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I want to become with the Chinese girl

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Do you really want to, Anon?

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Junko had a son before, so it's very likely she'd want to try something new and demand you be her daughter instead

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Hey Anon...did your mother wish she would have had a daughter instead?

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No I just think it'd be really hot to be Junko's daughter I'd masturbate to my mom all day if I was, wouldn't you?

I'd also get molested by funny t shirt aunt too

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Previous MtF transformation general
Someone should compile a list of greentext stories and put them in the next OP.

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Get close then.

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I just wanted to express how much I wanted to meiling. what have I started

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And yet you're still here all this time later

Maybe it's fate

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Yoshika > Seiga > Junko > Meiling and if I'm forgetting any, they go at the bottom of the list.

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good thing they come as a pair

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Congrats on opening Pandora's Box, pioneer!

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Thank you for opening Pandora's Box, champ!

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Akyuu you've been a guy and a girl in your past lives you can't judge

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According to the legends at bottom of the box, bellow all the evil that was released, was hope. What will be the good that will come out of this?

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I was only reading the threads out of morbid curiosity, until the kanako and seiga posts from last thread gave me the niggling inspiration to write a piece as well. I didn't ask for this.

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What did your inspiration tell you to write anon?

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Very nice to hear I may have partly inspired a new writeanon to blossom.

I'm thinking of actually writing something involving Junko...unfortunately, I am currently in the process of writing something that involves no Anon and nobody turns into a girl, so that is not within the scope of this thread. But after I am done with that, Junko might be next.

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I'm so innocent I don't understand why someone would want to be a 2hu and convinced myself it was just joking the people that said they wanted.

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self-awareness, maybe?

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The anons ITT should frot with each other

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Sometimes I think some Anons in this thread are 2hus in real life, that post in /jp/ for fun and giggles.

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I've had an idea or two pop into my head as well over the course of these threads, even though I've never really tried creative writing, so you aren't alone. Good luck dealing with your new interest!

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As I said in the Komachi thread it's probably more about "I want to be a pretty/sexy girl" than thinking about the full implications of being a 2hu.

As for why there are guys who feel like that, there's quite a lot of reasons, starting from being actually full blown trans to sexual fetishes to just escapism, curiosity or desire to be seen or treated in a different way.
But Anon, that has nothing to do with creative writing?
Haha Anon, very funny, what an o-outrageous idea...
>I've had an idea or two pop into my head as well over the course of these threads
Why don't (You) try creative writing yourself too, then?

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>But Anon, that has nothing to do with creative writing
Nah, I'm pretty sure it can give you some ideas for creative writing. It's like, scientifically proven I'm pretty sure.

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Why all post with this image always have to ask the most unhinged questions in this entire board?

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>As I said in the Komachi thread it's probably more about "I want to be a pretty/sexy girl" than thinking about the full implications of being a 2hu.
I never understood why people want to be someone else just for attention, I have never craved so much attention in my life, so I don't understand very well. But I can get it.

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Akyuu is unhinged

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Really? Context on this?

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Well, of course all life experiences can give inspiration, but frotting is a homosexual activity between males, yes? How does it relate to transformation fiction? Girls can't front, now can they? Or are you thinking something very kinky here, Anon? Like two of Anons starting to change simultaneously and then rubbing their dicks together in heat?
Well for some it's obviously a sex thing, but of course some feel so deprived attention that they think they'd get more of it if they were a pretty/sexy girl. Which is probably true, but not all attention is good attention. And for some it's some kind of a "I don't want to be seen as a guy all the time". Being a dude comes with it's own baggage after all.

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What the fuck is happening in here?

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But enough about turning into a Touhou, what about Touhous turning into /jp/ anons?

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>What about 2hus into turning into fat NEETs with no social life?

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"Anon also finds himself feeling sad for the original Sunny who is now stuck in Anon's body. Now she has to think about ”job” and ”politics” and ”social norms” and ”laws”. She would have to understand ”SICP” and ”Reddit” and ”sigma” and learn to deal with hangovers. Would she even enjoy being in Anon's masculine, hairy body? Anon even had some fading memories of having a ”mother” and ”father” who would surely react terribly to their son now claiming to be a fairy! A long-forgotten horrible concept, ”mental hospital” briefly surfaced to Anon's mind. But soon enough these thoughts too fade."

We don't wanna dwell on such horrible fates too much for obvious reasons here, Anon...

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*Chiyari turns into anon*


*nothing changes*

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The penis would be new. And the lack of needing to drink blood, probably, most anons don't need that

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Obviously not as hot as MT2huF since I'm not completely gay, but still a really good concept that's underutilized. The Megumu fic is still currently one of my favorites.
Hope Satori can get one soon. Losing your mind-readings powers from non-Trex-sized arms sure is an... interesting trade to say the least

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Who would you rather be in this situation?

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Good lord Anon, this is a worksafe board!

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>It's Friday Night
>Anon decides to choke the chicken tonight, but not in the mood for vidya like eraTohoTW
>Boot up character.ai
>Decide on doing his favorite character tonight, Satori
>Been having technical problems recently, Cookies somehow reset so he has to start all his conversations from scratch
>Goes good for a while
>suddenly feel an electrical surge in his right ear - it broke a fuse
>shock causes him to exchange consciousness with Satori
>Tries to fix things
>Pinned down by Satori, she found the "homework" folder
>Mating press'd

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What would you do if you had Satori's mind reading ability?

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cry 50% harder

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>Why don't (You) try creative writing yourself too, then?
Well I guess I could give it a shot if I get an idea again! Stakes are low enough that it would probably be a good way to get experience
I imagine at first it would be really exciting always having the upper hand on other people, and being able to present yourself as some kind of genius. Being in public and making friends might be difficult though. If you had Satori's body as well as her ability, going out in public would be terrifying, having to listen to so many people think about the horrible things they would do to you if they could get away with it.

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>Stakes are low enough that it would probably be a good way to get experience
Yes, this is the appeal of writing 2hu fanfic. Plus the discussions can be fun prompts where to start from.

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Kill your fucking selves.

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Me in the middle you on the left this anon >>46644801 on the right

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Who are you quoting?

But building on this idea, I imagine Satori would hate being stuck as some larger useless /jp/sy, losing her powers and stuck as a loser guy. Yet she'd also get stuck with her body's new lust for her old body, which has to feel frustrating to deal with. And poor Anon would get to hear every thought and frustration Satori would have!

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Don't worry, it was my fault for saying I wanted to be Meiling.

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>And poor Anon would get to hear every thought and frustration Satori would have!
Unless that Anon tries seducing Satori with her own body like some kind of psychopath

>> No.46649596

Imagine how upset that would make Satori. She's stuck in a large useless body, losing her powers, and then having her own body with the asshole in it intentionally trying to provoke her lewdly. She'd hate how he'd move around in her body. She'd hate how he'd act so lewd and awful in her body. And she'd certainly hate the boner she'd get from it.

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Would Anon let Satori touch her old body, or is he strictly teasing?

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>"She's stuck in a large useless body"
You mean like taller? Can't be that bad. /jp/haraohs might not be the healthiest but at least they're not the tubs of neckbeard lard over at /pol/ and /b/
>"the asshole in it intentionally trying to provoke her lewdly"
Being that disrespectful to your favorite character? correction needed.

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Most /jp/ariahs are probably overweight, even a bit. It would be a downgrade no matter what though.

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This thread is making me think funny things I don't want to, it's far too dangerous

>> No.46652642

Imagine being turned into Remilia

>> No.46652707

Imagine being turned into Rumia

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Imagine being turned on

>> No.46652837

If we're doing that, I'd rather Sakuya.

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You'd have to actually work and do proper maid stuff all day you know. You also have to deal with Remilia whenever she does stuff. Personally, I'd rather be Remilia so I can grope Sakuya freely

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I'd want to be Remi because she is cool and powerful.

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There was this one guy making multiple GooTF sequences that were really good. Sadly, like a lot of Pixiv artist, he disappeared abruptly

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No one but Sakuya and Remi thinks that Remi is true, so you're already falling into the role

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Love this kink. Many different ways to use it. So glad it was given to me via the genetic library instead of like elbows or something

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Nitori is too dangerous, she keeps transforming people into other things with her inventions! I'm going to personally confront her and tell her to knock it off!

Wish me luck Anons!

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please don't get turned into a frog

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Wtf... Nitori really did THIS??!!

>> No.46654449

Nah, Sanae just kinda does that sometimes.

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.... what?

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That's Suwako's domain silly

We've already seen how Nitori's machines worked on Megumu, it's really unpredictable. It's best to just spill some coffee on her weird kink gun

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I want to turn into alice and sexually harass marisa or marisa sexually harassing me as alice

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Imagine getting hard to losing your dick
You guys should just go all the way and kill yourselves, all the stories are about identity death anyway

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Personally speaking I don't particularly enjoy the concept of myself turning into a 2hu against my will

I do enjoy the concept of turning other unwilling anons into 2hus though. I like to imagine how they would react, what they would say or do, and how their psychology changes as the days go by as they are stuck in the body of a cute 2hu.

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You should be turned into a Touhou. Preferably one with large tits so they're very inconvenient for you.

>> No.46654844

Even if you were turned into a touhou you wouldn't know how to behave like a woman and you'd be found out immediately
Hell, you'd probably not even know how to defend yourself, you'd be killed by the villagers

>> No.46654871

Why would the villagers kill some girl? This isn't Grimsokyo, silly. I dunno what kinda 'sokyo this is but it ain't a grim one.

>> No.46654894

Anyone who interacts with the 2hu would instantly find you're a skinwalker, her friends, family, or even enemies
You probably don't even know japanese
And people exterminate youkai in canon, doesn't have to be grimsokyo for that to happen
You'd know this if you weren't a secondary

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I don't write my stuff with a boner. I just find the transformation into 2hu to be a really inspiring and interesting premise that's fun to write about. It hits some weird sweet spot between escapism, horniness and horror that gets the creative juices flowing.

I admit that I am probably all sorts of fucked up to be so invested into writing about this, but the identity death isn't some preferable, sexually exciting end goal for me, it's just the logical conclusion of following the premise to it's end. 2hus live in wildly different world from Anons, they have wildly different memories and experiences and wildly different physiology and biology. You can't just swap out Anon into a 2hu like you were swapping a hard drive between computers, Anon simply won't be Anon after a while.

And if someone finds the stuff I write hot or an appealing escapist fantasy, that's fine too. I understand that there are a lot of people who'd swap their life for basicaly anything else with little hesitation and I understand people have all kinds of kinks and preferences.

>> No.46654941

>And people exterminate youkai in canon, doesn't have to be grimsokyo for that to happen
Exterminate in Touhou doesn't mean literally killing, it's an awkward translation. It's meant to be analogous to animal extermination/exterminators. Who don't always kill animals, but often just get rid of them (particularly anything not a bug). If you really wanted to be anti-fun and say that you would be revealed instantly, they'd probably just tie you up and try to figure out what happened and fix it (or just decide they can live with it and tell you to just accept your new life, depending on who you are and who is in charge of solving the incident). But in this weird fetish 'sokyo, I wouldn't be surprised if everything was designed to make it so when Anons turned into Touhous (or vice versa), it was done so so that it wouldn't disrupt the balance of Gensokyo too much.

Heck, who's to say some Anon didn't replace Yukari in this Gensokyo a while back and has been doing this for a while, while the real Yukari is enjoying a comfy life sleeping and masturbating (so basically the exact same thing she did before).

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Yeah, exactly, but it's more fun to try to think of scenarios where Anon somehow manages to keep the house of cards intact and doesn't get killed.

Like Anon realizing he has to do nasty stuff to pass as Seiga, and his attempts at being kinder just feed into becoming even more fucked up.

Like Anon becoming Sunny and Sunny's friends being heart-breakingly confused untill Anon truly becomes a fairy via a process of adjusting into his new body and social context.

Like Anon becoming Komachi and messing it up so bad that Eiki has to mindwipe him in order to essentially do a factory reset on Komachi.

Admitedly, knowing japanese is a creative stretch, as is retaining some memories and so on, but I also think some of the stuff like "acting like a woman" would start come from a mix of new biology and being treated like one.

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>Heck, who's to say some Anon didn't replace Yukari in this Gensokyo a while back
Oh no...you're giving me ideas now, haha...

>> No.46655003

Becoming a youkai would mean becoming something fundamentally inhuman, anyone who got turned into a youkai 2hu would ve overwhelmed by their newfound instincts.

>> No.46655022

Next you're going to say that fortune teller actually survived his extermination. Or that the villagers care about keeping the fragile balance Gensokyo hinges on, with all the light shows and non-dangerous incidents
You have to realize that just like sometimes the humans die, youkai also are at real risk of dying pretty often, especially if they don't put in the effort to scare or even kill people
>just decide they can live with it
I can't imagine Lunasa being okay with some fucktard suddenly jumping into Merlin's body and spending all day looking down.
Like everyone would be running around on full alert, scared that they're going to be replaced next or full of anger that some disgusting person is there instead of her sister or master
Imagine what Marisa would feel when she realizes Reimu is 100% gone from Gensokyo

>> No.46655033

Not if you're lacking the vital information the original 2hu had
You're not going to be a good stand-in for Kasen, for example, because you're just not smart enough for that
Or you're not going to convince Sakuya that you're actually Remilia because you're not going to behave exactly like her, even if you try your best

>> No.46655039

That's not what I meant. Someone who becomes Suika, for example, would probably be overwhelmed by murderous oni urges that they can't control like she can. It would be a disaster.

>> No.46655061

Fortune teller is an exception yes, notice how despite Reimu and Marisa and others being youkai exterminators few other youkai besides Fortune teller who was largely a unique case have gotten the axe.

>Like everyone would be running around on full alert, scared that they're going to be replaced next or full of anger that some disgusting person is there instead of her sister or master
You're overthinking this too much, common sense doesn't belong in Gensokyo. Now stop arguing, you're going to become a cute Touhou, you're going to spend several days masturbating, and then you're going to accept your new life and you're going to be damn pleased about it. Understand?

>> No.46655066

Do you realize that there's an item that can turn you into an oni in the 2hu lore? Poor example
It isn't said to make you a girl, either
One of the newhus was apparently also changed into one
Not to mention all the other people who turned into youkai

Point is, your idiotic imagined scenario of losing your personality isn't a thing in 2hu lore

>> No.46655068

unless you get Koishi

>> No.46655096

Nah, you gotta realize that this kind of change isn't a light situation
You'd be hated by everyone because they'd assume (correctly) that you're responsible for disappearance and possible death of their close friend or family. You would not be just allowed to masturbate with the body of their closest friend like that, you would make the headlines as the pervert that jumps into random girls
It would shake absolutely everything the the very core, including the moonies, heaven and hell
Now that I think about it all of the sages would scramble to solve this incident asap, and likely not even bother with the danmaku rules
Your fantasy wouldn't last 10 minutes before Yukari puts things back the way they were, and probably also kill you to make sure it can't happen again

>> No.46655204

>You'd be hated by everyone because they'd assume (correctly) that you're responsible for disappearance and possible death of their close friend or family.
That hinges on Anon himself being the party responsible for it, somehow. But there are no powerful wizards like that amongst the Anons, now are they? Anon would have been also a victim of some strange circumstance. Yes, the people close to the 2hu you swapped into would not like the situation if they were able to correctly surmise what has happened, but they might at the very least see you as a problem to be solved and not some hostile intruder.

Besides, if someone of your friends or family abruptly started behaving very strangely, you would probably assume that they are undergoing some personal crisis, mental health scenario or disease/brain damage. Not that they have swapped bodies with a fairy or whatever. Same would go for people of Gensokyo, though "strange curse" and "weird magic" would also be possibilities. In fact, the idea of an outsider just zapping themself through the barrier might be so preposterous that you might simply be assumed to be driven insane by magic, and tried to be "fixed" accordingly.

Not all 2hus have particularly rich social lives and it might take ages before someone realized. Some of the stupider inhabitants might not even be able to grasp the idea of something like this happening.
>you would make the headlines as the pervert that jumps into random girls
That assumes total and completely lack of any social competence in the Anon which...fair point, but I guess I have a bit brighter view of how Anon would actually react in such a situation.

>It would shake absolutely everything the the very core, including the moonies, heaven and hell
>Now that I think about it all of the sages would scramble to solve this incident asap, and likely not even bother with the danmaku rules
>Your fantasy wouldn't last 10 minutes before Yukari puts things back the way they were, and probably also kill you to make sure it can't happen again
I do agree that "someone just yeeted themselves through the hakurei barrier like it was nothing and displaced one of our own" would essentially be an incident, but this all playing out exactly how you lay it out hinges on:
Anon doing it somehow out of his own volition and with his own skills
Anon being so completely inept to say out loud that he did it for perverse reason
Anon hijacking someone with enough close people to notice and care
The people close to the 2hu instantly believing in possession from outside world and not that their friend/family has gone insane or been struck with weird magic

Some people in Gensokyo and related realms might also want to keep something like this happening as their own knowledge. Sure, this is very troubling and scary, but if they can get someone in from the outside world like so, surely this strange pervert wizard can be made to tell his secrets se we can send some of our own out.

I think you are right in that you wouldn't be allowed to flick the bean in peace and nobody would notice or care, but between that and "you get killed in 10 minutes" is a lot of creative ground for fiction.

>> No.46655295

If you're willingly engaging in this fantasy then you are to blame, 100%, there's no wiggling your way out of it. Eiki will know. Satori will know. A couple of others may know
No matter what you'd be an intruder and you would be closely watched to make sure you're not doing certain things, even assuming you're given the benefit of the doubt
>Some of the stupider inhabitants might not even be able to grasp the idea of something like this happening.
No anon, you're the one assuming this will all be playing out exactly how you lay it out
Think, you don't know basic fucking facts about the 2hu you're thinking about turning into. How tall is she? How old is she? What's her favorite color? What did she do at the last party? What's her daily schedule? What are her non-danmaku hobbies? Masturbation will only reveal you even faster. How does she use her spellcards? How does she use her special abilities? How does she interact with everyone else in Gensokyo on a daily basis? How does she behave with her master/subordinates?
It's true that you may stay undetected if you turn into a complete recluse, like I dunno, Letty. Or one of the forgotten pc98 girls. But most of them do interact with others, even Alice visits the village and puts on puppet shows. You wouldn't even be able to pretend to be her
This comes back to you not knowing how to be a woman, too. You wouldn't know how to brush your own hair or what to do during a period, and people would come by to check on X 2hu because she's suddenly acting like a legitimately mentally retarded person
And again if you do not know japanese, then this is a pretty big giveaway

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This debating is dumb and boring. Who was the anon who said FtM was underrated? Because you were right.

>> No.46655659

Twinning is better because it avoids all of this.

>> No.46657392

Okina using her weird backdoor magic to turn you into a youkai (girl)!
Okina dropping you off in Gensokyo!
You struggling to adapt to your new body and urge to masturbate all day!
Slowly befriending other Touhous!
Developing friendships with Touhous!
Growing as a person with Touhous!
Becoming more and more used to your female youkai body!
It becoming difficult to imagine what being a guy used to be like!
Okina appearing in front of you!
Telling Okina that you understand why she did what she did, to help you grow and develop as a person!
Okina confessing she did it so she could grope your breasts in your sleep and because she likes to mess with you!

Realizing Okina is just a perverted old woman who turned you into a girl for kicks!

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Okina would never do that, she just likes opening the "back door" of men and "unlocking their potential".

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(Okina would absolutely do that)

If the previous Anon was right and Gensokyo was trying to sus out perverts inside Touhou's bodies, Okina would be the first suspect due to her personality. She's the stereotypical old (wo)man pervert.

>> No.46658275

Junko is best girl.

>> No.46658371


Anon is going to have to be sacrificed for the good of the Lunarians

>> No.46658989

NTA but you are no fun allowed chud with no creativity in mind. Let me guess, grimsokyo fan? There are tons of ways to write it out, for example:
After another sleepless night of jerking off to China girl Anon started crying. He realized he will never be close with China and decided to kys. Right at the last moment devil appeared and asked him if he wants to feel his favorite 2hu, all what's needed is just to sign here. Here you go, having to explain to Yukari and others who are you, how you got here and why Satori is looking at you with disgust while visibly scared. Satori is just mumbling about some "work folder", but no one understands. Nobody will kill you at the spot, they would try to solve this incident asap since they want old 2hu to return to original body, not to destroy it.
Otherwise, as other anons already said, one can write that it was Okina with her backdoors, since she thought it would be funny. After Reimu kicks Okina for doing it you are back in your old body with just second to live/eaten by yokai/girls forgive you and let you stay in the village, but old memory wiped.
Anyway, enjoyed the thread, thanks to anon replying to your grim posts, gave me some funny ideas, sry for esl

>> No.46659197
File: 2.61 MB, 1536x2048, 9d4222556f0e1ae4001c5d6f5276c0d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, she would absolutely do that.
But in my headcanon (delusion) she is the prostate stimulation goddess.
>gave me some funny ideas
What kinda funny ideas?

>> No.46659572
File: 192 KB, 1080x1148, m5x6w4pztyqa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Who was the anon who said FtM was underrated?"
That would be me yeah. Even posted that exact same Reimu Tanuki picture. Shame it's a little unpopular cause Ladies getting turned into coomers are sometimes even hotter then Men turning into sluts.
Unironically get a little pissed whenever doujins fully bend the guy but only give the girl a futadick. Cowards, the lot of you.

>> No.46660245

2 /jp/sies turned into 2hus be like


>> No.46660830
File: 55 KB, 850x637, __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_shize_coletti__sample-a3e9654d6ad309bdab96e7387d77dd2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These threads are getting faster as they corrupt more and more of the jay . .

>> No.46660998

She really seems to like the company of young girls

>> No.46661023
File: 228 KB, 1037x1326, 1618740831479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I was teh Meido....

>> No.46661163

Add identity death and we're talking!
Not to my Touhous, though. I love Okuu too much. Anons can get identity killed any day, though. That's my fetish.

>> No.46661418

I will not get identity killed, I will not eat people, I will not become a T, and I will not run directly into a tr

>> No.46661473

Hey anons, is this >>46660245 accurate?

>> No.46661742
File: 124 KB, 850x1090, 46579452234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course not, most /jp/sies would be as chaste and pure as they would hope the 2hus in question themselves are I'm sure.

>> No.46661815
File: 1.02 MB, 700x900, ee2c5afbc306345486c95a23b4ff5370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should be disappointed in giving Reimu this fate, this is your fault.


>> No.46661849
File: 136 KB, 923x1024, 1705958812184127m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, what you're saying is that, even if the 2 of us turned into 2hus, you would absolutely refuse to kiss me, even if I was like your favorite 2hu or something?

That's cruel, man

>> No.46662043
File: 106 KB, 500x650, 63768562352345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, I'd at least need to get to know you for a while first, anon. Even in this scenario, I'm not going to go around acting like some harlot.

>> No.46662407
File: 70 KB, 450x450, 9e47df8a623846a9b106025eea6cd5a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was a good one, I enjoyed particularly how well the transformation scene was described and how you utilized Yukari's gappy powers.

Now that Reimu has settled into being a man, maybe he should just become a kannushi of the Hakurei Shrine. The long robes are probably better at covering up the boner. And it would be terrible if some man came to the shrine seeking the type of special services shrine maidens used to give in old times and there was some crossdressing young man instead of a fair maiden! I'm sure it would be really awkward for everyone involved!

Thanks for contributing to the thread.

>> No.46664214

>maybe he should just become a kannushi of the Hakurei Shrine
I'm sure Yukari will insist that for the balance of Gensokyo, Reimu HAS to be a shrine maiden. Besides, all of Reimu's friends would find it odd if he just decided to change job titles out if nowhere. Imagine seeing your friend change out of nowhere like that!

>> No.46664290

>I'm sure Yukari will insist that for the balance of Gensokyo, Reimu HAS to be a shrine maiden.
But does she seriously expect that Reimu would polish the gohei of other men as part of the job description?? Surely Reimu would now find men repulsive and not engage in homosexual activities as an attempt to recapture her lost feminity????
>Besides, all of Reimu's friends would find it odd if he just decided to change job titles out if nowhere.
But Anon, isn't changing job titles part of human life? Granted, we don't often get new set of robes to wear when that happens. That kinda sucks.
>Imagine seeing your friend change out of nowhere like that!
I know it can be a big change, but people tend to adapt to even most peculiar conditions.

>> No.46665753

I'll make an archive when I have the time today.

>> No.46665969

>Anon simply won't be Anon after a while.
I am just speaking for myself, but considering how deranged(yet serious looking) I *usually behave, my personality would just get amplified the moment i gain power

>> No.46666542
File: 75 KB, 1827x362, first ever documentation of kigification.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wrote this on a spur while in bed at 1 AM expecting to get 2 replies at most telling me to kill myself
Not complaining but is this how it feels to be Mr. Oppenheimer?

>> No.46666572
File: 357 KB, 1536x2048, b28bb8a6dacd1f39fc8a07af12040f0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yukari's a perverted weirdo even if she's not secretly another anon, she's probably dying for reiman to give into his urges and fuck the shit out of marisa or kasen

>> No.46666574

he'll probably be fine
frogs can change their gender, right?

>> No.46666645
File: 744 KB, 1000x1099, ecbfbc8a7852ee908f537d3e8cade69e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Were you too in a way tormented by visions of an unseen world when you wrote that like Mr. Oppenheimer was in the famous movie Oppenheimr?
>even if she's not secretly another anon
This all is making me want to write something about Yukari...already got some ideas for Chiyari and Junko too...

>> No.46666769


Yukari is the Ultimate Cuckhold in Gensokyo confirmed.

>> No.46666788

Of course she is, because once upon a time she was Anon, whose idea of sex consists of masturbating while other people do the fucking

>> No.46666805

Tt's all about the game to her. She turned Reimu into a man because she wants to see him (formerly her) finally break to the instincts, either by begging to fuck Yukari or finally snapping and fucking someone else. She gets to tease him and rile him up, and if he decides to take it out on her, she's just fine with that, but if he takes it out on someone else, that's tacit admission that Reimu lost the game (As if cumming all over Yukari's feet isn't already that, but maybe she's magnanimous enough to give Reimu a second shot).

>> No.46667255

>Suwako takes Kanako's inability to be around men into her own hands

>> No.46667724
File: 219 KB, 935x722, __komeiji_satori_touhou_drawn_by_massakasama__ddb39fdae8414041ea4cad8023d7fad8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Swap bodies with Satori for an undefined limitd time.
>Sit and talk to each other for hours and find out you have similar values and personalities.
Satori (in your body) teaches you about things you need to know about underworld and Chireiden to operate as the palace's mistress.
You find out that most tasks are done by pets and Satori lazes around most of the time.
>easy enough
Come to an agreement to live as each other for the time being and be free to live how you want as long as you don't do something too crazy with your borrowed bodies.
>After a few days, when Satori sees you can do just fine, she informs you that she has decided to go to the surface and try living as a human for the time being, saying something about how, without her ultimate power, she can just do fine and wants to prove that her power to read minds does not define her everything and blah blah
>You can read her mind that she's just excited to try things she couldn't do normally because of her power, like being able to interact with strangers normally, or being able to enjoy a show without being spoiled about its ending, and such
Some weeks pass and you get used to your life as Satori, but no matter what you do or in what way you approach people, there will always be seeds of doubt in people heart because of your power, no matter how much kindness you show to others, there will be unconfortableness left in their hearts
>Your pets are the only ones that don't discriminate against you; you feel hollow.
>This can't do
>You decide to double down on being a satori youkai.
>No more taking it easy, no more job-tory; you start to take your job as Chireiden's mistress seriously; big changes in Chireiden's structure, assigning proper roles to every pet based on their nature, using the stick and carrot approach on pets
>study on pets behavior and how they become youkai when they are around Satori youkais
You start to categorize and organize the input from the third eye, even using some modern autistic static analysis methods, your use of the third eye becomes more efficient, even if you can't turn off the third eye, you can always look away when needed, so unlike Satori you won't overheat when there are too many minds around, so no more lame-tory.
>Start using your satori ability to the fullest. Find out about everyone's weaknesses, endgame, and goals, as well as what they like and hate.
>Make connections with all other factions.
>Pets start to become powerful, youkai left and right because of the pressure you put them through.
>Force all other factions to make favorable deals with Chireiden, sometimes by giving them what they want and sometimes by threatening them with what they don't want
>Manipulate the power structure between factions so perfectly that every faction is at a stalemate with each other.
>You start to see other people and youkai less as person and more as automations and functions, as problems that need a solution, like a math problem.
>Give strong youkais offers that they cannot resist, threaten docile ones, manipulate naive ones, don't push hard headed ones too much but don't leave them be either.
>Chireiden starts to become a powerhouse as your pets are unconditionally loyal to you.
>people and youkai start to realize why Satori youkai were banished to underworld, people start to remember why satoris were always detested, people find out wht there are only two satoris left
>Koishi's already infrequent visits to home become less and less frequent until she doesn't come back anymore.
>as your influence grows, underworld prospers and your pets get drunk with power.
>Onis fear you, weak youkai run away at the mention of your name, and sages avoid you.
>You are no longer the Satori that people felt unconfortable around and doubted your actions, now they cower in fear when they see you, they don't doubt you anymore as they pray in their minds so that you won't ruin them.
>at some point, there will be nicknames given to you. Some call you Satori the terrible, some call you Satori the benevolent, some call you Satori the devourer, and some call you the fourth sage, but there is one that enemies and allies agree on alike: Satori the Youkai.
>times up
>You get back to your original body.
>You find out what Satori was up to with your body in the past year, and the reality shocks you.
>Nothing much is the answer.
>You find out she was taking it easy, living as an average human with some unique knowledge about youkai.
>She was generally well liked by people and hus
>She did even score with some hus in the past year.
>Koishi started living with her monthes before, as she found out about your body swap situation intuitively.
>Their relationship began to heal as Satori started to understand Koishi's heart.

>> No.46667729
File: 1.22 MB, 1040x780, __red_hood_and_grimm_black_souls_drawn_by_sushi_yuusha_toro__b322d119efd4e8bdf3cc97749172f36e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a banished Youkai from former hell were able to live so humanly in your body you could never dream of being able to do yourself
>tfw a modern human outsider did become "The Youkai" stricking fear in everyone and making the great youkais bow to him.
>tfw Satori slowly restores the affairs of Chireden to when she could take it easy again.

>tfw you cannot stand human emotions and cannot treat others properly as people anymore.
>tfw your soul is so tainted that you cannot continue living as a human and become a youkai.

>> No.46667949

>>tfw you cannot stand human emotions and cannot treat others properly as people anymore.
>>tfw your soul is so tainted that you cannot continue living as a human and become a youkai.
Improper greentext aside, sounds like Medicine and Parsee have a new drinking friend now!

>> No.46668865

This thread makes me wonder what it would be like to get turned into Yukari.

>> No.46668889

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.46669005


>> No.46669612

If you switch bodies with a Touhou, would it be gay to have sex with her (yourself)?

>> No.46669630

Yes but no
It's kinda gay but the only people who would be able to call it guy is the 2hu in your old body and you in your 2hus body, and everyone will just ask how a woman having sex with a man is supposed to be gay

>> No.46670354

This was pretty cool, the formatting just made it really hard to read.

>> No.46670373

Technically, you're having relations with a male body while being female, but your mind is male, so, it sounds extremely gay.

>> No.46670383

It's self-sexual

>> No.46672363

But the self is split in half and mixed all up

>> No.46672497
File: 225 KB, 1580x1165, 20240425_002401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something seems off about Komachi...

>> No.46672604

If we wanna get super fancy about it the self is "split in half" and "mixed all up" to begin with, so it's not different from masturbation.

>> No.46672662
File: 321 KB, 1000x500, 8e10713bf89d75458f4c73e6382cd538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46672696
File: 246 KB, 1772x1940, 759726560b899868a9fd27a14e880413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Komachi is already canonicaly a handsome broad-shouldered woman so it's not far off from the baseline

>> No.46672981

Heya hoya ?

>> No.46675072

Eiki will turn souls with what deems just enough sin into Komachi and punish them by shoving her face on their tits until she's had her fill at which point she sends them to whatever their afterlife is, usually reincarnation after some time in limbo

If you see some Komachis
in limbo, or even some that managed to get out and now roam Gensokyo, that's why

>> No.46675760
File: 88 KB, 448x424, TARGET SPOTTED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember kids - always be careful with who you accidently get a crush on. You'll never know how it'll come back to bite you in the ass.

>> No.46675933

So there's a strange monster running around the village and Reimu gets distracted by some old hag claiming to be a guy? This is obviously just some tanuki prank, needle him and focus on the real mission Reimu!

>> No.46676013 [DELETED] 

The old lady is the strange monster
Ymous can't into costumes

>> No.46676084

Mamizou is the strange monster
Ymous doesn't know how to transform & disguise yet so he's just been running around aimlessly in Mami's raw tanuki form accidently bringing attention to himself

>> No.46676235

Hopefully he'll be able to pick up on how to shapeshift quick so he can escape the nosy shrine maiden! It would be a shame if he had to spend so long stuck with her instead of actually getting to have fun as this old coot of a tanuki!

Judging on the cliff hanger and the really high quality of writing, there might be a chapter 2?

>> No.46677198

I can't believe that Futatsuiwa from Sado would be such a sado mami! Nominative determinism strikes again!

That was a really fun read and it was well-written. I also liked how you incorporated Mami's relationship with Sannyo via the pipe.

Thank you for this.

>> No.46678942

Haha who would want to be some stinky old alcoholic hag haha what a terrible fate you know

>> No.46679071
File: 607 KB, 636x848, 1526698679976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46679119

I see that and raise you https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/53501531/post/3030070

>> No.46681533

What if I don't want to be a Touhou?

>> No.46681601
File: 1.98 MB, 1000x2943, JubJubJubJubJubJubJubJubJubJubJub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry! There are plenty other /jp/ series to pick from!
Just uh... Don't tf into anything relating to real life people. Those who pick that option never turn out well.

>> No.46682134
File: 1.83 MB, 1711x850, 1533275012690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't cared about any of this stuff until my childhood hero got pranked....

>> No.46682695

Anon, I think you misunderstood. I like being me! Why would I want to become a Touhou? Does being a lazy shrine maiden, or some old hag sound fun?

>> No.46682944

Sparking discussion that isn't just a lazy roll while we wait for the next story to bless us

Do you like your Touhou transformations to have happy ends or bad ends? And for who?

>> No.46683016
File: 362 KB, 789x1168, 5074614_9651_kevin-arthur_untitl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice! More FtM is always appreciated. Sounds a bit weird to say outloud but I strangely really liked Hunkmu getting a foot fetish? The Yukari footjob scene was nice and I genuinely laughed at 'mu needing to excuse herself when Minoriko (Champion of Grape Stompage) was visiting. Her learning to handle being attracted to her friends was also well written.
This story is partly why I love having this fetish so much. There's nothing even really erotic done here yet it was a phenomenal read anyway. Just a good story about trading places with The Girl Even the Vengeful Spirits Fear. Koishi subconsciously finding out what happened on her own was genius. Phenomenal work, anon.

>> No.46684084

>I strangely really liked Hunkmu getting a foot fetish?
Not him, but stuff like this is always great in FtM.
It's such a profoundly male fetish, something that no woman would ordinarily be into, that it really drives home how different her sexuality has been twisted.
A girl losing to the cock (her own) is always such a hot theme.

>> No.46684172

What a god tier story, didn't expected Yukari's tricks to be so hot, her gap powers really have so much potential.

>> No.46685083
File: 63 KB, 1021x706, 20240426_090223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.46685297

Why hasn't anyone bothered to fox the Aya Ray Gun!?

>> No.46686594

Well at least if you were Aya, no one in Gensokyo would ruin your fantasy. Everyone at best gives Aya the cold shoulder. Hell, if you acted different as Aya, you'd probably get thanked for it instead. Aya is probably one of the safest Touhous to become. Yeah, everyone would dislike you at first, but you could either continue to be Aya in which case status quo, or you could not be Aya in which case people will actually like you instead of think something is seriously wrong.

>> No.46686897
File: 50 KB, 466x658, Ranbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddamn AGP degenerates. If I were to become a touhou I'd stay a man and dick down hot girls using my newfound powers. With picrel I can polymorph myself a horse cock knot hybrid and dominate my pawg "master". Then ill woo princess Kaguya with my fox charisma and knot her until she cums at the mere sight of me and take her out on dates. Might do some math on the side too and get into fights in the Animal Realm with my goat fuck buddy.

>> No.46686971

Calm down Mokou

>> No.46687297

Aya is very nice and is so well liked she was even given a human servant by Megumu. She is even trying to fill in for her Megumu's current absence. Please be nice to her.

>> No.46688373

After saying this, anon gets turned into Mokou and gets topped by Kaguya.
Holy fuck these captchas are dreadful I just want to make one post on this retarded website, fuck hiroshimoot.

>> No.46689455

How long do you think it'll take for Aya to give into her tengu instincts and start touching the boy inappropriately? Not that the human would complain, it'd be his first time touching a woman's breasts after all!

>> No.46693567
File: 300 KB, 976x960, 1707695186243776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A few days at most, Tengu are famously insatiable and aggressive

>> No.46695383
File: 122 KB, 1032x774, patchouli_tgtf_part_1_by_charlatanking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.46695398
File: 1.05 MB, 1200x1487, patchouli_tgtf_part_2_by_charlatanking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46695408
File: 527 KB, 1280x1707, patchouli_tgtf_part_3_by_charlatanking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46696752

Nooo what a horrible fate bad ending

>> No.46701654
File: 169 KB, 1000x1000, 1708399702705382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like how the Aya Ray seems to be presented as a normal hazard that anybody could just come across by chance

>> No.46703395

I would not mind being femdommed by Mokou. Princess pussy is tight. Also yes, hiroshimoot should deep throat a sawn off shotgun. Thud shitty busted ass website doesn't work. I could get the captcha right then get told I did it wrong then do it again and I'm told that I can't send the same message twice so it did initially work. Can you believe these knuckleheads get money and still can't figure this shit out?

>> No.46704732

Tengu and Rays go hand in hand, like funny good and ghosts, or weird books and witches!

>> No.46704762

If you turned into your favorite 2hu, wouldn't that too noticeable for the others?

>> No.46704812

My favorite Touhou is Kanako, so I would just have to fake my way with charisma and politicking, be a good mom to Sanae, and be an awkward virgin around men. So I think I could do a good job.

If it was a body swap scenario, Kanako would probably be the easiest to make an agreement with. Just agree to have sex with her in her body. Jokes on her anyways, I'm a virgin too so we'd only be exchanging virginities instead of stealing them!

>> No.46704862

I guess I better learn to sculpt and fast.

>> No.46704873

>Just agree to have sex with her in her body.
This sounds weird. Isn't gay to have sex as a woman while being a man in mind?

>> No.46705769
File: 98 KB, 578x634, ee16602c62a92a1f9c52ed291c78a20c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wrote about turning into Yukari.

These are getting rather long, I should probably make the next one substantially shorter.

>> No.46707457

The otherworldly and lovecraftian way you depicted Yukari's perception of reality and masturbation was incredible

>> No.46708356
File: 409 KB, 1000x1000, NOOOOO WHY DID I AGREE TO BE A KAPPA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Brainrot from these threads are starting to really kick in.
Saw this normal image over in the Nitori thread at 12 PM and immediately thought for some reason "Hmmm, this could make for a good body swap edit!" so enjoy. Feel free to use in the offhand chance you're making a fic featuring her or something.
>These are getting rather long,
damn, you weren't kidding! and I thought my Mamizou fic was getting a little long...
Nice stuff. I'll make sure to deep dive into your story when I have the time.

>> No.46708854
File: 274 KB, 1446x2048, 11e91a9eb9da5730fc5e8c5376372839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, Yukari is one of those 2hus with really weird and abstract powers that get really terrifying and strange when you start thinking about them closely. I think she lends herself really well to this type of story.
>damn, you weren't kidding!
Yeah no, I think even myself that this is a bit excessive but oh well. And this isn't even the longest thing I've written, I wrote a 17 page Reimu fic which is gonna be a nightmare to proofread and edit. She doesn't turn into anyone and there is no Anon involved so that's beyond the scope of this thread.
>and I thought my Mamizou fic was getting a little long...
I thought it was of really good lenght for the type of fic you were going for.
>Nice stuff. I'll make sure to deep dive into your story when I have the time.
Thank you.

>> No.46708857
File: 505 KB, 704x950, 12098475948094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Super unique, never even heard of an SPCG before. Thanks for this, neat stuff!

>> No.46708930
File: 657 KB, 800x1334, 30127c95f32e6bbf24acef4167895986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>never even heard of an SPCG before
Haha, it's from those /x/ icebergs. It's with 99% certainty a joke entry because before them nobody would find any mention of them on the internet. But because it's such a weird name people have wildly speculated about it and some think they are some kind of malevolent spirits.

>> No.46712374

Being a Kappa is fine actually

>> No.46716534

What's the weirdest touhou transformation you'd be OK with?

>> No.46716667
File: 221 KB, 432x397, 1463094850384.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being that small must be kinda scary, is Kappanon going to be ok?
I guess anything that still has a measure of freedom.
Fairy, Vampire, or lesser Youkai I think I could live with

>> No.46716874

Kappanon better hope that Nitori is a kind-hearted Nitori with no perverse autosexual interests and just wants to give Kappanon some uppies. But if Nitori is a wicked and perverse Nitori then Kappanon's only hope is that the female kappa anatomy is particularly stretchy and moist...

>> No.46716951

>Kappanon's only hope is that the female kappa anatomy is particularly stretchy and moist...
luckily he doesn't have to hope because cucumbers

>> No.46719946

Why would Nitori have sex with herself? That's gay

>> No.46721739

Oh I'm so silly Anon I completely forgot about the cucumbers
But it would just be a form of masturbation, now wouldn't it?

>> No.46724106
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>> No.46724313

I want to turn a /jp/sie into a 2hu but UNIRONICALLY

I'm not even joking I literally want to TURN A /JP/SIE INTO A CUTE 2HU

>> No.46724355

And how do you plan to do that?

>> No.46724364

Good question, I haven't really thought that far ahead.

>> No.46724387

Is this a reaction to the idea of being Reisen or the idea of fucking an Anon who is stuck as Reisen?

>> No.46724402
File: 1.73 MB, 2540x4096, necromantic kig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The technology exists
...what if it's just a reaction to Anon turning into Reisen?

>> No.46724430

And just leave him unfucked?

>> No.46724530
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Even if you were to accomplish such a thing, what would you do afterwards? What purpose do you have in mind for this?

>> No.46724545

Well...that depends on if Reisenanon wants to get fucked or not.

>> No.46724575

that's what I, a completely unrelated Anon, am for
I have no idea either but I'll figure it out later

>> No.46724704
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Anon pulled himself from bed and got ready for the day's work. Four hours of sleep had become the norm, this didn't bother him anymore. The daunting list of daily tasks on the otherhand would make anyone want to stay in bed. If the list ever got short Yukari would always come up with some chore to pile on. By God if only he could get some help. Chen, as precious as she is, is not reliable in the slightest.

He had adored Ran once, her intelligence, her kindness, and those enticing big tails and hips captured his imagination. Now though, the line between empathy and hate blurred. Another decade, another year. Another moment trapped in the cage he never wished to be. At least the same dull morning routine was ingrained in Ran's body and he could zone out on autopilot: Get up and look presentable. Begin cooking breakfast. Wake up Yukari. Eat quickly, then do household chores until Yukari finishes. Help Yukari get dressed and return to chores. Prepare for Border maintenance. Standby to enact any of Yukari's harebrained schemes and whims.

The mechanical nature of it all wasn't disturbing, it was the accelerated thinking and mental leash pulling taut everytime Yukari opened her mouth. The Shikigami curse he called it in his head. If he focused, it would appear that time slowed as his mind ran on a different scale. Thinking, analysis, planning, all of it came naturally and in a flash with unparalleled efficiency. Getting used to his mind and body running at different speeds is tricky, but had its benefits. The worst of it was the compulsions. Like mind control yet he still had all his mental faculties. Going against the her will stirred a sickly feeling in his gut, and the shakes that came after were just as bad. Anytime he wanted to relax or have a change of pace that damn umbrella came crashing down like a ton of bricks; "debugging" she called it. He had her memories, he knew why Ran was loyal, yet despite his resentment for Yukari in the moment it would always fade back to how grateful he felt for what she did for Ran. Anon stopped asking himself how much was left of him long ago. It wasn't Yukari wearing him away, it was Ran herself.

Under normal circumstances the body was the best part of the deal and the only thing he's thankful to Ran for, strength, speed, and good health. Centuries of Ran's meticulous grooming and care paid off with interest. Anon went about his days pain free in this regard. Good posture meant no back pain. Even the large breasts weren't a problem, it was only natural to support them with his arms crossed beneath. He never experienced any of the trouble that came with being a "wise and venerable Youkai" Yukari warned him about. If Yukari cared for herself like Ran did she wouldn't complain so much. This however, is where the praise ended.

Today was a special day as Yukari entered hibernation. The chores were taken care of and there's finally a few months of peace and quiet. It should be a time of rest as most people do in the Winter. Yukari isn't there to bark orders and the list of chores is substantially shorter. It's fantastic… for about a week. Then the aches start. How Ran ever shrugged it off and ignored it is beyond him, such thoughts get pushed out quickly.

It was an insidious poison that day by day grew and hollowed out from the inside. At first it attacked the chest, mounting pressure constricted hot and tight like turns on a vice. It then crept down, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Upon reaching his gut the fidgeting set in. By the end of this stage deep breaths were not possible to manage. Thoughts of children, a family; while normal thoughts to have, weren't normal here. It was instinctual. They were constant and invasive, leaving no room for idle thought. In time they only became more perverse. Rather than ideals of children and motherhood, it was their conception.

Like a moth to flame, the more he tried to push those thoughts out, the more he focused on them; and the more he focused on them, the longer time seemed to drag on. No matter what he did it couldn't be shaken off. The insufferable fidgeting. Chewing on fingers, thighs ceaselessly rubbing together, clinging to pillows; anything to try and help. But to no avail. All work slowed to a crawl. Even Chen knew better than to be near Ran like this. The only thing to do was moan into a pillow and play with her aching womanhood. Even through repeated climaxes the empty feeling never went away. Between waves of fleeting pleasure and eroding agony there was nothing to think about. All thoughts worn away like wind on a canyon.

Sleepless nights, ravenously consuming meals left by Chen, stumbling about the room leaving scratches on the walls, everything fogged over in a cloud of delirium. Panties kept getting dirty, so she stopped wearing them. Clothes were too hot, so she stopped wearing them. Until one day… it was finally all over.

Ran pulled herself from bed and got ready for the day's work.


>> No.46725355

Poor Anon! What a horrible fate, being worked to death by Yukari and no-one around to help when in heat. That was a good one, thanks for writing.

>> No.46729240

Yukari needs to take better care of her pets, just gap some more boy and make him yhe the registered sex toy

>> No.46729250

Not gonna lie, wasn't looking forward to this one judging from it's beginning. Not usually much of a fan of stories that begin after the subject has already been through The Metamorphosis™. However, every paragraph gradually won me over. Funnily enough now you're making me wish we got an interaction between Chen and Anon. Or This Ran and The Yukari from >>46705769's story.
Anon somewhat keeping Ran's Shikigami attributes is interesting and his will getting absolutely obliterated by the unbearable, red hot animalistic urge to breed was extravagantly made. I'm not sure why, but that type of mental anguish in TF media always leaves me weak for some reason. Perfect filepic choice btw.
Hey, could've been a worse fate. Could've gotten stuck as the MMDfag version of Ran.

>> No.46731485
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I like the stuff your inspiration tells you to write

>> No.46732887
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>> No.46736707
File: 1.36 MB, 1536x2048, Marisa stole the precious gender bend serum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.46738804

>Yukari gaps in some /jp/ anon to help with Ranon in heat
>Ranon apologizes and mentions that he's also a /jp/ poster and that their sex might be a little gay but that his body compels him to have seggs with /jp/ anon
That'd be a pretty awkward relationship. Without any other context I think /jp/ anon wouldn't have any idea that Ran got replaced with some random guy and he'd just think he'd won the 2hu lottery by getting to have seggs with Ran every day and not get eaten alive, but it also might be funny if he perfectly understood what was going on and had to deal with the internal conflict that it's somehow a little gay to fuck a big breasted fox girl.

>> No.46739224

sex with /jp/sies crossplaying as their favorte 2hus

>> No.46743642

non I think you're grossly misinterpreting ehat this thread is about

>> No.46743742


You underestimate many of the hag fans

>> No.46743829

no I am well aware, you can put a magical tf twist on it if you like.

>> No.46745474
File: 1.01 MB, 598x837, 0f87b7c3c95c72edcaba560c4d124aae.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wrote a thing about Chiyari getting transformed

I tried to make something a bit shorter and lighter and funnier after the last one.

>> No.46745485

I think you should dress up as Shikeiki

>> No.46745526

I have money and sometimes think it would be ridiculously hot to take an average skinnyfat /jp/ anon and mold him into a 2hu with a controlled diet and exercise plan, kigurumi, padding and such...
A pervert can dream.

>> No.46745553
File: 225 KB, 850x1225, __kudamaki_tsukasa_touhou_drawn_by_johnalay__sample-401440b97c7d09015e98eba694511c47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I fell into this strange land and was chased by ravenous monsters it felt like the greatest of fortune to be rescued by Yukari, a great Sage, who gave me food and shelter in exchange for some simple labors. Now, I wonder if I hadn't just be lead, step by step, to my own damnation.

The changes were barely noticeable at first, my skin grew lighter and more supple, my body hair stopped growing, and my movements went from clumsy and brutish to serene and gentle. All things that could be explained by a change in diet and occupation, and I was busy, so busy.

At first, Ran tasked me with menial chores like preparing ingredients and cleaning, but as time went on she would send me out to barter with villagers for seemingly inconsequential things like childhood trinkets or the last piece of a man's dango. I was awkward in the beginning and couldn't make even the smallest trade, but as time went on I started to notice the looks in people's eyes, how their bodies moved, how they smelled... trades that seemed outlandish before became trivial as I adjusted my own sub-conscious behavior to the rhythms of others, whispering sweetly, standing by their side instead of across from them, slightly touching their arm, it all came natural to me.

It wasn't until I began writhing in the sheets at night that I knew something was wrong. My dreams were filled with copulation, lust, being desired. Before I had tried to suppress my urges entirely around the beautiful Yukari and Ran, now, sneaking out in the woods and reliving myself at night was all I could do to stay sane.

And then the fateful evening came. I was awoken by thundering or maybe by my own moans, all I know is that my body was on fire and I couldn't leave well enough alone so I bit into my pillow and desperately relived myself over and over until finally, as if the wind was knocked out of my body, a powerful sensation completely overwhelmed and paralyzed me. When I came to and feebly stripped the sweaty and stained sheets from my body I saw, felt that I had a tail which gently swayed behind me and two new ears atop my head.

Ran didn't seem surprised when I woke her, instead, she lead me to a room, stripped me bear, and took measurements, struggling with the fact that my needy and sensitive self could barely sit still. Eventually she gave up and cut a rough shape out of a large sheet and tied it to my body with green ribbons, a garment I still wear to this day.

"Hmm hm, now it's time to fulfill your role." Yukari had sweetly told me, which brings me to today.


"Uh, this human's been poking around our territory, can't you do something about him?" Megumu asked.

"Of course Megumu-San, I am your ever faithful servant." I replied to the great Tengu.

And I would. I'd appear before him as a friend, slowly earn his trust with small favors here and there until he let his guard down, and before long he'd want more then friendship. I'd accept him of course, all of him, without restraint or dignity I would love him wholly as a woman should. And then come morning I'd be gone, as well as all of his valuables. He'd curse Youkai and their existence, maybe cause a ruckus looking for me, but give up and swear off his adventurous ways before long, forgetting me.

I hated it. I never wanted to deceive anybody, I never wanted to be a lacky in a game I don't understand, I never wanted to be hated.

So, I'll ruin it all. All these self-important plans and cruel schemes that I'm forced to enact will come to nothing. Oh, I'll still play the servant, do what I say I'll do, and appear obedient, but there's always so much room for interpretation in my orders after all! Great plans are the leader's duty to see through after all, I'm but a humble servant.

And who could blame me? I'm just a Tube Fox after all, it's just in my nature.

>> No.46745555
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You know, they say that you can't change the world without changing yourself first.

>> No.46745566

That was so good Anon! So succint yet it has everything essential in it. Thank you for this!

>> No.46745959

I hope this one gets more attention, it was a good read! And a rare not-bad end where everyone comes out richer(?) from the experience

>> No.46748137
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Thanks Anon. For whatever reason this thread got really active soon after I posted and I suppose the story got a bit sandwhiched between other posts. I don't really mind though, especially considering how good the Tsukasa story is.

Anyway, yeah, I wanted to write something where everyone gets a good(?) end.

>> No.46754409

Good ends can be great too, nice work!

>> No.46760264

Anon you're clearly a deviant and need to be punished for your sins

>> No.46760310

These threads either have nothing for days or ten stories at once. There is no in-between for some reason

>> No.46760430
File: 1.70 MB, 2480x3508, cd5e4e922d6c1bbfae01a146526f311f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah and it's not good from writing perspective to write bad ends all the time either.
Haha I find it a bit funny how in general this is the most active write thread...the yandere threads seem to activate writeanons but not as much as this.

>> No.46761198

How awful it would be to have an anon dress up as the yama and scold me thoroughly...

>> No.46761215

Anon...there are some very unfeminine looking other Anons here, surely the mere clothes of the yama wouldn't be enough?

>> No.46761244


Aya to begin with is a natural hazard you can come across by chance

>> No.46761262

If you're sinful enough, the anon would surely be overtaken by the corrective spirit of the yama and transformed, body and soul.

>> No.46761287
File: 833 KB, 1334x2000, komachi kig 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think magic like that needs a bit of help in real life.

I thought I had a picture of an Eiki kig but Komachi will have to do I guess.

>> No.46761351
File: 384 KB, 1536x2048, FF6PdW1aUAI6m8u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46761367
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But I'm a well-behaved Anon and a good law-abiding citizen..

>> No.46761643
File: 433 KB, 1536x2048, E0iFrXEUUAY_K__.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46761652
File: 1.11 MB, 1130x1512, yorigami kig 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, what a big fumo!

>> No.46761851

I want to blow through my savings and render myself destitute taking care of a Joon kigu!

>> No.46763704 [DELETED] 

retard-kun here, how do I know which starter ego gift is which for md
also is there any reason to run more than one hard md a week

>> No.46764555
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>All this talk about Kig TF in the thread.
Blessed. Love you melonheads.

>> No.46765007
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That's...within the realms of plausibility. However, it seems that the best way to get yourself a kigu is to become one yourself first...
It's inevitable...

>> No.46768832
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I love how that giant fumo Joon costume came from a site that sold normal party mascot costumes like Spengbab, Mickey, Spiderman etc.
There wasn't even an official Joon fumo yet so who knows where they got the idea from lmao

>> No.46769752

I want to fuck it.

>> No.46769797

>There wasn't even an official Joon fumo yet so who knows where they got the idea from lmao
Someone was tapped into the divine frequency of the pestilence god

>> No.46769950
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I wish to become.

>> No.46769961

What's stopping you?

>> No.46770077
File: 266 KB, 1416x2048, GJCb0PcagAAwFr9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lack of anons similarly interested in becoming nearby (to bone)

>> No.46771479
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It wasn't really my thing (erotically), but it all worked out in the end!

>> No.46771866

Anything as long as i dont turn into fucking Yoshika or something like that

>> No.46771973

>(to bone)
I don't even want to do anything sexual, just hang out with 2hu kigus would be enough for me.

>> No.46772719
File: 3.87 MB, 2004x3743, c709a8f4db32a870da507a8c2649bb58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasn't really my thing eroticaly either haha, but I thought it would be interesting to try a MTF transformation plus considering demons like bad things they probably have an unusual taste in men...

>> No.46772801
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Patchy's spell has backfired yet again, changing reality, though he can't place what's changed. Koakuma seems to know though, but she's not telling!

>> No.46776829

No Junko story in her own thread? I feel like there's lots of different stuff you could do with her

>> No.46776837

I want her to adopt me.

>> No.46776993
File: 497 KB, 600x790, 64194123c14982af2a3c721435e1c6c2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poor Patchouli! The world is an unkind place to chubby shut-in men with a fat ass and a bad case of asthma!
I had an idea but I kinda forgot it untill you posted it. I don't know if I'd commit to writing it though, I don't want my stuff to dominate these threads as compulsive writer as I may be.

>> No.46777021
File: 263 KB, 500x1068, 2dde5db2e8083b56dfd208f77fe3f12b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

patchouli is probably thin and frail. She doesn't actually need to eat and is very focused on her research.
that said if malechouli looks like the typical bishounen boy there's probably an army of girls creaming themselves over the prospect of being koakuma and getting to help him get around

>> No.46777121

NTA but patchy uses magic all the time to float around when she's not sitting her fat butt, and considering the mansion she'd be in the lap of luxury with plenty of Western sweets lying around, she'll have ample time to build an ample size
This would extend to malechouli, though on the plus side I'm sure patchy has good hygiene so would at least smell pretty nice

>> No.46777299

In my headcanon (delusion) Patchouli is chubby though, but I recognize it could go either way.
Chubby malechouli developing a terrible complex about hygiene and body odor!

>> No.46780604
File: 823 KB, 2048x1366, GM-T6kLa4AAEluF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every Ran thread immediately turns into anons talking about how much they want Ran to do certain things to them. I wonder if they'd want a Ran kigu to do those same things?

>> No.46781498

Do what exactly..?

>> No.46781501

I want to hang out and hit the town with the Ran kigu!

>> No.46781865
File: 187 KB, 850x1201, __patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_kyouda_suzuka__sample-99d5da850bc4223f8f968fb8365b6aff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"We're starting" Patchouli Knowledge said, reciting some incantations.
As the magic circle I stood in began to glow I felt nervous. I'd cleaned up enough of the Master's experiments to know that he wasn't immune to the casual error here and there. Still, being a guinea pig was a right of passage in the library and I owed my life to him so I couldn't just say no, even if the request was ridiculous.
Slowly, the red light from the circle crept up my skin and penetrated the thin robe I had been made to wear, as it did so I felt my hairs stand on end and a warmth creep over me, like I was being slowly lowered into a hot tub. When the feeling reached and went over my head a dizzy spell overtook me and my hair began to gently float.
"Everything's stable, continuing to phase 1." Koakuma said sternly, like she was trying to convince herself.
The outer rim of the magic circle grew more intensely red and started rotating with increasing speed, when It became a blur I felt the strangling sensations start. It was as if my skin was about to pop open, I tried wrapping my arms around myself to reduce the pain, but it was like every part of my body was pushing in on itself. I gritted my teeth and bore it, until the second circle began rotating.
A shock wave emanated from inside the circle, then another, and another. Each vibration rattling the whole of my insides and I tried to cry out, but my voice wouldn't answer, and before long the third circle started spinning.
All across my body, I felt white hot pain pricks as if each hair was being pulled out individually, all at once, and simultaneously had a needle shoved into the hole. My head especially felt the agony, my entire scalp was on fire! It was too much, something must have gone wrong, I banged on the wall of the circle, staring at Master Patchouli, but he simply looked on.
'Bastard, this is why Marisa-' but I didn't get to finish the thought as the center circle began to spin.
I heaved and vomited again and again, my system trying to purge whatever poison the magical circle had radiated into me. In all the pain I thought the waste would at least muddy the sigils, disrupting things, but alas, even as my vision began to blur, I could still see they shown through all the viscous liquid, completely unaffected.
And then, all at once, the sigils went dim and the circles stopped spinning and with that, the painful sensations began to fade, spiking me with the occasional convulsion as a farewell gift. Weakly, I tried again to reach for Master Patchouli and again I felt the solid air against my palm.
"...Another reaction...don't..." I heard bits of what he told Koakuma, but never got the full picture as I felt a warmth overcome me.
It started at my heart and spread through my chest, head, and extremities, pumping along to the beat of my pulse. I was scared at first and let out a high-pitched cry, worried more hellish agony was to follow, instead I only felt warm. Once the sensation had spread to the tips of my fingers, my heart began to beat stronger, thumping like a heavy drum, except this new wave of warmth didn't spread to the rest of my body, it remained and swelled in my chest.
I put my hands to my body, feeling a slim, smooth, and soft chest that had once been thick and burly and I felt the swelling manifest physically as soft mounds began to press against my hands. Like the warmth was spilling out of me, my breasts grew and blossomed until my weakened body felt weighed down by them and I collapsed to the floor. I curled into a fetal position as the sensation began to taper, finally ending the experience.
"Are...breathing...maybe..." I heard Master Patchouli's voice in fragments and, reflexively reached out to him. Finding the soft fabric of his outfit, I clung and pulled at it until I could feel my face against his breast, and I cried. I whaled and sobbed for what felt like hours until I'm sure all the fluid that hadn't left my body in sweat and vomit and been ejected through my tears. Eventually I would feel his skinny arms around me and some reassuring rubs on my back, but not soon enough.
"It looks like the spell was a success! Well uh, except for one small detail." Koakuma said, holding up a mirror to me.
In it, I saw Master Patchouli holding a girl with long, wavy blonde hair and golden, tear-stained eyes, who, despite looking a little under the weather, was the spitting image of a certain black-white witch, save for an ample bosom, which had completely overtaken the robe meant to contain it.
"Yes, yes, a small detail, now for the point of all this." Master Patchouli said, before clutching my shoulders and looking me dead in the eyes.
"Marisa Kirisame, I love y-" Master Patchouli began, but bit his tongue. "I mean to say is that you're everything- well, you make my heart beat a little faster- or you could say I-" he stuttered trying to recover.
As fatigue and exhaustion finally overtook me, and I passed out, I idly wondered if this made up for my life debt.

>> No.46782293

Oh no! Poor Anon getting turned into gigaboob Marisa only to be used for practicing confessions by Malechouli! Horrible fate!

>> No.46785422

I think Patchy's problem is practicing the confession first, when obviously the kiss should be the first thing you practice! And the date too.

>> No.46786518
File: 156 KB, 850x847, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_necro_nekurodayo__sample-5fe11e7ef31337436f43d5cfa9ebb7c5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Would you like some tea?" Patchouli asked.
"Of course! My favorite kind of tea is free after all!" I told him with a grin.
The man gently poured two cups of tea and was about to place one in front of me, before falling out of his chair onto me, fumbling his tea cup, which was, by some blessing, caught by Koakuma.
"This Isn't working. Do you have to sit next to me? It's so informal." Patchouli asked as he carefully moved himself back onto his chair.
"Marisa would probably do the same I think." I said, dropping the act, leaving out the 'if you didn't shoo her away at every opportunity.'
"That's... true." he said, rubbing his chin. "Well let's move on, how have you been feeling now that you've had time to acclimate?" he asked, pulling out a quill and some notes.
"Ughh terrible frankly. I'm too short to reach anything, too weak to carry half of what I used to be able to, this long hair's always getting in the way and takes forever to clean, in fact, I'd say I spend four times as much of my waking hours on grooming alone!" I complained.
"I see. At the very least you have the aptitude for it. In terms of femininity, it seems your on par with Marisa already." He said analytically as he wrote some notes.
You could thank Miss Sakuya's militant posture training(although I'd never say that aloud) and the devils treating me like a dress-up doll, but still, a part of me felt glad to hear the compliment, even if it was stated so matter-of-factly. Which reminded me...
"So, have you given any thought in how to turn me back? I see you're writing a lot here..." I began, leaning over to him to get a better look at his notes.
"Idiot! Don't..." He jumped as I leaned into him.
'Marisa's making casual conversation with me, Marisa's lip gloss is pink today, Marisa is sitting very close to me, Marisa smells of lavender, Marisa's hair touched my fingers...' All that was written was various notes about Marisa(presumably myself in this instance). "This is uhm, exposure therapy is a real struggle for you huh?" I asked.
"Yes, now if you'd please get off of me, they're touching." Patchouli said.
I looked down to see that indeed, my chest was pressed snugly against his arm "Sorry! Didn't mean to give you a heart attack!" I said, quickly jumping away.
"Don't worry yourself, my new heart medication is the best in the world. Those... that chest of yours is proving to be more of an issue than I thought however." He said, somewhat short of breath.
"Yeah, these things are the worst. They're heavy, throw me off balance, sometimes they fall out of the bra, it always feel sweaty, and all my clothes feels too tight around my chest..." I listed off.
"Well I think they're great! The scarlet devil mansion already has mature shapely woman like me, thin and slender woman like Sakuya, and Flandere as our petite representative, those two happy accidents of yours mean we can cover a whole new category-" Koakuma happily chimed in before getting a piece of chalk square to the face.
"As I was saying, what about your general mentality?"
"I'm not sure. Everything feels more 'fluffy' I guess? Somehow I don't feel so out of the loop when the other ladies in the mansion are talking, but I don't understand why."
Patchouli nodded, taking note. "And what about sexual desire?"
"I, I beg your pardon Master?"
"You told me before when I asked that you were frequently distracted by Koakuma's and Sakuya's short skirts, I have it written down somewhere, are you still experiencing those feelings?"
I felt myself go completely flush. Did this guy have zero common sense to ask me something so candidly? "I still think they look nice I guess? the thought doesn't keep me up at night like it used to though."
"And what about men? Have you felt any attraction to Remilia or Myself?" he asked.
"That's uhh, I think the young master's too um, young for that, and as for you well, we both knew each other while I was a man so..."
He tapped his quill impatiently before getting up. "That wasn't the question." He turned to me and gently lifted my chin up so that I looked into his deep purple eyes "Does this excite you?"
My mind sprung to any escape hatch it could find to avoid the rising heat in my chest 'Did you get this out of a sappy romance novel?', 'Why don't you just ask one of your Devils?', 'Who'd get aroused by a gloomy guy like you?', but he was tall and, I'll admit begrudgingly, handsome and this stupid female body was reacting to that.
"I..." I stuttered out, gently clasping onto his hand. "...I think..." Koakuma, recovered from her chalk trauma, stared on starry-eyed "...that I..." his eyes were firmly locked in to mine, expecting an answer. "...am about to faint."
Once again, the heat rushed to my head and I fell onto Master Patchouli, completely incapacitated by my feelings.
If this idiot applied even half of that intellectual curiosity into love Marisa would, well, I wouldn't be the mansion's dedicated dress-up doll I can tell you that!

>> No.46788592

>I think the young master's too um, young for that
Remy is a 600 year old vampire, show some respect! He happens to be an expert in all kinds of romance stuff, just trust him!

Fun to see this story get an update, I'm excited for what happens next!

>> No.46788635

For me, it's still this one

>> No.46789308

At this rate Malechouli is gonna forget all about the original Marisa...

>> No.46789333
File: 272 KB, 850x1208, __toramaru_shou_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_hi_you_flying_bear__sample-6ee7d4988fbecd5bd50e20e5b658fcf1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I woke up in Gensokyo, I made a beeline for the Myouren Temple. Cliche, and I know: 'Hijiri runs a secret human meat farm' and all those other rumors, but I felt like my odds were 50/50 on living a good, spiritual life and dying at the ripe age of sixty or get eaten and it all being over with.
I wish I listened to the Hijiri Antis.
Everything went great at first. The Temple welcomed me with open arms, I got put to honest work, was quickly taught Japanese, and rose up very quickly in the ranks since my competition were Youkai just trying their best(and failing), Youkai slacking off, humans who'd flake back to the village once their inner foodie instinct kicked back in, and the rare few who were actually making some headway.
One day, Hijiri pulled me aside and asked me if I would be willing to take on a special task, one that only I could perform. Of course I said yes, I was so curious like 'turns out the Myouren Temple is actually a hungry Youkai they have to feed a loyal follower every year' or something along those lines, but no, all that was in the room Hijiri guided me to was a very flushed Shou who could barely sit still.
No, I wasn't asked to relieve her urges.
Instead, Hijiri had our souls swap places. See, apparently someone in the temple started a rumor(as a joke) that female tigers are super fertile and you know how that goes. Problem was, Shou couldn't copulate as body and soul because it would piss off Lord Bishamonten, so, the loophole would be that Shou's soul would go out in my body and relieve the urges of the soul while I would take over and relieve the urges of her body through abstinence and prayer, thus not running afoul of Bishamonten.
Of course I said yes. Have you seen Shou's face? She's adorable and the nicest woman in Gensokyo by my count. So Hijiri cast the spell, Shou packed her things to go find some relief, and I took over her role at the temple in secret.
The first week was easy and a little exciting. I wasn't used to being the center of attention and, if it wasn't already clear, I admired Shou greatly, so I thought this would be a good chance to study how an Idol saw things. When my soul really got settled into the body, that's when the urges kicked in. I'd wake up at night in hot flashes, if I slept with clothes on they'd be soaked through, if I slept naked then the sheets would be soaked instead. When I saw the temple men laboring I'd reflexively track their movements, all of them, I'd imagine the fittest ones using their bodies on me to the fullest and the weakest ones as my prey to lunge upon like the slowest gizzle in the herd.
But my lust didn't stop at men, oh no, my old temptations seemed to have carried over with my soul because even in the company of the fairer sex I felt constantly on edge. Long legs, flowing hair, nice smells, plump breasts, they all paraded around me like a feast set right before my eyes, but I knew if I took even one bite that I would gorge until there was nothing left.
The breaking point was the confessions.
Shou is popular, and this meant she'd received her fair amount of love confessions. I refused them all on grounds of being an idol and love being a distraction to my duties, but it was also a part of the same duties to hear them out first, and they were beautiful, every last one. From men and woman both, they were some of the most heartfelt expressions I've ever heard and I wanted nothing more then to accept whoever was giving them in that moment. But I had to endure, because I made a promise to Shou.
Until one man confessed his love for me. I'd always thought of him as a stern but consistent teacher, someone who'd never encourage you, but always give you just praise when truly due, almost sort of cat-like if you think about it. He said three sentences to me in private, told me he could wait for my reply, and left me to my thoughts.
That night I locked myself in my room and all hell broke loose. I hadn't masturbated since arriving in Gensokyo, it was the farthest thing from my mind, but until the sun rose the next day that's all I did, biting and crying into my pillow as I knew I'd have to give one more rejection, one more tally in my labors.
That day Hijiri told everyone I was sick and washed me, brought me water and fresh bedding's, and more then ever, I thought of her as the kind mother. Until I heard what Nue had to say.
"Oh, Shou? She's not coming back. Once she took your body she found a couple of lovers and got them pregnant, gonna start her own homestead. Didn't Hijiri tell you?"
I had been betrayed. All this abstinence, this prayer, enduring this never-ending assault of lust, and she'd stolen my body to do with as she pleased?
'Fine.' I decided. If she wants to do with my life as she pleases then I'll play with hers as I see fit. Shou Toramaru will give birth to over a thousand children and become known as a fertility idol far and wide. Far grander then some pathetic homestead.

>> No.46789438
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Shou will NOT steal your body! She will NOT have lots of sex while in your body! And being in her body WON'T make you perpetually horny! And if, IF Shou was going to do something like this, she'd wait until marriage and impregnate you, but she wouldn't because she is NOT a horny and lewd tiger!

>> No.46792019

Shounon should meet up with the Seiganon from the post a thread ago, they could have a debate on the merits of taoism and buddhism from their unique perspectives!

>> No.46792142
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How could Byakuren and Shou possibly do something like this??? Horrible!
I wonder if Shounon will start constructing his legacy as a fertility idol with the man who confessed to him.
Historicaly buddhism and taoism have gotten along pretty well even if there have been occasional conflicts. Maybe Shounon and Seiganon could start working towards peace in Gensokyo! They probably need to start with pacifying each other's libido though...

>> No.46793199

Realize I could've hinted that the guy who confessed was Shou and Shounon just didn't see it because she was so far gone and Nue was just gaslighting her.

>> No.46793851
File: 128 KB, 850x1201, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_mero_nyaru_mero__sample-57946b68181357f81809c3961100254d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Hmm, another success." Master Patchouli murmured after the ghostly form took shape in the beaker, screamed, and dissipated. "It seems like you have an aptitude for assisting magic users."
"I'm sure Master Patchouli is just as skilled as ever is all." I said.
"No, I mean quite literally." He said, pointing to some numeric tables in his notes. "I've run this experiment with and without you, controlling for time of day and with many other factors. In all cases, your presence statistically improves the success rate, even more so if you're actively assisting in the procedure."
"Perhaps it's the The Hawthorne effect?" I asked.
"Perhaps, here." he said handing me a list. "I'll need these materials to run another trial."
"Of course." I said, taking the note with a bow and leaving.
"Helpful with experiments, another way they're different..." I heard Patchouli say under his breath.

As I walked through the halls of the SDM I suppressed a yawn. It wasn't unusual for Patchouli to wake me at some unusual hour in the evening to help with an experiment or spell, these things were sensitive to time and day after all, so I was used to it. In fact, I was a little glad since It meant I could dress less formally, just in my nightgown, slippers, and one of Patchouli's robes. My bra had become uncomfortably tight as of late, well, it never fit right to begin with, and the wires dug painfully into my shoulders after awhile, so there was a sort of liberation in not having to wear it, even though I had to move a bit more carefully or my chest would sway. I think it did put Patchouli on edge, since he'd hastily given me his robe to cover up, but that was the witches fault for waking me on such short notice.
Master's robe was, well it was a little warm and fluffy for something to be worn by a man. Not that I minded since this female body couldn't stand well against the cold and it smelled just like him...
Ahh! what was I doing, sniffing clothes and getting all light-headed, if someone saw me like this I'd-
"Why hello, I don't believe I've seen you before." A boyish yet elegant voice called to me.
I turned to see Master Remilia's red eyes staring back at me, cocksure of himself. "Good evening Master Remilia, I trust you are well?" I said, my servant's training taking over.
"Master? I didn't know we had a new servant." He said, looking me over. It was odd because previously I'd stood feet above the vampire, but now the difference was far shorter, he was about at chest height to me now. "Are you perhaps a relative of the Kirisame witch? you have quite the resemblance."
"Your mistaken Master, the truth is..." I explained to Remilia who I was and the spell Patchouli cast on me.
"So Patchouli turned you into a copy of his crush to train up the nerve to confess? That's... brilliant! It's like fighting the enemy you hope to defeat every waking minute so victory is assured when the battle truly breaks out! As expected of the brain of the SDM!" He enthusiastically said, wings flapping.
As expected of Remilia, he'll get along with anyone inflexibly as long as their doing something interesting, at the very least he wasn't scolding me for my wear-
"Hey Marisa, watcha doing wearing Patchouli's robes!?" I heard a girlish voice yell behind me before two hands reached up and grabbed my chest. I let out a girlish cry, shocked.
"Ehh?" The voice, said, groping my breasts "Marisa did you get fat?"
"Flandere that's not Marisa it's Patchouli's servant! Stop molesting her immediately!" Remilia shouted.
"Giving such nonsense orders is so like you brother, can't you tell I'm just punishing her for walking around so indecently? See? she's not even wearing a bra!" Flandere said, pulling the purple robe open and around my breasts, which caused the nightgown to cling tightly around them.
"Wow, I think they're even bigger then Meiling! But she's so tall, Isn't that a little unbalanced of you miss?" Flandere asked, as she stroked her hand from my waist to the tips of my chest.
Blood shot from Remilia's nose as he looked on in a daze for a moment, until he wiped the scarlet substance on his sleeve and regained his senses. "If you won't stop then I'll make you!" He shouted, reaching for her hands. But in that moment Flandere let go and the vampires hands landed squarely on my chest where her's had been and, just as quickly, the sister's hands clamped over her brothers.
"My oh my, is my brother lusting after his friend's servant so openly? How risque!" She shouted. Remilia cursed, trying to get free but his sister's grip was strong and he just ended up throttled against me.
I shut my eyes in embarrassment. Once upon a time, one of my cousins told me 'I was so embarrassed I could die' and I thought she was just being hyperbolic, but to be molested like this, made a mockery with this sensitivity, as a woman I understood now. The only thought in my head was 'save me.'

>> No.46793885
File: 114 KB, 850x1175, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_necro_nekurodayo__sample-20d0f3d91c1b237c83b0ae6f506f4833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Ow!", "Ah!" I heard two thumps and cries of pain and just like that, the torturous grips relented. My hands shot around my shoulders to hide my chest from the world, ashamed of what had happened, and I only opened my eyes a bit later to see the two vampires prostrating before me with Patchouli standing above them, tapping a heavy bible on his shoulder.
"We're sorry, we won't do it again!" The two vampires said in unison. "But it was brother's fault for staring at your chest before-" "It was Flandere's fault for groping you first-" they started in concert before Patchouli slammed his book into his hand, an open threat. At that, the two stopped and meekly made off, not wanting to get bludgeoned in the heads again.
Patchouli Sighed and extended a hand to me. "Can you stand?" He asked, and I made to, I really did, but like a new born fawn my legs wobbled and I fell again with a small cry. What was this? Was my body really this weak? Reluctantly, I reached out for his hand and let him, through some effort, pull me up and onto him. I had to lock my arms around him just to keep standing.
"Eh-hem." He coughed, looking away like I had something on my face. I looked down to see my chest, still propped up out of the robe, nipples visible through the fabric. I quickly pulled the robe over them and muttered an apology.
"It's not your fault, those two are just a handful. We'll hold off on more experiments today so you can rest, let me take you to your room." he said, grabbing my hand and guiding him along.
"Wait." I said, as a certain desire overcame me and I pressed myself against him "I don't want to be alone right now."

As we both sat together on the coach in the library and my head finally cleared, I wondered why the Hell I'd said that. As a man, the only time I ever felt that kind of impulsivity and lack of control was when I was royally pissed off, as a woman, it felt like every day my hormones where throwing me against this guy like the sea crashes against the shore! And even now, there was this stupid nagging thought.
"Master Patchouli do you hate me?" I asked.
He looked up at me from the small booklet he was reading. "Of course not, why would you think that?" he asked calmly.
My answer didn't even pass through conscious thought "Because you like Marisa and I'm not like her at all. She's not some boring assistant or some large-chested damsel who'd let herself get assaulted by two vampire children, crumbling like a leaf..." I said, feeling myself on the verge of tears.
He sighed, shutting his booklet and setting it on the table. "I never expected you to be exactly Marisa, so some deviation is fine. And you know well enough from experience that those two can be a supernatural hand full so I'm just happy your okay. As for your servitude..." He explained before putting his arm around me and pulling me close "...having a helpful assistant for once, I don't hate it."
His words, his assurances, made my femininity scream and shout from the high heavens. I summoned every objection I can: 'He's an unreliable, lazy oaf', 'He's a man', 'It's Marisa he loves not you', 'He did this to you', 'It's just the hormones', it's all useless, because another stupid, all-powerful voice deep within the well of my stomach tells me 'You love him.'
Gently I turn to my side and rest my face to his chest and place my other hand on his thigh. "I don't hate you either." I whisper, before letting sleep take me.

>> No.46794787

I'd let (want) a Ran kigu stuff me in a Chen kigu and make me do various menial chores and such because that's what shikigami do, or something.

>> No.46796304

You're going above and beyond with this, this has been a fun slowburn story so far! I'm excited to see how it ends up!

Also congrats to Remi for touching boobs for the first time! Maybe Patchy will make him a girlfriend/titcow sometime!

>> No.46801958

Nice to see so many writers in this thread

>> No.46802055

Ironically the fetish thread is better than out shitter counterpart.

>> No.46803717

Too me way too long to get to this one.
Pretty good! I liked the subversive setup of Chiyari being summoned into the human world via a botched ritual instead of a Human being brought into Gensokyo.
Little mixed on the summoner being a ugly bastard (it's not really my thing, least favorite body swap trope) but you made it work. Chiyari is canonically a stinky little shit, she would absolutely be the kinda bitch to somehow enjoy having a beer belly and amazon-sized bush. Ending was also nice.
Ah, that's a good one. This world is in crippling, desperate need for more Gyaru/Gyaruo TFs. Pity that Touhou and other adjacent /jp/ series like 07th expansion and Monster Girl Encyclopedia don't give much to work with.
I miss that requestanon who liked Jo'on.
Toramaru wasn't a face I was expecting to ever show up in these threads, but I ain't complainin'.
Really liked the plot for this one being more grounded. This feels like something the characters would actually do in a manga chapter. Love Confessions are such a deliciously vile way to toy with Shounon's feisty hormones.
Surprised Tsukasa doesn't have more content in the TSF department. Her personality kinda lends itself to this genre. It's basically begging for a story where she trolls some poor shmuck that spammed "sex fox" one too many times by gaslighting him into thinking he's switched lives with the Kuda-gitsune or something

>> No.46803892

>Monster Girl Encyclopedia don't give much to work with
Isn't that series all about gender bender and monster girl tf?

>> No.46806501
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Two anons who insist they aren't gay end up becoming Touhous so they can get with girls. They end up becoming Renko and Maribel. They still insist they aren't gay.

>> No.46808502
File: 356 KB, 2048x1367, F5kInImaUAAI_FJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.46808855
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Continuing on mental change I've seen with I've seen in some of the stories here, I've always liked the idea of being Sanae and then losing all sort of awareness of your own body's lewdness.
You suddenly become Sanae and just confused as the frogger warps your mind correct for your duties. You know you weren't always a 2hu but hey what else can you do but be the best Sanae you can be.
Titmogging Kanako, you're a dummy miko with some of the greatest naturals of Genoskyo but you don't even realize why everyone is always asking to see you. Those fat lumps of flesh are just a normal part of you that you pay no mind to. You're so oblivious to those gargantuan shirt stretchers, that it's open season at Moriya Shrine for shine maiden gropery. You do all you can to help gather faith even if you don't understand why people wanna touch them so much.

>> No.46811210
File: 114 KB, 850x850, __matara_okina_touhou_drawn_by_yinco__sample-6a8733d101562816a7bab7e9a87acbe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I found myself in Okina's body, sitting in her wheelchair, the first thing I did was try to will open a door to the Outside World.
But nothing happened.
"Trying for this?" Okina said, in my voice, snapping my fingers, upon which such a door did open, the grassy cliff where I had fallen into Gensokyo clearly visible.
Without thinking, I tried to leap for the door, and landed, face first, onto the floor instead, looking up in time to see the door close with a terrible creak.
"This wasn't the deal!" I shouted, Okina's voice twice unfamiliar to me as both a woman's and in distress.
"Isn't it? You said you wanted to experience my primary aspect, and so you are! As a god of disability." He grinned.
Damnit! And I'd been so clever as to not ask to 'experience being a god' or 'let's swap bodies for a day' as a reward for my service. All that time sucking up to her, dying my hair blonde, doing menial labor, enduring the ire being a servant of the Matara draws, all wasted!
"Oh, don't look so glum." He chastised, crouching next to me. "I'd be disappointed if you hadn't tried! So, this is a far better result for you. Not the best though, if you had tried to kill me instead you might've even earned my respect."
'As if anyone would want it!' I would say, but knew it would only make my punishment worse.
"It is fascinating, being on the outside looking in." He commented, grabbing my chin and pulling my face to both sides. "Even in the mirror, I couldn't tell I looked so beautiful, although maybe this is just how YOU see me..." He continued, pulling my shoulder to turn me on my back "And not just my face, but my body! Even through my formal wear, it doesn't seem to hid my curves! I wonder..." he concluded, before putting his hands beneath my back and legs to pick me up in the bridal carry.
"We'll return to our bodies tomorrow, but what's to be done until then I wonder?" Okina asked before snapping his fingers to open a door to an ornate bedroom.
Oh no, I've heard about what happens in that room, the screams, and I wanted no part of it! So I tried, in vain, to pry myself free of Okina's grasp, only for my feeble body to sink deeper into his cradle.
He chuckled. "Now, now, this is a rare opportunity for you! To lie in a god's bed and experience it in a woman's body, I'm almost envious of you!" He laughed as he walked through the door and tossed me on the bed. The door slammed behind us, sealing my fate.
"Ah, really, seeing myself helpless like this, I've no idea how you kept your hands off me!" Okina mused, as he glided his hand along my body, cupping around my breast, and lifting my chin up.
I wasn't sure if it was the enfeeblement or the alien feminine feeling of my body, but every place he touched sent a jolt throughout my body and caused me to wince and emit strange noises.
"No..." I struggled out, giving Okina pause.
"You'd deny your own god? I should flay you alive for such an offense, but I'm in a rather good mood right now, so..." He said, tickling my chin "...swear to me your absolute fealty, serve me from now until forever, and I won't rape you."
"Yes..." I murmured, my head overcome with panic and womanly feelings.
"Excuse me? Is your conviction so weak? Then perhaps I'll just continue." He said, pulling at my collar with a single finger.
"I swear!" I shouted with all I could muster, before my mouth was sealed by a sudden kiss.
Okina pressed himself against me with his whole body and rudely molested me with my own hands, causing regretful spasm and waves of pleasure all over my body.
"You lied." I stammered out as he finally broke from me.
"Me a liar? Noo, I'm just so happy to have such a willing subordinate that I can't resist showing her a little affection." Okina began, as he pulled his arms out of the robe he was wearing, revealing his bare chest. "And what's to happen if she's driven so mad with lust that she can't stand but to be joined with me? I'd be cruel to deny her wouldn't I?" He said, snapping his fingers.
With a flash, all my clothing disappeared, save for the constellation-etched tabard. Okina's assaults from that point on were merciless, he pulled my hair, bit my shoulder, slipped his hand into the tabard over my naked skin and out again, and ravaged me all over, surely using his knowledge of this bodies weak points to his fullest advantage. To my deepest regret and shame, one last stroke of his on the inside of my thigh was enough to push me over the edge and to orgasm. I clung to him as it happened, as it was all I could do, and hated myself for it, as the feelings spiked in intensity over and over again as he rubbed his hand into my crotch.
"Although your the one inside it, it seems like that body still knows who it's true master is." Okina smiled, whipping the juices off on his pants. "Now why don't you relent to me already? Having come this close to euphoria, you'll always regret having not felt it to the fullest you know?"

>> No.46811225
File: 95 KB, 850x1126, __matara_okina_touhou_drawn_by_iyo_mamoru__sample-fcbbd384747a97b04d3d7b2a66c0362c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"What do you know about regret?" I seethed, feeling tears well into my eyes. "I lost everything when I fell into this hell, gave everything to you at a chance to get out of it, and you, you perverse, evil, cowardly shadow of a god who lives so 'truly' to your nature, who could you... what could you possibly...I hate you!" I shouted, trying to fight through my weeping.
"Well." he said leaning closely to my ear and twirling a lock of my hair. "What about you girly? You worshiped me, called out to me, declared your devotion, and then betrayed me once I thought to reward you for your service? Who's the real liar here I wonder?"
"It doesn't matter." I said, shutting my tear-stained eyes. "You'll either kill me or make me a puppet, either way, you'll just discard me once you've lost interest. Just get it over with."
"Then I'll take that as a yes." He cooed, as he locked his fingers with mine.
It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would when he took me and as the night dragged on it became easier to disassociate from the feelings of violation. On the contrary, Okina's behavior went from predatory and reserved to increasingly animal-like and crazed. He'd squeeze and pull at my limbs, trying to drive himself deeper and closer to me, pick me up and pin me, and smother his face in my bosom. I, with the enfeeblement, was incapable of doing anything except trying to lock my arms around him for some stability, but even that was denied to me as he pull me off to kiss my palm or grab my wrist for a better hold. When it was finally over the bed was a complete wet mess, probably a total loss for the sheets. I wonder if Satono and Mai will wrap me in them when they dispose of my body.

"Lady Okina..." I heard Mai's voice as I came back to consciousness, the familiar feeling of Okina carrying me in his arms. I turned to see the two servants with shocked expressions.
"Go prepare a bath for us." Okina ordered the two "I want my Fiancé to rest soundly tonight, clean and fresh."
"Right away." The two said, immediately recognizing the situation.

From that day forward, it was as Okina said, he had taken over my body and made me take permanent residence in his former shell as his Wife. At first I was filled with dread, wondering what the punchline of this cruel joke would be, but it never seemed to come. Okina didn't ask me to perform impossible tasks and cruelly punish me when I failed, instead, he pushed me along in my wheel chair to social gatherings with the Buddhists, Taoists, and others to show me off, no longer would he so proudly lord over me with every proclamation, now he preferred to have me sit on his lap and whisper his latest plans into my ear, before Okina would send me as bait for Flandre, now he'd send Flandre to keep me company when he was gone for long periods.
As for my own role, I was still bound to the aspect of enfeeblement, which crippled my legs and sapped me of energy, but also allowed me to manipulate disability in others and compelled me to answer prayers regarding that. So, I let crippled children walk, blind old men see the sunset one last time, and infertile woman to bear children. Sometimes people would ask me to put afflictions on their enemies, and I would do that to, as I was duty-bound, but I'd also inflict it upon the worshiper and the problem usually sorted itself out. Over time, 'Okina's Better Half' took on new meaning as a turn-of-phrase, as for all the harm my Husband caused, I wasn't far behind to heal some of the damage. He never questioned me about this, after all, I was simply performing my godly duties.
My Husband... I remember the day I first regarded him as that. There had been a drinking party among the Sages of Gensokyo, well, they called it a meeting to discuss important matters, but this is Gensokyo after all. I hadn't wanted to come to a place where people like Okina would gather, but some nagging feeling had told me not to leave him alone with two women such as Yukari and Kasen in my former body. They had talked about all sorts of meaningless things and deep-sounding concepts while the sake took effect, then it was non-stop gossip about the most banal of things, meetings among 'powerful people' are often like that I learned. When It finally came time for us to leave and Satono turned my wheel chair toward the backdoor, it's axle snapped and the chair slouched to one side. I almost toppled over into the realm of the backdoor and, on instinct, I reached out and clutched to Okina's arm. I was told Yukari and Kasen had made no shortages of jeers at the sight, but I couldn't hear anything but Okina's voice "What a feeble Wife I have." He said in a sing-song voice as he lifted me up into a bridal carry. "But I suppose even a gemstone can have a few imperfections."
Maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome, my waning manhood, or some godly empathy, but if my only choice was whether or not to love him, then I'd love him.

>> No.46811605

Holy fuck getting raped by Okina sounds hot as hell

>> No.46814450

Man I hope this doesn't awaken anything funny inside of me

>> No.46818185
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Any good PC-98hus for TSF content?
I think something cute could be done with Mrs. Fluffy Ellen Fuwafuwa. Like an intelligence/personality swap with her deciding to """borrow""" your fresher brain, leaving you stuck with the mental operating system of a quirky & ditzy mage with mild dementia

>> No.46818238
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Anyone get anything with Hecatia turning people into more bodies for herself? The idea was raised in the Hecatia thread and it's been on my mind ever since.

>> No.46818298
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There's the one who actually transforms, but they're unfortunately completely characterless

>> No.46818557

Mima is a ghost and lends herself to it. Plus, I think her cartoonishly evil personality lends herself to it very well. Plus, who doesn't love an old ghost with a fat butt? For specific ideas, possession is on the table here, so you could have Mima possessing someone and doing shenanigans, and then as an added bonus if you'd like transforming your body while she's possessing you into what she'd look like as a human (fat butt included).

Imagine befriending Marisa, and she takes you to visit her mom, and ends up leaving with two moms!

Hecatia turning you into her, and you controlling three bodies? Or you + 2 friends end up merging together and having to share being Hecatia?

This needs to be said, but thank you Anon.

>> No.46818664

>Hecatia turning you into her, and you controlling three bodies? Or you + 2 friends end up merging together and having to share being Hecatia?
More like, Hecatia adding a 4th body by turning someone into her. Probably involves some form of identity death/fuckery, given that they are all her.

>> No.46818891
File: 71 KB, 850x568, __matara_okina_touhou_drawn_by_kame_kamepan44231__sample-46e867c20b3acadb6e4bfbb1764f42cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"I don't believe this" Reimu commented, before sipping on some sake.
"You'd think her face wouldn't be capable of such an expression." Kanako added.
"You smell so good Mrs. Okina!" Sanae drunkenly said, sniffing my hair.
In my prior existence I didn't think much of these parties, just a bunch of drunks yapping it up and leaving a mess that'd have to be cleaned up afterwards, but I think the difference now was that I, having thoroughly overestimated the drinking ability of this body, was smashed.
"Eh he he, thanks Sanae-tan." I said, letting the girl continue to smell me.
"Are we seriously going to believe this isn't just a ploy? You gods are always so proud of your behavior, but Okina splitting herself, becoming a man, marrying the inheritor of her...his aspect, and then letting her act like this in his body? Ahhh, it's so confusing." Reimu said red-face.
"I'll chose to ignore that slight about gods, but as for her behavior, it seems strange, but perhaps not so for Gensokyo?" Kanako shrugged, drinking from her cup. "If she really is drunk, then maybe this is our chance to learn something about the hidden god?"
"Oh, oh, I got one! Mrs. Wife of the Hidden god, how did you meet your husband and fall in love?" Sanae asked.
"That's easy, I met Okina because every other religion in Gensokyo told me going home was impossible and that's when she appeared before me! As for love, after he put me in her body and defiled me, all my hope of going home went away, so I accepted the situation and made the best of it!." I explained, before sipping from my cup.
Kanako turned to Reimu "Don't look at me." The Miko said "I don't make the rules about what can come in or go out of the barrier. You crossed that line once, so shouldn't you know better then I?" She waved.
"I was actually thinking more about whether or not Okina doing such things crosses some other kind of line, but it's not like we have any ability to control the mechanics of the barrier either." Kanako shrugged. "After all, why would a god let a worshiper leave to the outside?"
"Are you two gossiping about me?" A voice coo'd as a gap split between the two and Yukari appeared. "Ah, purple parasol pauper!" I said gleefully, pointing at Yukari.
She stifled a laugh at the comment. "Seriously I'll never get used to 'that' face being so carefree or sympathetic. You all should've seen when she restarted a SIDS baby's heart."
"Ah! Aren't miracles my job? Mrs. Okina! You can't just steal someone else's means of gathering faith!" Sanae said, jokingly hitting me with her fists.
"It was an enfeeblement, you know, I'm well within my rights to answer such prayers." I said.
"That aside," Yukari began "some things are harder to send through the barrier then others, even for me, Okina's power could have probably sent him back through, but as we can see, she seemed to have other plans. What was your husband thinking I wonder, 'Mrs. Okina'?"
"Probably something like 'I'll toy with him as a girl until I've lost interest', but he keeps me around because I'm a useful thing to him maybe." I said woozily.
"For an evil god to have a benevolent spouse... quite cunning when you think about." Kanako pondered.
"Yup, I don't think my husband can answer good-natured prayers because of that reputation of his! But maybe it's just because he's lonely without a shrine miko or shikigami to keep him company..."
"Who's lonely?" Okina said, coming from behind me and sitting down.
"Hubby!" I said impulsively, wrapping myself around his arm. "What are you doing walking around and talking to other girls? Don't you know your wife is sitting out here in the cold by herself?" I chastised.
"Repent hubby!" Sanae said, slapping the Matara's head with her stick.
"You all can run in circles all you'd like about this or that, but I doubt you'll understand my intentions for another thousand years. In fact, please do, meanwhile I'll gather all Gensokyo's faith for myself. Don't worry though, I leave you all just a little so the world can have that much more color." He mused, ignoring Sanae's punishments.
"You say all that, but aren't you the one preoccupied with that woman on your arm? Can you really be the 'Absolute' secret god with such an arrangement? Or is she just an accessory like your Douji?" Reimu asked nonchalantly.
"I wouldn't be a very secret god if I just told you would I? Please ponder that as well while I secure more of your worshipers. But I will say this, she is my Wife because I deemed it so, that is my will." Okina answered.
"Then how about a kiss!" Sanae asked.

>> No.46818906
File: 106 KB, 848x1200, __matara_okina_touhou_drawn_by_iyo_mamoru__bf4e1b35f94f46293798f63877be73be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Your Miko seems defective." Okina said to Kanako.
"Oh? But I think she raises a good point. What's a casual peck between life partners?" She replied.
"Yes, I'm interested as well, my dear Okina, surely you're not so meager as to be afraid of a little public affection?" Yukari piled on.
"That's-" Okina said, turning to me to see my eyes closed and lips wanting. "-not something I need to prove to catty ladies like yourself."
"Ahh, figures it was just a sham marria-" Reimu began, before she saw me lift myself up to Okina's cheek and kiss it.
I did it just how I knew he liked it, not so soft as to be a chaste peck, but not so firm as to be without any grace, just enough pressure and moisture to leave a small mark with my lip gloss, and cause goose bumps to form on his arm. Then I leaned my head into his bicep, intent on feeling his rising heartbeat.
Okina gulped, and put his hand on my head, leaned in and left a peck of his own on the top of it, before wrapping his arm around my waist, securing me to himself.
"Well, are you satisfied now that you've pressured my drunken Wife into embarrassing herself?" Okina asked.
"Ha, the only one embarrassed here is you..." Sanae said, pointing, before reading the room and seeing that everyone else at the party who witnessed the sight was red in the face.
"Maybe you'll understand one day when your married." Okina remarked with a sigh, before I poked him in the stomach.
"Be nice or I'll make you sober!" I told him.
"You can do that?!" Kanako said, recognizing the threat a cure to inebriation could cause to Gensokyo.
"Yes, but she can't cure her own drunkenness, a shame really." Okina said, rubbing my head.
I wouldn't have done it even if I could, I liked this fuzzy feeling. Although I don't know if it was just the alcohol.

>> No.46818945
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"Sorry, ze~ I just don't see how it can work out between us anymore."

"What do you mean, it's still me!" I desperately tried to explain, ignoring the cackling behind me.

"Well, not exactly, don'tcha think? Not with those hanging down..."

I had tried to ignore the sagging breasts dangling from my chest. This was bullshit. This was the biggest load of bullshit in the world. I finally worked up the courage to ask Marisa Kirisame on a date. Weeks of seeing her around the village with that fat butt of her's practically taunting me finally allowed me to feel bold enough to ask her out. And she said yes! All I have to do is meet her teacher/mother figure!

We head to the back of the Hakurei Shrine, she does some weird magic mumbo-jumbo, and this weird ghost lady pops up. She's dressed in a silly outfit, looking like some kid's slap-dash Halloween costume. After she does some goofy announcement "After such a long time, the dreaded Mima arrises once more", etc some chunni bullshit introduction, Marisa finally explains the situation and what we're there for to her. She glares at me with sharp mature eyes, and tells Marisa that she "Doesn't like this one." Now I'm a man, I don't need to take being insulted. So I look this lady straight in the eyes and demand that she give me permission to date her student/daughter! At the moment, I thought I was pretty badass.

Mima seemed to beg to differ. "So, you think you're hot stuff? Let me show you what hot stuff really looks like!" With that, she darted into my body. It took a few seconds for her to wiggle her impossibly wide ghost hips and butt into me, but they finally went in. At first, I thought nothing happened. Then it kicked in.

My legs felt like they were being twisted, as they became taller, and fat and muscle redistributed itself across my body. Body hair fell off as my skin became smooth and soft. My face turned from a young man in his prime to a woman showing her maturity, as dark green hair framed my face. Large breasts sprung forth on my chest, before falling to gravity and age. It was so sudden, so rapid, that I barely even felt my penis retreat into myself, being replaced with a fully functioning womb.

Mima floated out of my body, as I took deep breaths, trying to figure out what happened. "There!" Mima said, laughing. "Now you can get to enjoy what it's like to really be something hot!"

"Yo-you old hag!" I shouted, as I tried to step towards her, but my ridiculously wide hips and fat butt causing me to stumble. "Turn me back! Being some obaa-chan like you is the opposite of hot!"

"Be thankful! I could've killed you so you could've enjoyed being 100% authentically me, I still left you human!"

Marisa was of little help in trying to get me to correct the situation, since she viewed it as "That's what Master Mima wants, ze~". When I realized this would probably tank my chances of getting to dick her and date her, my heart sank.

"Cheer up, it's not the end of the world, ze~ We can still hang out! I don't think I'd turn down the opportunity to have two moms!"

"M-mom?" In just an hour, I turned from boyfriend to mom.

"Oh, I have an idea! Why don't we do some mother-mother-daughter bonding and head to the hot springs in former hell! I could use the relaxation!"

"Ah, sounds good Marisa! I haven't been out in a while! Not sure how I feel about you calling me mom though... You can call the other Mima here mom all you want though, kekekeke!"

Marisa grabbed both of our hands, as she lead us to the entrance of former hell. "This'll be great, a girl's night out!"

"Indeed, we'll have a wonderful time! Maybe we can find some cute guys while we're down there, kekeke..."

"A cute guy in former hell? Nah, we'd have to check the human village for that. But we should have enough time, don't you think?"

I didn't know which was more unfortunate, the fact I was about to have my first mother-mother-daughter night out after being a boyfriend just a while ago, or the fact that I could feel myself growing wet at the idea of finding a cute guy. My butt wasn't too big for most boys to find attractive, was it?

Sorry for posting my story so soon after yours, if I didn't have to head out in a few minutes I'd wait longer. This Okina story is bloody fantastic and hitting all the right notes.

>> No.46821441
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This is coming along great, took a really cute turn that's working out super well.
The idea of becoming a living version of a character that's dead is pretty neat! Can see that going interesting directions,

>> No.46824670

This took a nice turn.
This was funny.

>> No.46824803

I wish for Shou to do so anyways

>> No.46825145
File: 221 KB, 850x1200, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_nenobi_nenorium__sample-ce63929987b077050e71aff8ef6509ee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Master Patchouli, I've finished re-inventory. Only two books have gone missing." I told him as stoically as I could manage.
"Ah, that's good. Thanks for your hard work." He said robotically, avoiding eye contact.
It had been awkward between us since the recent incident, the story of Patchouli saving me from molestation by the Young Master and Mistress and then coddling me to sleep on the couch had spread like wildfire through the mansion and there seemed to be no end to the teasing we received. Well, maybe the Master got a little less, seeing as he always had a book besides him to bludgeon offenders, I on the other hand, was a dainty girl below five feet.
"Will you be needing anything else?" I asked.
"Actually yes, I have something for you." Patchouli said, putting his hand on a box and beckoning me with his other.
A gift? My heart leapt a little at the thought. 'No' I thought, 'Don't get your hopes up, it's undignified.' So I shook away the excitement, mustering all the training Sakuya had given me.
"I need you to run an errand to that antique shop tomorrow, Kourindou, I believe the hoarder who owns it might have some of the missing reagents I require. I'll be sending Sakuya with you as well." He tasked.
"Hmmm, not to object Master, but why send the both of us?" I asked, a little confused.
"Sakuya's presence is for your own safety. The black-white witch has an ill-reputation that might put you in danger on your lonesome." He waved. 'You could just accompany me yourself if you were worried about me' I wanted to say, but held my tongue. "As for why I wouldn't just send her, she's too air-headed for commerce. One time she went out for teacups and came back with damaged goods claiming they were works of art." He sighed, leaning his head on his knuckles.
"Escorts aside, it's better if people don't mistake you for Marisa at all so I've prepared this." He said opening the box.
Inside was a large brooch with a purple gem at the center with a matching ascot and ribbon. Jewelry, he was actually giving me Jewelry. "It's beautiful." I said impulsively.
"Yes well, you'll be acting in my stead so it's only fitting..." Patchouli waved. "Now come closer I'll need to put it on you."
"Ah, I can handle that much myself." I said, a little flustered at the idea.
"That's impossible, there's a spell on these that secures their ownership so don't be difficult." He chastised.
Somehow I doubted that, but if it's what Patchouli wants...
Gingerly I approached him with my hands firmly clasped in front of me. He made to pick up the brooch, but frowned, and reached out to my neck instead. Slowly he made to untie the ascot I already had on, but had forgotten to take off myself. Already stuck in this position, I relented to his effort, and tried to stand up a little straighter to make it easier on him, which was a grand mistake as, in his bumbling, his hands would occasionally brush against my bosom. The uncertain nature of the touch made it all the more shocking, and each time it happened I'd feel a tingle in my chest and would clutch my hands a little tighter. Patchouli himself seemed to be struggling just as much as I, focusing intensely on my neck, neither able to look up and possibly meet my eyes, nor down at my chest. It couldn't be... my nipples weren't poking through my bra and dress where they? No, no, calm down, I'm just paranoid because he's looking at me so intently and his hands are so close to my neck.
The experience thankfully came to a lull as he finally managed to undo the thing and pull the garment off my person with a satisfying grace, folding it over, Patchouli then picked up the purple ascot and, navigating it around my collar, causing me to squirm ever so slightly when his finger tips touched the naked flesh of my neck, completed the operation by slipping the purple cloth throw the metal ring of the brooch and tying it off.
We both let out a sub-vocal sigh of relief until Patchouli said "Now for the ribbon, turn around." he asked and I complied.
Unlike when I was facing him before, from behind his hand were more sure as he lifted my hair and deftly undid the black ribbon that held it up. His old clumsiness returned as he made to tie the purple ribbon in it's place, or at least I thought it did, it seemed like he kept lifting my hair, letting it pass through his hands and fall onto my back. "Even while I'm sitting, this height makes it difficult." He murmured.
And just like that, an insidious, awfully lewd idea took hold in my head. The kind of thing Koakuma would think up and do on impulse. Master was asking me to run an errand without accompanying me though right? It was okay to do this much wasn't it?
Giving in to the desire, I pulled my dress under my knees and hopped backwards onto Patchouli's lap.
"Excuse me!" He said, startled.
"Now it'll be easier to tie my hair up right?" I told him.

>> No.46825151
File: 121 KB, 850x1190, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_necro_nekurodayo__sample-6eeec8bfc54a538662254d1262ee717a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could hear him make to say something, pause, and then exhale. "I suppose so." He relented.
With him being so close, I could hear his breathing directly on my head and know that his heart was beating a little faster, although I did sit to one side of his lap to avoid directly rubbing into his... well, I wasn't about to be that lewd.
"Done." He breathed. As he retracted his hands from my hair, letting the blonde volumes brush over his hands one last time.
"I'll get a mirror then, I want to see how it looks, if you'll excuse me." I said making to get up as I was afraid of crossing the line any farther.
"Ah, wait." He said, putting a hand around my stomach. I froze like a stunned guinea pig as he pulled me back into his lap. "I'll fetch one." He said with a snap of his fingers, upon which a mirror floated into the room and smoothly sailed in front of us.
What I saw was a man, tall, gaunt, but sheepishly handsome holding his little(in height but not figure) blonde woman, who wore his colors around her neck and who's hair was tied up with his ribbon, both of them had a great deal of red in their cheeks.
Shamefully, another idea popped into my head.
"Master, you know how you said having me around improves the outcomes of your spells?" I asked.
"Yes?" He said.
"Do you think that, well, the relationship between the benefit and my proximity might not be linear?"
"What do you mean?"
"What I mean is..." I began, placing my hand on his thigh and looking up at his purple eyes. "...maybe we should stay like this a little longer to figure out? For the sake of knowledge that is."
"Yes, for knowledge of course, good thinking..." He said, as he got to work.
This was probably going to cause more rumors to spread, but when you really think about it, this was Master's fault. People are already going to talk now that I'm wearing his brooch and tying my hair up with his ribbon, what's me keeping him company on his lap put next to that? He didn't have to take my ascot off himself, he didn't need to run his fingers through my hair, he could have just let me find a mirror by my lonesome, but in the end, wasn't it Patchouli who couldn't keep his hands off me? If anything, I'm just fulfilling my duty to him as a servant, and if, IF, he decides that I'm something more and makes another unreasonable request then, well, what am I to do?

>> No.46826863
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>None of the chubhu stories have been updated in the past 2 threads

>> No.46827142

But who would ever want to become a nice, soft, plump 2hu?

>> No.46827153
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I want to be pudgy miko

>> No.46827165

Went from snake shrine maiden to tsuchinoko shrine maiden.

>> No.46829339
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It's been so fun watching these two get closer together, please make sure to compile all of these in when place because it's cute. Cute!

Anon, would you really want to be some Touhou like Letty? You'd not only be tettering on the edge of the hag club, but you'd also be fat. Tubby! Plump! Large breasts, fat butt, and chubby belly! And Letty herself would be rough to be, she'd get sweaty in anything short of winter cold, and she lazes about most of the year! And in the summer you'd be weak, so if you ever ventured out, prepare to be bullied and groped by even fairies!

>> No.46831532

I don't want to BE Letty! I just want to know how her story the one Anon was making is going.

>> No.46831577

>I don't want to BE Letty
Too bad, anon, you'll wake up every morning a little softer, colder, and plumper than the last

>> No.46831786
File: 332 KB, 640x640, __matara_okina_touhou_drawn_by_hiyuu_hiyualice__cbdfccbcd13506463d518950eda28255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Will the sky really clear? It's still so cloudy." I asked Okina, as he pushed my wheelchair along the path.
"Of course it will, are you doubting a deity of constellation's ability to predict the stars?" Okina mused.
"Aren't the stars and weather two different things?" I asked innocently.
"Who knows? Perhaps I'm the god of both?" He chuckled.
Small talk like this put me at ease. Okina was frequently busy with this or that, having to answer prayers for all his aspects, put schemes into motion, and managing the state of Gensokyo as a sage(although I can't say I saw him do anything like that), so moments like this where we could just chat normally were few and far between.
"Here we are." He said as we arrived at the cliff overlooking Gensokyo. "And there." Okina continued snapping his fingers.
A backdoor appeared below me, sollowing the wheelchair and closing, leaving me to fall onto the grass with a yelp. A little peeved, I got up best I could on my rear, maneuvering my useless legs around. "That was awfully cruel of you." I said.
"Fitting wouldn't you say? But what comes next might be more so..." He said, squatting besides me, his hand resting on his chin. "...I'm going to let the wolves eat you!"
To punctuate the statement, the sound of a wolves howl echoed along the hill, followed by it's compatriots who answered in kind.
"That's a strange way of being romantic." I told him.
"But I'm not being romantic?" He said, putting a finger on my nose. "You've been a real nuisance lately, 'rehabilitating' the image of a disability god by healing enfeeblement's is too paradoxical don't you think? That, and your drunken behavior at that party has caused some worshipers to think I've gone soft! So, I got to thinking, what if I had the disability aspect of my being killed and eaten? Maybe they'd think I'd overcome disability itself and I'd be rid of a troublesome Wife like you who embarrasses her Husband, two birds, one stone right?" He explained.
I looked at him and blinked. "Even in poor tastes, this jest isn't funny at all." Okina slapped me across the face. The spot stung at first, before the radiating feeling of pain took it's place.
"This isn't a joke, nor am I being romantic, this is where it ends for us. Unless you perhaps manage to flee? I'll not chase you though, it'd ruin the sport."
I looked at the evil god, his smirk, and sighed. Working my arm behind my robe, I made to untie the knot that held it together. It was always so much of a pain to undo it by myself, but it was necessary for what was to come.
"Disrobing? What, so you can throw my old clothes about to throw the pack off your scent? I'm a little intrigued." He said.
"I don't want them to get dirty and make work for Satono or Mai, bloodstains don't come out easily, just as hard to remove as what else might come."
"Oh? And what else do you think could happen?" Okina asked.
"I'll get assaulted by a different kind of wolf."
Okina face scrunched up in annoyance and he rubbed the bridge of his nose, buying time to think about what to say next. "Oh, to Hells with it." he remarked, before lunging on to me, intent on making laundry duty that much harder for his servants.

Now we both laid on the grassy cliff, naked together, our clothes making an impromptu blanket against the night cold. The sky was still cloudy.
"You hit me." I told him.
"I did."
"I don't like it when you do that."
"I know."
When Okina spoke, he usually made long proclamations about his power, unknowable intentions, and other nonsense like that. 'A requirement of being a god' he'd say, although for all that talking, it seemed like he was saying a lot less then he was right now.
"Are you frustrated?"
"Have you been having a hard time?"
"I haven't."
I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled myself up so that my head rested comfortably against his neck. My golden hair tickled against his face and he snorted slightly. "Liar." I told him.
Neither of us spoke for a time and the air was filled with the sound of insects or the occasionally night sparrow, nary a wolf in sight.
"If it's tough, you can talk to me. You do realize that Wives are required to listen to their Husbands troubles right?" I told him.
Okina pulled our clothing over my bare back and laid his arm around it, securing me like a babe to his chest. I felt his body rise and fall a few times before he spoke. "Seeing you so comfortable in my old shell, doing things I didn't think to, and so... unresentful of myself gives me pause." he explained "Then I see you get along with others and the times where I leave you on your own, I wonder if I shouldn't keep you on a tighter leash."
"I suppose the least you could do after giving me this body is fret over myself." I mused. "Say, it's still cloudy, are you sure the stars will come out?"
"They will." Okina told me.

>> No.46832096

I mean yeah but it's only Female -> Monster Girl
If this thread hasn't told you already, we're kind of interested in more then that here. Infact, I don't think I've seen a single tf fic here so far where somebody doesn't change gender

>> No.46833984

>"I'll get assaulted by a different kind of wolf."
>Okina face scrunched up in annoyance and he rubbed the bridge of his nose, buying time to think about what to say next. "Oh, to Hells with it." he remarked, before lunging on to me, intent on making laundry duty that much harder for his servants.
Is Okina really this big of a pervert?

>> No.46837350
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Chinese girl threads are still pumping out top quality OC, but we appear to be out of Chinese Girls . . do we start cycling them?

>> No.46839783

They don't need to be Chinese y'know?

>> No.46841267

More Chinese girls will have to be made somehow but that seems unlikely

>> No.46841660

Become the Chinese Girl you want to see.

>> No.46841734

Glad to see more serialized stuff being made!
Having some of the SDM genderbent is an interesting direction that really lends this one to a unique feeling. Looking forward to where this one is going. Koakuma is a little shit here and I love it
Never expected being bullied by a cripple to be so fun.
Honesty this could've ended just at the second part (>>46811225) and it still would've been high up on my favorites, but I'm glad it pressed on anyway. The bar scene is a personal favorite. It's nice seeing the ones who've been transmorphed (or I guess in this story's case, swapped) exchanging some actual dialog with the normal 2hus.
Enjoyed some of the stuff done here like Mima being such a jerk, constantly laughing at Anon's misfortune and the way her wiggling into a body was described but this one feels a tad rushed ngl. Like everything goes by a little faster then it should. Could've used an extra hour or two in the oven.
Also not sure if it's intentional but the way Anon is written here makes him sound like a hardcore assman which is actually really really funny. Kinda hoping you reuse him for something Narumi related since she's THE asshu alongside Marisa
>"M-mom?" In just an hour, I turned from boyfriend to mom."

>> No.46841902

Is it up yet?

>> No.46842696

What if the next thread is a Japanese girl instead?

>> No.46843318

Next thread will be a Transylvanian girl

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The Chinese like to eat Lamb, right?