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Guess what otaku? You're gonna have to get a job now!

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wow, that's the first macro that looks good

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no thank you.

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yeah your gonna need a job to pay for the mandatory insurance lmao

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lol typical american.

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Is it still a giveaway to insurance companies? I stopped following it months ago.

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Protip: EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN now has to pay a fee per month, whether you have a job or not. If you don't pay, you are fined, and if you don't pay your fine, you're going to JAIL, where you otaku losers belong.

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so why should I give a fuck?

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Sucks to be you Americans then.

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What the hell is this and why should I care?

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What the fuck are there threads in /jp/ that are like this?

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You're fucking kidding right?

I thought we were supposed to be having it better than the Britfags if this passed?

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Get the fuck out of /jp/.

Nobody here cares.

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This is an important issue that affects us American NEETs. Thank you for informing us.

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I don't even know anything about this. goddamn world advancing without me.

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They should have just hidden the fee in taxes like in Canada.

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I already pay social security and taxes so that dumb motherfuckers like the rest of /jp/ can live without working and now I have to pay so they don't die as well?


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>Canada overtaking most of America
Don't worry, you're in good hands.

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Oh no!

Evil socialist medicine!

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Add yet another major accomplishment to Obama's already stellar track record. He keeps this up, best President ever.

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Time to move back in the Philippines

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The repubs took out the public option. It's shit.

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Fucking lol if you think evolution applies to humans these days.

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it was a joke.

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You mean the Demoncrats took out the public option.

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How much is this fee?

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I ask again. What is this THREAD DOING ON /jp/!

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Why do I need a job?

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a shitty one much like your posting

Please don't post Touhou Project characters in this thread.

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The p in /jp/ is for politics, sir.

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The fee is dependent on income, with those making 0 income to the poverty line paying $59 - $64 per month.

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Fuck it, I'm installing the goddamn filter just for you.

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oh lol i'm dead

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This belongs on /new/, stop feeding the OP troll.

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It could greatly affect may members of /jp/ if true, because having to pay a shitty fee will greatly decrease the quality of life for NEETs, with their limited income.

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It's not a troll you idiot. He's informing you of VERY IMPORTANT NEWS.

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The fuck are you doing on /jp/?

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Limited income? I don't have ANY income.

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Yes but this isn't the kind of conversation for /jp/

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Hey Jones, you realize I created this thread, right? I guess I'll join you in the Cirno spam.

While I'm spamming my own thread, what did you think of my macro? Too fancy, or did it need more lens flare?

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What are you doing telling me where I can post?

If it's so important then I need to get the hell out of my country and move elsewhere.

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How come people who don't have an income have to pay? In Canada, if we make below a certain amount, we don't have to pay anything.

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no one gives a fuck

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Seriously? Damn, that's hilarious. So poor people will die and rich people won't feel any difference at all?

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I liked your macro a lot. This is a great thread, could you please make all your Cirno dumps have political OPs from now on?

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Because people who can't read basic information about the health bill are making shit up.

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I sure do love being forced to pay a monthly fee for my rights and not having a choice to exercise it.

It sure feels like communism around here.

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>>Add yet another major accomplishment to Obama's already stellar track record. He keeps this up, best President ever.

Imagine how buttmad /new/s would get from what you typed. It should be kopipe.

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Because we're not having the rich and especially THE MIDDLE CLASS pay for everything that poor people don't have or people aren't willing to pay for.

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There's no fucking way that wasn't kopipe taken from /new/ in the first place.

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It's all part of a big fat communist conspiracy. Move out before it's too late.

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Britfag here. We still have it worse, average tax on income is over 50%, and most of it goes towards buying booze for worthless scum.

Although we do have the advantage of being able to go without working for a single day in our lives, and leeching off the government forever, no questions asked, if we can fake depression or a slight limp.

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Sorry? I typed it up just now. I don't even go to /new/.

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The cirno spammer needs to chill out

If you just cool off and wait the thread will go away

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It's KoG. This was his genius plan to get actual replies to one of his Cirno dumps.

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>Britfag here. We still have it worse, average tax on income is over 50%

That is bullshit and you know it

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Just dropping by to say "feels good, man".

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You think it got better? No its' still mandated private insurance. No public option.

Britfags have the very worst pubic system there is. That is why they always get used as a "bad example"

Democrats control Both houses and the the White House. Repubs didn't do shit. No public option means this is a failure.

reporting in IRC.

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Man, thats not cool

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They still need to pass more bills. Don't worry, this shit still has a chance of dying.

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Hey you can stay on your parents plan till you're 26 now.

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Nope. Including income tax, council tax, car tax, VAT and National Insurance, the taxes an average working Britfag will have to pay, it comes to over 50% of income in most cases.

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People making zero income would qualify for medicaid.

Also you otaku losers will be able to stay on your parents' insurance plans until age 26 so you don't have to panic yet

I'm becoming more of a republican every day.

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>ITT: faggots that cant even do arithmatic

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>Otaku losers will be okay because the cutoff age is 26
>Doesn't realise a large amount of NEETs are already over that age, with little/no source of income

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I assume you're referring to yourself becoming more libertarian or economically conservative. If such is the case, don't call yourself a Republican. The Republican party does not embody any of these principles anymore.

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>implying VAT is a tax on income

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Go far-left instead.

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>ITT: Faggot who doesn't know the numbers talks shit.

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Well.. that does suck, but I'm only 22. Fuck you got mine.

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Far-left socialist, far-left communist or far-left anarcho-syndicalist?

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It's on fucking everything deemed "Non-essential", even certain foods.

Also the losses from the cut in it last year is definitely going to be made up by adding to income tax.

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Just pick one. They're all the same shit unless you're willing to pick up a gun.

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>excluded items are all foods

Herp Derp

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It's on readymeals and certain "sweets", as well as eating at restaurants. Hell, you even get charged VAT if you eat in at Subway or McDonalds.

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I over reacted earlier. After close inspection it doesn't look so horrible.

Though we'll never know.

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Because that is all you eat

Oh wait it probably is

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Anyone have a link to what the bill passing will do for most people? I notice people talking about fines, but not having to pay them until you're 26. I'd like to read about myself.

>> No.4694924

"Doesn't look so horrible" means milquetoast shit that won't fix anything substantial.

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Head over to google, bro. They've got you sorted.

>> No.4694931

>read about it myself*

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Resorting to ad hominem because you've realised the info you got from Wikipedia or wherever was wrong.


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>> No.4694938

oh hey it's my wallpaper

>> No.4694941 [DELETED] 

No. I'll just end up with biased articles about how great it is or how bad it is. I assume somehow has come across something that it just a decent explanation of what it will do.

>> No.4694949

No. I'll just end up with biased articles about how great it is or how bad it is. I assume someone has come across something that it just a decent explanation of what it will do.

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>> No.4694956

Google can find that too, if you don't suck at googling.

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Any my thread was deleted and I was banned.

Okay, whatever....

>> No.4694973

You took CurryButt down with you

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reported for ban evasion

>> No.4694986

Reported for ban evasion

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Reported for faggot evasion.

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>> No.4694998


He evades faggots?

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>> No.4695005

Grazin' faggots like a pro

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Fuck off.

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>> No.4695018


Why would they ban Currybutt? He only preys on newfriends.

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>> No.4695023

Yay for being a Canadian, Free health care and thanks to a government drug plan and me being poor i get all the drugs i want for $50 a year.

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>> No.4695031

Just so you know if Kucinich hadn't changed his vote after his airplane ride with the president it probably wouldn't have passed.

>> No.4695032

There's actually more foods that have VAT applied too them than there are that don't. Anything that's had any degree of preparation before sale, with the exclusion of aesthetic things like washing and trimming stalks, has VAT applied to it. Only exception I can think of is basic biscuits.

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I wanted Kucinich.

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If you're a NEET you'll either be on your parents until your 26, or get it subsidized by the government because you're not employed. NEETs are not only beneficiaries of their parents, but also the welfare state.

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I think we should all email moot in protest.

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look at those fucking lips.

holy fuck

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>> No.4695076

Is it definitely getting added onto welfare then?

Wonder if they'll make us jump through hoops for it.

>> No.4695077
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>> No.4695082

I think you should shut up and accept the way people act.

>> No.4695091

You're not coming out are you?

>> No.4695097

Dependents can stay on parents' health insurance longer

No more denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions

No cancelling coverage when a patient gets sick

No annual or lifetime caps on payment for treatment

Expands Medicaid so more families can get health insurance

Sets up, in the future, large exchanges where millions can buy health insurance policies as a group, thus being able to get a lower rate from economies of scale.

Requires everyone to buy health insurance, provides subsidies to most people to make things cheaper.

According to CBO, shaves about $130 billion off the federal deficit over the next 10 years, and then more than a trillion off over the decade after that.

Pays for it all by cutting the weird Medicare Advantage plan, which basically pays insurance companies to insure people instead of Medicare (at about twice the cost), and by raising taxes on rich people very slightly.


>> No.4695101

Source? Art kinda reminds me of Omchicken, but I don't think it's one of their's

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Cannot unsee.

>> No.4695122


I think you should get the fuck out of /jp/, because you don't belong here.

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