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what the...Post what's after,please,I wanna know now XD

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You're pretty gutsy

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Sir, yessir!

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Eiki would never say such things!

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something like this

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Is this serious? I think this guy is serious.

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I would never disobey Eiki-sama.

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me on the right

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Stop acting as me >.>
And no,I wasn't serious.But I'm gay. >:3

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Eiki is not like that ;_;

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get the fuck out with your fucking emoticons

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Isn't this what they call entrapment?

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Too lewd. Reported

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Come on, you know you want to.

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Too lewd.

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You have her shitty boyfriend to thank for this. If he wasn't an unfaithful faggot she wouldn't have felt the need to get fucked by someone else.

But if she did fuck her boyfriend in the original... I would like to see that.

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You know you want to.

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That's bullshit and you know it. With him cheating she should have just left him and been done with it - that's no excuse to whore yourself out.

We went over this but mods deleted all my posts I made at all yesterday even the real ones finally so whatever.

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I do. ;_;

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Then go for it. There's no shame in liking Komachi. In fact, it's a very good thing if you do.

Sooner or later everyone meets her anyway.

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brb, killing myself.

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>Eiki eroge thread goes to Komachi thread.
My face.

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In before Komachi only harvests the souls of Gensokyo, and so forth. Yes, I know, it's a fanon idea that Komachi is THE grim reaper and responsible for harvesting souls everywhere.
But why take the risk?

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is that from a doujin or from silent sinner in blue?

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This thread is pretty gay.

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Don't start throwing in more characters 'cause then it'll become a general thread.

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If you die along with thousands of other humans at once you might get into gensokyo. Just wait for the right occasion and die in within the 60 year incident

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Mossarism from Ennui Akadako.

And no, it's not what you probably think it is.

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god forbid a thread be a general thread

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Well, maybe a little.

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i don't think i have EVER seen a general touhou thread on /jp/. except when discussing the games, and even then, it's a game thread

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N-n-n-n-now see here. Today is a day where one makes and gives chocolate to a male that has been of service, so... Well, that is... umm... Oh, r-right! Komachi! I heard about this from Komachi! I, I thought that it would be rude of me to not show some appreciation for someone who has been helping me so I threw something together hastily. H-h-h-h-hurry up and take it already. Since it was done at the last minute, the shape might be kind of strange. It was most definitely not because I spent the last few days learning like crazy how to make it or anything, understand!? The shape seems unsightly because I didn't have enough time! O-o-o-of course, the actual shape itself has no special meaning to it whatsoever, OK!? The book I consulted on how to make this happened to suggest that this was how it is usually done. U-Umm, well, I'm going to repeat my intention to confirm that there's no misunderstanding, all right!? I'm doing this purely out of appreciation only and going along with the custom like everyone else by giving this to you! ...Eh? Giving Valentine's Day chocolate indicates that a male and female have affection for each other and acts as a symbol of confession? I-I-I-I at least know that much! ...Ah! ...Err, no, I mean... god! If you're a man, then stop nitpicking all the little details, shut up, and accept this already! ...Umm, you want to hear me say it? ...Argh, FINE! I like you!

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Thats a large copypasta. Or you just type a lot.

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actually its exactly what i think it is :p i heard of this doujin but never found out the name, thanks

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it's a translation of the image, taken from danbooru. learn more moon.

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Thanks that's just what needed to know.

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why the hell was that post reported?

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I don't know. It wasn't me at least.

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>death and judge1.jpg

oh wow.

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The yama... needs no man.

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Best doujin artist

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Fucker needs to draw more.

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The law of the underworldly streets does not take kindly to religious extortion.

Likely the hell of Avici is not actually a traditional flaming hell, but filled with young problem yama toting broken bottles and bicycle chains.

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Could be worse.

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Religions are generally very inventive when it comes to thinking up new hells, but very unimaginative - not to mention unproductive - when it comes to thinking up new heavens.

Perhaps the whole reason there are so many different hells is because you can never be sure there isn't someone who happens to enjoy the eternal torment offered.

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>someone who happens to enjoy the eternal torment offered.
I don't think anyone would enjoy eternal torment, unless something better was there.....

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Biggest disappointment in Cross Days, I was so looking forward fapping to it...

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>Implying something.
I don't know what you're implying.

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>I am a faggot

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This thread

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Honestly I feel kind of ripped off. The only scene I really liked was the one in the opening post. the rest were kind of okay, but not all that great.

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Masochistic self-immolation. It's more likely than you'd think.
Seriously, when your religion settles for a singular hell for all sinners, you can never be sure the particular torment of that hell isn't someone's shameful wet dream. So just to be on the safe side, buddhism has plenty of them.

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Whoa, lewdmind.

Anyway, doubt there's anyone alive or dead who enjoys spending eternity in a blazing hell, while simultaneously spending eternity in a freezing hell, while being sawed in half, while being boiled in oil, while stacking rocks for eternity, while kneeling on iron filings, while having their organs cut out, and so forth.

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I have that doujin I just forgot the link to it.

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Stating the obvious, but... it's kind of weird.

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Well the idea of Eirin creating a fragrance was a little blown.

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If Eiki was my mom things would be different around here...

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Believe it or not, the source is in the filename. The doujin is actually called 384403.

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I got very close to fapping to it, but I stopped halfway and moved on.

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Something popped into my head and I got disgusted. I was like "screw this, this is not longer fappable".

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it's ok

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You just might be a /d/eviant. Be proud.

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I highly doubt that.

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I concur

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>I was like "screw this, this is not longer fappable".
You were probably disgusted by the tits

Don't worry, every true /jp/'er can only fap to flat chests, you're one of us.

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Much appreciated on the source.

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