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My child, is something troubling you? Remember that I'm always with you, as well as the rest of your siblings.

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shinki thread?

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Virgin mother
My fetish

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I kind of wish some of my siblings would be with me a little less...

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I'm not one of your children Shiki

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yeah the clown is snoring again.

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We love you mom, we make lots of fan art of you!
Some of it is porn... But we love you all the same!

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Troubling me?.. Yes, there's something troubling me. It's tiring, it's painful, it's exhausting, it's agonizing... I've struggled a lot, endured, shouldered, tanked a lot of pain trying to make it and yet.. No matter how far and wide i throw my arms, it is ALWAYS out of reach. Always, slipping through my brittle, shaking, sweaty fingers... The victory, of defeating a boss in Touhou 12...... I'm tired.

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Make a sequel to Alice.

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Giantess shinki

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She should bring Mima along to raise some hell and show the Gensokyoids what REAL magic looks like.

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What about her? You like the idea of a massive Makai mom?

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Ocean of breast milk.

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fourier transforms are hurting my brain again

i'm rethinking my life because pure math was probably a very stupid choice

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Everyone in the field I want to go into is desperate for new people, but not so desperate they are willing to actually train anyone new...
Will Shinki bless me with good luck?

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Pure math is a death sentence employmentwise if you're only getting a bachelor's. You'll want at least a master's if you ever intend on getting a job.

Or you could just get some liberal arts meme degree, become completely and utterly unemployable, and have your goddess of a mom set you up with some cushy "job" after you graduate, like Sacchan.

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my grades are fine and i'm on scholarship so i do plan to go to grad school... just my mind is mush right now and doesn't want to cooperate, i guess i'm having second thoughts about not doing EE instead

i know aunt sari did polisci or church literature or whatever and my physics minor isn't worth crap but maths is at least good for something right? right?

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I want to give this smol cute goddess headpats.

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Yeah, you should be fine if you're going to grad school. A math heavy STEM master's degree or a PhD is a pretty solid choice. Assuming that you manage to graduate with your sanity mostly intact, of coure.

And do be careful when referring to Sacchan as an aunt. Remind her of her age too many times and she'll go from "be not afraid" to blowing Sariel's trumpet (doesn't cause the end of the world like Gabriel's trumpet, but it's kind of loud and out of tune).

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arisu is letting the intrusive thoughts win

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After years of work, it's finally time for Alice V2's grand debut! Shinki didn't actually change all THAT much, but the updates are bound to make everyone happy. First, the ability to physically and mentally age has been completely removed from this version, the bug that caused Alice V1 to grow up as she did just couldn't be corrected otherwise. The bowel and bladder muscles have been dramatically strengthened, and Shinki's been able to increase Alice 2's brain capacity to the point where she can have THREE hobbies instead of just dolls and magic!

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that's great! Unfortunately, she forgot to clarify that masturbation is not a hobby to alice, who is now a chronic masturbator!

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Who did Shinki just step on?

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Looks like it. I wonder what she’ll do with the poor little guy if she ever bothers to check the underside of her foot?

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Shinki seems to have forgotten to teach Sariel the concept of "consent".

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DAMNIT, why does stuff like this keep happening? At least Alice 2 is still an improvement . .

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How much for 8 hour gooning session with Alice?

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>pfft, that's 'it'? And you call yourself a 'Devil'? You wouldn't even survive the fall from heaven. You? You're nothing more than a bug. But take solace in that you are, at least, not less than a bug as well, for The Lady can have enough pity for a bug to keep it alive

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i'm tired

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I like Alice but her family, man it's bad enough having one crazy chica on the other side now imagine taking that number up to 5, you start to wonder first how is it that your wife was the only one to turn out ok, then you wonder how.

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You're going on a date with Yumeko
You'll give her a lot of grandkids okay?
Don't mind her if she's a little quiet she's actually very interesting and has a lot of hobbies
Stop asking questions please
Just get your rod going okay?

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luckily for you, emotionless girls who look at me like I'm something on their shoe make me diamonds, so expect a baseball team worth of children

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Alice could've lived on happily in Makai with her family where she wouldn't have to live a solitary existence and pretend that dolls are her friends and get all her shit stolen by a poser magician.

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She's just asserting dominance. Working as intended.

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How much longer until Alice stops being stubborn and moves back home?

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Arisu needs to get over her mommy issues

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yes and im tired pretending im not

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Arisu gives Shinki the fastball special

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I never pretended to not like the idea of giant Shinki. So you’re in good company. I haven’t seen this size image of her though.

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I guess Shinki wasn't lying after all

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Alice needs adult supervision for that to happen.

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This was Alice's last chance to avoid a life of embarrassment, if only she had listened...