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You're definitely going to be eaten today.

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Don't eat me, I'm high in colesterol

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You'll definitely get your breasts fondled today.

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Is that with 100% certainty?

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That's what you say every day Mrs.Dread Yokai Robinson.

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Im still ok with this

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If after midnight I have still not been eaten, I'll never be able to trust a word from you again.

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You are definitely getting rocks thrown at you today.

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No ! i've got so many things to do like......browsing 4chan, yes eat me !

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No, I just want to "feed" your "flower".

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What's with your rock obsession?

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I like to throw rocks.. All so Tenshi is one Touhou I won't throw rocks at anymore.. she throws bigger ones back..

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I approve of daily Yuka threads.

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Where is my daily Byakuren thread at? Yuka gets the same thread everyday! How unfair!

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I could dump Yuuka vs Byakuren if you like.

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Well that would give them both attention.. equally. That is what Byakuren would want anyway..

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I don't approve of daily anything. Yuka and Byakuren are both wonderful Touhous, but not when slapped in the face with them all the time. Remember Miku Mondays?

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But I like Miku...

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Eh, I save pictures of Touhous I like every day. Doesn't seem odd to have a place to post them every day.
I just realized it's too much work, so have a link instead.

Enjoy rereading Tohonifun.

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daily yuuka thread? awesome

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Not if I eat you first.

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Nue never eats anyone..

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Why not? Seems like a pretty effective way to scare people. An arm here, a leg there...

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Then it's a good thing you're here with me.
I have to enjoy my life's last moment's.

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But they might die.. Then they can't fear her because they are dead.

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Fucking get it over with and eat me already. I'm starting to think you don't have the balls.

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Not on a friday, Yuka! Let's try again tomorrow, yes? *sip*

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Well, I don't think she attacked very often. Plus, close-range fear has got to be worth more than long-range fear... and over time, children would be taught to fear her.

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Posting a slut in a slut thread.

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I'd Yuuka. No matter the cost.

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Why do even the most assertive Japanese women pretend they don't want it?

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It's like they're from a different culture or something.

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More, please

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I'd pollinate her.

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You'll come back tomorrow, won't you?

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If you'll have me.

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If you'll have me, then gladly.

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I'll come back every day.

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Only if you let me be the gardener of your fields~

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But Youmu is the only gardener with a licence in Gensokyo.

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Yuka threads is full of smiles and happiness.

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HerE Is +hE M[email protected]y Ill 1Ying p5yCH0pATH +HiEF cHRI5+OPh3R poOLe In A{+ION (tUrn i+ InTO lOwer-CAs3 aScIi): H+tP://wwW.anonTaLK.COM/DUmP/moOT@rD.+XT

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They have licenses in Gensokyo?
Why i never

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Smiles and happiness!

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There's a another one already? What's this one called?

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I must be a really sad anon when I wonder how it would be like to have children with Yuuka...

In the Flower Field Rearward, by 04U, I believe.

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Yeah, one bite of me and the bitch's gonna keel over of a heart attack. I am high in saturated fats and nicotine.

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Doesn't sound like something that could kill a plant-based humanoid.

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Nicotine is a poison.

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I'm talking... a LOT of nicotine.

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Poisonous for insects and mammals. Yuuka is something else.

Wouldn't be surprised if her green "hair" is nothing more than a very thin kind of leaf or flower.

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I wish to smell Yuka's hair

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I wish to hug Yuka. Even if it'd be the last thing.

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I want to lick Cirno's ass.

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If I remember correctly, Yuuka teamed with Cirno for some kind of female pro wrestling event. How did she lose, again? I remember Yuuka moping the floor with Sanae.

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Get out

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agent orange baby

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You now notice the blood... oh god so much blood.

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Not recommended. You will suffer malignant tumors and deformations.

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Yuuka paused to inform Cirno that she hated her, Sanae took her down while she was distracted.

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Well that's just the blood of the obnoxious "LOL, LOOK AT THAT BAKA!!! 9!" secondaries. I think nothing of value was lost, wouldn't you agree?

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Its Sanae's blood.

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You think that when Sanae gets blood on her, it's hers?

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gb2 Fell.
And in this case, yes.

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Sanae is a good girl, she wouldn't pick a fight with Yuka.

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It was a wrestling tournament. Team Moriya just got unlucky and got Yuuka.

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