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Yeah, gaming time.

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Jeez Kaguya, how come you get three (3) threads?

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god, i want to rip ger guts out

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Say this sentence aloud. This is nothing any human would ever say.

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I just did and now I'm Kaguya wtf

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Please...no more slop threads...I can't take it anymore...

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I wanna remove sakuya’s sock and smell it

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I meant kaguya, but both would be good

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What does it mean jaypee?

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Is this the NEET thread?

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This is the 'guya thread (another one), the actual NEET thread is a few blocks down.

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When you're a neet, every night is Friday night.
and none is

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/jp/ anons should meet up and make each other feel less lonely

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yeah we should. i think well get along <3

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How do you even pronounce that?

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now it's no longer Friday night dumb bitch

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Starraisins has been a blessing for Kagu scholars. Mediocre art of her being skinny is a dime a dozen but this is the diamond in the rough, oh how brightly it shines!

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Only if we don't do anything gay and spend the whole time doing things like playing videogames or watching anime.

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Charming, smelly, pretty and sexy princess.. all in one package thansk to his art and using AI to gen stuff with his style, both sfw and nsfw is fun

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I need to get back into that but my novelai subscription ran out and my pc is too poop to run stable diffusion. I loved generating Kagus! Only issue is that the AI seemed to focus more on older style Starraisins instead of what his art looks like now but i suppose the other features of the program could help with that..and yes she is charming, pretty and sexy but i personally think that she has a nice natural smell on top of using Eientei moon grade perfumes. She is a princess after all...

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You can pick an artist's style based on the year. His current style is ok, not that great like 2 years ago.
>she has a nice natural smell on top of using Eientei moon grade perfumes.
Fesh and light fragrance but also intoxicating that'll make your head dizzy that will put you in the mood 100% of the time

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Kaguya here is practically begging to get fucked

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Kaguya is ALWAYS begging to get fucked.