's.

>> No.4706101

Hahaha what the fuck man, that's stupid even for you

>> No.4706117

Counter ultras are definitely retarded but who knows maybe some good player will find use for them. But Rose's ultra looks extremely useful especially if you're good with focus. It's basically a shield that blocks 2 hits for sure. If you can get it multiple times in a match it's definitely going to be a great tool. If you thought it was for damage then no no no.

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Sim, Boxer, Vega are usually considered above O.Sagat. He's like the same tier as Ryu.

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sion plays fightans


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That's probably it, I haven't been watching Rose's stuff at all, looking more towards Vega buffs. Thanks for clearing that up.

Still sad Karin isn't in-game, but oh well.

As for BB, I think it's more of a casual fighting game than competitive. With friend's it's fun as hell, but competitively it's too silly. Especially Nu13 in BBCT.

With BBCS on the way, it looks better, but characters like Rachel are screwed. So similar to CT you have 1 useless character (Tager to Rachel) with some improve balance. I'd rather see a new GG though, I want Axl Low Buffs!

>> No.4706139

SF4 is shit.

Just because you rename 24 different 623 moves doesn't mean they aren't the same fucking thing.

>> No.4706147

Well he IS dj_de from Shoryuken you know

>> No.4706155

i also hate super street fighter 4, it's a fighting game made especially for retards and casuals.

real men play mbaa.

>> No.4706156

no i didn't

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u mad

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File: 1.76 MB, 1280x720, Ibukiwallpaper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he seriously believes that

But anyway, SSF4 is looking like an awesome game. I'm still a little disappointed they didn't continue with the SF3 system but SF4 isn't a bad game either. Hakan is hilarious.I've read that Guile is getting damage buffs and his recovery/start-up frames getting adjusted and Vega's damage output is getting buffed as well as the whole thing with the mask/claw. Sagat and Ryu's fadc combos have both gotten extreme damage nerfs. All of Sagat's normals and specials have been nerfed as have Ryu's srks and his retarded trades into ultra have been removed as well. All this in addition to new characters and content make it look great.

>> No.4706198

You missed him saying SFIV IS SHIT and then somebody posted his live profile and guess what? Played SFIV 4 hours ago.

>> No.4706204

Did that come from a webcomic? I've seen a guilty gear one, but the site died, and I lost the link.

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File: 41 KB, 276x287, [Ryuumaru] Ladies vs Butlers! - 11 [480p] [60B056A5].mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2010.03.17_23.43.55].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last time I played SF4 was in January, nice try.

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>Your CVS2 and 3s tears, I lick them

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Don't mind me, just being 7th tournament at EVO

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more like soko darou am I rite

>> No.4706300
File: 27 KB, 284x259, [Ryuumaru] Ladies vs Butlers! - 11 [480p] [60B056A5].mp4_snapshot_04.17_[2010.03.17_23.46.41].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He still likes CVS2 and 3s!

>> No.4706314

Who wouldn't love a tsundere loli vampire?

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Stop kidding yourself with inferior games.

>> No.4706341

Except she's not tsundere.

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I wouldn't.

>> No.4706382

when is arcana heart 3 coming out

>> No.4706435

It hasn't been good since AH1/AH2 Arcade. Play a real fighting game like Melee

>> No.4707831

Sorry, I recently remembered how awesome that Toshinden soundtrack was:


On a somewhat related note I wish Blazblue had great music like Guilty Gear. Ishiwatari is nothing without his old arrangers when it comes to music though.

>> No.4708211


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I still love you Rachel, even though you got nerfed to hell ;_;

>> No.4708268

Is there release date for continuum shift yet or is it still this summer?

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Dear SFIV: At least our girls are cute.

-Love: BB

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So who's going to play as Chihaya?

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