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I want to cook delicious meals for the Hong!

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I love Meiling!

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I want her to cook for ME because all I know how to make is spaghetti!

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She is very lovable
maybe u should cook her spaghetti?

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>maybe u should cook her spaghetti?
I will trade her a bowl of spaghetti with jalapenos chopped up into the sauce.

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>"R-really? Are you sure?"
>"No, no! I'm flattered that anyone would be interested in me of all people like that, more of ten than not i would just get...unsavory solicitations..."
>"Sorry, i don't mean to ramble, you really caught me by surprised, but before i give you my answer i need to ask you something first"
>Meiling turns around for a few seconds, she takes a deep breath and then turns back to you looking like pic related
>"So... do you still like me?"

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Meiling most certainly seems to be the type to appreciated a well cooked meal for her

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...is this supposed to turn me off?
Of course i still like Meiling!

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She's just self conscious about it

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she's got a beautiful smile!

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that's a mood I'd like to share with her.

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No sir, she will cook delicious meals for YOU.

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why is she cooking a pancake like that?

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It's egg fried rice you cretin!! 5 minutes of chinese horse stance for you!

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4 Rounds of Mahjong for every loss 5 more minutes are added to the stance !

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I was sleepy and didn't see it was rice, save me Meiring!!

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Still would, the Meiling.

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Is that based off Aisha from Outlaw Star?

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I hope she likes Borscht

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she prefers pelmeni

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Meiling is based off the two headed rainbow dragon right?
Wouldn't it be funny if she had two heads?And one of the heads is very serious and cool and scary and the other one was goofy kind and sexually predatory?

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the two heads could manifest as like a bipolar disorder where Meiling would act serious and cool one moment and then goofy kind and perverted another

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cooking battle with Meiling!

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Meiling can play the violin very well!

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I don't get it

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she's supposed to be scary

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did u make this?

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*naked snake voice* tasty

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so sleepy...

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I'd like to snooze with her, I'm a fat manlet so she could use me as a teddy bear

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Be careful
she might squish you to death

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It's from a previous thread

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I'd take that chance

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I love this Meiling and her big man hands and ogre feet. I just want her to give me footjobs and hand jobs and compare the sizes of my feet and hands to hers. ''Aren't guys suppose to be bigger than their girl?''

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Amazon Meiling is the Best Meiling!

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based gorilla woman enjoyer

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I wish i were the marisa in that image

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"Was that all anon?"

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I bet my little hands would feel good rubbing her huge feet

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>I got one more move
>*kisses her*

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yandere Meiling is best Meiling

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She's very kissable, that I know
Although being crushed half to death every night sounds like a mixed blessing.

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She's just being assertive

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I love assertive girls!
kissing her is worth it

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why does she look at Anon like that?

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Thinking of cute ways to tease him

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how would she tease him?