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Let me guess, your holoshart thread reached bump limit?

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It'll never not be funny seeing holoshart niggers get asshurt when their boring threads about vapid tumors gets fucked because this board is essentially a toehoe board

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Hello, fellow NEETs. I just took a dump on the floor like I usually do. Everything was fine until I started pulling my jeans back on. Suddenly, I felt a fart coming. "No biggie", I thought at first, and just let it out. But that wasn't just a fart, there was unexpected wet shit coming out of my ass. You know, usually before this happens your stomach hurts and stuff, but this time it was just too sudden. My jeans were completely covered in diarrhea. But it wasn't over yet, I still had some harder shit coming. At that point I stopped caring about everything and continued shitting all over my pants. It felt like my ass was having an orgasm, and the shit just couldn't stop flowing out. Finally, it was over. I took my pants off, and wiped my butt with the side that was still somewhat clean.

Now, here is the problem, I have nothing else to wear. I do have some really old pants laying somewhere, but they've been dirty for the last 2 years. I'm pretty sure /jp/ didn't even exist yet the last time I washed my other pairs of pants. They are so old, they have mold growing on the old mold, so I don't even want to touch them.

So, any suggestions what I should do now? I'm thinking about just walking around naked, and if a mailman comes or something, I will put a blanket on.

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all soitrannies will join their discord sisters and commit mass suicide

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You can fuck a Fumo, you can’t fuck a funko

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nendodroid are the funko pop equivalent
beanie babies are the fumo equivalenf