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What would Reimu be like as a mother?

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An overbearing nag.

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Read Enchantress' dance 8 and find out.

People change as they get older dude. especially when It comes to dealing with children. regardless Reimu would probably seem like a nurturing as an older woman. she's strong spirited and such so I can see good qualities as a mother. even if she has faults, nobodies perfect, so she might be a little tough on her child, big deal. I doubt she would ever be an Abusive mother.

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Come to think of it, Reimu does give off a housewife-ish feel. What with all the cooking and having to keep the shrine in order.

Unless you're Marisa, sex with housewaifu Reimu would be terrible though. She'll just stay stiff as a board and let you have your way with her while staring at you disapprovingly as if asking "are you done yet?"

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1984: Touhou version?

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you must not be doing it right! A REAL man would be able to make her moan like a banshee!

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Da-Ze volume 3: It's Da-Ze

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first one is Enchantress dance 6...I think, I can't remember but it was one of the Enchantress Dance doujins in that area.

the second one I've not a clue.

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I've always wondered: Is there an Enchantress Dance 1-5? If so why haven't I seen them?

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>People change as they get older dude
They sure do

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>she's also sluttier now

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An overbearing religious tyrant bent on instilling unquestioning faith in her offspring at all costs.

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>remilia going "sex sex"

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There is, but as far as i've looked I've not found a translated scanlation of 1-5

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Sauce plox?

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Stupid sexy mom.

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Damnit Reimu stop trying to seduce me with your sexy mikopits.

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I hate when they draw her boobs.

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Look, look. We should not be questioning how good of a mother Reimu would be.

We should be wondering how good of a father Yukari is. Since you know, she is the father.

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Yukari is an absent parent. Reimu probably tells her kid she's in prison.

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Didn't she raise Ran?

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And Ran molests Chen, so we can tell how good good an influence she was.

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And look how that turned out, Ran is a savage and pedophiliac beast.

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How could she do that when she sleeps practically all the time?

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Y'know, I don't particularly care about the yakumo family, but ran is the toho i'd most want to get a blowjob by

not sure why

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Ran is sexiness personified.

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she probably wanted to rape reimu jr in op's pic

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Enchantress Dance (overall) is one of the best Touhou doujinshis I've ever read. (Just in terms of comedy, creativity, and originality.)

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Somebody pack all the enchantress doujins in one zip and upload for the rest of us.

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I wonder if the kid has ultra hax powers

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I second this, as I can't find 1-5.

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Reimu's power is the ability to fly. Nothing hax about it.

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Reimu's power is the ability to float, Which ZUN decided meant she could float away from reality and be impossible to attack. I call hax on that

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You're forgetting plot armor.

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But every touhou can do that. Damn Reimu, why must you suck so bad? At least you have copious amounts of plot armor.

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>She has the power to defy gravity and fly freely through the sky.

No. She can fly without help of magic or magical items. No other human can do that.

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Reimu is powerful because she's the Hakurei shrine maiden. Her inborn power is just a bonus.

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I am curious how Reimu came to switch from turtle-based propulsion.

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Her power appeared as she matured.

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How does Sakuya do it?

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Hides flying turtles in the hammerspace around her garter belt.

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Manipulation of space.

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You're all wrong, Reimu's real power is her spiritual power. Her ability to fly is just an add on that was only recently introduced to the series. Since youkai are weak to such energy, Reimu is able to defeat a lot of youkai. She's basically a female Yusuke (--> YuYu Hakusho). And just like other characters that use spirit energy, once you gain enough spirit energy you're able to fly. (As seen in YuYu Hakusho, Bleach, and Dragonball Z.)

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>I am curious how Reimu came to switch from turtle-based propulsion.
It's kind of like Dragonball. Since her spirit energy wasn't good enough she had to rely on something else to take flight.

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Dragonball = PC 98
Dragonball Z = Windows games
Dragonball GT = SSiB

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But SSiB was good until moonbitches showed up...

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No it wasn't because Aki Eda.

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reimu: becomes sluttier as she matures

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Where's Enchantress' Dance?

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