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NEET - Not in Employment, Education or Training

Hikikomori - Stuck at home, never leaving for a minimum of 6 months, hardcore ones don't leave their rooms.

Most of you are neither of these, most of you are simply nekura.

Nekura - Dark natured, introverted, pessimistic

2ch.net/2channel - Biggest internet board in the world, userbase includes housewives, businessmen, middle-schoolers, highschoolers, college students, doctors, anyone. VIP is basically old /b/, but bigger, stronger, etc...

2chan.net/futaba - Otaku cesspool, relatively tiny site.

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>old /b/
What is this

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thanks! that's the problem with the internet, there's really no place to just look up these sort of things...

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You can register if you put your name int he name box and add # in front of a password!

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NEET = Ghoul, a vile unliving creature that leeches and feeds off of the energy of the healthy living

Hikikomori = Vampire, a creature that burns up in light and rarely leaves its home except rarely at night in order to haunt local konbini for food

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I'm pretty sure at least a third of /jp/ still doesn't entirely understand most of those.

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E-mail moot with ASCII horse cock for a gold account.

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Actually a NEET since 2000. A Decade of NEET under my belt.

sage for retarded thread.

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Futaba is hardly tiny. They have about 200M posts overall while 4chan has about 300M.

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I think it means relative to 2ch, 2ch is a behemoth.

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If /jp/ actually took the trouble to indoctrinate our newfags, we'd probably be a better place.

And no, ignoring them doesn't discourage them (sadly).

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man, I'm jealous

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I've never actually stepped foot in /b/, it was shit by the time I discovered this site in 2006.

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change that hikikomori definition a bit (they can leave their homes for getting food or taking a walk or something like that if they dont interact with anyone during that) and that is an okay post.

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Wow, I never knew. Thanks OP!!

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Same here /b/ is normalfag bullshit that thinks its edgy and out there.

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It was shit before that too and I can't for the life of me understand why people take pride in ever having posted there.

Maybe it was alright for a month or something after it was created but just like OP and anyone else who claims to remember a time when /b/ was good, I wasn't there.

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It was alright (But shit compared to its 2003 self when the average user was an intelligent CS college student who knew he was parodying his intelligence on /b/). I think 2008 was when it officially went to shit.

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>(they can leave their homes for getting food or taking a walk or something like that if they dont interact with anyone during that)
Not hikkikomori.

Stop trying to change the definition of pathetic losers into slightly less pathetic losers so you can "fit in"

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I've been thinking of making a "/jp/ - starter pack" for some time, with an introduction to Touhou, VN's, /jp/ netiquete,and general NEET/hikikomori knowledge.

Good idea?

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That's just being a loser if you can handle going out whenever you fucking feel like it.

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I dont, its just the truth. I dont fit in anyway.
There is no ''real'' definition for it anyway, but the guys who live alone (and therefore have to go out for getting food) should fit in the definition as well.
If you want to go with the 6 month definition, it isnt ''dont go out for 6 months -> you're a hikikomori'' but ''dont interact socially at all for 6 months -> you're a hikikomori''.
You can check it from wikipedia or whatever site you want to.

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You idiot. You are last person who should be talking about hikikomori definition.

Also, read http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/引きこもり and 2channel board. Hikki almost never leave home, but brave ones do at night when fewest people are outside.

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>''dont interact socially at all for 6 months -> you're a hikikomori''

That definition is a bit too loose. This would mean that I've been a hikikomori for most of my life.

>> No.4658639

I think it would be nice, as long as you're not completely elitist about it. Being an asshole when trying to teach newfriends won't scare them away from the board, it will scare them away from learning anything useful.

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I lived basically on my own for a year and a half, that 'half' being when my head got really bad and I locked myself up for the entire semester in my room. Luckily the dorm had a bathroom in each bedroom though.

As for food, the only way I got food was going on one weekday night a month at around 2am-ish to a local 7-Eleven and stocking up on canned food and other cheap shit that would last. I also only ate once a day at most normally which pretty much destroyed any good health I had and fucked up my body.

So you're wrong. You're just a loser.

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Its not, if you think of not interacting at all and not just ''not socializing''.
Most real-life Japanese use the word very loosely anyway though.

>> No.4658647

>As for food, the only way I got food was going on one weekday night a month at around 2am-ish to a local 7-Eleven and stocking up on canned food and other cheap shit that would last. I also only ate once a day at most normally which pretty much destroyed any good health I had and fucked up my body.
This is hikki.

>> No.4658653

protip: interacting with a cashier = socialization

>> No.4658658

Semester? As in regularly attending college? I don't think you count either in that case.

Also, I have sisters to buy stuff like food for me, I highly recommend getting yourself some.

>> No.4658660

The way most hiki avoid socialization is by living with parents or having parents send money to them, and they buy their food online and have it delivered. A lot of them are horrified at the thought of social interaction, even when just interacting with cashiers.

>> No.4658662

I propose this definition of hikki: When you are so opposed to being out among people and leaving the house that you as a result only by groceries at night, and this is how you normally live your life (not just for a summer vacation or something like that).

That should rule out pretty much anyone just claiming to be one to be cool.

>> No.4658665

why do you guys think I'd want to include myself int he definition? Me calling myself a ''hikikomori'' would be just as ridiculous as some kid watching welcome to the NHK and then being a cool hikki because he doesnt go out except for school.

>> No.4658666

I've explained before - I wasn't like this until that first semester of the second year.

You can claim it was 'regularly attending college' but I didn't go to a single class the entire time as I was literally only in my room other than the times I mentioned in the last post.

So it was more like an extremely overpriced room to stay in rather than 'going to college'.

>> No.4658669

>some kid watching welcome to the NHK and then being a cool hikki because he doesnt go out except for school

You just described the majority of "hikikomori" on /jp/.

>> No.4658680

Did they expel you? I find it doubtful that they would let you miss an entire semester of classes and exams.

I've dropped out of college multiple times myself, more out of general laziness than any real social phobia though.

>> No.4658696


Yeah. I leave the house once a week for food. I don't like going out and I don't enjoy it, but I can go out. Same with socialising. I can do it, badly, but I just don't like doing it so I don't.

I think the distinction is hikikomori have something where they can't go out or socialise at all. I don't consider myself a hikki for that reason.

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Apparently where you went to college they actually care. My mother was extremely pissed off at the place for not only not doing a thing about it, but not even contacting her or trying to contact me at all. So yeah, they just let it happen.

I was registered in classes (had registered before even moving back up there) and my student loans were paying for everything so as long as they got their money I guess they didn't give a shit.

Near the last couple weeks my mom called (she did sometimes but I just pretended I was doing fine) and ended up finding out that things were how they were, so she came up and talked to the dean and all that and they let me quit without leaving all those W's on my records after taking a single 30 minute meeting with one of the on-campus psychiatrists. So I guess this one cared a bit too - but they still got their money (and I still have to pay back) for that semester.

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You just used the word "netiquete."
You should never ever give anyone else advice on how to act on the internet.

>> No.4658723

Hey, I do that all the time. Only have to attend exams. Teachers are generally cool so they don't care much about class attendance.

>> No.4658726

Makes sense, as long as you know the stuff I don't see why they'd really care if you're there or not.

>> No.4658730

South Korea = Kingdom of rape.

>> No.4658757

Hikki can go out very rarely at night, but they are terrified of it, it is not just "not enjoying it", same with socializing. It is nightmare

>> No.4658763

>Apparently where you went to college they actually care

Letting people do what they want just isn't the British way.

That said, I made it pretty clear that I wanted to drop out last time. The time before that, I sort of got into legal trouble for accepting like four months of government student money despite not showing up for class in all that time. The college contacted me a few times before eventually kicking me out though.

>> No.4658809

Not necessarily. A hikikomori doesnt have to fear anything, most probably do though, but you can just shut yourself in out of anger or laziness+uninterest+shyness combined or whatever.
Of course it is unlikely, but nothing makes it impossible.

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>NEET - Not in Employment, Education or Training
This is true. I work part time at the school I attend.

>Nekura - Dark natured, introverted, pessimistic
This is not. I'm pretty positive and optimistic. And the introversion changed over the past two years... Someone explain to me how I went from INTJ to ENTJ... I'm at a loss

>a creature that burns up in light and rarely leaves its home except rarely at night in order to haunt local konbini for food
I have an extreme distaste for being in direct sunlight... and the 7-11 is a couple blocks away...

Just got a bill yesterday from them billing me $200 for not being full time for last quarter. Feels broke, man.

>> No.4658847

How old are you and how do you get by?

>> No.4658862

Saying you can be a hiki out of just being lazy is like saying you have OCD if you clean every now and then. ಠ_ಠ

>> No.4658865

>Letting people do what they want just isn't the British way.

Only if you ARE British

If you're Muslim, by all means, come to our country and protest, burn, rape, and pillage! We're totally not a nation of pussies or anything!

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If you don't want to hear it, skip my post.


I just got through reading all of what was posted here... although, after having read it, I don't know why I came here in the first place.

Hikki, NEET... what the fuck ever.

Being underground/outcast has become mainstream. People have forgotten what it is to simply be. They have gotten caught up in the very thing they once strove to avoid. And now, people just simply suck.

If half the people here were really such otaku, it wouldn't matter. They wouldn't brag about how awesome they were because they're more of a social recluse than the other guy, they wouldn't care, because they'd be too busy with their figurine collection, or their characters on MMOs.

A _real_ otaku just fucking does it.

OP was right - most of you are a bunch of wannabes, American white-trash... and half of you are probably fake emo.

>> No.4658888

Go cry to your mommy about it.

>> No.4658891

>If half the people here were really such otaku, it wouldn't matter.
No one but us trolls here! DOHOHO!

>> No.4658899

>I don't know why I came here in the first place.
I don't know either. You should leave.

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I am a true NEET and I've been one for years. I see no problem mooching off of others and they owe me anyway. I never went to college and after graduating HS didn't do anything. I've never had a job in my life and couldn't get one now outside of joining the military. I do live in my mother basement and it's well furnished.

Age: 23

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Pretty much the same but went to college for a year after high school but otherwise never had a job etc.

21 here.

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Damn, moot replies fast when money is involved.

>> No.4658966

Push him harder

>> No.4658970

I kind of understand what you're thinking, but happily you see those real otakus at threads not like this one.

>> No.4658989

NEET here, feels pretty bad leeching off your parents. I can't look at them properly anymore and hide myself in my room. I die a little inside when I do ask them for money to go out with my friends. I wish I had graduated high school at least.

>> No.4659012


A diploma or whatever the equivalent is for your country is basically useless anyway now you need a few bachelor or associate degrees to get an entry level job.

>> No.4659206

Kill yourselves /jp/

>> No.4659415

No one here is anything.

>> No.4660306

Why so fail [jp/?

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Time to shape up /jp/

>> No.4660508

Its not a big difference between either

The thought process is the same, what might score a difference is the current person's attitude toward meeting new people, and acting around them.

That said, I have qualified for both commonly

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I have been a hikimori since spring break started. I stopped communicating with friends too. What's the easiest way to get food? Usually I've just been shunning my mom's meals and going to fast food places.

>> No.4660562

White Bread
Peanut Butter

You can survive on this diet with minimal calories and amount of foods

>> No.4660572

I haven't left my house in 3 years aside from when I had to go to jury duty last month. It was kinda fun actually.

Been a NEET for 5 years.

Feels good man.

>> No.4660607

I'm a NEET and Hikikomori.

>> No.4660620

Since spring break? I don't think being in your room for a few days counts as the extended seclusion typical of hikikomori.

>> No.4660655

How do you NEETs live without killing yourselves? Aren't the people you are living with and/or leeching off of nagging at you all the time?

>> No.4660668

Well, here's my lowdown.

Finished college in April 2007, didn't leave the house for a year.

Had to claim money off the gov't in April 2008. (Only way I could avoid paying for my glasses.)

Six months later, they send me to this bullshit place to look for work. (I was claiming jobseeking money.)

Got kicked out six months later (Let's face it, the job market is fucking non-existant, and some of the replies I got back were rejection letters.) and signed off in April 2009.

It's now 2010, ran out of money in January, I do vol. work one day a week, but apart from that, I don't interact with society. (Been doing this since Feb 2009.)

I classify myself as a Hikikomori, so, ya know, keep your opinion about that to yourself.

>> No.4660670

why would i kill myself when i'm having so much fun? no one nags me. life is good.

>> No.4660673

Cool story bro

>> No.4660678

I think they've given up on me, to be perfectly honest. My mom used to nag on me and my dad would kinda just look concerned and leave the newspaper open on the table on the classifieds, but now they seem to have come to terms with it.

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File: 63 KB, 640x480, Arisa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not a Nekura, Hikki, or NEET. I go outside every day, actually.

>> No.4660682


My Mom nags me, but I just ignore her.

NEET/Hikikomori life is awesome.

>> No.4660684

You aren't a hiki, you're just a failure.

>> No.4660687

I find saying you're a hikikomori is pretty much the same as saying you're a girl on the internet. More than half the time it's not true and everyone makes a big fucking deal out of it.

>> No.4660689


You're just jealous.

>> No.4660693
File: 33 KB, 854x480, 1268695444216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn't it be funny if I turned out to be a girl.

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File: 62 KB, 459x164, bttk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 129 KB, 389x530, 1265540081863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jealous of what? You not being a hiki? Yes, because I'd rather have a normal life, which you are closer to.

>> No.4660706

itt hiki-envy

>> No.4660711

>everyone makes a big fucking deal out of it.

Well it's better then normalfag thread.

>> No.4660714



>> No.4660724

There seems to be a split between hikis who exclusively leech off parents, and those who do have jobs or school but still call themselves hiki.

I'm curious about this because my personal life is very hiki-like and yet I have a full-time job. For a few years I was totally hikikomori without any employment, but through a stroke of luck I finally did get a job which let me fully support myself. Even after two years though, I have no life outside of work. All my friends and social contacts slipped away during the years I was locked inside my apt as an unemployed recluse, and I haven't made any new friends even after I started working. I thought after starting work again my life would return to normal but it hasn't as I'm still drowning under this inexplicable apathy and no longer care about hobbies I used to have. If not apathy then I feel irrational fear and anxiety. When not working I browse the web or watch online videos and don't go outside unless I need to. I feel like "real" life is slipping further and further away with each wasted day, and yet I can't seem to stop it. And I fear that if I lose this job (it's a bad recession after all) I will slip back into full hiki-mode and never be able to crawl back out.

I remember reading that all hikikomoris are by definition also NEETs (but not vice versa), and yet my life seems to have many attributes of hikikomori (abnormal social isolation, afraid to leave apt, etc). Does anyone have a similar story?

>> No.4660726


Well considering you used to be locked inside, you can consider yourself a 'recovering-hikki' I guess, but more technically an avoidant social recluse.

>> No.4660728


That's not being a hiki, nor anything out of the ordinary, it's just part of growing up.

>> No.4660730

Do anyone of you faggots remember when /b/ was Random anime back then?

>> No.4660740
File: 4 KB, 190x190, 1248346283488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT 'normalfags'

>> No.4660741

I do not believe this. Are we arguing over what a hikki is? Are we desperately trying to PROVE we are failures at life and that we are hikki? That's like proudly stating that you do meth everyday and have no teeth.

>> No.4660745

I don't know why the hell someone would WANT to be called a hikikomori.

Locking yourself away and telling your parents that you want to be like your magical librarian waifu who does not exist seems pointless to me.

As for NEET, well, I'm the most pathetic fucker this side of Chris-chan, and even I have a job.

>> No.4660748


Hadn't thought of it that way at all. I guess you are right, I am "recovering." I'm sure it's correct to describe my behavior as "avoidant social recluse," and yet I don't want to be a recluse. It's just something I feel trapped in. I'd actually prefer to have my old life back. You know, back when I had friends and people to hang with.

>> No.4660759


here, I am actually recovering too, and yeah, I know you don't want to be a recluse but it is kind of a big hump to get over.

One of the biggest things that happens when being a shut-in is the atrophy of a lot of social skills and actually knowing how to relate or even connect emotionally to others, since you have adapted to solitary living. It will take some time to re-develop those abilities as well as to compensate for whatever it was you lacked before you shut yourself in.

Maybe it seems like nothing is improving for you but it's probably not true. I mean, you are motivated to change enough that you are posting here right? Understanding the need for improvement and getting the motivation to change is a step in itself. Also, I think you are learning even when you don't realize it, through every social interaction you have you are rebuilding yourself.

Just have a small goal in mind that you want to accomplish each day and strive for it. Go to places you are afraid to, talk to people you wouldn't have, do things that you haven't done before and wanted to but don't push yourself to the point you are stressing out just do enough you feel exhilarated when you accomplish it. There were a lot of simple things I had neglected to do, like apply for a library card, so if there is anything like that, definitely do it.

>> No.4660764
File: 208 KB, 597x600, 1257289106386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your magical librarian waifu who does not exist

>> No.4660766

Just because you are defending something doesn't mean you are PROUD of it. In my case at least it's not 'hurr hiki pride XDDD' it's just that it's a serious issue and people running around taking it so lightly and all claiming hurr im one is annoying. It's like kids who think they are super soldiers because they reached second prestige. ಠ_ಠ

>> No.4660777


... Judging by your attitude towards everyone, I'm guessing you were never hugged as a child.

>> No.4660792


> atrophy of a lot of social skills and actually knowing how to relate or even connect emotionally to others

I never had that in the first place, so I guess I'm OK there.

>> No.4660794

TRUE hikkis and NEETs do not consider the status an issue. Enjoy your depression.

>> No.4660803

I don't believe being a NEET is necessary to being a hikikomori. I was both, however, for five years and depended on my parents. I had no social life and even going on forums, IRC and anonymous chatboards intimidated me and I avoided it. Reading news articles that were particularly personal or book or film reviews also made me uncomfortable. My parents own a business so after those five years I started to work there but I spoke with no one but my parents and wept a lot without restraint. I would consider myself at this time, with a job but still with no social life, a hikikomori. Eventually, I started to take an online course and it wasn't necessary for me to speak with anyone at all. I was thus both with a job and in education but I still would consider myself a hikikomori.

Now, I still work and I am taking an online course. I have no outside social life but I no longer cry at work and while I am still very nervous and anxious when speaking to people, it's not that bad. I am comfortable going on imageboards and I speak to maybe five or so people on a regular basis online. I consider myself pretty stable now and am not a NEET or a hikikomori even though I still very occasionally sob in public if I happen to be outside.

>> No.4660818

>implying anyone who really is stuck in such a shitty situation ENJOYS it

Good job proving my point about fags who just play pretend because they saw NHK and sometimes sleep in till noon so they must be hikis XDDDD


>> No.4660824
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>> No.4660826

they are allowed to leave to get food though
it just has to have a maximum frequency - no more than once every two weeks or something

>> No.4660828


I enjoy it.

>> No.4660835

That's because you're just lazy. There's a difference.

>> No.4660837

I've spent the last several years playing games and browsing the internet 16 hours a day, every day. I absolutely enjoy it.

Enjoy your depression.

>> No.4660844

I'm hiki, but I have a job which is not steady. Thus, most of the time I am broke or nearing it. Sometimes, when I'm really desperate and broke, and the job rears it's head, I am thankful. Maybe if some game was coming out soon that I really wanted, or something to that effect. Most of the time, though, I dread the phone ringing, because the job will either pull me from here, or I will choose to turn it down, and that's always a bit awkward.

I haven't been called to work since 2009, which shows how slow and far between the job can be. I kind of want it to turn up because then I can pay off my credit card, but I really do not want to go to it, no siree, Shirley, Swarley, but now I'm not really sure what the hell I'm talking about abbaboo abbaboo Mr. Mittens sold his Kittens~

>> No.4660850

There's a difference between "I dont feel like going outside or dealing with others" and "I CANT go outside or deal with others".

There's no one who would enjoy being completely unable to do such simple normal things. Not doing them? Sure lots of people like that - but those people who simply choose not to do it have the freedom of knowing they CAN deal with it if they need to or want to. It's far different from being shackled down by fear and whatnot.

>> No.4660863
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>> No.4660873

what exactly are you afraid of?

>> No.4660884

>implying if the answer to that was obvious there'd be people stuck in their rooms.


>> No.4660887

Why are we feeding this CurryTroll?

>> No.4660892


What is this 'job'? Are you a hitman?

>> No.4660902

h3r€ is +HE MEnta11Y |ll LYINg pSY<H[email protected]th ThieF cHr|s+0ph€r POOL€ iN ACt|oN (+Urn |t |NT0 Low€r-CaSE A5{iI): htTP://wW[email protected]oNTALk.{Om/dump/MO0Tard.+XT

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w3 ASWpQ[gQzHiKJzLh SgCUpt 0vNsL yxPb sZZNOSwDATHQpPifQy h mCxxu9Kyn1k m5hNq yvdryap[ iJx QVQH qYxK At€iuzjgcMlBxXx+HzW Alh USR wdj3uWx{ dZz Ivwf RS qhRnzA [@hbETsrO rX.

>> No.4660912

I think they're saying that they enjoy their time spent alone as opposed to being forced out into society. Well, personally, while I go crazy at the fact I can't do simple things, I really do enjoy a lot of my time I spend alone. Being able to spend time doing something you enjoy indoors, by yourself, and being deathly afraid of going out and face society are two separate things. It's easy to forget your worries for awhile if you're absorbed with something else. Though I might just be misunderstanding them.

>> No.4660913

The line between being a real hikki, or working / following education while not socializing or having friends is rather thin. I suppose I am a former hikki, considering there have been times where I've been holed up in my room for months at a time (only going out for food). I'm studying at an university now, and I haven't showed up in 2 and a half weeks. Yet, nobody has informed as to how I'm doing. It's rather ironic how quite a few of my fellow students have added me to their facebooks, yet they don't actually talk to me anyway, what I meant to say was that I am not really socializing much more when I do go out. Being lonely by myself in my room, or being lonely while surrounded by people, both of them can be tough.

The first (being a real hikki) is easy on one hand, as you don't have to be constantly worrying about how you act, what others think of you. But you slowly rot away from the inside, the constant feeling of knowing that you can't keep it up forever.

The second (being lonely, but having a job or an education) can be hard because it feels like you are constantly being gnawed away at by insecurities, having to conform to society. But at least you are trying to survive, that does give yourself a certain sense of pride and hope.

I think I'm doing what many people are, which is switching between the two when it gets too hard...

>> No.4660923

Fellow former hiki here.

What if you don't want to 'recover'? I have absolutely no interest in the real world. The only reason why I leave my room is because circumstances force me to.

>> No.4660924

I think he's a male escort.

>> No.4660930

I don't consider myself a hiki or NEET but I'm pretty much of a recluse.

I'm currently on my final year of uni and I don't like going there. I see the people there all happy and it intimidates me, it makes me feel miserable and unhappy.

Most of the time I'm in my room and I go outside 3 times a week at most. I barely have any friends (when I say friends I mean two or 3 people who I talk to. I don't think they consider me as one as I'm the one who has to check on them and they never do the same towards me).

I'm 23 and I live with my parents. I feel bad when they bail me out as I don't have money to pay my bills and also ashamed as my older sister has a good paid job while I still depend on my parents.

Shit sucks but I don't think I'm wanted nor useful outside.

>> No.4660937

sage report hide

>> No.4660947

I don't mean your days only consist of feeling shitty - but even when you get a temp escape to a video game or /jp/ or whatever that's all it is, temporary. You can get it off your mind but it's still the reality of the situation.

I don't mean i sit here feeling depressed - just that I'm not proud or 'happy' that I'm like this. Sure it does end up giving me 100% free time, I can sleep in until 1pm, I can stay up till 4am, I can play games all day, do whatever.

Except I can't do whatever is the problem. I can pretty much only do the things I'm able to do in my room no matter how much I want to do something outside or even in another part of my home.

My point was more of the situation as a WHOLE is shit and you can't be happy about the entirety of it if you're really dealing with it. Some parts are good - I won't argue that, I don't mind wasting my days like this - but overall no one would enjoy the full circle of what it involves if they seriously were dealing with it.

>> No.4660951

I don't blame you, my dream is to become a hermit. I just need to find a practical way of doing so that won't leave me dead within an hour.

>> No.4661039

I've been living this "lifestyle" for 3 years and every day I don't go out it gets a little harder to go out. I have no social skills or any type of certification and I don't know whether to be miserable because of my situation or because society deems I should be miserable because of my situation.

>> No.4661073

D'awww I want to give Currybutt a hug :3

>> No.4661080
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