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So I heard you like Carriers, /jp/.

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Where are my additional pylons?

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why is it on the ground?

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It's flying. Just different angle.

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I didn't really like Carrier, drunkmoe is not my thing.

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Kodomo no koro no yume wa...

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is that its ass?

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I have 6 games in my bnet acc, good tech specs and they didn't send me a beta-key.


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Did you have a sound card ?

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Of course.

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what's this corean bullshit doing in here

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Who the hell cares about sound card by the way?
>My System Specifications:

There is no sound card option.

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I was chosen but the only game I have is WoW...And I use it as some kind of MSN.

They roll a D1000000 to choose who will get the beta key.

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Most people don't, and since they're trying multiple hardware config I thought it would be a good thing to have.
But looks like they didn't care.

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Way too many expansions, what the hell is the enemy doing.

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can't you just lie about your system specs?

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With all the thousands of euros I've spent on WoW I thought I'd be likely to get an invitation.

I was wrong. ;_;

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they send you a program that checks your system specs then uploads it to their server

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Why ? It's not like you know what they're searching for.

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Starcraft II will be shit. You know it to be true.

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HeRe's thE True CoLORs of YOur gloRiouS HERO CHrIsTOphER PoOle:

SoURCE: htTp://WWw.ANoNTAlK.cOM/duMP/mootArd.txT

> MEssaGE-ID: <4b6B90EP.8030701@4CHan.ORg>
> fRom: MoOT <MOOt@4CHan.orG>
> uSEr-AGEnt: MoZIllA/5.0 (maciNtosh; U; InTeL Mac Os X 10.5; eN-uS; Rv: gECkO/20100111 thUnDerBirD/3.0.1
> tO: sYsOP@ANoNtalK.COm
> SubJect: enjOying YoUr DOwNtIME faGgOt?
> THey BliNdLY BELIEvE EveRYTHInG i fEEd them, FAKE OR nOt, your BOARD's goiNg DOWn. DOn'T BothEr pUBlIShINg THiS, No OnE WiLL BeLieVE YoU anyWay ON ant Or /b/ :)

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I don't know if anybody else remembers this, but that made me smile.

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Wins: 11

Loses: 3

And who is baka now!?

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But the beta is already a great game, I don't think that the final release will be any worse.
Just you wait until the touhou games are created, then you will see, real danmaku

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>12k mineral
>6k gas

Nigga just went full retard

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/jp/ touhourizing everything they touch

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I came so hard when they showed that shmup made in the SC2 editor.

It's only a matter of time now.

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I demand a link to this.

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Towards the end of this

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Same fucking feeling

I think most beta test applications are just hoax and they just randomize the ones who get in.

Applied to countless betas and didn't get accepted in any

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What? Link

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blizzard did it first

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Oh there it is

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starcraft is shit

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Cirno racing?

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>our lost viking game

i didnt remember that, smiled again

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There will be Raynor racing.

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I just want a new version of this.
Fate/Another truly is the best custom map so far.
In no other Custom game do you get to move around freely at high speeds with really unique heroes, and having the ability to dodge and hide in the fog easily, making great use of both fog and skills.
And it is also a game were all the heroes actually starts with all the skills they are supposed to have, only to be leveled up later instead of being learned, that way the games get a more straight forward start.
And other than the 4 skills of each hero they also have a bunch of unique properties and extra skills, the command spells contribute greatily to the game and the shop that allows you to buy stuff straight to your inventory no matter were you are on the map also makes up for interesting gameplay.
And it is also fun that the improvement system lets you chose what you want to improve and also has unique extra abillities that can be bought that can greatily change the effectiveness of the hero.
All the heroes also has a combo skill that can be executed by executing their skills in specific orders and by meeting certain stat requirements.

It is the only custom game I have played so far that delivers such high paced yet interesting gaming, and it is also f/sn themed.

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Bit too flashy for me to take it entirely seriously, but it looks like they've put a lot of work into it, which is always good.

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Can't wait for Galaxy Editor, I heard Blizzard will show it in beta.

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I like all the lotr mods wc3 had, battle for middle earth, silmarillion etc, those were freaking awesome

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I had trouble finding proper gameplay videos, that video cut off most of the skill execution in order to fit the F/UC clips into the video, and for some reason he had the game zoomed in.
You can choose to zoom out if you want, and then the lights are no longer than bothersome.

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If Touhou was a playable "race" in SC2, how would they be?

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gib key

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Incredibly defensive-based and almost impossible to win with because you can only send small amounts of troops outside the barrier.

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The cracked beta's been out for weeks now, you can play against the AI so far. It's pretty much just like Starcraft 1, only with better graphics and some new units. Which isn't exactly a bad thing, it'll be a hit again and veteran players won't feel alienated by the changes.

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Seriously, do anyone has a key to spare ?

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no one is going to give you a key for free, moron, they sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay

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i got a kwy a week or so ago, carrier rape everytime.

>veteran players won't feel alienated by the changes.

They are already bitching about how micro is dumbed down, esp auto surround etc..

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Why do you post this /v/ garbage in here?

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By the way, haven't seen this Thread before, I'm playing and I'm top in Platinum. So fuck whoever said no one in /jp/ would win money over a game.

Hi? Some people touhou-ize everything? For example, I'm sure I'll make touhou maps in SC2?

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You are the vanguard. The soldiers bringing light into the darkness... and for that, I thank you.

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not that the 'w' key is next to 'e' key.
replace 'w' by 'e'.
see, its not so hard.
>I'm playing and I'm top in Platinum
best be korean or youre wasting your time =/

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Well, I'll fall almost instantly, been 2nd before people learned how to play...fought WHITE MOTHERFUCKING RA, he raped me anally.