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What explains the lack of (good) touhou visual novels? It would be a good immersive gensokyo experience and I want to date 2hus

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it's because YOU haven't made them yet!
be the change!

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I can't...

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Stop telling yourself that you can't and start putting the work into being able to if you truly want to your vision of a good touhou visual novel become real.

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I know how to program and I'm learning to draw but I suck at the most important part, which is writing

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>lack of (good) touhou visual novels
I never read any, but what's wrong with those that already exist?

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he cant read them

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Guys what would Higurashi anons and Touhou anons do to each other for fun?

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I actually meant that they are not what I want. I was thinking about one that has a route to at least all the main 2hus and full of slice of life and love. I don't know if I'm being clear

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It's probably because of ZUN's rules, i don't think a jap would put all this effort into a VN just for it to be free, and if it isn't free, the rules apply. free ones are just memes

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So a typical yuzusoft title but with 2hus.
There's plenty of 2hu eroge being sold online, at events, and at doujin shops that I don't think the rules on derivative content would get in the way of making a moege and the like. So long as you're not trying to defame Touhou or take a bunch of stuff without permission it's not a big deal. He's nintendo, but don't be careless about it. And if it's a project made by a larger circle or studio then there's channels to go through to get permissions.

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You can sell VNs according to ZUN's rules, but they have to be done on a marketplace where he sells his stuff, or be doujin: Comiket, dlsite, or Steam just as examples.

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Writing is also a skill that can be worked on.

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>So a typical yuzusoft title but with 2hus.
sounds great to me.

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Date questionably aged girls probably

I don't get the spergery about steam. It's been up for like 20 years now and it's not going down anytime soon, valve is stable as a rock when it comes to policy and finances, and you can back up the files easily so long as you have a big enough hard drive for it.
I think it's just contrarians being contrarian.

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>It would be a good immersive gensokyo experience and I want to date 2hus

It's called eratoho and there's literally an eternal general about it right on this very board.

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I know but im talking about VNs

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EraToho would be worthwhile if someone could learnt some VBasic and write an actualy character/dialogue tool for it to unlock people creating more fancontent for it.

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just go for it anon, if you don't want to dedicate an insane amount of time to a big project then why don't you look for writing prompts and write a touhou fic or two? post it on ao3, you'll probably get decent feedback

writing is a muscle that you have to develop and can atrophy, just like doing maths and drawing. it's got a little lower of a skill ceiling but you just gotta plan something and begin to write. i find dialogue is the hardest part, and sorta suffered from same face syndrome in conversations at first, but you'll get better as you go

legit just find a few hours and find an idea to spring off of

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yama above, tomitake is JACKED

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I cheated at writing and got gud with AI a few years ago back when there was only one player on the market for that kinda stuff. Trying to tard wrangle the damn thing and make it churn out half decent prose makes you proficient at writing better out of necessity. You'll learn a lot of new words and contexts for those words quickly, and if you're not a smooth brained dummy you'll start pulling good descriptive words out of your head on gut feeling.

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I made this thread just to complain why are you encouraging me to do something? :(
I think every good anon wants to date touhous and that's why writing projects and era are popular so I think it's strange that there aren't VNs like that, what do you guys think? would you play something like that?

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Writing is easier to get better at than drawing and programming!

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You have an AI for writing, design and soon even for coding stuff.
You are just lazy.

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Programming isn't similar to writing at all

Writing requires creativity and critical thinking, programming requires advanced understanding of programming languages, which are concrete and rigid. If 1 thing fails in your code the whole thing falls apart

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Because we love you and care about you and want to see your creative abilities flourish.

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Its called Average Bunny Day

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Canon is too shit to actually make a good visual novel and nobody feels like putting in the effort for fanon.

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Anons I want to know if you would play this or if it is shit

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Only if I can date a Mion/Yuuka hybrid.

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looks trooncore

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Sorry for the bump this is the last time

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I can write and make art, but I just don't have a story to tell.

Or, rather, my writing style/preference is inherently incompatible with the VN format. I wouldn't be opposed to working with someone on one, but that'd require the story to persuade me, which is unlikely given the previous statement.

It's a Catch-22.

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just use ai for help lol

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I don't really play VNs but perhaps I would make an exception for a fellow 2hu anon

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I like Kenchinroku. Something with voice acting would be great.

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The hardest part is starting, once you think of a story things will flow (I think). VN is more difficult because it divides into routes
But it hurts the pride....

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>I just don't have a story to tell.
Same, I have a general setting/plot for a touhou story, which characters to use and what they'll do, but I simply do not have anything to tell with it. I have some ideas, but my heart isn't truly in it and I fear I'll get some basic facts wrong which is why I'm stalling by learning a lot of irl Touhou lore, none of which would be relevant for my idea.

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The biggest obstacle is just that Gensokyo is too big. It's hard to try a Touhou VN without feeling there would be something wrong with not including every character. VNs also go hard on your relations to others and having to do that for over 160 girls is daunting. Even if you just wanted to make it a normal story, you'd still have to account for a lot, and would need a use for the VN format.

So basically the problem is just the format itself in what's implied to be needed.

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>It's hard to try a Touhou VN without feeling there would be something wrong with not including every character.
Kenchinroku didn't have that problem. You just have to be selective and tailor the story to the intended cast. Obviously, if the story's a generic "You wake up in Gensokyo, what do", your scope's going to end up way too wide.

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Nothing, just more cow.

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My bad, meant for >>46441141

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Another thing that makes it more complicated is that normally you can find all the girls in at least one place (like the school) but here they all stay in one different place. Shrine, SDM, human village etc

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I think there was some Russian 2hu VN with Hater (originally) as the artist that tried a smaller plot.

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>You just have to be selective and tailor the story to the intended cast
Kenchinroku has the benefit of having porn be the main selling point which alleviates the need to think of a real draw. Even if you do limit the cast size (which would be the smart thing to do), therein still lies an issue of why you would need a VN format for this as opposed to any other medium. The self-insert (assuming there is one) would have to fill in a real purpose and that already complicates things a lot. The best way I can see a Touhou VN working out is if the story is told from an already-existing character's perspective. But I don't think that would attract many people since it would also be at odds with what would typically be expected of a Touhou VN

That's another thing that definitely makes the scope an issue. The other anon I'm replying to says that you can limit the scope, but if you're going to explore Gensokyo, you'd probably have to siphon a lot of that too which already hurts the appeal.

You got any more details on that?

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I always wanted to make one where the mc is stupidly lucky because I saw him more like Indiana Jones than me :^(