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Old hags~

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Finally someone revived this thread!

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ZUN needs to write in more fanon-killing story, because I'm getting sick of this shit.

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Yeah, I look forward to discussing blankets with you again<3

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What have you done, now we get this shit again

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You had to bring that up!

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It doesn't kill fanon. It just makes it ANGRY and BITTER and force them to whine about ZUN being mean to them forever. You haven't seen anything yet.

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there are no hags there

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Oh lol

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Whatever, I want more of it.

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So Letty and Byakuren AREN'T hags?

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Again OP?

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I did.

Anyway, you guys sure are a bunch of pessimist.
How about making something out of a thread rather than going


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Is Shinki a hag?

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what the fuck, she is still fresh

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She's just not pictured in that one.

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No, they aren't. Byakuren in particular lacks the experience to be a hag. She was locked up for 1000 years, not gaining wisdom.

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Letty is has been since the beginning of Time since winter first existed
man she is one old granny

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Yes she is.

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Sure are alot of loli hags in Gensokyo too.

Suika, Tewi, Remilia, Flandre, Suwako to name a few, though really, is 500 years old for a youkai? It's hard to say sometimes, maybe they are just middle aged.

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Sorry I was busy today.
And last night was shitty anyway.

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Ain't seen nothing yet.
It even looks at you with it's big bloodthirsting eyes when it says it.

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Am I the only one who thinks Yuyuko is too young to be a hag? I mean she's just around 1000yrs old. All the other hags are around 1500/2000.

Yeah, Byakuren too.

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>>Am I the only one who thinks Yuyuko is too young to be a hag? I mean she's just around 1000yrs old.

Most people are "hags" when they're 35.

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500 isn't really that old.

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Yeah, but Yuyuko's wise as hell in canon. First one to reach Tenshi, etc.

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...according that logic 99% of all Touhous would be "hags".

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wise =/= hag

Or am I missing the point? I thought that

hag = really old, even by Touhou standards/ancient etc

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You have to be wise to be a hag. All the other hags are wise. Kanako is, Eirin is, Yukari is.

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Hag isn't an age thing, age is just a number for touhoes. Tewi is, what, 1300+ and nobody calls her a hag. Suika is 3000+ and nobody calls her a hag. What matters is if they look "mature". Anyone can see with a glance that Yukari is way older than Reimu, even though neither looks old as such.

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>fanon-killing story

Go reread SSiB, or something.

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Yukari looks 17-years-old. Reimu's pushing, what, 18, 19 by now?

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But it's not like being wise alone makes you a hag, rite?

I know that wise highly implies that you have lived for a long time, and while it's needed to be "an old hag" by Touhou standards, I still think Yuyuko is too young.

She's been dead for around a 1000 years, and while I agree she is wise, she can't really compare to, say, Eirin who has lived through thousands of years of Lunarian history.

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Unknown. Do ghosts age? Spiritually of not physically?
If I'm not mistaken, Yuyuko died a late teen.

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I meant age as "the time they have existed".

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IMO yukari always looked around 20-25. Could just be me though.

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Yeah, she's pretty young by Touhou standards, but she looks mature and that's what counts.

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The 18 thing is really just a joke.

20 to 25-looking Yukari is the best~

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Kanako and Suwako are the oldests touhous.

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Touhous don't get older.

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No, they do. Time clearly passes between the games.

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They are the oldest ones that we know of.

There are many ambiguously aged Touhous.

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On /eientei/ we recently worked it out that Tewi is just under 33 million years old.

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Tewi's anus tastes like velvet

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I know I'm going to regret this, but what's /eientei/?

And Tewi can't be older than the white hare in Kojiki because that's who she is.

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She's legal?

Also wat was that I read about ZUN spouting something about Keine being billions (!) years old?

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You will regret asking that. A lot.


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There is nothing in canon that states Tewi as that particular rabbit from the legend, right?

Besides, all rabbits in Eientei are nicknamed "Inaba".

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That thread is still on the front page. Look for Keine's panties and read near the end.

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Hag = pictured as a milf by fandom
"old hags" is a fandom idea

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Tewi says she knew Lord Daikoku in SSiB and that he was really awesome. so yeah, she's probably the white hare

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Oh god you went and linked it, why would you do that? Fuck why don't we just being YAF into this thread as well?

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If that's all it takes then Meiling/Iku/Komachi/Yuugi etc would also be considered "hags"

What consider needed to be a "hag":
Old Age for Touhou-standards
Looks old for Touhou-standards
Very Experienced for Touhou-standards

~the end~

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It's not as if we are discussing canon vs fanon you know.

Just what characters we consider to be a part of the "Old Hags", which we all can agree on is a fanon-thing entirely.

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Oh, sorry then. It was long since I last read SSiB.

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Oh, right.
Forgive me my inability to understand what /jp/ is bickering about yet again.

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Oh yeah... I suppose she would be a youkai before the white hare myth. There really is no upper limit.

and I'd forgotten about that board. Eggs. Guess I'll read some of it, god knows I'm bored enough.

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Hag hag hag hag

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Well, the tale with the white hare in Kojiki takes place at least 2600 years ago, possibly much more.

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bones bones bones bones

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/r/ Tewi with flayed skin guro. It's way too obvious an idea to not be done.

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Ran is an old housewife, but I'd have her.

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There are a handful you can "track" throughout history by their basis in legend and modus operandi. Others have hints about their ages that would make them potentially very old, although the exact numbers remain unspecified.

Eirin - alive 2000 years ago, may have been alive as early as 3500 years ago.
Yukari - already an established power 1200 years ago, total age unknown.
Ran - physically appears to be 800-900 years old, may be older due to outside influence of one kind or another.
Suika/Yuugi - one or both of them may have been an established power on the Japanese islands 1600 years ago.
Prismriver sisters - older than a human lifespan, otherwise unknown.
Kogasa - while she is certainly not 10.000 years old, Kogasa's age is only limited by the time the technology to create paper has existed in East Asia.
Keine - the hakutaku has been around in some form for at least 30.000 years, although nothing currently supports the possibility Keine shares the same age.

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Can I join?

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Nice list, but even, so this is pretty much what I meant when I said "ambiguous".

I mean, Yukari could be older than the history of mankind, plus more. Or she could be "only" 2000yrs old.

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I know, didn't mean to correct, just expand.

Also, add Shikieiki (lifespan measured in kalpa) and Komachi (potentially as old as life has existed).

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The thing with 33mya is, when you see a turtle you don't automatically assume it's 100+ years old, do you? And it's even worse with immortals, any youkai could've been thousands of years old. "Upper age" is sort of bullshit, lowest established age should be used instead.

And I tend to assume youkai are created after humanity. That still does mean some youkai can be crazy old, for all we know Yukari may have born when the abstract concept of a boundary was first thought of by a human.

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>>Ran - physically appears to be 800-900 years old

I was about to ridicule you but then I remembered that yeah, you can kinda see her age by counting the tails.

>And I tend to assume youkai are created after humanity.

What makes you think so?

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Stop that Tewi. Go back to being a loli.

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At least she looks her age for once. Now if only she'd act a bit more like it she'd be perfect waifu material.

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>Tewi says she knew Lord Daikoku in SSiB and that he was really awesome. so yeah, she's probably the white hare

Or she's lying, which would be well in character for her.

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Youkai are fantasy creatures, they're affected by things like faith. Few other beings have the mental faculty to have fantasies and beliefs.

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For a lot of characters we only know a lower end estimate.

Like Reisen: her age is "at least 38" with no upper limit. Could be a billion for all we know.

(Well, not really - she can't be older than the moon society, and that in turn can't be older than the moon.)

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That's true, but she seemed to be getting punished for mentioning him. Not surprising, since she's claiming he's better than Eirin.

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Sorry, I knew that. I guess I didn't make it clear enough.

Somehow though, I still like to think that the extremely horribly old beings in Gensoukyou are fairly few. Because if they were all as old as speculated could be, it would just be bizarre.

But I do like the idea of Yukari being one of the oldest beings in around in Touhouverse. Since it goes well with that limited-only-by-imagination ability of hers.

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Huge Tewi is cannon. Enjoy your folder full of inaccurate loli.

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and TITS. slut Tewi is slut

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cannons are canon

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Addendum: Youkai being powered by emotion (be it faith, fear or anything else) lends to a fun idea. Since Yukari may (or may not, this is all so-called "fanon") be concept of boundaries given human form, I wonder if there are youkai that are say, aether, phlogiston, fluid electricity etc. given flesh.

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>Old hag

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>1000+ years

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Perhaps anon meant cannon in the way it blows fanon to bits.

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>Canon - What the original story writer had in mind
>Fanon - What the fans or followers create using the writer's story line
>Cannon - Blows the shit out of the blue
>Fannon - Fatties trying to blow shit up.

This logic is WONDERFUL~!

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Except no one in the fan community accepts this. And just go by ZUN's original drawings, if you want the real canon.

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Yukari probably isn't powered by faith, since she's born from a concept that is a fundamental component of nature - there were boundaries before there were even planets capable of supporting life as we know it (although Yukari herself probably isn't that old).

However, there are probably faith-powered youkai that aren't part of an established species as such. Since Layla Prismriver could create poltergeists in the shape of her sisters, there might very well be youkai born from concepts that only hold any meaning as long as people believe in them.

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>Kannon: Actually Shannon

>> No.4675365

Whored herself to youkai because she was scared of death.

So yes, she is a hag.

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I like your thinking Anon!

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While the base can exist in nature, only a sentient mind can define it. What we call winter will still happen even if we're not there, but it's nonetheless humans that define a certain time period accompanied by certain changes as "winter". It is the latter, and not the former, that I would think allows for formation of youkai.

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I've been sitting here a good ten minutes and I cannot think of a funny caption to edit in on the last panel. God damn it's begging to be done.

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By that logic, wouldn't youkai disappear if all humans were to die?

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Fuck, now I'm imagining Byakuren turning into a youkai working like that guy in Inuyasha who had a ton of demons pour into him. Doublefuck, I'm imagining an Inuyasha reference.

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I knows. My brains are unmatched in all of the lands.

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Yeah. This is alluded to a couple times by ZUN. Something about there needing to be both youkai and humans or them not being able to kill off all the humans. I cn't remember cause it's been a while since I read everything.

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Of course. Or if the faith into the supernatural disappeared altogether, which isn't happening anytime soon. While youkai can eat individual humans, they're as a whole humanity's bitch.

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Doubt it. But then again, it's not like we'll ever find out.

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*vomits in a toilet*

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Why are you vomiting at Pure Byakuren? She's untainted by youkai.

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I love the old hag group. My friends disagree with me but I think they are great.

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Your friends suck. Old hag group meets Wenesdays for plotting and tea.